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To celebrate International Women's Day, I thought I would spotlight the real and unjustly forgotten historical women whose lives I have drawn upon in my fiction. First off the rank is Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de la Force, the 17th century fairy-tale writer who is best known for having written the best known version of 'Rapunzel'. I drew upon the true events of her dramatic and tempestuous life to write my novel Bitter Greens.

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Even the year of her birth is open to argument, ranging from to I also saw her baby pram and the simple white family chapel where she was baptised. Charlotte-Rose went to court at the age of sixteen, and was maid-of-honour first to the queen and later to the Duchess of Guise. Her love affair with the much younger Charles de Briou caused more scandal, particularly after she dressed up as a dancing bear to gain access to him.

They wed, but their marriage was annulled in the courts. In , she was banished to the abbey of Gercy-en-Brie after writing some satirical Christmas verses and under suspicion of having an affair with the Dauphin.

BITTER GREENS: The Facts behind the Fiction of Charlotte-Rose de la Force's life

If so, these French storytellers would have had to have read Basile in his original Neapolitan dialect, which is strikingly different to both Latin and Italian. This was the first seed that led me on my journey to discovering the life of this extraordinary writer. My primary source for the facts of Charlotte-Rose's life come from "Mademoiselle de la Force: My secondary source was "Letters from Liselotte: Charlotte-Rose is mentioned a number of times.

Researching and writing the life of Charlotte-Rose de la Force was like assembling and putting together a gigantic jigsaw - it required patience, dedication and persistence.

I feel, however, that I have discovered one of the most fascinating women ever forgotten by history. About Me Review Policy. This blog was first published in September Comments Shenna commented on Jan Colette commented on Nov I have just finished reading your book Bitter Greens and found it very interesting and entertaining.

It certainly expanded on the line: As I am also of French descent I found the historical parts of great interest too. Lucky you and your family doing your research in my beautiful La Belle France which sadly now we are retired in Australia I might not see again, despite having lots of family living there. Emma commented on Feb I just finished Bitter Greens literally like five minutes ago.

It was absolutely wonderful, all the stories and characters so real and interesting. I had, unsurprisingly never heard of Charlotte-Rose, and I agree that she is one of the most fascinating women. Such an incredible life!

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