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However, this cautioning book reveals a system that remains far from perfect. This narrative report on the largest public corruption scandal in Mississippi history serves as a reminder of the conditions that allow such crime to flourish. Crockett is a professor of accountancy at the University of Southern Mississippi. Hamblin and Ann J.

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February Description from the publisher: A turn-of-the-century map of where Faulkner studies have traveled and where they are headed. What critical roads remain unexplored? Faulkner in the Twenty-first Century presents the thoughts of ten noted Faulkner scholars who spoke at the twenty-seventh annual Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference at the University of Mississippi.

Michael Kreyling uses photographs of Faulkner to analyze the interrelationships of Faulkner's texts with the politics and culture of Mississippi. Also approaching Faulkner from a postcolonial perspective, Annette Trefzer looks at his contradictory treatment of Native Americans.

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Zender offers a rebuttal. Bartkowski and Helen A. Recent legislation has expanded the social welfare role of religious communities, thus revealing a pervasive lack of faith in purely economic responses to poverty. Charitable Choices is an ethnographic study of faith-based poverty relief in 30 congregations in the rural south.

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Drawing on in-depth interviews and fieldwork in Mississippi faith communities, it examines how religious conviction and racial dynamics shape congregational benevolence. The book provides a grounded and even-handed treatment of congregational poverty relief rather than abstract theory on faith-based initiatives.

The volume examines how congregations are coping with national developments in social welfare policy and reveals the strategies that religious communities utilize to fight poverty in their local communities. By giving particular attention to the influence of theological convictions and organizational dynamics on religious service provision, it identifies both the prospects and pitfalls likely to result from the expansion of charitable choice.

He is the author of Remaking the Godly Marriage: Gender Negotiation in Evangelical Families. Her work on New Orleans jazz funerals and second lines has appeared in American Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropology. Description from Publishers Weekly: Lee has confessed to the murder of her loutish husband, Kemper Fuquar, in order to save her mixed-up year-old daughter, Kip Fuquar, from the charge.

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Copyright Cahners Business Information, Inc. In this collection, Pulitzer prize-winning author Richard Ford brings together 11 of the finest examples of American long stories or novellas. Search for more information: This page has been accessed times. The step-by-step story of how "Operation Pretense" unfolded, from its inception to its end, is told in a fascinating new volume written by University of Southern Mississippi Professor of Accountancy James R. Professor Crockett has made a valuable contribution to the historical literature of Mississippi by producing massive documentation of how pervasive corruption at the local government level in this state was rooted out and punished.

Federal agents and prosecutors did the heavy lifting, helped, in part, by state officials and some vendors who were "flipped" by the FBI. Crockett takes us behind the scenes of this landmark crackdown on lower governmental corruption. His is not merely a scorecard account of the county officials who were indicted and convicted. As a bonus, he also relates the workings of related corruption that brought down several members of the state Highway Commission in the s.

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The USM professor shares with us rich material he found in his meticulous research: That three of the five supervisors in tiny, mostly white Perry County were convicted of taking kickbacks makes you realize how deep into the backwoods of rural Mississippi Operation Pretense reached. District Court in Hattiesburg in , it became something of a spectacle, with colorful criminal defense lawyer Al Binder of Jackson vying against the government's ace prosecutor, James B.

Westmoreland, who owned a string of small businesses in addition to holding county office, also was the first supervisor to be brought to trial on Pretense-related charges. Her conviction, as Crockett writes, "proved to be pivotal and demonstrated the strength of the government's cases. Her testimony, which Crockett relates in detail, could make good script material for a TV soap opera. Little ole country girl or not, Westmoreland wound up with a nine-year prison sentence, later appealed to no avail all the way to the U.

Mississippi County Supervisor Arraigned In Connection With FBI Sting

After serving two years, she was let out on parole. Later, the three-out-of-five Pretense conviction rate among Perry County supervisors was topped by Hancock County, where four of the five supers bit the dust in Pretense. But by this time, the county officials had gotten wise and began copping pleas, rather than tackling the feds in court. And by , many counties around the state, forced by then-Gov. Ray Mabus into voting in a statewide referendum on adopting a "county unit" system to replace the perennial "beat" system of road management, moved toward some reform. In November , 46 of the 82 counties voted in favor of the "unit" system.

Then-state Auditor Pete Johnson, with his eye on running for governor in with support of the politically potent county supervisors, doused cold water on what benefits that the Mabus-backed county unit system might bring.

Republican Johnson himself wound up on the political ash heap, defeated in the GOP gubernatorial primary by a dark horse political novice named Kirk Fordice. Crockett's book should serve as a constant reminder that graft and corruption is not an evil confined to the big cities and urban states up North. As "Operation Pretense" proves, it lurks out at the country crossroads in some of the poorest counties in Mississippi.

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Ironically, as Crockett tells us, the word Pretense, coined after Rev. It would be laughable were it not for the thousands of dollars that have gone to line the pockets of corrupt public officials and not used for the benefit of the public. Posted on Friday, August 16, Clarksdale Press Register Phone number: Welcome to the site!