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The Columnist

Get access to the best in romance: See More New Releases. The Columnist By Jeffrey Frank. It a cocktail party, George H. Bush encourages Brandon Sladder, the prominent Washington columnist, to write his memoirs. Sladder has, after all, known just about everyone of importance.

He has talked on intimate terms with world leaders, been a witness to enormous change, and expressed weighty opinions on important matters of state. He believes that his own life story could add much more than a footnote to our age. But what is meant to be a look back at his life and our times turns out to be far more revealing.


The Columnist is Sladder's attempt to burnish his image for posterity. What emerges is something else: He seems to be remarkably destructive to those who know him best -- employers, rivals, lovers, and family. In Brandon Sladder, Jeffrey Frank has created one of the most memorable rogues in contemporary fiction. By turns hilarious and dismaying, The Columnist is a dead-on, elegantly written portrait of the media and politics of the second half of the twentieth century.

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Jeffrey Frank has created an unforgettable character who is lovably hateable -- a pompous, ambitious, narcissistic snake who slithers his way into power and fame. You want to hit him over the head with a shovel, along with most of the other smug creatures in this blast of a book. As social commentary, The Columnist is dead-on; as a comic novel, it is exhilarating and hilarious. A masterly and dazzling performance. Kurt Andersen author of Turn of the Century In Brandon Sladder, Frank has nailed that hybrid of self-importance, opportunism, humorlessness, and sanctimony that seems peculiar to Washington journalists.

Click here to order the hardcover online. Trudy Hopedale is understated, cunning and relentlessly funny.

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This one is a rude punch in the gut. It makes the capital look like one of the deeper circles of hell, a place ruled almost exclusively by vanity, backstabbing and lust The book's greatest triumph is its narrator's voice: The book's humor comes from the gap between everything this insufferable narrator says and the reality that peeks through when he quotes other people--an irony so wounding that the novel feels more like an 18th-century satire than the work of recent comic writers like Tom Wolfe.

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Even the names carry a Swiftian spank Set in the s, The Columnist is a dazzling hat trick: That's why God invented the novel Jeffrey Frank's astonishingly self-assured fiction packs a curiously subtle wallop. The Columnist is one of the sharpest skewerings of a journalist since Evelyn Waugh's Scoop.

Washingtonians know a Brandon Sladder or a dozen and will recognize the crud-rises-to-the-top world he inhabits. Frank includes enough detail to show he knows this world cold But The Columnist is not really a Washington novel. Its humor--like that of Jerome K. And he has managed a feat that few besides Kingsley Amis have pulled off in recent decades: