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The maze is still empty but the chapter is full of death and loss. How old were you when you saw your first dead body? The Guest Sophie St. Thomas joins us to discuss sexuality and female empowerment, and your agency in evoking that power. Sophie is a prolific writer on a broad swath of subjects including sexual etiquette, human intimacy, witchcraft, and music. You can find Sophie on Twitter thebowiecat , on Instagram also thebowiecat , and you can find samples of her work on her website sophiesainttthomas. Tickets are pretty much all gone- but sometimes they pop up so if you want to attend keep your eyes peeled.

Next — House of Leaves, Part Nine: December 11th, House of Leaves — Mark Z. We are waiting alongside him in the darkness. The Guest Lighting design architect Nevi Ozturk joins us this week to discuss the art of lighting interior spaces and how manipulating lighting can effect behavior in a space. Next — House of Leaves, Part Eight: Thomas to discuss sexuality, power dynamics, and embracing power as a woman.

December 4th, House of Leaves — Mark Z. The Work The rescue team goes into the darkness. Among the questions we ask this week: Have you ever had a breakdown, been afflicted with mental illness or felt yourself falling apart? The Guest Artist Andy Kennedy, animator and musician, joins us to discuss his work and managing his sleep disorder: Slow Wave from andy kennedy on Vimeo. Next — House of Leaves, Part Seven: November 27th, House of Leaves — Mark Z.

The Work The book is becoming hostile. We talk to him about his passion of exploring the voids that twist beneath our feet. Lucas mentions a couple resources: Next — House of Leaves, Part Six: November 20th, House of Leaves — Mark Z. The Work The first explorations of the darkness inside the house have begun. Have you ever been in a physical altercation?

Did you initiate it? A collegiate classics and language major, Willem walks us through the Echo myth and the myth of the Labyrinth. The Jolly Pops have a new album coming out soon. You can follow them on Facebook here. Willem mentions a few additional resources: Pairings Spirits Echoed Always ways-ays-ays-s…. Next — House of Leaves, Part Five: November 6th, House of Leaves — Mark Z. The Work This is it.

The big take-away question: If you were to disappear right now what would be the most mysterious thing you leave behind that keeps people guessing? The Guest Giaco Furino returns to discuss horror fiction writing at the turn of the century, how it developed, what it looked like around the same time House of Leaves was being published, and a little on how it has continued to develop.

You are ine, even if your m o m says you are not.

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Remember the lock in, I do! I'm glad things worked out in the end. I'll always love you! You were one messy roommate; maybe if you hadn't complained 0 much and did some work, you would have made Heads List. Pancho-Always gigging, kissing fees. Sandler-You finally got some. You are one funny white tide. J- Bonus "97" Goat boy Psycho- You were always fun to jump on.

Sorry you had to go to Morocco. I'm lad you and Jesus were together. Lida, Terry, Lisa-Thanks for being so good to me. Sorry if I was a pain. H, kid the rest thanks for everything. For all of those who I forgot about-Peace, and God Bless 'ou! Jesus Guillermo irst of all I'd like to thank G o d for leading m e this far in life and. I love you both dearly.

Elizabeth, Crystal, and Jasmine: The three biggest kains I will ever live with. I love you girls to death. Thanks for introducing m e to Iroctor and pushing in the right direction. Angel; Boyz since day one. W e went through a lot of struggles together ut w e kept our heads up.

Bring on the college fees. You are very special to m e and I'll miss you once you're gone. I'll always love you. R e m e m b e r Martha's Vineyard. Always chillin; can I elp you with those?

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W e had a phat four years. I found your birkenstocks. M y boy with ie illest sessions. Kill the freestylin, though. A n d about GOD W e had some ILL times. N o I will not touch you there for a dollar. I'm here to learn. Y O U are ie most amazing person ever. N o I don't k n o w what's wrong with Angel. The Queens of Gossip. Ii belleza, I miss you like crazy. Tell Hannah h o w ou really feel. W h a t the hell were you doing in France anyway? The smartest and coolest Native American ever.

Get your act straight and 'ork hard. Zach and George Blair: Take your Nintendo 64 home, it's addicting. Even though you left we'll always be boyz. Thanks for being here for m e for four years. M a d love to all of ya'll. Liza Appleby M o m and Grampy: Most of all, thank you for being the best parents I could have asked for. David Santos 's the end of an awesome run, where do w e go from re? I will sure miss you P. To the people who lpedmetogethere, I can only thank you. Nancy S, Mike thank you for your help in the past two years and for iding m e at Proctor. Brooks B, Karine D, thank you for lping m e with the frustrations, all of you played a major le in m y life.

To m y soccer teammates, thank you, I wish 3 best of luck for your future. I only wished that I could have given you all as much as I took m you. C, Haun, Johnno and Zack m y b. Boyd how did w e end i sharing a page together, hum? Soccer is life, not Hockey, Boyd, Kev, iniel. Summerfield, peace out guys. Thanks to at P. A thanks for your support.

A for us Seniors. Boyd Butt Well, my second graduation is just around the corner. Just like last year, I have some important people to thank. I'd like to thank all m y teachers for helping a Newfie in tough times. T o m Eccleston, w h o was both m y football coach and my baseball coach. Mike Koenig, w h o was m y hockey coach. He had his hands full. I would like to thank m y wonderful advisor, Chris Bartlett, he treated m e very well. Extra good when I was thinking of not coming.

One more t shirt and I would have started m y own business. I would like to thank all m y friends who made my year at Proctor a good one. Last and most important, I'd like to thank my parents. They made this all possible. I love you dearly and you are an inspiration to me. Sarah, Diana, Charlotte and Chinnie: I will always remember the laughter; not a day was wasted becasue there was always laughter. H o w are we going to survie without each other. You're the most unique person I've ever known; a shining star in this universe, and you've always kept m e smiling.

What can I say except I love you because of w h o you are. You can always make m e laugh and feel better. You are such a great person inside. You have such great gifts. I'll miss you, sweetie. I love you girl. I hope you get yours. Thanks for so much. I love you guys. Thanks for your strength and guidance. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.

I've never laughed as hard as I have with you; Fox M, c. F1, m y house. It doesn't feel good to let you slide. Do we have to say g. I miss you girls. I think I'm gonna cry" LK. I'll miss your stories. Mars- IL m y ghetto girl. To all the fac. I thought I would break, but you had faith. Charlotte Mason To M y Family: M o m , Dad, and Gala- Did you ever think five years ago that I would even graduate from highschool?! I couldn't even have made it without you. To the BPact-four years baby! Sarah, Chin, and Vangie- I love you guys and I will never forget the past four years.

Rachel- to m y "crackbead" roomie, Honk Honk! Mars- what can I say but "the back", keep it up girlfriend. Spain ' Mala Chica will never forget those days. To those who already graduated: Leisa Jesser, Alana, and Jorie. I missed you guys all this year, it just wasn't the same. To the kids back home: To the Proctor faculty who have made a difference. Thank you so much. Especially to Swayze, Terry, and Heatley, I won't ever forget what you gave me.

Sorry for all the hardships I caused. Thanks for supporting m e and believing in m e , without you I would be nothing. I love both of you more than you think I do. W e did things people dream of doing. Girl, 1 love ya. Best Friends for Life. How do keep going? You were there w h e n no one else could get in. You taught m e more than you'll know. I love all of you guys and will never forget the fun w e had together.

I love you like a sister. Marnie 1 love you, girl, I won't forget our conversations in the bathroom. J four years later, look at us. Half tha crew is bustin' out So,ya'll gotta represent, stay tight, black, and keep it real for m e. O n e Love The Only Love. I wanted to give shout outs to everybody and they m o m m a , B U T , I can't. I'm extremely greatful to all of you.

Don't get m a d if I didn't mention your name, not enough room. Rana Abodeely hank you M o m and Dad for absolutely verything, I k n o w that sometimes I'm not ie easiest daughter in the world! I loveyou, you two are the most imporint people in m y life and I look up to you so iuch.

Allie-oink,oink, "we are your friends". Jen-sharks, dolphins, Dwight and the! Hey baby, you k n o w I can itop traffic tennis JJ-Head's List talks, jr. Maren-you're so awesome; I missed you ;his year in Davis; I'm always here for ya Dabe. Vlolly-you're such a cool person, was France good? Let's make an announcement Leo-you are so Funny, especially at Al's in the fall, sorry about the knee thing offroading he,he. Jesus- "hoopin', Icickin' it Lisa-d-d-diet, 7 in the night, "you're the inspiration", Laham-mishwee. The Davis clan "Life is like an ice cream cone, you have to take it one lick at a time.

You're my slov walking partner forever; let's go clubbing! I'll miss ya and love ya like crazy! Crazy night danc are so sexy in that camoflage g-string! Thanks for peer out-reaching m e every day! Katie OYoura slick chic-fal off the log-discovering new places-Caribbean walks with snow palm trees! Km making tapes so that we have millions! I will mis enlightening m e with all of your random thoughts and questions!

I can't wai ou walking down the streets ofNew York being a sexy business women, were the DJ masters in h our adventurous weekends! I couldn't have handled the skunk trip and being Marines out ya! Goonies, you were an awesome marine too! We're the skunk stfl bombers, soccer slackers and outa control tennis players 4-ever! I will miss you big ball! Don't ever forget our long talks and extreme talks. You' best, so don't change 4 no 1! Walkin' on walls you spazz, tennis talks, you ar bestest ever! You pig, I can't believe I was ever seen with you, iweee gross luv ya, let's go surfin' some time and rip it up baby!

You're addicted to ster kid! Remember our amazing night in that cheeeezy honeymooning hotel! You're cool guess cause you have red hair like me! By Lobove youbo, dobon't ebevbeforborgebetowber labangwibige! I give you credit for your hair when you let "the Davis crew" do it! Let's keep that on the DL! You an "naked" friends need to get some serious help! Some day I will get those jumps and fly over your head! Richie-rich Oh, remember that other crazy night! From now on you are going to haw to make your own ice cream, can you handle it!

Stop spying on our dorm! J sexy mama, "I know you want one" you will always be the pimp dady in my eyes! M y Howie can beat your Grover any day and don't forget it! Keep slidin' down the bannister and maybe someday you will be as professional as I am! Chair lift 1 will never forget! You're my best Guatemalan friend ever.

You too, you frea that I love! You should go out with — along with all of you millions of imaginary b-friends! Keep dreaming and maybe some day you will be that star you always dreamed of being! I said that to embarrass you! I'll missya, you nu Ali D: Cocoa de Rasta girl! O h I know where, all our "deep thoughts" talks!

Yo you could wear sparkles. Save it for the dorm! Billy's little stream 4 us and all the story telling. I will miss it! I miss you guys, some day we will meet again and make. I owe you the world. Thanks for sticking with me. M y best friend, so many memories in so little time. I luv u, you will always hold a place in my heart. Thanx 4 all the chance and all the laughs, you kept m y head up. First ever roomie, stay funny, thanx 4 all the good times. I never would have gotten through the fall without you!

Thanx, I luv u guys, I'll keep m y hair clean! Rich Symington M o m and Dad: I owe it all to you both. Thank you for helping m e become what I am today and letting m e develop what I will be tommorow. You've always been there for me, and one day I hope to return the favor. Whitney, Tom, Fife, Scott. What more could a brother ask for, you guys are great. Four years, from orientation to graduation we've done it all. It's flown by but the good times will always be remembered.

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The master of making absolutely nothing, absolutely funny and making a fool out of himself in theprocess. Saturday night fever,Samples and Escorts. What more do I need to say? Don't ever leave Arizona. Gimpy, you have permanently taken m y position. Your birthday present fits you perfectly. Keep rolling those nice four by fours the BOSS. Don't worry I'll give you a raise when you work for me. Kindergarden to present, we've always gotten the best out of life and the best is yet to come. Don't ever forget m e because I know I won't forget you. Knicks, what a team. Rage agaisnt you know what everyday in the L-room.

Have fun next year and bring back another winning season. SF will live forever. I pledge all to CocaCola. Justin and Rich, you have grown. Team Sandler, and Syminton beat the Team players. G N R rules. Thanks for being myfri. Thank you for being there when I needed you. Andrew-I don't know what I would have done without your jokes and comments, making fun of people in Pizza Chef and just being there when I needed a good laugh.

I love you and you're a great brother. Burt-Youare the last hope for our group to survive. Never stop telling it the way it is. Let's not let the memories ever die. George-Don't worry I'll come back and visit you at Pizza Chef in a few years. Megan-Look what you've done. Vicheth-Who gave you the quarter? Don't forget the three L's.

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MannyNothing less, then the best. GrahamMath with you was an experience. Kara-You took something from Andrew that can never be replaced. I will never forget either of you. TomSorry about the store. Chrissy- A true female and I wouldn't love you if you weren't. Pizza Chef-A gift sent by God. Rachel- Don't forget our little bet. John TetiSorry about your effort grade. Bob-You are MIT material.

M 3 - W e will meet soon! Even though I have fought with you and tried to get out of going here, I have still enjoyed the Proctor experience. Thank you for making it possible. Chrissy I love you so much, you have made m y dreams come true. Gideon and Rich, my best friends, I love you two, no matter how many other people we hung out with, at the end we always came back to each other. I have to drop a load. Gideon is he serious, again? Burt, and Megan m y second set of true friends. You're just as valuable as the first, NOT. Megan, In the words of Justin Sandler, Look what you've done!!

Even though it's hard for you to produce rational thoughts, I still love you to death. Burt, you are a true realist w h o tells it h o w it is. You know the feeling. Kara, You will forever have m y heart, amongst other things. Take my breath away My Girl. Semi Formar97and Crash into M E. Justin, it's been a great 3 years with you. You definitely bring a unique angle to every experience we have together. Cuauhtemoc Koonta three-year roommate. Puking upstairs sophomore year. By the way, how the hell do I spell your name?

Gagne, you're only a. Lisa, you have been m y m o m away from home. Robin, I'm anti muzzle. Gulick the diversity dorm, Hola icomo estas? Tom, I miss you. Steve, you run the school, no one else. Stop looking at m e swan. M o m s are stupid. M y little femur. Bob L m y favorite teacher. Tell it the way it is. I can always have fun with you. Bob Dais I will never forget you. Swayze I will never forget what the inside of your office looks like. I practically lived there. I think you need to remodel. I'm getting tired of that same color. Manuel there are Proctor and build on to them.

Learn from m y misso many people w h o are products of baboon loving. Only the best takes and lead the rest of the students. Just don't get quality is good enough for us. Everything first class, or we don't caught doing it. Angel, Jesus You two stand out, m y favorite Hispanics on campus. W e had some fun you has been great. Y O U big stud.

Well Proctor times together. Harassment charges it's time for m e to go. Girls flock to you. JJ - Orientation was awesome, not. Grandma McDaniel, thanks for the help on my English papers. The girls are yours. Derby- I pass m y Proctor place on to you. Take m y experiences from. Tim McRae This is it. The point of no return. Lots of thanks to M o m , Dad and Doc. Hi m y name is Tim McRae and next year I'll be a senior Decisions and choices are what define our lives.

Take the time and look into the future with an open mind and all of life's experiences, setbacks and adventures will prove themselves worth while. Another place another time. Memories are made and cherished in this place. I still find myself wanting to sit in the rink. Full moons over Franklin. Deep thoughts with Jorie and stinkly Hurricane' Bob Dylan and good times with KT. Old time hockey Eddie Shore with the Canuck Connection, bringin'it home. Thanks to the kickball kings KM, YP. Thanks to Mike K. All of these long days and short nights are destined to pay off as Knowlege is Power and the sky is the limit.

Katherine Darling Mum and Papa: You know it all, so why should I write it. Leo the lion, Carl snarl, Tim, aye: H o w could I have done of this without your help? Your guidance has led m e into making the right decisions. I just wanted to thank you for your help with classes, dealing with teachers, and the countless other deeds.

Showing m e the Pride, Passion, and Intensity. Thankyou for four great years. Don't touch, shades, keep it down, bull by the horns. You are my closest friend, and I cherish every moment we have had. Having chats on our long runs, bio, alg. You and I have grown so close over the last three years, and I never want to lose touch. She is a dirty, white Reeboks, pull the white sox up. Don't worry about your upper lip, just don't exhale, I know you love my gass. Your beam has got me, and we can't stop talking. Cycling has been sweet. Teen Wolf, don't mess with the defender, he will take you out.

Leo Waterston Thanks to all my family for their support. Thanks mom and dad for everything you've done for me. You're m y second m o m. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for being a great advisor, teacher, and coach. You taught mea lot. To m y friends: Waterman's house, romping in the 4Runner, walking in on you Sunday morning Lubriderm , 3rds Lax, m y birthday present, searching for the plant on weekends, talking about the women. Brit Lit with Suzy, 4th of July at m y house. Waterman's house, the nod. I love your laugh.

I haven't forgotten you. To those w h o graduated before me: Thank you Proctor for giving m e the opportunity to succeed. You had energy, grace, and m y heart, I miss you. M a y you forever rest in peace G o d bless. You've known m e all m y life, where will you be n o w? Your sister is by far one of the coolest people that I have ever met,, by the way thank your Grandmother for m e Did you hear that the Dead are having a return engagement at the Keene D o m e?

W e as a team are by far three of the goofiest kids on campus especially at lunch have fun with the upcoming yearsw h y did you let m e jump in the pond? Where's your dorm ever seen. Who's this dude Troy? Who's in the trash can? W h o est rates are sky-rocketing eh? Enri-ri-ri-ri is that guy that sings "Devil's Haircut" or that stabbing motion Have some goldskate boarder dude? W h o broke the record for fish. You and I need to go m u d sliding more most batteries up the nose?

Snowboarding was fun radio station? They always ask for J. A n d they're always w o m e n.

I agree W h e n school's all done we're gonna have to with the callers on the radio, you are a herb film "Cannibalistic Ninja Rednecks" and the whatever that is , but at least you listen, I seguel during the summer All hail miss Linda and the mouse don't you? Just kidding, Always reRachel: Soccer games in the snow are too member the fun times in spring term of '97 exciting, w e have to go visit A m y Wettersten when w e were struggling through problems sometime First year b u m Always looking for the. White water rafting was incredible, I get roof rack, "can you feel your fingers? Winter Bonus weekend wJ blast, where were the w o m e n , and why the did the chunk eat all m y d a m n food?

You are by far the most A. Whi were you all this year? Get over Mugi; go luck with your next two years M y past has finally caught with me. Hey hotshot, there wasn't a second in the day that we weren't apart. W e should've been kicked out. W T F M y ugly brother; never forget how much I love you. Meet my m o m at the other Macy's in BosIon. Remember Diaz during study hall? BFF Bill and Lindsay: Thanks for putting up with me and Sonja, love the Peter Pan shoes. You know I love you. You're the only one I'll miss!

Meet me in the bathroom. M K and everyone else 1 forgot: M o m , Dad, Rich, Janys, and Taylor: Thanks for the memories, sacrifices and all the support. I'll never forget it. I w a s just too shy. Yes Phil, w e do party too m u c h but w e had the best summer, and that goes for you too, Pete. I will always love you. And to anyone I forgot that cares: Eternity is the time it takes to know everything. G o o d luck in all that you do.

You m e a n more to m e than anyone else in the world. I love you always. So m a n y memories! Love you guys lots!!! You're the best sister in the world! I'm so happy you chose to c o m e to Proctor. I can't believe its over! G o o d luck with your senior year! Yes, you are gorgeous! I'll finally admit it! G o o d luck with your next two years here at Proctor. Lindsay, Suzy, and Patrice: Thanks for all the support and guidance you've given m e over the past two years. Just one of the girls! Thanks for the opportunity to c o m e to Proctor.

Those of you who have influenced my life know w h o you are and I can't thank you enough ; Thanks Proctor! Thanks for the good times. Couldn't have done it without you guys. Thanks for all the support and encouragenent. O h ya, and paying!!! A quote to sum up m y senior year: Also thanks to m y family: Peter, Marianne, T o m m y and Liz: Without you guys this would've been impossible. You have all given m e positive vibrations. Elliot "Music goes on forever" — Robert Nesta Marley. You are the best and I love you. Just re m e m b e r m y plan for us in the future Kristin: Cushing Summer, the woods.

Rebecca, Lacev times have been fun,knicks, weekends the guys, your roof or mine? Char Crackhead, Honk Honk, car rides, late nights, tell m e a bedtime story.

I will miss you so much,love you. W h a t could've I have done without you, you ar the best, love you! Thanks for everything you have done for m e. You're the best, thanks! To m y Girls- Simply, 1 love you! Dabs- W e made it; I'm going to miss you, but we'll always be together. I love you "Spotty". To m y teachers- Thank you for caring.

To the Senior Queens-We finally made it! A-dog-4 years and so any memories! Y more than you know. James-You are the weirdest brother iave. Chuck-It took m e many, many days to find the one called ou". I love you in so many ways, but mostly 'cause I do. Thanx for the laughs. Thanks to Terry and Claire for their love. Thank you teachers and staff! C h a d where do I begin? Four years are up and we're moving on to bigger and better things. U N C bound baby! It's gonna be the love shcf This is only the begining to a continuous g a m e where the score keeps on going an going like the little pink bunny.

It's us against the world. You're a player regardle of what you say. We chill better then the rest, we're ahead of the game The world is ours. It's only a matter of ti before the dreams w e talk about everyday are our reality. They still chase em', w replace em'! Wordi advice, keep the van lights on while driving. To the one's who ai close to m e , I love you! We've had great memories that I'll miss like crazy, Basketball three years of killin' teams.

Chad Swofford M y Parents: Thank you for this opportunity. I owe everything to you. As high as you may climb, you have already reached the stars. You have taught m e more than anyone, and now I can only hope to accomplish what you have in life. The only sister I would ever want. There should be more like you in this world. Thank you for everything. We've done it all, now it's time to do it again. Say what you feel. Thank you for being there for me. To all m y friends: Thank you for being there for me, for all the memories, for everything.

To m y teachers: Good bye, and good luck. George Souliotis Mom and Dad: O h yeah, don't forget the dog food. I know who's on the phone. Alex Bancroft "Don'tyou feel a change a comin' from another side of time, Breaking down the walls of silence, lifting shadows from your mind. Filling mysteries of emptiness that yesterday left behind. Now let's all start livin' for the one that's going to last.

Kip Godbout irents and teachers: Thanks for everything, I couldn't have done it without you! You gotta keep listening to Reviving Ophelia, watching our special videos and painting p walls! I know that you love but just can't admit it; someday you will come around! I think that you are the funniest guy and wish I was just like you!

I idolize you because you are just soooo cool! You don't need a new if because you are perfect. I worship you; beautiful goddess bide and out! Davis andTaylor-the good times in Utah, bros - life! I know I am a wimp! How'd we get through physics? Blackwater back country was very intense, 1 wouldn't have been able to handle it thout ya! I am your slave.

I know you int me! I wish I was as sexy as you. I come to conquer. You are m y fattier and m y friend, and w e will always travel together. I wrote it once before and it is as true as ever, there is Gabey Baby Grab 12 Gauge knowledge in the people that Inspector Gadget w e love, and that person is you I love you. You have m a n a g e d to keep m e in line this far, and though the line stretches far and wide, I love you anyway.