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Don’t settle for sugary slushes when you could be sipping on drinks with far fewer calories and far superior taste. We’re shaking up the cocktail mixer marketplace with ingredients and flavors customers crave. So when you’re serving up top-shelf liquors, choose AloeMixers higher quality cocktail mixers as the perfect companions.

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Don’t take our word for it
AloeRita is the BEST margarita mix I have ever tasted PERIOD, “off the retail shelf” or in a restaurant. It has a smooth fresh taste and significantly lower in calories, a WIN WIN!
– Peggy K. // AloeRita Consumer
I’m a Bloody Mary fanatic, and AloeMary just moved to the top of my mixer favorites. Great stuff!
– Jane D. // AloeMary Consumer
I used to drink a Bloody Mary only on Sunday mornings, now I sneak ‘em in throughout the week as well. Shhh.
– Ivana V. // AloeMary Consumer
I’m trying to watch what I put in my body. Thank you AloeMixers for making my cocktails not only taste better, but for making them better for me.
– Tina S. // AloeMary and AloeRita Consumer
I can’t get over the calorie counts in these mixers. You guys are onto something big.
– Jon K. // AloeRita and AloeMary Consumer
The taste is incredible, seriously! I can’t get over it. It’s wonderful.
– Becky D. // AloeRita Consumer
I throw a big Cinco De Mayo party each year and this year we’ll be having AloeRita as the main attraction!
– Michelle S. // AloeRita Consumer
AloeMary has a great flavor, but I like mine with a bit more bite. Have you considered creating a bold and spicy flavor? Credit me if you do.
– Nick J. // AloeMary Consumer
I have always been a big fan of aloe vera, but who knew is came in a cocktail mixer. This mixer taste great. Add me to your monthly distribution list, ha ha.
– Jessica B. // AloeRita Consumer
Wow, this better than my favorite bloody mary mix. Well, I guess I have a new favorite!!!
– Socorro B. // AloeMary Consumer
Absolutely delightful! Healthful and flavorful make for a great cocktail.
– Robin F. // AloeRita Consumer
I put myself through college behind the bar. I know a good cocktail mixers when I taste one... AloeMixer is going to be huge! You’ll see.
– Astrid G. // AloeMary and AloeRita Consumer
38 Calories? But it tastes so good. I’m impressed and converted.
– Cody B. // AloeMary Consumer
Yum. Yum. Yum. AloeRita is soooo tasty!
– Kate K. // AloeRita Consumer
I’m in the restaurant business, if you couldn’t tell by my outfit, but I have to admit AloeMary is spot on delicious. It’s a winner!
– Margie P. // AloeMary Consumer
Margarita Monday at my house and I’m out to impress my guests… Thanks AloRita.
– Kate O. // AloeRita Consumer
We’ll Drink To That
The Lone Star state is home to many of the world’s zestist flavors and some of the boldest brands have their roots here. We’re proud to be one of them.
We may be young, but the world is already taking note. Thank you for helping us take home the Consumer’s Choice Award for our AloeRita mixer!
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