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AloeRita is the BEST margarita mix I have ever tasted PERIOD, “off the retail shelf” or in a restaurant. It has a smooth fresh taste and significantly lower in calories, a WIN WIN!
– Peggy K. // AloeRita Consumer
I’m a Bloody Mary fanatic, and AloeMary just moved to the top of my mixer favorites. Great stuff!
– Jane D. // AloeMary Consumer
I used to drink a Bloody Mary only on Sunday mornings, now I sneak ‘em in throughout the week as well. Shhh.
– Ivana V. // AloeMary Consumer
I’m trying to watch what I put in my body. Thank you AloeMixers for making my cocktails not only taste better, but for making them better for me.
– Tina S. // AloeMary and AloeRita Consumer
I can’t get over the calorie counts in these mixers. You guys are onto something big.
– Jon K. // AloeRita and AloeMary Consumer
The taste is incredible, seriously! I can’t get over it. It’s wonderful.
– Becky D. // AloeRita Consumer
I throw a big Cinco De Mayo party each year and this year we’ll be having AloeRita as the main attraction!
– Michelle S. // AloeRita Consumer
AloeMary has a great flavor, but I like mine with a bit more bite. Have you considered creating a bold and spicy flavor? Credit me if you do.
– Nick J. // AloeMary Consumer
I have always been a big fan of aloe vera, but who knew is came in a cocktail mixer. This mixer taste great. Add me to your monthly distribution list, ha ha.
– Jessica B. // AloeRita Consumer
Wow, this better than my favorite bloody mary mix. Well, I guess I have a new favorite!!!
– Socorro B. // AloeMary Consumer
Absolutely delightful! Healthful and flavorful make for a great cocktail.
– Robin F. // AloeRita Consumer
I put myself through college behind the bar. I know a good cocktail mixers when I taste one... AloeMixer is going to be huge! You’ll see.
– Astrid G. // AloeMary and AloeRita Consumer
38 Calories? But it tastes so good. I’m impressed and converted.
– Cody B. // AloeMary Consumer
Yum. Yum. Yum. AloeRita is soooo tasty!
– Kate K. // AloeRita Consumer
I’m in the restaurant business, if you couldn’t tell by my outfit, but I have to admit AloeMary is spot on delicious. It’s a winner!
– Margie P. // AloeMary Consumer
Margarita Monday at my house and I’m out to impress my guests… Thanks AloRita.
– Kate O. // AloeRita Consumer