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In our amazing community, you can find various talented individuals who write as a hobby or even professionally, artists who create art for them, and many, many readers who provide valuable feedback and encouragement. The darkness in Akira eyes suddenly went away instead he took in a room filled with beautiful art, and statues, he found himself confused was this heaven or hell? And why does he wish to speak with me? Well no matter I will at least listen to what these people or should I refer to them as Angels want.

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What do you mean by that? Akira being a student of martial arts knew how to keep calm under a strange situation, so he only nodded with a confident look on his face, while inwardly being angry at himself for not having control over the situation, without having a deck to play you'll always be a victim to your opponent, he had to quickly find out what's going on in order to assure his safety, he could only quietly follow the butler.

Incubus remains an impressive live band, and their music carries with it a wave of nostalgia

The butler opened a door leading to a throne gesturing Akira to walk inside, the white haired kid on top of the throne eyes gave a kingly feeling as though everyone was below him, with his long silver wings it only made him seem more kingly, Akira wasn't affected at all by this, only walking forward into him and the angel were looking at each other in the eye.

You shouldn't lie to the kid, God has been dead since The Great War, I should know I chopped his head off myself, I can't have this kid dying yet he's much too interesting.

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After the transformation was done, the angel attacked the blue haired girl only to hit air, the blue haired demon who had a bored expression on her face only dodged him into he eventually got tired, seeing him vulnerable and defenseless, falling into despair she started smiling like a devil, when she saw a drop of his blood fall, immediately she parried the angels spear with her sword, then licked her lips slashing down onto the angels wings one by one, flesh, bones, and blood was all over the place, the silver walls covered in red, the angel had a look of terror on his face then quickly backed away, of course the blue haired demon wasn't going to let him off the hook that easily.

I'm Joseph Akira, wait did you just say god? The girl only had a devious smile on her face and whispered in his ear. I really really want to devour the welder of the black heart, unfortunately I wasn't able to find you when you were alive, therefore there is most likely zero chance of a spirit mastering the black heart, that's why I came up with a solution. Don't I have a body right now?

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Akira thought this little girl was a weirdo she risked her life to save him just so she could fight him, but he sure wasn't going to turn down a chance to be reborn, there's a chance that he might even be able to avoid her finding him in his next life. Xander Every day is a struggle to control the lust inside. Two rules help me stay sane: I desperately cling to the idea that through sheer willpower, I can live and love as a normal man. An incubus with a conscience.

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I have to wonder how long my grip can last, especially with her around. Like a ghost from my past, Maisie haunts my every thought. Is she my chance at redemption?

Suicide Squad's Mysterious Second Villain, Incubus, Revealed

I have to keep her safe… especially from myself. But really, how bad would one taste be? The author knows how to draw you in but only give enough information to keep you in the story while making you live the characters.

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