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If only every woman saw that red flag so clearly there would be a lot less heartbreak around. A crystal ball would be handy. You Might Also Like: Joi Rx Fitness Lady says: June 29, at 2: June 29, at 3: July 2, at 7: July 3, at 4: July 6, at 4: July 6, at 6: My Inner Chick says: July 6, at 8: Develop your faith in a great force so fears are not keeping you with him, 3.

Seek out health people and spend time with them Mr. Angry also passive-aggressive - Clues to Spot 1. Is passive or active, subtle or direct with rage, 2. Targets rage on you, 3. Sees women as good-bad, Madonna-whore, etc. Is uptight, obsessive, demanding, perfectionist, 5. Is a caretaker, 2.

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Is a people pleaser, 3. Is someone he wants to trap into taking the brunt of his anger, 4. Is someone who lets others dominate her, 5. Is apt to blame herself for problems Women who falls for him: May mistake anger for strength, 2. Is familiar with living with angry people, 3. May need an excuse to vent her own anger, 4. Feels special being the focus of even negative emotions, 5. May feel she deserves his rage What to do: Realize you cannot change him, 2. Learn not to be a victim, 3. Develop spiritual life and get support from others, 4.

Handle your own anger, 5. People wonder when he is going to get away from his mother, 2.

Avoiding Mr. Wrong: (And What to Do If You Didn't) ?. Paperback

Either treats mother too well or terribly, 3. Is unwilling to make a commitment to you, 4. Does more for his mother than you and thinks you are selfish to be jealous, 5. Appears willing to take second place to mother, 3. Is independent enough to handle all inconvenient details of life for both, 4. Has low expectations of him, 5.

Will put up with his passive-aggressive behavior Women who falls for him: Is used to being used, 2. May enjoy feelings of power of mothering a man, 3. May be afraid of an egalitarian relationship, 4.

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Believes her love will win him over and save him from mama, 5. Sees him as noble, gentle and kind in the way he treats his mother and thinks she will be treated that way too What to do: Develop relationships with other couples where man is not a boy, 3. Find a support group and work on removing enabling behaviors from your relationship The Deceiver - Clues to Spot 1. You begin to doubt what he says and suspect he lies about most things, 2. He show no remorse or genuine shame when you catch him in a lie, 3.

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He is unable to empathize with other and offends most, 4. He can be charming and easy to follow, 5. Appears wealthy or from a family that seems to have wealth, 3. May be recovering from the loss that puts her in a desperate situation, 4. Is subservient and comfortable being a caretaker, 5. Has a history of commitment and long-term relationship Women who falls for him: Believes his stories and thinks life would be interesting with him, 2.

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Responds to his charm when she has doubts about the relationship, 3. Is drawn to his self-confidence and smooth way of handling situations what rattle her, 5. Is comfortable with his style — may be like her father What to do: Do not share your financial information or give access to your things, 3. Keep a record of when there are discrepancies in his stories, 4. Demand he get counseling and that you participate in at least some of the sessions, 5.

Do not believe when he says he will be different, watch what he does and not what he says, do not trust him until he has proved himself over an extended period of time The Addict - Clues to Spot 1. Physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of life affected by addiction start to disintegrate, 2.

Dating: How Nice Attracts Mr. Wrong

Denies he has a problem despite increasing preoccupation, 3. Addictive behavior escalates and progresses with increasing destructive consequences, 4. Acts distant, moody, even abusive, especially when not participating in addiction, 5. Is used to living with stress and chaos, 3. Has trouble maintaining boundaries, 4.

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  7. Is a caretaker or martyr who cares so excessively that she is willing to be a doormat, 5. Sees his potential and is sure her love will make the difference, 2. Caretaking feels normal and good to her, 3. Thinks this time will be different and she will heal him, 4. Feels incomplete and desperate on her own, 5. Denies his addiction is a problem What to do: Obtain help for self, 2. Accept comfort and grace from others and higher power, 3.

    Stop all enabling behaviors that allow his addiction to continue, 5. Set up boundaries and stick to them. The Eternal Kid - Clues to Spot 1. Is self-centered either sweetly or arrogantly , 2. Irresponsible at the core, 3. Chauvinistic, man are more important than women, 4. Lives in a dream work and does not learn from his mistakes, 5. Is a caretaker of others, 2. Will leave him alone to tinker, invent, watch tv, - do what he wants, 5.

    Will overlook his faults and see his potential Women who falls for him: Enjoys being in charge and caretaking, 2. May be the oldest child who took on adult responsibilities early, 3. Mistakes his irresponsibility for playfulness, 4. Believes it will be fun to grow up together, 5. Is a people pleaser who dislikes conflict What to do: Give him a lot of space while you develop your own life, 3.

    Discover what is in you that is attracted to him and resolve that inner need, 4. Has no understanding of a power outside of himself from a personal and intimate perspective, 2. May appear religious as a cover for his own desires, 3. Unwilling to delay gratification or think beyond present comfort and wants, 4. A saint — to save him in the end, 3. A women who will allow him to play god, 5.

    A women who will leave him alone Women who falls for him: May enjoy his ungodly ways, 2. May be burned out on religion or also blames god, 3. Now lets explore step 2. Wrong is… YOUR fault? You may be attracting men that only want sex because YOU initiate the relationship. No question about that. But men are also wired to want to have sex with almost any woman who will have sex with them. On the other hand, if she was less available and he had to put forth effort to pursue her, he would have to think about that.

    What am I talking about? That physical attraction temporarily over-rides any personality or compatibility conflicts. This is just not the case for most men. Being generous and making others happy can be hugely rewarding in life. Your primary source of happiness, from your relationship, should be in response to what he does for you. His primary source of happiness, from your relationship, should be your happy response to what he provides for you.

    If he cannot provide for you, fight for you, and make you happy, there is no bond to keep him rooted in the relationship. A man bonds with a woman through feeling successful at winning and earning her love.