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During mourning, it is possible that everything we hold to be true will be up for examination, dissection, and perhaps change: Finding ways to create an ongoing relationship with a loved one who has died can help provide comfort and meaning going forward. There are many ways to approach this.

Healing Relationships Beyond Loss She recommends creating a grief altar in a closeable box, and placing it in a room with a door. The idea is to make time to grieve or remember: Another way of maintaining an ongoing relationship is through dreams, imaginings, writing, or sharing stories with others who knew your loved one. It is possible to come through the journey of grieving feeling we have gained wisdom and compassion. Memories may be bittersweet. Some of us may even feel that gifts have surfaced that would not have come to fruition without the death of our child.

I Hear Your Words.

Helping Partners Become Couples

Thriving as a Couple After your Child Dies. While passing around my handout, I heard a man say, "'Active Listening,' hrmph," or words to that effect. I've been thinking about what he may I have the honor of writing for Dating Thread. I wrote about the causes and solutions for couple's strife. Heather Paxell, the site owner, wrote to me: Do you Fight, Flight, or Freeze? When you are triggered or flooded -- i. These are the biologically wired-in options for humans. This has made us survive as a species. You need this tool; it also gets in your way in your relationship at times. I went to an outdoor cafe this afternoon for a little break in the sunshine.

At the table next to me was a family of five; Mom, Dad, two daughters and son. What was so striking about this picture? Each one was on his or her iPhone, looking down at the device. Stay Together or End the Relationship?

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There are so many factors to consider. Maybe the bottom line is. You can make it a safe and healthy environment for you and your kids. Once, there was a secure attachment, i. She challenges her clients to step outside of a victim mindset and regain control of how they navigate grief. Play in new […]. She sought healing, studied with masters and transformed her life.

Rachel Harding – Mysticism and Mothering in Black Women's Social Justice Activism: Brazil/USA

She healed her pain, got pregnant and now helps people do the same through her unique Energetic Fertility Method. By sharing their story and resources they hope to support the one in four women and their families who have suffered pregnancy or infant loss with burial or cremation costs. Tanika Dillard is passionate about breaking the silence of pregnancy loss. The best-selling author of Building a Family Breaks My Heart, she has experienced three miscarriages and the stillbirth of her beloved son.

No U-Turn at Mercy Street

Since then Debbie has become a powerful advocate for stillbirth awareness and education. She is a pediatric nurse practitioner,a nursing professor at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota, and a mom to 3 children at home and 1 son who was stillborn in at 38 weeks gestation. Pamela Christie is a bereaved parent and grandmother. Her experience in not only losing her own child but in supporting her daughter, Rhiannon after the loss of Sophia Grace have led she and her daughter on a journey of supporting others.

Nine months later, due to medical error, she lost her baby, Jonah. Caught up a malpractice lawsuit, Kittel and her husband battle not only the medical system, but their own relatives.

Helping Partners Become Couples

She is the author of Breathe a story of motherhood, death, and family […]. After failed attempts in their local community to find pregnancy loss support, Brooke and Colin, with the support of First Candle, created Knot My Baby, Inc. Amy Wenzel is a clinical psychologist who divides her time between clinical practice, scholarly writing and research, and training and consultation. She is the author or editor or 16 books, including Coping with Infertility, Miscarriage, and Neonatal Death: Finding Perspective and Creating Meaning.

She experienced the loss of her first child, a son, at […].

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At age twenty-six, after the tragic suicide of his wife and the death of their 9 day old baby Abel Keogh unexpectedly found himself a young widower and bereaved parent. Abel works in marketing for a technology company and is also the author of the memoir Room for Two, and four relationship guides. His current book […]. Cornelia Cannon Holden is a social entrepreneur and educator. Through her company, Mindful Warrior, she is dedicated to helping her clients reach their performance potential.

In Cornelia was 18 weeks pregnant when she learned that her pregnancy was no longer viable. As a body-centered psychotherapist she shares with others her path to recovery. She is a professor at the University of Iowa, where she teaches courses on gender and sexuality, European and German history, and the history of human rights.

Robin Lentz Worgan began writing after her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. Robin is a freelance writer, speaker, peer counselor, mother, and teacher.

Integrating vs. “Getting Over” Grief

After the loss of her own baby boy in she began to focus her arts-based research on how human beings live and transform with loss. She is currently working on a documentary series and is the author of […]. IRIS — founded in following the stillbirth of her son Derek in Incorporating Infants Loss into […].

Though the subject is dark and painful, her resilient spirit, disarming sense of humor and accessible demeanor allow her to […].

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