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We published the story when we were satisfied he was treating the unborn as his own. The year-old said he was physically apart from Ms Campion, 33, for most of the period when the baby would have been conceived. If anyone had doubts about Joyce's character I think they now have a clear picture of this grub , will sacrifice others on his blundering self centred path. Is this bloke serious?


Completely gobsmacking that he would air this stuff in public. If he has any supporters left, let them defend this. Barnaby Joyce just threw his pregnant lover under the bus in order to criticise the media. What a grade a arsehole. For someone who wants privacy, this is a pretty weird way to go about it.

And one wonders if he ran this story past the other party involved. I don't know how "madly in love" with Joyce Vicki Campion is going to be after this epic slut shaming. Mr Joyce confirmed in December last year that he had separated from his wife after winning a by-election in his seat of New England, brought on when he realised he was a dual citizen.

He that will not when he may, when he will he shall have nay

His relationship with Ms Campion, a former staffer in his office was revealed in February and then sparked scrutiny of his travel expenses and also claims of past harassment. Enjoyable read of a rich established family and their trials for being rich and well established. Charming characters and some really great lines reminiscent of Jane Austen's satirical views of society and the individual. The plot devices, what might be called coincidences, didn't hit me hard with their coincidental nature.

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It was more like: And then it suddenly wrapped up, though not unsatisfactorily. Like thi Enjoyable read of a rich established family and their trials for being rich and well established. Jul 01, Miriam rated it liked it Shelves: This was an interesting book.

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I found the depictions of class interesting. It did get long in parts, however, and I felt like the end was too rushed. Also, there were several unfortunate occurrences of the N-word. This isn't surprising since several of the characters were from the West Indies, but it was still jarring. I am interesting in reading more of Oliphant's books. May 16, Virginia rated it really liked it. I selected it because it sounded like the title of a Trollop novel and I have pretty much depleted all of those.

Initially, I was underwhelmed. The opening scene of a family in a drawing room receiving a guest portended a stuffy novel, an easy veering for the Victorian novel. Although the novel was slow to develop, I gradually began to appreciate its strength, its capacity to make broad sociopolitical conflicts into deeply personal matters. The novel concerns class, identity, and gender. Our protagonist wants to set himself free of the elitist values of his upper class existence.

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However, doing so involves abandoning family responsibilities. Not until an interloper appears does he realize his ambivalence about his values and his life direction. Another theme concerns women and power as the female characters experiment with a range of stratagems, some gender stereotypical and others not to support their destinies. Oliphant leavens the seriousness of the theme with a good deal of humor evoking amusement, not laughter contributed by some of the more peripheral characters.

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May 08, Dr. Very surprising one finds oneself reading this book, in that this author is not as well known as deserved for sheer quality of writing. And she supported her three children with her writing, which amounts to her being not insignificant in her day, which was just over a century ago. Why her books are not as well read as those of Jane Austen, Bronte sisters or Galsworthy, cannot be only due to some similarities in writing, thinking or themes - Galsworthy came after, for one thing.

Her social setti Very surprising one finds oneself reading this book, in that this author is not as well known as deserved for sheer quality of writing. Her social setting and thought is generally reminiscent of Austen, while the era is more of or closer to Bronte sisters, what with the West Indies adventures of the younger sons and complications arising therefrom due to entailed estates, needs of younger sons to find a livelihood and possibly also an advantageous match, which if happened abroad didn't always go well with the younger sons so wed abroad returning home due to change in circumstances.

This work deals with difficulties of such marriages abroad with a different facet thereof, albeit reminding one of Jane Eyre. Funny part is, it is Jane Eyre that is more of romantic in comparison, while this one is more realistic in almost every way. And yet, in a style with not so bold strokes as Charlotte Bronte, rather closer to Austen in plain but a bit subtler, closer to Galsworthy, the author here brings contrast of the two sons vividly home, with one brought up to expect nobility and riches and estates and more, playing with socialism and equality seriously until he is brought face to face with never having had any right to what he was so easily willing to or at least declaring he would throw away for sake of social equality, while the elder who quietly but emphatically asserts his rights to his place yet being noble about sharing everything with his new found family and reassuring them over and over about how he intends to cherish them, and doing so.

Paul is tall and looks the part, while Augustus is short and looks like his dad, but it is Sir Augustus, not Sir Paul, and long after having finished the book this point remains like a subtle fragrance lingering. This is even more emphasised with the mother of Paul, the good looking and amiable noble lady, melting all her objections to a match for her daughter when it is mentioned that the very desirable but unfortunately lacking in gentility of lineage suitor is extremely rich. The political thought of the author is closer to Galsworthy, however, with questions of rights and castes of Europe taking for granted their privileges or deprivations for the most part, and this author is possibly less subtle about it.

One wonders,naturally, having read this author and others similar who are good but comparatively lesser known, if fashion forms a part of popularity and critical judgement of worthy critics either falls away or falls short in presenting readership with a plethora of decent works by good authors. Jan 18, Patrizia rated it really liked it.

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In questo splendido romanzo tutto ruota intorno al contrasto non privo di reciproca ammirazione tra due figure antitetiche: Lady Markham, quintessenza della perfetta educazione aristocratica, colta, sensibile, generosa, e il 'demagogo' Spears, intelligente, coraggioso, irrimediabilmente onesto. Mar 30, Brooke rated it it was ok. It really has the making of a good book, but it's not a Regency Romance and it could have done with a lot of editing. I mean there are whole chapters that should have been taken out!

It was written as a Serial, but I'm really surprised that it held the audience's attention more than a few weeks. It is much like Elizabeth Gaskell's writing. To be fair, it probably would make a dec This book kept being recommended to me on Amazon because I like Regency Romances, so I tried it. To be fair, it probably would make a decent period movie.

Jul 30, noelle debruhl rated it liked it. Light and entertaining reading from the olden days Lords and ladies versus socialists and communists. Fizzles out at the end. Sep 12, Sidney Weber rated it liked it. Boring This book provided a disturbing but probably accurate picture of English life in the 19th century without apparent malice or exaggeration.

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However, I found both the plot and the characters wooden and could not really enjoy it. Sep 22, Sandy rated it liked it Shelves: My first time reading this author. I do like reading books of this genre and this one was good, but not amazing. Looking for more Not what I expected. Enjoyed this very much. A mode complex plot than I had expected. Wish other plot lines hads been devdlopeds.