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I'm thus glad to see that the University of Pennsylvania Press website is promoting the book to "parents whose children are heading off to college," and that it's been reviewed by a variety of non-academic publications. I, of course, read it with an insider's interest. As Allitt himself notes, no one is going to learn how to teach from reading his book: But if teaching is an art and not a science, that doesn't mean that one can't learn how to do it better—among other ways by [End Page ] watching people who are good at it. Allitt is an experienced and dedicated teacher, and reading his book is like sitting in on a colleague's class without the impossible time commitment that that would entail.

As someone who had very little teaching experience prior to my first job the place where I got my Ph. Allitt's main point, stressed in his title, is the necessity of maintaining emotional distance and professorial authority: If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click 'Authenticate'.

What Advice Would You Give a Student Teacher?

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In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Cold Calling and No Opt Out. It has to be done in good faith. It has to give everyone a chance to shine. This holds that student accountable for listening. Can you repeat what Shana said? Students not doing the required reading? Or maybe all three of those.

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The other piece that keeps this strategy effective is to hold students accountable. If you could reserve maybe the last 15 minutes of class or the beginning 15 minutes of class to just kind of randomly ask students to share their questions, comments and quotations, then it will work.

To build in further accountability, Eng also gives points for this work. But rather than collect the QQCs every time, he has students log them in a single document over a period of time, then collects that document twice a semester for a grade. A typical college class starts with some kind of lecture, and maybe after that, the students will be invited to discuss or apply the concepts being taught.

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If teachers flip this sequence, starting with some kind of engaging activity and then following it up with direct instruction, students will have a context for the information and will be more engaged. This led into a rich discussion about different philosophies of parenting and teaching, and that in turn led into the lecture on Locke and Rousseau. This example gave me goose bumps. The rest of the world, for moment, would completely drop away. These tips just scratch the surface of what Norman Eng can do to help you improve your instruction.

Visit his website at normaneng. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jenn, for realizing the importance of college professors needing more training in teaching methodologies and strategies. My full time gig is middle school language arts, but I also teach adjunct in the college of education.

I'm the Teacher, You're the Student: A Semester in the University Classroom by Patrick N. Allitt

It drives me crazy to see so many well-intentioned professors, full of amazing context knowledge, but not have a clue as to how to meaningfully reach their students. I will certainly be sharing this post! Thank you for sharing this. As a long time elementary educator and administrator I find now that I am teaching the preservice early literacy class for a university, I use my previous strategies and they work well. That means every single class I teach requires students to talk to each other in small groups and share out.

I facilitate this by using playing cards numbered one through four or six depending on the size of the class that students pick up as they enter class. This creates random groups each week.

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This has accountability built in while allowing all voices to be heard. I prefer this to putting someone on the spot with cold calling. I so enjoy your website and appreciate your articles and information. Still love the Marigold article and I have my own marigold shirt. Thank you thank you thank you! I will be using a couple of these strategies on Monday with my AP class.

These are really relatable to high school as well, especially AP classes! As usual, there is so much I can use from this post, both as a senior school teacher and as a Head of Department! I guess 1 is the key. Knowing who your students are and what they want and need will result in meaningful lessons, which will make them want to participate.

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And so I worry…and try to find a better way to teach them. Teach 6th grade, but all of these are super important! I really appreciated this podcast. When I got your original email about Dr. Eng describe what he did, how and why, brings the text home for me. I have subscribed to his email list and will continue to make adjustments in my teaching practices.

5 Ways College Teachers Can Improve Their Instruction

Thank you so much for this information! We heard back from Norman Eng and he said Teaching College is available in Europe in the following markets through Amazon: His QQCs are my haiku and reflection yes, I have students summarize the reading in a haiku! Also his tent card idea is excellent. Thanks for a highly applicable and also affirming post! In my experience as a college and graduate student, teaching was considered the lowly part of the job for many professors. These are great tips, but what I love most about this is the obvious concern for students. I was formerly in sales and marketing before teaching and have found so much use out of the presentation and interpersonal training I received there.

This book is a gold mine related to this topic. They have their audiences hooked up to brain scans and all kinds of tools to test which techniques are best. Of course teachers could benefit greatly from this! This is 1 of my 61 and growing skills and habits I wish I were taught in teacher training and why I view personal development as about 10x more valuable than professional development. I actually just finished a draft on why K educators were the perfect match for teaching at community colleges. Are you currently accepting guest bloggers?

I teach at the adjunct level myself, but I have certification to teach grade ELA. Thanks for sharing about Dr. I am a professional who has recently converted to teaching at the graduate level. I really had no idea what I was doing, but I want to make the classroom experience interesting and engaging for not only my students but myself as well! We are using Blackboard, and I had planned to do a weekly discussion question, but I like the idea of incorporating the QQC into a Blackboard discussion forum for the required reading.