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Contributor some publications. Brasch, August 28, Arden Sher physicist materials and electrical engineer July 5, St. Louis National Science Foundation fellow, Central Nervous System de Seclay, France, ;senior scientist, Varian Associations, Palo Alto, California, ;professor physics, College William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, ;consultant professor materials science and engineering, Stanford University, since ;consultant professor electrical engineering, Stanford University, since ;associate lab, director, Socially Responsible Investment International, Menlo Park, California, since Main Photo Add photo.

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Semiconductor Alloys : Physics and Materials Engineering

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Understanding and treating eye diseases: Dynamics of plasma structures interacting with external and self-generated magnetic fields. Lost in a crowd: Observations of single DNA knots and single mammalian cells. Fiber-coupled nanophotonic devices for nonlinear optics and cavity QED. Motion contrast using optical coherence tomography. Very high frequency nanoelectromechanical resonators and their chemical sensing applications.

Piezoelectric and magnetoelastic strain in the transduction and frequency control of nanomechanical resonators. Laser induced fluorescence measurements of spheromak plasmas. Low-temperature hot-wire chemical vapor deposition of epitaxial films for large-grained polycrystalline photovoltaic devices. Correlating microscopic ferroelectric properties and macroscopic thin film device performance. Silicon nanocrystals for silicon photonics. Novel modulation and detection mechanisms in silicon nanophotonics.

Microfluidic technolgies for continuous culture and genetic circuit characterization.

Arden Sher

High-Q microresonators as lasing elements for silicon photonics. Silicon nanocrystal charging dynamics and memory device applications.

2 editions of this work

Integrated ultrafast nonlinear optical devices in silicon. Fluidic and polymeric integration and functionalization of optical microresonators. Ultrahigh-Q microtoroid on-chip resonators for low threshold microlasers. Semiconductor optical microcavities for chip-based cavity QED. Solvent-resistant elastomeric microfluidic devices and applications. Phase noise of nanoelectromechancial systems. Mechanical characterization of thin films with application to ferroelectrics.

Detonation diffraction in mixtures with various degrees of instability. Investigations of Spheromak plasma dynamics: High-speed imaging at the Sustained Spheromak Physics Experiment and magnetic diagnostics at the Caltech Spheromak experiment. Fabrication and characterization of microlasers by the sol-gel method. Design and characterization of layered tunnel barriers for nonvolatile memory applications.

Thermal Properties of Nano- and Microstructures.

Microfluidic technologies for structural biology. Single-molecule detection and DNA sequencing-by-synthesis. Synthesis of large-grained polycrystalline silicon by hot-wire chemical vapor deposition for thin film photovoltaic applications. Fiber-coupled ultra-high-Q microresonators for nonlinear and quantum optics.

Theoretical methods for spintronics in semiconductors with applications. Guiding of electromagnetic energy in subwavelength periodic metal structures. Investigation of Novel Semiconductor Heterostructure Systems: Quantum transport and dynamics of phonons in mesoscopic systems. Direct energy bandgap group IV alloys and nanostructures. Lower hybrid current drive experiments on the encore tokamak. All-optical logic circuits based on the polarization properties of non-degenerate four-wave mixing. Synthesis, passivation and charging of silicon nanocrystals.

Microstructure and crystallization behavior in bulk glass forming alloys.

Ray LaPierre | Faculty of Engineering

Polycrystalline silicon thin films for photovoltaics. Laboratory simulations of solar prominences. Investigation of spin injection and optical imaging with scanning probe microscopy techniques. From semiconductor lasers to fiber Bragg grating lasers in optical communications.

Novel devices employing epitaxial wide bandgap semiconductors: Lasing and modified spontaneous emission in photonic crystal structures and microcavities. Theoretical studies of the nonlinear optical properties of organic materials.

Dr. Ray LaPierre

Experimental investigations in spheromaks: Effects of geometry on the wet thermal oxidation of aluminum arsenide. Development of apertureless microscopy and force microscopy of GaN and CeO Investigation of new devices and characterization techniques in the III-V semiconductor system. Semiconductor magnetoelectronics and prospects for a spin transistor.

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Physics and application of four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifiers. Molecular beam heteroepitaxial growth and characterization of wide band gap semiconductor films and devices. Nonlinear phenomena in a pure electron plasma studied with a 2-D fluid code. Aerosol synthesis and characterization of silicon nanocrystals. Nonlinear spatial dynamics of double phase conjugation in photorefractive crystals and holographic dynamics of photopolymerization.

Spectroscopy and wavelength conversion by four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifers. Plasma ion dynamics in large-amplitude drift waves: Development of an object-oriented infrared imaging system simulator and its application to multi-spectral infrared imaging. Properties and applications of potassium lithium tantalate niobate. Image enhancement with two-photon laser scanning microscopy.

Viscosity measurements of bulk metallic glass forming alloys. Planar laser induced fluorescence imaging and Monte Carlo simulations of pulsed laser ablation. Frequency chirp and spectral dynamics in semiconductor lasers. Investigation of wavelength conversion by four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifiers. Quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometry of peptides. Bulk glass formation and crystallization of Zr-Ti based alloy. Dynamics of amplitude and phase in semiconductor lasers and effects of propagation in dispersive optical fibers.

Synthesis, optical and electronic properties of group IV semiconductor nanocrystals. Quantum well intersubband transition detection and modulation. Prediction of structures and properties for organic superconductors. Ultrafast molecular dynamics in complexed trans-stilbene. Design, growth, and characterization of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers. Optoelectronic structure fabrication by organometallic vapor-phase epitaxy and selective epitaxy. Quantum well intersubband transitions: Coherence and spectral properties of composite-cavity semiconductor lasers.

Optically induced, ferroelectric domain gratings in photorefractive crystals and applications to nonlinear optics. Self-focusing and self-trapping of optical beams upon photopolymerization and applications to microfabrication. Quantum noise reduction in semiconductor lasers using dispersive optical feedback. Characterization of fullerenes for electrostatic propulsion applications.

Application and integration of quantum-effect devices for cellular VLSI. Quantum tunneling, field induced injecting contact, and excitons. Quantum magnetotransport studies of semiconductor heterostructure devices.