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May 06, Chris Lemmerman rated it it was amazing Shelves: First up, Kate travels to the past to help past! Clint against a villain who can pull people through space and time in one of the few Generations one-shots that's actually worth reading. The villain here, Eden, then comes back to haunt the pair in the present day as she and Madame Masque team up to ruin both Hawkeyes' lives while Kate's family drama continues to escalate.

Kate on [Read as single issues] God damn it Marvel, stop cancelling all the really good books! Kate on her own? Throw Clint into the mix? Their different approaches to problems ring really true here, and their knack for bumbling their way out of trouble comes across really well too. Kate's supporting cast feel a bit forced here, but I think Thompson probably had more story to tell with them that she didn't get a chance to, so she wanted to tie up their plot threads in case she didn't get a chance elsewhere.

The ultimate conclusion to Kate's family antics is loaded with potential that I hope gets realized too. Leonardo Romero returns for these issues, with Stefano Raffaele on the Generations one-shot. Everything about this book really hit the target.

Yes, it deserves a pun to go out on. May 26, Garrett rated it really liked it. A fun and fitting end to the Kate Bishop on the left coast arc - love the time travel and regret and revenge and the interplay between the Hawkeyes. The inclusion of the Generations story - while awesome and necessary - does give us fewer issues of Kate's title in here, but she dominates anyway, and it's all good. Listen, boys, I love my Hawkeyes so much, mkay?

Hawkeye Supercut

Jun 19, Natalie rated it it was amazing. Nothing like a Hawkeye and Hawkeye team up. Sep 04, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: I especially enjoyed Kate calling out the fact that Hawkeye the male one always manages to shred his shirts to bits. May 27, Pietra Ibrisimovic rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jul 05, Katie rated it really liked it.

A fitting end to a fantastic storyline. Satisfying, but leaves just enough wiggle room for more stories down the line. Can't wait to read them. Jun 24, Katie Florida rated it it was amazing. I found this whole series to be witty and well written. I really enjoy the lighter time paired with excellent action and plot twists.

Mar 14, Christy rated it really liked it. My pull is already missing Kate Bishop. I think maybe the best part of this book was the last line: Aug 01, Debbi rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 15, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: Jul 06, Reading Bifrost rated it really liked it Shelves: You tell yourself you can count on family. I mean, I may have made that up, but it totally should be. This time she not only has the trusty dog, Lucky, but also Clint Barton joining her! I did enjoy the new characters Kate made friends with in LA, but this issue showed just how much chemistry the two Hawkeyes have and how much I missed them teaming up!

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They have easy, friendly banter—even in the middle of a fight. Unfortunately, this is the last of the series, with Thompson taking up West Coast Avengers in August.

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Too much is left open in the plot and the Avengers taking up being reality TV stars is not in my reading list. Sep 02, Leelo rated it it was amazing. I wish they had not cancelled this series! The next volume would have been the penultimate episode with her mom and the emotional fallout of learning her mother was still alive. We would have gotten answers and pushed the narrative into a new chapter. Regardless, this volume was a lot of fun! It was a lot of fun to see Hawkeye team up with I wish they had not cancelled this series!

It was a lot of fun to see Hawkeye team up with her friends and have them all work together. It was always a delight to step into her world and see her friends and the detective. I only wish we had gotten more. May 27, Riah rated it liked it Shelves: This is the final volume of the Kate Bishop Hawkeye series as usual, Marvel has cancelled another of my favorites. It starts with the generations volume, of Kate traveling back in time to meet Clint, the other Hawkeye on an island full of archers.

Usually the generations books are one offs, but it winds up tying into the story arc in the regular book, which has the two Hawkeyes team up to catch Eden, who can pull people through time and wants revenge on old white dude Hawkeye for killing her d This is the final volume of the Kate Bishop Hawkeye series as usual, Marvel has cancelled another of my favorites. Usually the generations books are one offs, but it winds up tying into the story arc in the regular book, which has the two Hawkeyes team up to catch Eden, who can pull people through time and wants revenge on old white dude Hawkeye for killing her daughter.

Both Kate's mom and dad feature prominently in the story as well. It's a fine but not great arc. I like Hawkeye better when she's more independent and her friends have more to do. It's an ok conclusion to the series, but it's a shame that it moves away from the strengths of the first two volumes. Jul 10, Rod Brown rated it liked it. Cancelled before it had a chance to find its footing, the Kate Bishop Hawkeye series ends without really ending as this volume gets sidetracked by the Generations company-wide event rather than resolving any of the ongoing storylines with Kate's mother and father.

Thompson keeps things moving so fast and humorously that one might almost miss the fact that the Generations time travel crap doesn't really make much sense. I'm disappointed to see the book dumped so unceremoniously. I hope Kate Bishop Cancelled before it had a chance to find its footing, the Kate Bishop Hawkeye series ends without really ending as this volume gets sidetracked by the Generations company-wide event rather than resolving any of the ongoing storylines with Kate's mother and father.

I hope Kate Bishop gets another chance to prove her leading character potential.

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Maybe it would help if she weren't time-sharing her superhero codename? Mar 10, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Kelly Thompson wrote Kate and Clint's dynamic really well. Better than Lemire, anyway I wish I could forget his Hawkeye run. And Lucky was great whenever they managed to showcase him. All in all, I really enjoyed this volume, even if I'd forgotten some details from earlier volumes, which made me be all 'what are you talking about' sometimes.

I'll understand it better when I reread it I guess. Aug 17, Katie rated it really liked it Shelves: More excellent writing by Kelly Thompson. She brings in the 'old' Hawkeye for a bit of crossover, but he doesn't take over the story like I've seen in other comics that are supposed to be featuring a woman. These are just too delightful to only have 3!

Aug 12, Dakota Morgan rated it liked it. Hawkeye and Hawkguy team up in LA to, essentially, punch a ton of lackeys. The comedy is solid, as are the punches, but the plot is oddly hard to follow Kate Bishop has a wayyy too convoluted family tree. And the less said about the Generations issue, the better. Still an enjoyable romp, as ever, but definitely a step down from previous volumes. Aug 27, Emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: So incredibly sad this run has come to an end! Kinda feeling like Kate Bishop is me if I were a superhero so maybe I'm a bit biased!

Hawkeye Series by Sierra Cartwright

Absolutely loved the plot, characters, humour, and art style. One of the few comics to actually have me laughing out loud! The villains were so multi-faceted too, which was really great to see. Here's hoping we see more of Kate Bishop in the future. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Her love of comics and superheroes have compelled her since she first discovered them as a teenager. Currently living in Portland, Oregon with her boyfriend and the two brilliant cats that run their lives, you can find Kelly all over the Internet where she is generally well liked, except where she's detested.

Other major credits include: Kelly's ambitions are eclipsed only by her desire to exist entirely in pajamas. Fortunately pajamas and writers go hand in hand most of the time. Please buy all her stuff so that she can buy and wear more pajamas. Other books in the series. I should point out, though, that Fraction graciously donated his royalties from this issue to the Red Cross and other Sandy relief efforts, so I hope it sold lots of copies.

The absence of David Aja hurts these issues. Aja is a problem-solver, an artist devoted to story: Year One ," and one of the big similarities between Mazzucchelli and Aja is a clear, neutral line. With each panel, Aja draws the tenement further and further away, and each bright window represents lives in jeopardy that Clint assumes the responsibility to protect. Fraction and Aja finish off issue 13 on a note of appropriate dread, and create an unobtrusive metaphor for their own creative method.

No scenes are presented from the evening of Sunday, December Here are the events of those six nights:. Hawkeye attends a rooftop party with the tenants of his building. Clint is hooded, abducted, and driven to a warehouse full of Tracksuits. The abduction continues from the previous evening. Before he leaves, he asks a bike-messenger in his building to deliver his bow to Kate. Clint spends the rest of Saturday pondering whether he should stay or go. As the clock strikes midnight and the calendar changes to Sunday, he walks outside the building with his bow and arrow, striking a defensive posture that indicates to the Tracksuits that he will not be leaving.

The next scene jumps forward almost two days, to Monday night. Clint has settled into his apartment; we see him hanging his bow above his couch.

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Simone drops off her two kids for Clint to babysit. Do you need to be somewhere? The above outline is hopefully clear, but the plot scrambles up these story events, presently them wildly out of order. The issue begins with Clint and Tony working on the stereo, whips back five days to the fight with A. To construct the above outline, I copied every page in the comic and shuffled them into chronological order; the two versions of Hawkeye 6 are very different from each other.

On page 16, for instance, Clint struggles to operate his TV remote, and then someone knocks on the door:. On page 15, Clint returns home, bruised and scared, and in panel 6 we see the bow hanging over his couch—but then he takes it down and sends it to Kate. Then on page 16 but four days later , the bow is again in its place of prominence above the couch, and we wonder how it has returned to his apartment. Then we see on pages 17 and 18, December 15 Kate immediately bring the bow back to Clint, but he only regains his status as a hero when, on Sunday December 16, he picks up the bow again to protect his building from the Tracksuits.

Finally, back to December 19 page Clint proudly displays the bow again. The achronological storytelling clumps these activities with the bow into four pages, making its symbolism clearer than if the plot had been told in order. In its combination of a relatively realistic story with mixmaster plotting, Hawkeye 6 may be the best, and most representative, single issue of the title. Hawkeye 8 and 9 continue the narrative innovation, with an emphasis on repeating scenes. Now Penny persuades Clint to join her in raiding a Tracksuit strip-joint to steal a small safe the contents of which remain a MacGuffin to be revealed in the as-yet-unreleased This story is interrupted by five splashes presenting covers for made-up romance comic books with titles like A Girl Like You and Love Fugitive.

These covers are drawn by Annie Wu, while the main story art is by Aja. Rather, a brief scene on pages of 8 prefigures a repetition-with-variation strategy that Fraction uses frequently in later Hawkeye s. In a later scene, while fighting with Tracksuits at the strip-joint, Clint diagnoses himself: But why repeat any portion of the scene at all? In the final scene of 9, Kazi murders Grills. Shit gets bad, Clint handles it badly, and he and Fraction repeat the mistakes. Also continuing in issue 9 is out-of-sequence storytelling. More on this soon. Most importantly, Hawkeye 10 and 12 are origin stories.

The car crash as primal trauma haunts Hawkeye and Hawkeye. In issue 3, Penny is abducted by the Tracksuits, and Kate and Clint save her by ramming into the getaway car. Immediately after the collision, Kate teases Clint with a joke that gains significance in retrospect:. The car crash connects to the love life: Kazi and Clint are both trauma survivors, but while Kazi fully succumbs to nihilism and madness, Clint struggles—sometimes successfully, sometimes not—to be a better man and hero.

Both sides of the debate, however, emphasized how 11 tells its story.

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Like Clint, like Kazi, Lucky is damaged goods, a wounded mongrel. Across the span of Hawkeye and Hawkeye Annual 1, however, the reverse is much more common: Here are some examples:. First sequence drawn by Aja; second by Francesco Francavilla. Her farewell is repeated no less than three times in the series, first as perceived by Lucky in And because chronological scrambling is the M.

And gold flushed more. This is perhaps where the original issue-by-issue release of Hawkeye was a challenge, since keeping events and chronology in order over several months is harder than flipping pages in an all-in-one volume. Once Hawkeye 22 comes out, Marvel is scheduled to publish a Hawkeye Omnibus that collects all the issues—including the Annual and a Clint-Kate story from Young Avengers Present 6—into a single, massive book.

The repetition across 10 through 13 likewise shows characters in dire straits: These repeated events are more typical of a naturalistic soap opera than the apocalyptic stakes of most superhero narratives. The battle is omitted. We never see the bad guy. And Fraction encourages us to pay attention to those relationships by repeating scenes and embedding a human heart within his puzzle structures. Visually, the entire Annual is like this, a parade of shadows moving through thinly delineated backgrounds: In the page above, the pony-tailed silhouette in purple-and-white checks is Kate.

Some of these skirmishes mirror previous elements in Hawkeye ; just as Clint perpetually crosses paths with the Tracksuits, so Kate frequently battles a cadre of zombie bellhops.