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This will be USCIS approving your petition providing you have met all the criteria and adequately evidenced it within your petition. Once you have received your NOA2 you will need to wait between weeks for your case to be received by the National Visa Centre NVC , this is where background checks will be completed on both the petitioner and the beneficiary. You can wait for the letter with your case number which can take weeks to arrive or you can phone NVC on number correct as of June, 17 and ask them to give you the number over the phone.

I suggest the petitioner calls as this is a US number so therefore they will incur fewer charges, they should have the following available:. Your case number will begin with LND and once you have this number you can go ahead and book your medical appointment with Knightsbridge Medical Practice. Please be aware that your K1 visa expires 6 months from the date your medical appointment takes place, so make sure it works out with your expected moving date!

You will also be able to track the status of your case online once you have the LND case number. There are 3 different statuses for this part of the process, which I have explained below:. The petitioner should receive a letter from NVC to confirm this — timescales on this can vary but ours took about 3 weeks from receiving the hard copy of NOA2.

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This will confirm they have received your approved petition and that they are ready for you to go to this UK embassy website and complete the steps below. Please note you can do the next steps below before receiving the official letter. You book your appointment via this link and follow the instructions. I will do a further post on the interview itself once I have attended it on the 30th of June.

When you went to book the appointment with the Embassy, when was the soonest you could have had it? Any more questions let me know! You are commenting using your WordPress.

Fiance Visa Consulate Process - Interview

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Be organized and know what documents you have. Take the original and a copy of any required primary documents such as birth, marriage, divorce, or death certificates and medical examination records. The consular officer will examine such documents and will return them to the foreign national after completion of the interview.

The consular officer may appreciate the fact that you have copies of some of the documents that they would like to keep and might save time. Dependent children under the age of 14 do not need to attend the interview. If the officer asks questions that you do not know the answer to, simply state that you do not know the answer to the question or that you would have to check on the answer and get back to the officer.

Thailand: K-1 Fiance Visa Consular Processing

It is important not to guess or lie simply to answer the question as this may have severe consequences. In the event the consular officer determines that the foreign national is not entitled to receive the visa, a letter will be issued explaining the reasons for the denial and the legal provisions upon which the denial is based. Our immigration attorneys have the knowledge and the expertise to closely examine and analyze your case and will not tire until they are satisfied that you are ready for your upcoming interview.

Make certain that you both carefully and critically study all documents submitted and that you review the questions and your answers on all forms. In addition, be sure to review your immigration history, the number of visits to the U. The fiance visa interview may be complicated if the foreign national has a prior criminal history, has an unfavorable prior U. If such issues exist, it is highly advisable to immediately discuss the same with your immigration counsel. Our law firm has the experience to effectively handle such prior complications and will advise you relative to the best course of action in such situations.

The Days Leading Up to the Interview: Department of State online system. Each dependent child must have their own form completed and submitted.