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After being kidnapped and imprisoned for fifteen years, Oh Dae-Su is released, only to find that he must find his captor in five days.

The Wicked Wood (Tales from the Tower Volume Two)

The film is divided into six segments. While being on a plane, a model and a music critic realise they have a common acquaintance called Pasternak. Soon they discover that every passenger and crew member on board know Pasternak. A waitress recognizes her client - it's the loan shark who caused a tragedy in her family.

The cook suggests mixing rat poison with his food, but the waitress refuses. The stubborn cook, however, decides to proceed with her plan. Two drivers on a lone highway have an argument with tragic consequences. A demolition engineer has his car towed by a truck for parking in a wrong place and he has an argument with the employee of the towing company. This event destroys his private and professional life, and he plots revenge against the corrupt towing company and the city hall. A reckless son of a wealthy family has an overnight hit-and-run accident, in They perfectly combine thriller, drama, humor and the common topic is the violence.

Each tale is independent from the other, but all of them have something special that makes you really enjoy. The situations introduced in each story are actually based on real life, of course the are intentionally exaggerated with a sense of satire and irony that really makes you laugh. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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Top Rated Movies Nominated for 1 Oscar. The cook Rita Cortese , who reveals she has been in prison, offers to mix rat poison into the man's food. The waitress refuses the cook's offer but the cook adds the poison anyway, unknown to the waitress. When the waitress finds out she does not take the food from the man. The man's teenage son arrives and eats the same food; feeling guilty that the boy might eat it, the waitress tries to take the poisoned food away.

The man attacks her after she throws food in his face but the cook kills him with a chef's knife. The son is so shocked by this he vomits. The last scene depicts the son getting medical treatment from a responding ambulance while the waitress sits next to him.

Dissertation of the Six

The cook is arrested and driven away in a police car. Diego Leonardo Sbaraglia is driving through the desert and tries to overtake a slower, older car, but it blocks him constantly. As he finally passes, he insults the other driver, Mario Walter Donado. Further up the road, he gets a flat tire and Mario catches up: Just as Mario is about to leave, Diego pushes him and his car into the river and drives off.

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Fearing he will be arrested, Diego soon returns to run Mario down, but loses control and crashes into the river. Mario enters Diego's car through the trunk and both start to fight. After grappling and expelling the fire extinguisher, Mario leaves Diego strangling by a seatbelt. Mario rips a piece of his shirt, lights it on fire and places it in the gas tank in an attempt to incinerate the car, but Diego grabs him and prevents him from escaping. A tow truck driver called by Diego arrives as the car explodes.

The police discover the two charred bodies holding onto each other and mistake them for lovers who died in a tragic accident. He goes to the towed-car lot and argues, insisting there were no yellow lines indicating no parking, but to no avail. He grudgingly pays the towing fee and misses his daughter's party. The next day, when he is again refused a refund now at DMV, he attacks the glass partition and is arrested.

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The story makes the news and Fischer's company fires him. Fischer applies unsuccessfully for a job and discovers his car has been towed again. He retrieves the car and packs it with explosives in a tow zone. After it is towed again, he detonates the explosives, destroying the towing office with no casualties. Fischer is imprisoned and becomes a local hero, with calls on social media for his release. His wife and daughter visit him in prison for his birthday, bringing him a cake in the form of a tow truck.

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A teenager, in his father's car, arrives home after committing a hit-and-run on a pregnant woman. On the local news, the woman and child are reported dead, and her husband swears vengeance. The lawyer negotiates to include the prosecutor in the deal for more money. The caretaker asks for an apartment along with his money, and the prosecutor asks for an additional payment to pay off the police.

The guilty son says he wants to confess to the gathered crowd. Frustrated, the father calls off the deal, telling his son to confess. The lawyer renegotiates and the father agrees on a lower price. As Jose is taken away by the police, the dead woman's husband strikes him repeatedly on the head with a hammer. She confronts him as they dance in front of everyone, and runs off in distress to the roof, where a kitchen worker comforts her.

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Ariel discovers her having sex with the worker. She vindictively announces to him that she will sleep with every man who shows her interest, and take him for all he is worth if he tries to divorce her, or when he dies. They return to the party and continue the festivities. Romina pulls the woman Ariel slept with onto the dance floor, spins her round, and slams her into a mirror. She insists that the photographer film Ariel and his mother weeping, declaring that she will show it at a future wedding.

The mother attacks her, and is pulled off by her husband and Romina's father; Romina collapses. Ariel approaches her and extends a hand.

They dance, kiss, and begin to have sex by the cake as the guests leave. However, Szifron thought that grouped they would have more impact so he decided to "reduce the conflicts to its minimum and find their climaxes. The humor is a consequence of what these characters feel in a very dramatic situation. All stories are very different; production designer Clara Notari said "They have their own visual identity, as if each were a different movie, with its own spatial dimensions, colors, style, textures and set decoration".

Teachers reviews I was eagerly awaiting the publication of the Volume Two of Tales from the Tower and it exceeded all expectations. I could not put it down. Featuring prominent writers, especially a favourite in Victor Kelleher, it promised engaging tales and new twists on old favourites. Once I started reading, I found it difficult to stop, and programming and marking were put aside.

The introduction written by Nan McNab was enlightening with her etymological observations; it left me wanting to research more and was an enticing lead to the tales themselves.

The stories selected for appropriations were interesting. There was the obvious well known story of Cinderella, while other writers chose less common tales that were equally enthralling and had me researching the originals. The stories were all unique and although this is the second edition each story was able to capture something new. For example 'Seventy-Two Derwents' is a modern Grimm tale that depicts an all too realistic and frightening modern wolf. I loved 'Learning the Tango', a poetic take on 'The Little Mermaid' that allowed various characters to have a voice.

The ending was satisfying too. I could easily rave about each tale separately, as they were all great.

I love how the original aspect of fairy tales are incorporated in this collection, no Disney-style sugar-coated stories were included, instead we are confronted with the sinister side of humanity, from envy to gluttony and self absorption. This book, like its predecessor, is a fantastic text to use in Extension Year 11 English where the focus is on appropriations of texts as this book provides a variety of methods to achieve this. It would also be beneficial to use in a motivated junior class where you could trace the change in fairy tales from their original forms, which were never meant for children, to what we heard growing up, back to this original intent.

These stories would also easily serve as inspiration and examples for students' own writing. I was looking forward to this collection being published, having really enjoyed the first volume of Tales From the Tower , and this second volume did not disappoint. Six more fairy tales were retold and reworked to highlight certain situations, morals or themes.

The changes and what drew the author to that particular fairy tale were explored in depth by each author in a detailed explanation of their writing choices. The collection is definitely young adult, rather than teen fiction. The different stories, and their accompanying explanations, are aimed at more sophisticated readers, and there are some more mature elements and challenging concepts in the stories which older readers would be better suited to deal with. The collection provokes interest in a range of traditional tales, and can lead on to reading the original fairy tales on which they were based or to exploring the variety of representations of different tales that have arisen over time.

Far from the sanitised versions of Disney, both these retellings and the original stories tend to be dark tales full of foreboding and often death. This gives scope for a lot of discussion with students about the impact of audience on writing, the impact of tone and perspective on the reader, and archetypes and conventions in story-telling.

In particular, this suits the text to VCE studies which require students to explain their adaptation of the story, theme or key idea of an original text as well as explaining their focus and language choices for their finished piece. I intend to read and show some stories and explanations to my VCE class as examples.

There is a great deal of variation between the originals and adaptations, as well as the explanations to provide basis for discussion. Overall, Tales From the Tower: The Wicked Wood provides an interesting read as well as an insight into writing for older and more sophisticated readers. I adore fairytales, so a book of short stories on rewritten fairy tales was a must for me. This volume is the second in a series the first is The Wilful Eye but is a stand-alone volume, containing six short stories. Some were based on tales as well-known as 'Cinderella', others were far more obscure.

One of the most charming traits of many fairy tales is how the strong story and the memorable characters who haunt us throughout our childhood are so readily adaptable. They easily inhabit other forms because it is the message they bring and not the exact form they take that lives within us. Does it matter whether the ugly stepsisters in 'Cinderella' are old crones who fuss over curl papers and refuse to mop or to help Cinderella make the jam or plain Janes who giggle cruelly over mean text messages?

They strike the core of our heart anyway because the human condition they represent is the same.