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Bird Point Our bird point solutions prevent pest birds from perching. Bird Netting Our bird netting solutions exclude birds from roosting in outdoor areas. Bird Scarer This device reflects light beams causing birds to fly in a different direction. Our bird control specialist will contact you and arrange a convenient time to inspect your premises to assess the pest bird situation.

This will include bird proofing details and price. They will require more than one visit. We'll quote out a project for you. A page holding all of our specific filtering mechanisims so that you can choose which one suits your current needs.

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Find the perfect product in three steps. Get an accurate quote back instantly. Selling Bird Control The Business of Bird Control During the latter half of the '90s, bird control became a commonly offered service by pest control companies, building maintenance companies, contractors and even Bird Control companies those that do nothing else. Birds wreak havoc on buildings all across America.

Bird-X | Bird and Pest Control for Today's Environment

Their droppings and nesting materials have been an eyesore, and health risk, for years. You can learn more about damage and diseases by visiting Why Solve Bird Problems. Thanks to increased publicity on the dangers of birds around buildings, and more promotions by companies offering bird control, building owners are warming up to paying for solutions. They typically ask their pest control operator, building maintenance company or a contractor for help. Those companies trained in the art of bird control can help, while others obviously can't, and risk upsetting a customer in the process.

Studies have shown most avian species will adapt and ignore such devices within months of initial contact. Other static sound methods with limited effectiveness that birds may adapt quickly to include ultrasonic devices designed for enclosed or semi-enclosed areas. In theory, ultrasonic waves will annoy birds to stop them from entering and remaining in areas such as warehouses, parking garages, and loading docks. These products are not harmful to birds, yet it is debatable if the birds can hear these frequencies at loud enough decibel levels as bird are believed to have similar hearing to humans.


If just being placed in situ and left, audible bird scarers can easily become ineffective bird control solutions, however when managed on an ongoing basis or used as part of a greater bird deterrent system, sound methods can deliver partial results for low level bird activity. Audible bird scarers are totally ineffective for nesting birds. Wind driven scare devices include tapes, balloons, kites, and lightweight spinning turbines propelled by wind. These devices reflect sunlight and in limited uses scare birds that are new to an area.

Typically, birds will quickly become acclimated to such devices as the birds learn the devices are not alive.

Why your Business Should Offer Bird Control Services

The latest field testing of sonic colored noise shows the birds habituate after a few months even though the sounds are unnatural. This is because as one bird habituates other birds may learn the noise is meaningless and not a real threat.

During nesting season sounds have proven almost totally ineffective to birds foraging for extra food no matter the sounds. Normally, birds adapt within weeks of exposure to bird control devices that are not alive or an actual threat to their survival.

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Such bird control devices that birds habituate to within weeks include sound devices, mechanical devices, wind blown scare devices, and partial perch modifications. This makes such devices an unwise investment even though they are inexpensive because labor and safety costs are the primary factors in bird control installation. In contrast, birds cannot adapt to total "blocking" methods or mild electrical low current "shocking" stimuli that modifies behavior. This is why netting, mesh, and low current electrical barriers are tested to be the most effective avian control devices.

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

High quality materials and long lasting systems have the greatest return on investment because bird problems are perpetual year after year. John Swaddle and Dr. Mark Hinders at the College of William and Mary created a new method of deterring birds and other animals using benign sounds projected by conventional and directional parametric speakers.

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