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You do not need a lawyer to complete an advance directive, living will, or heath care proxy, although you may find an attorney's advice helpful. You do need a lawyer to complete the Durable Power of Attorney. To find an attorney, see Finding Legal Services.

Electronic Single Window Legal Issues: A Capacity-Building Guide

There are also free resources that can provide the legal templates you will need to fill out. Caring Connections , a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, is a national initiative to improve end-of-life care.

Developing an App: The Legal Issues -

It offers free advance directive packages complete with instructions for every state. Visit the Web site or call toll free to request a package.

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Living Will Registry offers links to advance directive forms for each state. It also registers advance directives in a database and sends annual reminders to review and update your directives.

Hospitals and health care providers check this registry. Durable Power of Attorney DPOA DPOA is a document that grants a person or persons "Attorney-in-fact" the legal powers to perform on behalf of the elder "Grantor" certain acts and functions specifically outlined in the document.

Advance Directives Advance directives are written instructions regarding an individual's medical care preferences. Living Will A written advance directive, called a living will, is a valuable way to clarify an elder's choices and wishes. Obtaining Legal Documents You do not need a lawyer to complete an advance directive, living will, or heath care proxy, although you may find an attorney's advice helpful.

Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA)

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Nonprofit Law: A Practical Guide to Legal Issues for Nonprofit Organizations

If you require multiple copies it may be worthwhile subscribing to Arts Law. For lawyers who need a quick reference, Nonprofit Law: Reviews some basic questions an attorney should ask a client when advising on nonprofit issues, whether the attorney is asked to help form a new nonprofit corporation or advise on some other nonprofit matter Addresses issues relating to formation and describes important documents that are part of the formation process, including articles of incorporation and bylaws Discusses taxation issues with a focus on the types of federal tax exemptions that are available under the Internal Revenue Code Addresses governance matters and describes the individuals involved in the governance of a nonprofit corporation as well as the fiduciary duties imposed on the board of directors Focuses on other matters that often arise in representation of a nonprofit and includes discussion on subsidiaries of nonprofits, the merger, sale of assets and other entity combinations involving nonprofits, and dissolution of nonprofits And much more!

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