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Certain smart home additions can mean fantastic savings in terms of energy-efficient home design:. Picking the right home improvements can result in big savings. Reducing your carbon footprint has never been so cool, and designing an energy-efficient home has never been so easy. Fall in love with your home all over again with these energy-efficient home design trends.

Find out more about planning these projects with Renovate America on our home improvements page. See what financing is available in your area. Solar Panel Systems We can't talk about energy-efficient home design without taking a look at solar panels. How Do Solar Panels Work? Solar Design Advancements in As the solar industry expands, so do your choices as a homeowner. Double-sided solar panels are a popular option because both surfaces of the panel can capture sunlight.

This increases power output, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. Looking for a different style of solar panel to match your home design? Tesla does more than futuristic cars. The company has introduced new roof panels that are designed to provide the power of solar energy without sacrificing style.

You can choose from four stylish shingle designs that capture energy from the sun. Cloud-based solar system monitoring: Cloud-based solutions are transforming preventive solar panel maintenance. Some contractors are beginning to use cellular monitoring, as it allows them to examine the function of your solar setup in real-time from any location without having to inspect your panels in person.

This means problems can be solved much faster, and ensures your solar panels will give you the output you deserve. Windows Windows provide your home with warmth, light, and ventilation, and upgrading them offers plenty of fantastic benefits.

Assessing the benefits of implementing micro-CHP systems in the UK

Replace Some homeowners choose to repair their windows before replacing them completely, but this can be a waste of money. There are various types of insulation, generally broken up into four categories: This insulation seals gaps and leaks in walls. A liquid solution is sprayed into the walls, where it then hardens into a solid foam. Homeowners like this insulation because it offers the highest R-value of all insulators. This type of insulation uses a mechanical blower to fill a space with white cellulose.

It offers a high R-Value, and is especially effective in tight, hard-to-reach spaces. Homeowners looking for an inexpensive insulation solution turn to Fiberglass batts, a cheap type of blanket insulation made of fiberglass that can be stapled into place. This type of insulation is usually found in the attic, as the material helps reduce heat and cold. Generally, this insulation is better for homes that see the sun more often. New Roofing Materials In , energy-efficient roofing is set to take center stage.

What Are the Benefits of a Cool Roof?

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What is the Urban Heat Island Effect? There are various methods and types used to create cool roofing for energy-efficient homes: Green roofs incorporate rooftop plants. This vegetation forms a barrier, helping reduce the amount of heat that flows into the building. Green roofs work best on urban buildings that have flat or shallow-pit roofs.

Homeowners can transform their current roofing system into a cool roof with solar reflective coatings. Some of these materials are naturally reflective enough to meet the standards for cool roofing, and surface treatments can help tiles achieve this status. Unpainted metal roofing provides great solar reflection, but is generally only effective for steep-sloped roofs. Smart Home Additions Smart home technology has transformed energy-efficient home design. Certain smart home additions can mean fantastic savings in terms of energy-efficient home design: Motion sensor lighting and dimmer controls can help homeowners save money.

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Chinese Power Saver - Does it actually save power?

Back Recently allocated funding Overview. Back Latest News Overview. Back Victorians' perceptions of climate change Overview. Back Waste flows in the commercial and industrial sector Overview. Back Engaging communities on waste Overview. Welcome to Sustainability Victoria How can we help you today? Select 1 apply for dispose of find learn about save take action. You and Your Home Sustainability starts at home with you and your family.

This is great news, because each of us has the power to affect positive change. Building and renovating With a little thought and preparation a sustainable approach to building your dream home or renovating your existing home is entirely possible. Find out more Buying and renting Size and structure, heating and cooling and public transport are some of the factors which should influence our decisions when buying or renting. Find out more Live sustainably Our everyday choices and behaviours can have a big impact on our lives and our environment.

Find out more Save energy Energy efficient heating, cooling, hot water systems, lighting and appliances will save power and reduce your energy bills. For various configurations of a nominally 1 kW e micro-CHP system, reductions of per cent in annual energy expenditure are identified.

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If the carbon-reduction potential of this single technical fix is to be maximized, further research attention needs to be given to define preferred implementation strategies for micro-CHP systems in the UK domestic sector. Skip to main content. Vol , Issue 4, pp. Download Citation If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice.

Via Email All fields are required. Send me a copy Cancel. Request Permissions View permissions information for this article. Abstract The feasibility of applying combined heat and power rationale to individual homes is discussed, with particular reference to the transient variations that occur in domestic requirements for heat and power. Keywords Keywords CHP , domestic sector , embedded generation , energy demands. Remember me Forgotten your password?