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The heat in the air gives birth to me, But in turn I kill it, As woman overcomes man with the strength she takes from him. I am the sigh of the sea; The laughter of the field; The tears of heaven. So with love — Sighs from the deep sea of affection; Laughter from the colourful field of the spirit; Tears from the endless heaven of memories. He is a pure spring from which all thirsty souls may drink. He is a tree watered by the River of Beauty, Bearing fruit which the hungry heart craves; He is a nightingale, Soothing the depressed spirit with his beautiful melodies; He is a white cloud appearing over the horizon, Ascending and growing until it fills the face of the sky.

Then it falls on the flows in the field of Life, Opening their petals to admit the light. He is a solitary figure, Robed in simplicity and kindness; He sits upon the lap of Nature to draw his inspiration, And stays up in the silence of the night, Awaiting the descending of the spirit. He is a sower Who sows the seeds of his heart in the prairies of affection, And humanity reaps the harvest for her nourishment. This is the poet — whom the people ignore in this life, And who is recognized only when he bids the earthly world farewell And returns to his arbour in heaven. This is the poet — who asks naught of humanity but a smile.

This is the poet — whose spirit ascends and fills the firmament with beautiful sayings; Yet the people deny themselves his radiance. Until when shall the people remain asleep? Until when shall they continue to glorify those who attain greatness by moments of advantage? How long shall they ignore those who enable them to see the beauty of their spirit, Symbol of peace and love? Until when shall human beings honour the dead and forget the living, Who spend their lives encircled in misery, And who consume themselves, Like burning candles to illuminate the way For the ignorant and lead them into the path of light?

Poet, you are the life of this life, And you have triumphed over the ages of despite their severity. Poet, you will one day rule the hearts, And therefore, your kingdom has no ending. Poet, examine your crown of thorns; You will find concealed in it a budding wreath of laurel. LAUGHTER AND TEARS As the Sun withdrew his rays from the garden, and the moon threw cushioned beams upon the flowers, I sat under the trees pondering upon the phenomena of the atmosphere, looking through the branches at the strewn stars which glittered like chips of silver upon a blue carpet; and I could hear from a distance the agitated murmur of the rivulet singing its way briskly into the valley.

When the birds took shelter among the boughs, and the flowers folded their petals, and tremendous silence descended, I heard a rustle of feet though the grass. I took heed and saw a young couple approaching my arbour. The say under a tree where I could see them without being seen. As they disappeared from my sight, I commenced to make comparison between love and money, and to analyze their position in the heart. The source of insincere love; the spring of false light and fortune; the well of poisoned water; the desperation of old age!

I was still wandering in the vast desert of contemplation when a forlorn and spectre-like couple passed by me and sat on the grass; a young man and a young woman who had left their farming shacks in the nearby fields for this cool and solitary place. I shall attack these hardships until I triumph and place in your hands a strength that will help over all things to complete the journey of life.

Good-bye, my beloved; I must leave before the heartening moon vanishes. I looked upon slumbering Nature, and with deep reflection discovered the reality of a vast and infinite thing — something no power could demand, influence acquire, nor riches purchase. Nor could it be effaced by the tears of time or deadened by sorrow; a thing which cannot be discovered by the blue lakes of Switzerland or the beautiful edifices of Italy. It is something that gathers strength with patience, grows despite obstacles, warms in winter, flourishes in spring, casts a breeze in summer, and bears fruit in autumn — I found Love.

In one corner lay a dead bird, and in another were two basins — one empty of water and the other of seeds.

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I stood there reverently, as if the lifeless bird and the murmur of the water were worthy of deep silence and respect — something worth of examination and meditation by the heard and conscience. As I engrossed myself in view and thought, I found that the poor creature had died of thirst beside a stream of water, and of hunger in the midst of a rich field, cradle of life; like a rich man locked inside his iron safe, perishing from hunger amid heaps of gold.

More was said, but my misted eyes and crying should prevented further sight or hearing. He hovered above a city and pierced the dwellings with his eyes. He say the spirits floating on wings of dreams, and the people who were surrendered to the Slumber. When the moon fell below the horizon and the city became black, Death walked silently among the houses — careful to touch nothing — until he reached a palace. How did you enter this place?

What do you want? Leave this place at once, for I am the lord of the house and will call my slaves and guards, and order them to kill you! What have you come here when I have not yet finished my affairs? What see you from strength such as mine? Go to the weak man, and take him away! Mind not talk, for even fear reveals what the heart forbids. I have accounts with Life requiring settling; I have due from people much gold; my ships have not reached the harbour; my demand, but spare my life.

Death, I own harems of supernatural beauty; your choice is my gift to you. Give heed, Death — I have but one child, and I love him dearly for he is my only joy in this life. I offer supreme sacrifice — take him, but spare me!

A Tear And A Smile by Kahlil Gibran

And Death walked slowly amidst the dwellings of the poor until he reached the most miserable he could find. He entered and approached a bed upon which a youth slept fitfully. Accept my soul, for you are the hope of my dreams. Embrace me, oh beloved Death! You are merciful; do not leave me. You are the right hand of Truth and the heart of Kindness; do not neglect me. You hear me now — embrace my soul, beloved Death! And returning to the sky, Death looked back and whispered his warning: Who on earth seek out Eternity. And over his head hovered worries as a vulture hovers over a carcass, until he reached a beautiful lake surrounded by magnificent marble statuary.

He looked back with piercing regret to the images of his early life, woven into pattern by the gods, until he could no longer control his anguish. Today I am a prisoner of greed. Gold leads into gold, then into restlessness and finally into crushing misery. I was born to be free and enjoy the bounty of life, but I find myself like a beast of burden so heavily laden with gold that his back is breaking.

Where is my deity? I have lost all! Naught remains save loneliness that saddens me, gold that ridicules me, slaves who curse to my back, and a palace that I have erected as a tomb for my happiness, and in whose greatness I have lost my heart. Today I am among women with shallow beauty who sell themselves for gold and diamonds. Today I find myself among the people like a frightened lamb among the wolves. As I walk in the roads, they gaze at me with hateful eyes and point at me with scorn and jealousy, and as I steal through the park I see frowning faces all about me.

Today I am a slave standing before my wealth, my wealth which robbed me of the beauty of life I once knew. I did not know that riches would put my life in fragments and lead me into the dungeons of harshness and stupidity. What I thought was glory is naught but an eternal inferno. Is this the god I am serving and worshipping? Is this what I seek of the earth? Why can I not trade it for one particle of contentment? Who would sell me one beautiful thought for a ton of gold?

Who would give me one moment of love for a handful of gems? Unit when shall you abide in the filth of life and continue to desert its gardens? The lamp of wisdom is dimming; it is time to furnish it with oil. The house of true fortune is being destroyed; it is time to rebuild it and guard it. The thieves of ignorance have stolen the treasure of your peace; it is time to retake it! As he looked at the beggar, his lips parted, his eyes brightened with a softness, and his face radiated kindness. It was as if the yesterday he had lamented by the lake had come to greet him.

All your possessions will be restored. Money is like a stringed instrument; he who does not know how to use it properly will hear only discordant music. Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it, and it enlivens the other who turns it upon his fellow man. Go, and leave me to my own weeping heart. Let me sail in the ocean of my dreams; Wait until Tomorrow comes, For tomorrow is free to do with me as he wishes. Your laying is naught but shadow That walks with the spirit to the tomb of abashment, And shows heard the cold, solid earth. I have a little heart within me And I like to bring him out of his prison and carry him on the palm of my hand To examine him In depth and extract his secret.

The sun is rising and the nightingale Is singing, And the myrtle is breathing its fragrance into space. I want to free myself from the quilted slumber of wrong. Do not detain me, my blamer! Cavil me not by mention of the lions of the forest Or the snakes of the valley, For me soul knows no fear of earth And accepts no warning of evil before evil comes. Advise me not, my blamer, For calamities have opened my heart And tears have cleansed my eyes, And errors have taught me the language of the hearts.

Talk not of banishment, for conscience is my judge And he will justify me and protect me if I am innocent, And will deny me of life if I am a criminal. Let me walk, for the path is rich with roses and mint, And the air is scented with cleanliness. Speak not of peoples and laws and kingdoms, For the whole earth is my birthplace And all humans are my brothers. Go from me, for you are taking away life — Giving repentance and bringing needless words.

Let me rest in the arms of Slumber, for my open eyes are tired; Let the silver-stringed lyre quiver and soothe my spirit; Weave from the harp and lute a veil around my withering heart. Dry your tears, my friends, and raise your heads as the flowers Raise their crowns to greet the dawn. Look at the bride of Death standing like a column of light Between my bed and the infinite; Hold your breath and listen with me to the beckoning rustle of her white wings.

Come close and bid me farewell; Touch my eyes with smiling lips. Let the children grasp my hands with soft and rosy fingers; Let the ages place their veined hands upon my head and bless me; Let the virgins come close and see the shadow of God in my eyes, And hear the echo of His will racing with my breath.

Part Two — The Ascending I have passed a mountain peak And my soul is soaring in the firmament of complete and unbound freedom; I am far, far away, my companions, And the clouds are hiding the hills from my eyes. The valleys are becoming flooded with an ocean of silence, And the hands of oblivion are engulfing the roads and the houses; The prairies and fields are disappearing behind a white spectre That looks like the spring cloud, yellow as the candlelight And red as the twilight.

I am cloaked in full whiteness; I am in comfort; I am in peace. Part Three — The Remains Unwrap me from this white linen shroud And clothe me with leaves of jasmine and lilies; Take my body from the ivory casket and let it rest Upon pillows of orange blossoms. Lament me not, but sing songs of youth and joy; Shed not tears upon me, but sing of harvest and the winepress; Utter no sigh of agony, But draw upon my face with your finger the symbol of Love and Joy. Place me upon clusters of leaves And carry my upon your friendly shoulders And walk slowly to the deserted forest.

Take me not to the crowded burying ground Lest my slumber be disrupted by the rattling of bones and skulls. Go back to the joy of your dwellings And you will find there that which Death cannot remove from you and me. Leave with place, for what you see here is far away in meaning From the earthly world. My soul gives life to the grapevine and I press its bunches and give the juice to the thirsty. Heaven fills my lamp with oil and I place it at my window to direct the stranger through the dark. I do all these things because I live in them; and if destiny should tie my hands and prevent me from so doing, then death would be my only desire.

For I am a poet, and if I cannot give, I shall refuse to receive. Humanity rages like a tempest, but I sigh in silence for I know the storm must pass away while a sigh goes to God. Human kinds cling to earthly things, but I seek ever to embrace the torch of love so it will purify me by its fire and sear inhumanity from my heart. Substantial things deaden a man without suffering; love awakens him with enlivening pains. Humans are divided into different clans and tribes, and belong to countries and towns.

But I find myself a stranger to all communities and belong to no settlement. The universe is my country and the human family is my tribe. Men are weak, and it is sad that they divide amongst themselves. The world is narrow and it is unwise to cleave it into kingdoms, empires, and provinces. Human kinds unite themselves one to destroy the temples of the soul, and they join hands to build edifices for earthly bodies.

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Part Two I have a yearning for my beautiful country, and I love its people because of their misery. I sing the praise of my birthplace and long to see the home of my children; but if the people in that home refused to shelter and feed the needy wayfarer, I would convert my praise into anger and my longing to forgetfulness. Humanity is the spirit of the Supreme Being on earth, and that humanity is standing amidst ruins, hiding its nakedness behind tattered rags, shedding tears upon hollow cheeks, and calling for its children with pitiful voice. Humanity appeals to its people but they listen not.

But the people ridicule such teachings. The Nazarene Jesus listened, and crucifixion was his lot; Socrates heard the voice and followed it, and he too fell victim in body. Ridicule cannot triumph over the followers of Deity. They live and grow forever. Part Three Thou art my brother because you are a human, and we both are sons of one Holy Spirit; we are equal and made of the same earth.

You are here as my companion along the path of life, and my aid in understanding the meaning of hidden Truth. You are a human, and, that fact sufficing, I love you as a brother. You may speak of me as you choose, for Tomorrow shall take you away and will use your talk as evidence for his judgment, and you shall receive justice. You may deprive me of whatever I possess, for my greed instigated the amassing of wealth and you are entitled to my lot if it will satisfy you. You may do unto me whatever you wish, but you shall not be able to touch my Truth.

You may shed my blood and burn my body, but you cannot kill or hurt my spirit. You may tie my hands with chains and my feet with shackles, and put me in the dark prison, but who shall not enslave my thinking, for it is free, like the breeze in the spacious sky. You are my brother and I love you.

I love you worshipping in your church, kneeling in your temple, and praying in your mosque. You and I and all are children of one religion, for the varied paths of religion are but the fingers of the loving hand of the Supreme Being, extended to all, offering completeness of spirit to all, anxious to receive all. I love you for your Truth, derived from your knowledge; that Truth which I cannot see because of my ignorance. But I respect it as a divine thing, for it is the deed of the spirit.

Your Truth shall meet my Truth in the coming world and blend together like the fragrance of flowers and becoming one whole and eternal Truth, perpetuating and living in the eternity of Love and Beauty. I love you because you are weak before the strong oppressor, and poor before the greedy rich. For these reasons I shed tears and comfort you; and from behind my tears I see you embraced in the arms of Justice, smiling and forgiving your persecutors.

Part Four You are my brother, but why are you quarrelling with me? Why do you invade my country and try to subjugate me for the sake of pleasing those who are seeking glory and authority? Is it an honour for a man to kill his brother man? If you deem it an honour, let it be an act of worship, and erect a temple to Cain who slew his brother Abel.

Is self-preservation the first law of Nature? Why, then, does Greed urge you to self-sacrifice in order only to achieve his aim in hurting your brothers? Selfishness, my brother, is the cause of blind superiority, and superiority creates clanship, and clanship creates authority which leads to discord and subjugation.

The soul believes in the power of knowledge and justice over dark ignorance; it denies the authority that supplies the swords to defend and strengthen ignorance and oppression — that authority which destroyed Babylon and shook the foundation of Jerusalem and left Rome in ruins. It is that which made people call criminals great mean; made writers respect their names; made historians relate the stories of their inhumanity in manner of praise. The only authority I obey is the knowledge of guarding and acquiescing in the Natural Law of Justice.

What justice does authority display when it kills the killer? When it imprisons the robber? When it descends on a neighbourhood country and slays its people? What does justice think of the authority under which a killer punishes the one who kills, and a thief sentences the one who steals? You are my brother, and I love you; and Love is justice with its full intensity and dignity. If justice did not support my love for you, regardless of your tribe and community, I would be a deceiver concealing the ugliness of selfishness behind the outer garment of pure love.

Conclusion My soul is my friend who consoles me in misery and distress of life.

Let the Smiles of Youth Appearing (Voice 1 Part) Sheet Music by Traditional

He who does not befriend his soul is an enemy of humanity, and he who does not find human guidance within himself will perish desperately. Life emerges from within, and derives not from environs. I came to say a word and I shall say it now. But if death prevents its uttering, it will be said by Tomorrow, for Tomorrow never leaves a secret in the book of Eternity. I came to live in the glory of Love and the light of Beauty, which are the reflections of God. I am here living, and the people are unable to exile me from the domain of life for they know I will live in death.

If they pluck my eyes I will hearken to the murmurs of Love and the songs of Beauty. If they close my ears I will enjoy the touch of the breeze mixed with the incense of Love and the fragrance of Beauty. If they place me in a vacuum, I will live together with my soul, the child of Love and Beauty. I came here to be for all and with all, and what I do today in my solitude will be echoed by Tomorrow to the people.

What I say now with one heart will be said tomorrow by many hearts. Let us follow the footprints of Spring into the distant fields, And mount the hilltops to draw inspiration high above the cool green plains. Dawn of Spring has unfolded her winter-kept garment And placed it on the peach and citrus trees; And they appear as brides in the ceremonial custom of the Night of Kedre. The sprigs of grapevine embrace each other like sweethearts, And the brooks burst out in dance between the rocks, Repeating the song of joy; And the flowers bud suddenly from the heart of nature, Like foam from the rich heart of the sea.

Let us sit by that rock, where violets hide; Let us pursue their exchange of the sweetness of kisses. Let us tend the fruit of the earth, As the spirit nourishes the grains of joy from the seeds of Love,sowed deep in our hearts. Let us fill our bins with the products of nature, As life fills so abundantly the domain of our hearts with her endless bounty.

Let us make the flowers our bed, And the sky our blanket, And rest our heads together upon pillows of soft hay. Autumn Let us go and gather grapes in the vineyard for the winepress, And keep the wine in old vases, As the spirit keeps Knowledge of the ages in eternal vessels. Let us return to our dwelling, For the wind has caused the yellow leaves to fall And shroud the withering flowers that whisper elegy to Summer.

Come home, my eternal sweetheart, For the birds have made pilgrimage to warmth And lest the chilled prairies suffering pangs of solitude. The jasmine and myrtle have no more tears. Let us retreat, for the tired brook has ceased its song; And the bubblesome springs are drained of their copious weeping; And their cautious old hills have stored away their colourful garments. Come, my beloved; Nature is justly weary And is bidding her enthusiasm farewell With quiet and contented melody. Sit by me before the hearth, For fire is the only fruit of Winter.

Speak to me of the glory of your heart, For that is greater than the shrieking elements beyond our door. Bind the door and seal the transoms, For the angry countenance of the heaven depresses my spirit, And the face of our snow-laden fields makes my soul cry. Feed the lamp with oil and let it not dim, And place it by you, So I can read with tears what your life with me has written upon your face. Come close to me, oh beloved of my soul; The fire is cooling and fleeing under the ashes.

Embrace me, for I fear loneliness; The lamp is dim, and the wine which we pressed is closing our eyes. Let us look upon each other before they are shut. Find me with your arms and embrace me; Let slumber then embrace our souls as one. Kiss me, my beloved, for Winter has stolen all but our moving lips.

You are close by me, my Forever. How deep and wide will be the ocean of Slumber, And how recent was the dawn! We are at last united by love, And then the moon draws me from him. I go to him in haste and depart Reluctantly, with many little farewells. I steal swiftly from behind the blue horizon, To cast the silver of my foam upon the gold of his sand, And we blend in melted brilliance.

I quench his thirst and submerge his heart; He softens my voice and subdues my temper. At dawn I recite the rules of love upon his ears, And he embraces me longingly. At eventide I sing to him the song of hope, And then print smooth kisses upon his face; I am swift and fearful, but he is quiet, patient, and thoughtful. His broad bosom soothes my restlessness. As the tide comes we caress each other, When it withdraws, I drop to his feet in prayer. Many times have I danced around mermaids As they rose from the depths And rested upon my crest to watch the stars; Many times have I heard lovers complain of their smallness, And I helped them to sigh.

Many times have I teased the great rocks And fondled them with a smile, But never have I received laughter from them; Many times have I lifted drowning souls And carried them tenderly to my beloved shore. He gives them strength as he takes mine. Many times have I stolen gems from the depths And presented them to my beloved shore. He takes them in silence, But still I give for he welcomes me ever.

In the heaviness of night, When all creatures seek the ghost of slumber, I sit up, singing at one time and sighing at another. I am awake always. Sleeplessness has weakened me!

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But I am a lover, and the truth of love is strong. I may be weary, but I shall never die. PEACE The tempest calmed after bending the branches of the trees and leaning heavily upon the grain in the field. At that hour a young woman entered her chamber and knelt by her bed sobbing bitterly. I have exhausted my tears and can offer no more, oh Lord, full of love and mercy. My patience is drained and calamity is seeking possession of my heart. Save him, oh Lord, from the iron paws of War; deliver him from such unmerciful Death, for he is weak, governed by the strong.

Oh Lord, save my beloved, who is Thine own son, from the foe, who is Thy foe. I acknowledge that sometimes life can get really hard. Still I am very grateful with what I have encountered along the journey of my life and am excited and looking forward to experiencing more as I get older. On September 15, I left my country again to study at the University of California, Los Angeles; I feel so excited and overwhelmed with what the future will hold.

I know I will always strive to be the better version of me. However, I am very thankful for those who I have crossed paths Posted Azka zulfiqar , Doctor. Something we all need to realize Almost everyone I meet in life, including me, always seems to be self-righteous. I mean, even if we own some bad qualities, which we all surely do, we always appear to hold onto the moral high ground. For instance, if I were to have a disagreement with a person, and then share about my conversation to another, I would present my case as the best possible choice that could have been made, directing the discourse in a way that my audience would also tend to sympat Posted Anagha , High school student.

Duty, prosperity, desire, enlightenment? I strive to embody my true inner self and soul,Understanding that truth is like the essence of the universe. I desire to walk without any blundersBut I tend to fall between cracks frequently. I desire to talk with no faltersBut I am cautious like a prey concealed from a beastI desire to soar like a bird,But I feel forced to gravitate back to earth. The wise men, the conquerors of land, ocean, air and spaceThe wise men, the inventors of the wheel, the light bulb, the telephoneOh the wise men, the reasons behind the world war and the constant conflictsThe wise men, the cause of animal extinction and climate changeThe wise men, the dominators of all life on EarthHear me, oh wise man, oh almighty wise manDid you forget about me?

Are you heedless of my cries, or just oblivious? Why is the water Posted Stephanie Tancuan , student. Sex education helps people gain knowledge, information, and skills to make healthy decisions about sex and sexuality. Sex education is very important because it gives tips and lessons to young adults for them to be aware about sexually transmitted infections, health risks of early pregnancy and how to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Posted Kainat ali , Entrepreneur.

We often hear such phrases like "What is wrong with the world? Instead of putting all of the blame on the world and getting ourselves steer clear of responsibility. When we hear about a girl or boy being bullied to death, how often do we stop to think how we hurt others with our word I was talking to my friend a few days back about gender discrimination and a question popped into my mind- do souls have genders? I stopped for a moment not knowing what to think.