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I guess, I suppose, I think, and I imagine.

“Good Vibes Only” and 9 more phrases that need to get off my plane

It is a quintessential Southern phrase, said by friends and family on porches and in rocking chairs all across the South. This is a high compliment in the South, since Southern states are known for their peaches. In fact, Georgia and South Carolina produce more peaches than any other states in the South. It is a physical and mental state a few degrees past weary and just this side of dog-tired. It happens often during a Southern summer, when the heat rises and the temperatures shoot past This one may be self-explanatory, but we can imagine it originating back in the days of stagecoaches, when horse-and-buggy pairs filled the streets.

If you use this phrase, you could be declaring any number of things: The only requirement is that you declare it loud and proud. I was surprised as all get out. It was bad as all get out. If you find only minnows, though, they look even smaller compared to the heavy catch you hoped for.

No bigger than a minnow in a fishing pond is as tiny as can be. An exclamation—of surprise, anger, happiness, really any emotion—that is appropriate in nearly every Southern scenario. Grandma might whisper this one over her hymnal if she sees you cutting up in church on Sunday morning. Southerners tell it like it is—no matter what it is—so think of this as a learning moment.

Gumption is spirit, courage, spunk, boldness, and initiative. Positive thinking, Southern style. I am thankful to them for helping me pick the winner and be willing to appear in the picture as it travels around the terminology world! Thank you, Allan, and thanks to all of you who participated and keep supporting this blog.

Share the terminology love! The aim is always to make our terms easy to use and handle them in such a way that we can refer to them be it in a termbase or a glossary in a precise way. Long terms also known as full or expanded terms are necessary when an abbreviated form may lead to obscure concepts. That being said, The Handbook of Terminology Management lists several types of abbreviated forms of terms, namely: Those who have worked in terminology management know it.

The context must be representative of the term. Ask an expert for help if you cannot find the right text. Also check online in trustworthy sites to look for specialized documentation. In a previous post I provided a list of document search engines that might be useful. For some of us, Spring is yet to come. The weather has been crazy all around the world, But little by little we can see that mother nature is making a huge effort to get here.

Bless Your Heart

Spring is a good time to pause and think positive of the days to come. I recently had a nasty fall and hit my head really hard. I have spent the last few weeks more than a month in therapy and resting as much as I can. That is why this blog has not been very active, and trying to write with a headache is not easy! You still have until the end of this month to sign up.

Just send me an email to inmyownterms yahoo. The title is drum roll… Machine Translation: Below is a summary in Amazon:. The articles were written by experts from the fields of research and development, academics and consulting, as well as lawyers and translators. It is the perspective of translators in particular, who make up half of the authors, that give the book its strong practical focus. In addition, two articles by lawyers cover the extremely important topics of data and information security and copyright, which are largely unknown even among specialists.

Finally, case studies from five countries round off the book.

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Just let know know why you want it by sending me an email to inmyownterms yahoo. Or in my Contact Me page. I am a terminology lover on a learning journey and sharing mission. This blog offers a one-stop window for Terminology as a discipline and terminology as practice.

50 Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms

Thanks for following and share the Terminology love! In My Own Terms. Posted by imot 1 Comment. Top 10 blog posts — Mid-year review Time to check what the most popular blog posts for mid are! This post maintains a privileged position every year. It is so interesting to see that this topic keeps attracting so many people, but not surprising, as the semantic triangle is one of the pillars of terminology theory.

Concordance tools are a must in terminology work and this post explains some basics on key words.

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Another popular post on terminology theory. Top terminology databases for translation. A practical post to keep in your Favorites. You have them all in one place. Writing your terminology project goals. The most popular post in my project management section. The onomasiological and semasiological approaches. Understanding them is key when studying terminology.

Create your first corpus and analyze it with AntConc and related links to explore!

This is one of my favorite posts and I enjoyed writing it, because I am a faithful user of AntConc. I am glad my readers think so too! Six document search engines you should use. Another must-have in your Favorites! Is this a glossary, a lexicon, or a thesaurus? How to tell them apart. Such a common question!

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This is a short guide on how to differentiate them. So nice to see that people want to know. I remember the first time I heard about terminologists and wanted to find out what exactly that meant.

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