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Not all cats will listen to a cat sitter or enjoy the boarding facility. It depends from a cat to a cat. Sometimes, cats are spoiled to the extent they will protest by not eating when their owners are away.

2. Get A Pet Sitter

What to do when this happens? Well, there is an option of organizing cat sleepovers. How does that work?

How To Manage Your Cat’s Anxiety While You’re Away Traveling

On the other side, shipping your cat off to a house with several cats is definitely a better idea than leaving it to a stranger, no matter how professional that stranger might be. It can actually be a pleasant experience for both you and the cat, as sometimes cats need some space for themselves as well. As they say, checking off the things from the list is much easier if you already have the list, to begin with. When it comes to monitoring, things often get complicated unnecessarily. While you can ask a friend to come and check up on a cat every now and then, there is a better way for you to follow up on her activities.

With the development of the modern technology, you get a chance to keep up with her activities through motion webcam. Here are the best monitoring options available on the market. Cat2See is a whole new experience, and while it is only one of the few available with such features, it is relatively cheap compared to the others.

While it is not strictly a cat-oriented product, Ugolog is a great choice for anyone looking to monitor the house along with the cat. It features motion detection cameras and even sends out notifications in case you need it.

Cat Sitting

Well, pebby certainly beats the game when it comes to pet monitoring, as it comes with a whole set of features such as playing laser games with your cat. Still, the most impressive feature is the fact that you get to talk to your cat too, as it includes a microphone and a speaker. The camera is controlled through your phone, and as for additional features, you get to share your photos with a community of cat lovers using the product. The typical food puzzle is a sphere that can be laden with cat treats which only release when your kitty has figured out the correct method, stimulating both their body and mind.

It engages their natural instincts and can keep them playing for hours. Cats love to play in boxes. Not only are they easy to come by, they pose little risk to your kitty and the furniture , and can be easily replaced once your current box is a broken mess. Leave a few pieces artfully scattered around the house so your kitty can stumble across them throughout the day. Paper bags are also fun. Like cardboard boxes, your kitty can pounce in and out and tear holes to use as tunnels.

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Just remember to remove any handles attached to the paper bag, as they can be a choking hazard. Your cat is a member of the family, so they deserve their own furniture. At its most basic, cat furniture includes:. Cat trees include a combination of scratching posts, jungle gym, hidey holes and a host of other features. They come in a variety of configurations and will keep your cat happy and engaged for hours. Check out your local pet store for these.

What To Do With A Cat While On Vacation - Pebby Smart Ball

Cat trees and other cat specific furniture can also help protect your human sized furniture. With a bit of training your cat will take out their natural kitty instincts on their tree, rather than on your couches and chairs.

What Your Cat Does When You’re Not Home

There is one more point about "cats home alone" that we should mention. How, not to mention whether, to add another cat to your household is a complicated subject outside the scope of this article.

1. Find A Trusted Friend Or Relative

But many cats benefit greatly from a cat friend, and this is especially true when there are no humans around. If you have or are planning to get a kitten, give due consideration to a second kitten or young adult cat playmate. Kittens require lots of stimulation, and there's no substitute for another rambunctious, playful furry feline friend.

In fact, some shelters, rescue groups, and breeders require that kittens be adopted or sold in pairs or go to homes in which there is at least one more young cat.

10 Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained While You’re Out of the House

In some cases, a kitten and puppy become best friends, too. Cats, like people, might not only be frustrated when they're bored, but also have a tendency to get into trouble.

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  7. So helping your kitty exercise his mind and body when you're not around has multiple benefits. When you return home, give your cat a proper enthusiastic greeting. He's probably glad to see you; let him know you're glad to see him, too. Your kitty may have some pent up energy and be up for a quick game of "chase the toy" or at least a tasty snack.