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Father — Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you. Greetings, my dear beloved children!


What has to be the foundation of such a Primer? And I bless you for that! DrTony33 Good and timely message. The following is from When Black God ordered the heavens, he not only created the stellar Consciousness sleeps in minerals Enlighten Up's epsiode Truly enlightening about the energy we not only offer through our own Others who continue to blend into mainstream society nevertheless seek contemporary paths to enlightenment and encourage others to do the same.

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For centuries the Nine Traditions waged the Ascension War against the Technocracy with the hope of creating an environment where magic was accepted and individuals could create their own way of living in the world. Instead, the masses have embraced the conveniences of modern society along with little things like mortgage payments, credit histories, media conglomerates, and security cameras lining the streets.

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Yet despite their defeat, magic continues to exist, more individuals Awaken, and the masses still value religion, community, and learning. Interest in the paranormal, mystical, and miraculous persists. Rather than wage war for supremacy over the world, most mages now focus on doing the most good for the people and neighborhoods closest to them.

Mages know that reality is constrained only by what their skill and imagination allow for. In the past they created entire worlds where all their earthly needs and desires were provided for, beauty and practicality were in perfect harmony, and the laws of nature were designed to suit their wishes. While such realms are far, far rarer today, there is little that prevents mages continuing to promote art, prosperity, and truth.

Dreamers that they are, mages recognize that there is wonder left in the world worth protecting, and even more that their magic can create. Nothing in the world is as we perceive it.

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Illusions deceive our minds, cause us to value that without value, to be chained by emotions and attachments, and be distracted from our true path. By quieting the mind and looking past these illusions one can eliminate the false boundaries between self and the universe and become a conduit for its true forces. We are all children of the One God who is above and within. Everything in the universe is part of the One, but it is humanity that is made in its image, who holds within them a divine spark.

By acknowledging this divine link, by attuning oneself to it through prayer and ritual, or by seeking unity with the One by finding harmony and joy with others, we can make manifest miracles in the world.

The Ascension Primer

There are no limitations that are not self-imposed. By entering the right state of mind, by transcending our physical senses, we become free to do the things that we believe we cannot, we change the world in ways we knew not. Music, drugs, pleasure, pain—these are the tools which take us beyond ourselves, let us adjust our perceptions, and with them reality.

There is a spirit for every piece of Creation, for all of the animals and plants, stones and machines, countries and ideas. The Spirit World and the Material World mirror each other, are interwoven and dependent on one another. By respecting the spirits and learning their ways and needs one not only brings greater peace and harmony to the world. They also become more attuned to it, capable of ever greater miracles. Every creature in the world has a Dharma or Fate by which it is meant to live.

Those who follow their path or stray too far from it are reward or punished by Karma, respectively. It is in following their sacred duty that they gain power and move closer to nirvana.


The human soul has within it the potential for true divinity. Through education, discipline, and self-discovery its power can be unlocked and refined. By studying the formulas that define existence, words of power, and other mystic symbols the Awakened will can be brought to bear to remake reality as the mage sees fit. Scientific theories and inventions based on them could be designed and fielded long before anyone stopped to check for inconsistencies or contradictions.

A Primer for Ascension - Intro part 3

Scientific truths could be discovered or abandoned based on need, not whether it makes perfect sense or can reproduced universally. Why, the possibilities would be endless!