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There, the two sons married Moabite women, one of whom was Ruth. Eventually, both Naomi and Ruth were widowed, hence they returned to Bethlehem.

5 Lessons Women Can Learn from Ruth

They were blessed with a son, Obed, who eventually became the grandfather of King David, from whom our blessed Lord Jesus descended see Matthew 1: It is worthy of mention that the mother of Boaz was Rahab — a Canaanite the former harlot who hid the Hebrew spies before the fall of pagan Jericho. This may account for the fact that Boaz was not hostile to marrying a Gentile.

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And this, of course, was a hint of the time to come when all nations could hear the gospel and thus, ideally be united in Christ Matthew The book of Ruth demonstrates the workings of divine providence. Surely this was no mere accident.

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As one scholar observed: Or, as Cassel pointed out: She might have chanced on fields of strange and unfriendly owners. Providence is indeed a mysterious process. No one can analyze precisely how it works. But the Lord, through seemingly natural means, can manipulate events to accomplish his sovereign will.

Application From Ruth For Our Lives Today

What a great tribute to Ruth, whom God so signally honored, that he chose her over all other maidens of Israel at this critical moment in history. Boaz is a no-nonsense man of character, principle, and responsibility.

Boaz is offered as a model of obedience to the Torah in his treatment of the poor. In Ruth 2, Boaz follows Leviticus He follows Deuteronomy He catches the closer kinsman trying to defraud Naomi of the land and redeems Naomi and Ruth, to his own economic disadvantage Ruth 4: Naomi loses her entire family early in this story.

Lessons from the Book of Ruth : Christian Courier

The concluding blessing of the elders Ruth 4: It concludes with the genealogy that very clearly connects King David with the line of Judges, via Boaz and Ruth Ruth 4: The author is clearly drawing a connection between David and his great-grandparents, but why the second, bigger genealogy? The short genealogy in Ruth 4: And, it occurs one other time in the Torah see Numbers 3: This makes the appearance of this key phrase in Ruth 4: Twelve is symbolic of the unified tribes of Israel, and this story points to the future king of Israel who will unify the tribes in one kingdom.

It is an indication that a new age was beginning; as it did with Noah, and then with Abraham, so too it would with King David. It shows how God is weaving his grand story out of the small, seemingly inconsequential stories of everyday people. This little story is intentionally framed at the beginning and end by the larger storyline of the Bible, and Ruth shows how God is at work in the day to day activities of average people.

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