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Entries may be edited up until the point of 'submission'. Each entry must take the form requested; this will be a specific entry form so please make sure you download the form for the correct category.

Diversity Visa Program - Submit an Entry

In all cases, the judges are looking for concise written submissions and your entry should cover as many of the listed criteria as possible. Please note that the judging panel reserves the right to penalise entries exceeding the word limit. All submissions must be made online. Please do not send in any supporting material.

The Lawyer may choose to publish a selection of winning and shortlisted entries editorially, or use for other business or marketing purposes as an example of best practice. All entrants must supply all details as requested in the online form for a main point of contact we can approach should the entry require any further clarification. In the event that your entry is shortlisted, all entry form details e.

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Website, Awards graphics, Awards Supplement, and in the event that your entry wins, on the trophy. Please ensure that the information submitted is accurate and the correct companies are credited as appropriate. We accept no responsibility for any incorrectly submitted information. Diversity Visa Program Statistics. Kentucky Consular Center Information. Adjustment of Status - Fee payment. Adjustment of Status in the United States. There is a limited period of time during which you can register for the Diversity Immigrant Visa DV Program during each fiscal year.

These instructions include the dates of the registration period during which you will be able to enter. No late entries or paper entries are accepted. The law allows only one entry by or for each person during each registration period. The Department of State uses sophisticated technology to detect multiple entries. If you submit more than one entry you will be disqualified.

After you submit a complete entry, you will see a confirmation screen containing your name and a unique confirmation number. Include a definition of the audience you were trying to reach. Please include specific demographic information such as attitudes, behaviors, age, sex, culture, etc. What was your creative and media strategy? Describe and provide rationale for your communications strategy that brings the idea to life, as borne from the insights and strategic challenge described above.

How did your creative and media strategies work together to reach your specific audience? Did your communications strategy adapt over time to real time results?

How to submit your entry for 2015

Describe why certain strategies for different markets were chosen if applicable to your campaign. Is the first year of campaign? If not how has your strategy adapted to previous results and new technology? If yes, how does it measure against previous efforts for a similar product or idea? Execution 20 percent Maximum words for the entire Execution Section includes overall campaign execution and mobile execution sections below.

Submit Your Entry

How did the execution or enabling technology help achieve results? What percent of the campaign budget went to mobile? Remember that the maximum word limit for the total Execution section is words. How was the mobile component or enabling technology integrated into the overall marketing strategy? How creative or sophisticated was the campaign in its use of mobile media? What did the mobile channel or enabling technology bring to the overall campaign that other marketing channels missed?

How was the mobile channel or enabling technology matched to specific markets, demographics relevant to the overall campaign execution? How well was mobile technology leveraged? Business Impact 40 percent Maximum words for the entire Results Section includes context, evaluation, market impact, and ROI sections below. Remember that the maximum word limit for the total Results section is words.

Did the campaign achieve its objectives and goals?

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Please provide specific numerical results. What impact did the campaign or enabling technology have on future utilization of mobile in their business? What impact did the campaign have on the market, if any? How innovative was the campaign? How did consumers receive the campaign? Calculate a figure for return on investment based on sales, profit, etc. This section is voluntary - entrants that cannot calculate an ROI figure will still be included in judging.

Case Study

Please express ROI figure as a ratio - example 4: Creativity 20 percent Please provide as close to an original user experience as possible. Judges will consider engagement, use of medium, art direction, copywriting, integration with overall campaign if applicable and use of technology. A case study video showcasing the creative and giving an overview of the entry is strongly recommended. No longer than 5 minutes. Provide URL s where the creative can be found online: Should you receive a ranking on the Index, whom do we notify? If you have a promo code, enter it here to apply your discount: Upon payment, submission are immediately available to judges for review.

Please ensure that all entries are ready for judging before proceeding.