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It should hit the paper, whack! Tiny particles of ink should puff and settle. But no, there's just a plastic keyboard. I press the key. The final letter is n. Then a full stop. When asked about the emotional impact of writing his last Doctor Who script, he said, "I would have thought that when I handed in the last script I might have burst into tears or got drunk or partied with 20 naked men, but when these great moments happen you find that real life just carries on. The emotion goes into the scripts. The last three specials of are foreshadowed in the episode " Planet of the Dead ", when the low-level psychic character Carmen gives the Doctor the prophecy, "You be careful, because your song is ending, sir.

It is returning, it is returning through the dark. Because when we come back in " The Waters of Mars ", it's all become a little bit darker. Davies's script for the second episode finished with the Tenth Doctor's final line, "I don't want to go", followed by action text describing the regeneration and ending with the words, "And there he is. The first location recording for this story took place on Saturday, 21 March at a bookstore in Cardiff. Recording also took place at Tredegar House in Newport , [location 1] which had previously been used for the recording of the Christmas special " The Next Doctor ".

Recording that took place during the Easter Bank Holiday was widely covered by the British press: On the night of 20—21 April, Cribbins recorded a Christmas scene on Wharton Street [location 5] in Cardiff's city centre , with a large Christmas tree and brass band. The science fiction website io9 published a photograph showing Tennant alongside Simm and Timothy Dalton, with Dalton dressed in Time Lord robes. Due to the special effects used to simulate the violent nature of the Tenth Doctor's regeneration, the glass central pillar in the middle of the TARDIS console was damaged so badly it had to be rebuilt prior to the recording of the next series.

It was made by Bristol Blue Glass based in Brislington.

The End of Time - Part One

A teaser trailer, featuring Timothy Dalton's opening narration and brief shots of the main characters, was shown at Comic-Con In November a special preview of the opening moments on the Ood Sphere was shown on the Children in Need telethon. The pre-Christmas publicity trailer and promotional clips also showed a selection of scene excerpts from part one. Following the broadcast of part one, a trailer for part two was released on the BBC Doctor Who website. Though unrelated to the episode, it was used to introduce both parts of the story, with Tennant himself providing a voiceover introduction for Part Two.

After Part Two was broadcast, the ident continued for the remainder of the day but no longer featured Tennant, since he was no longer the Doctor. Concurrently with the recording of the story, a music video was produced, featuring the cast, extras, crew and CGI Adipose , all lip-synching and dancing to The Proclaimers ' song, " I'm Gonna Be Miles ". Tennant appeared with each pair of featured actors, as well as with the Proclaimers themselves. The episode achieved a This is the highest timeshift that the show has received since its revival the previous highest being Overnight ratings placed Part Two as the second most-watched programme of New Year's Day, behind EastEnders , with a provisional viewing figure of When this figure is recognised, the program becomes the most watched of the week.

This makes The End of Time only the third instance in which the show has achieved such an honour in its extensive history. In a review of the first part of the story, Peter Robins of The Guardian states that Doctor Who was never going to stop for Christmas this year as "there are stories that need completing, fireworks to set up; the End of Time means No End of Plot.

But Robins concedes that when the story is done it is the quieter more emotional parts from the beginning of the episode that the viewer will remember. Robins also notes that Cribbins seems to be playing the same role that Tate did by "becoming the tragic hero while remaining the comic relief. Andrew Pettie of The Daily Telegraph states that his Doctor Who revelation came in the nick of time after previously thinking that the show was overrated.

Pettie states that Davies raised the stakes as high as the laws of physics would allow. Commenting on Cribbins' performance, Pettie states that he cut a King Lear like figure and notes that the Master's plan was evil even by his standards. Pettie notes as the credits rolled his thoughts turned to the dramatic shortcomings of the show before realising that the "true brilliance of Doctor Who can only be felt if you're experiencing it in the company of wide-eyed seven year-olds" a comment which he likens to Christmas itself.

Mark Lawson of The Guardian stated that the plot device of the Master repopulating the human race as himself "gave Simm the chance to wear a lot of different costumes and the special effects department to show some of the digital ingenuity which has helped the show's renaissance. Lawson also went on to praise Tennant for bringing a "proper tragic force" to the role and was again shown in this last story.

But on a side note Lawson states that the script seemed to be modelled on Hamlet, a role which Tennant took on both on stage and on TV during Concluding after a tender meeting with Rose, Lawson states that "the final line Davies gave to Tennant was a suddenly regretful "I don't want to go! In his review of Part Two published the day after transmission, Andrew Pettie of The Daily Telegraph awarded a rating of four stars out of five, summing up the episode as "a barnstorming hour of family entertainment.

The End of Time is also part of the special 50th Anniversary Regenerations DVD box set and book collection released on Monday 24 June and limited to 10, copies. To celebrate 5 years to the date after its original broadcast, Watch aired both parts of the story on 1 January Selected pieces of score from this two-part special, as composed by Murray Gold , were included in the specials soundtrack on 4 October , released by Silva Screen Records. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Companion Bernard Cribbins Wilfred Mott. The Commentaries , "Planet of the Dead" [19].

Original Television Soundtrack - Series 4: Retrieved 16 April Retrieved 26 September Interviewed by Bill Turnbull ; Kate Silverton. Retrieved 7 April Archived from the original on 29 December Retrieved 3 January The End of Time — the verdict". Event occurs at Right at the end, the Master has found a greater enemy than the Doctor in Rassilon, the Lord President Retrieved 18 April Retrieved 28 May Archived from the original on 21 December Retrieved 17 April Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent: Archived from the original on 24 September Retrieved 2 January Archived from the original on 20 June Retrieved 19 April Anders, Charlie Jane 3 April Is my face bovvered by a ticket?

Archived from the original on 17 April Retrieved 30 May South Wales Evening Post. Staff reporter 13 April Smith, Lizzie 15 April The Doctor Who Companion: Retrieved 23 April Retrieved 16 June Archived from the original on 28 July Retrieved 26 July Archived from the original on 21 July Retrieved 27 December Archived from the original on 18 November The Doctor Who News Page.

Retrieved 27 March Retrieved 14 April TV By The Numbers. Retrieved 8 January The End of Time, Parts 1 and 2: David Tennant, David Morrissey, Mich The ceremony begins as the cultists give their life energy to revive him; Lucy tries stopping them by revealing the Master isn't Harold Saxon and is evil, but they know this already. The Master appears in a swirl of life energy. He greets Lucy, stating that he's missed the drumming in his head.

Only now it's louder. Lucy asks him to stop draining the cultists' lives as he's taken enough to sustain himself, but he tells her they'll only be the first. Lucy tells him that she's been preparing for his return as well and that she's had her family create a Potion of Death to undo his revival. After receiving the potion from her warden ally, she hurls it at the Master, creating a violent explosion that kills everyone and destroys Broadfell Prison.

The Doctor arrives the next day, seeing that he was too late. Elsewhere, Joshua Naismith and his daughter Abigail review footage of the prison fire, seeing a shadow run from it. Smiling, Abigail realises that Mr Saxon has returned and that he would be a great Christmas present. Joshua tells her that he will deliver the gift, cancelling Christmas for his staff; he then orders that the revived madman be brought to him. Elsewhere, Wilf pretends to leave for drinks with friends. Instead, when he meets up with them, he gives them information packets on the Doctor; they are to be on the lookout for him or the TARDIS.

When questioned as to why they need to find this man, Wilf reminds them that they've all been having bad dreams about something horrible that they can't remember. That is why they need to find the Doctor. He is the only one who can answer this mystery. In a junkyard, two homeless people get sandwiches from a meals on wheels van and leave. A hooded man arrives, being asked for his order.

He pulls off his hood, revealing himself to be the Master, only with blonde hair; he states he wants everything because he's so hungry. He surprises the homeless men moments later, quickly devouring his hamburger. When they point out he looks like Harold Saxon, the Master starts rambling that he looks the same despite being a master of disguise.

His skin turns transparent briefly with each burst of emotion, scaring the men into running back to the van for help, however, they find only skeletons in the van. Declaring that it's dinner time, the Master pounces after them. The Doctor arrives in the junkyard, shortly afterwards. The Master senses this and decides to taunt his old friend by beating a trashcan to a four-stroke beat. He then leads the Doctor on a chase through the junkyard, showing amazing speed and agility. However, the Doctor quickly realises the Master's burning up his own life energy; it seems the potion of death and the revival ritual resulted in a clashing, which has given the Master greater abilities that are slowly but surely killing him again.

However, before the Doctor can take off after the Master again, he is stopped dead in his tracks by Wilf and his information network dubbed " Silver Cloak ". Minnie Hooper asks if they got the right person; Wilf confirms it. The Doctor berates Wilf for telling people about him. However, Wilf explains that he kept the specifics about the Time Lord as secret, only telling them that he could find out about the strange dreams.

To the Doctor's annoyance, the group wants a picture with him. Wilf is confused, as he thought the Doctor could regenerate if he was about to die.

The End of Time - Wikipedia

The Doctor replies that he can potentially die before regenerating Wilf says she's engaged to Shaun Temple ; although he is nice enough, the two are barely making ends meet and can only afford a tiny flat. The Doctor wonders if her married name will be "Noble-Temple" as it sounds like a tourist attraction; however, Wilf states it will be "Temple-Noble". He pleads with the Doctor to at least go up to her and say hello to her, but the Doctor sadly reminds him that if Donna remembers him for even a second, she will die.

Wilf then asks who the Doctor is travelling with now, but the Doctor replies he has no-one and thought it would be better that way The Doctor then starts crying, burdened by the guilt of his recent actions which also devastates Wilf. He asks if Donna could make him smile again, but by now she is gone. The narrator, his face revealed, and his voice turning scornful toward humanity, speaks of the passage of Christmas Eve into Christmas Day; the players are moving into their final positions, with each human dreaming of the arrival of the final day.

In a scrapyard, the Master finishes another meal. He notices the Doctor has found him again. Rubbing his hands together, he generates some kind of electricity. He fires some shots of electricity near the Doctor as he approaches. Ultimately, he uses both hands to send focused blasts at the Doctor, managing to make him collapse to the ground. The Doctor realises that the Master's body has been "torn wide open", allowing him to send his life energy as blasts. The Master remembers back to their childhood, where they would play on pastures of red grass, stretching across the slopes of Mount Perdition.

Asking the Doctor to listen to the drumming in his head, the Master touches their heads together. The Doctor pulls away horrified; it's not just a symptom of his insanity. The Master becomes ecstatic to learn that the drumming is real, launching himself into the sky. However, before another chase can ensue, Naismith's men arrive and capture the madman, leaving the Doctor knocked out and confused.

When Wilf questions Donna giving it to him, she has a moment where her mind goes far away as she states that she saw it and sensed that Wilf should have it. As Wilf tries to watch the Queen's Christmas speech , a mysterious woman appears to him only in place of the broadcast, ordering him to take arms; she also advises him not to tell the Doctor of what has happened, so that his life can be saved.

Wilf takes his old service revolver from under his bed as the Doctor contacts him by throwing a stone at his window. Outside, the Doctor tells Wilf he thinks he's connected to these events as they met one Christmas and during the Sontaran invasion , and now they've met again. He asks if Wilf noticed anything odd.

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Wilf tries to tell the Doctor about the woman, but changes his mind and mentions Donna's strange moment with the book. The Doctor recognises the picture of Joshua Naismith from the Ood's vision and speculates the convergence touched upon Donna's subconscious Time Lord mind which acted to help. As they talk, Sylvia comes outside and is angered to see the Doctor. Though the Doctor refuses at first, he changes his mind upon seeing how angry Sylvia is.

The Doctor says he can't go back in his own timeline as that can lead to the end of not only the world , but the universe as well. At the mansion, the Master is wheeled to Naismith and Abigail on a trolley, and strapped to it in a straitjacket.

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He notices the " Immortality Gate ", which can heal injuries and, Naismith hopes, offer life everlasting. Naismith acquired the Gate after the fall of Torchwood. The gate came with two nuclear-powered control booths, which are set-up in a way that if a worker wishes to leave he must be replaced in the other booth ensuring that someone is working the controls at all times.

Abigail learned of the Disciples of Saxon , and that Mr Saxon was an alien; it's their hopes that the Master will be able to repair the Gate properly. With it working properly, Naismith can give his daughter immortality. Their last encounter taught the Doctor to never leave the means of altering time available to a madman with an ego bigger than the size of a planet. In the basement , they discover two of Naismith's staff, Addams and Rossiter , are undercover Vinvocci , disguised with shimmers as human; the Doctor can see through the shimmers and deactivates them with his sonic screwdriver , revealing their true appearance as spiky green humanoids who resent being compared to cacti.

The Vinvocci explain the Immortality Gate is a medical device that heals lifeforms across entire planets , using a genetic template. Realising the Master's plan, a horrified Doctor rushes up to the room with the Gate. He tells Naismith not to let the Master anywhere near the Gate, which has now been repaired by the madman. Naismith assures the Doctor that the Master is secured, being proven wrong moments later as the Master blasts his straitjacket off and jumps into the Gate. Every single human on Earth sees the Master in their minds, and when Wilf also arrives seeing the Master the Doctor gets the current worker out of the nuclear booth, then has himself replaced with Wilf, and the shielding clears the old man's mind.

Beyoncé - End Of Time (Live at Roseland)

The Doctor asks the Master if he's planning on transmitting mind-control or hypnotic instructions, but the Master has far grander plans than that. He has modified the Gate to transmit his own genetic template across the entire planet. The gate is activated, and a wave spreads across the entire planet. Everyone's heads shake back and forth rapidly; shortly after this starts, their bodies start fading in and out of a different form. Donna phones Wilf, herself immune due to the metacrisis that made her part Time Lord and tells him the same has happened to her mother and fiance.

Seeing such a sight makes Donna start to remember her travels with the Doctor in flashes, and this causes her terrible pain as her brain cannot handle her Time Lord knowledge. Wilf, frightened for Donna's life, warns the Doctor his granddaughter is starting to remember her adventures. Enraged, Wilf demands to know what the madman has done. The Master smugly asks if he was talking to him, while everyone in the room echoes the question, revealing that the Master has turned everyone on Earth into his clones.

A clone who used to be Trinity Wells clearly makes his point for him: As the Master's duplicates unveil themselves, the Doctor is horrified to find that everyone around him, as well as the people on TV, are now exact clones of the Master. On top of that, he has become President Obama.

He quickly abuses the President's power by blanking out a financial crisis solution just to spite the world, while a crowd of his own duplicates claps, roots, and hollers for the original Master's triumph.

The Master had altered the Gate to multiply how much his DNA would affect humanity, effectively turning them into Time Lords quite literally in his image. As the Master steps out of the gateway he tells the Doctor that the human race was always the Doctor's favourite, but it now exists no more, having been replaced with " the Master Race ". Every single Master on the planet laughs together with narcissistic glee and celebration, while the original laughs in the Doctor's face.

As a world full of Masters taunts and mocks him, the Doctor's face twists with extreme fury. The Narrator announces the Master and his removal of humanity is only a small part of an approaching conflict. Suddenly, he belittles humankind; this is not a narrator, but the Lord President of the High Council of Time Lords , addressing the Gallifrey Panopticon , which is packed with Time Lords. He announces that "This is the day the Time Lords return.

For the end of time itself! They have foreseen that he will use it to end the war by destroying the Daleks and Gallifrey alike. A Time Lady suggests that this might be for the best. At the heart of the Time War, billions are dying, being resurrected and dying repeatedly. The never-ending carnage is a travesty of life. Rassilon plots the Ultimate Sanction. The Lord President uses his gauntlet to vaporise her.

Exploding with anger, he decrees he will not allow himself or his race to die, with "a billion years of history riding on our backs". Finding that the Doctor and the Master both somehow survive the Time War and end up on Earth , the Council devises a plan. They retroactively implant a link to the Master during his early childhood: They send a " White-Point Star " diamond to Earth as a more physical link next.

This will let the Time Lords escape from the time-lock and their impending destruction at the hands of the Doctor. On Earth, the Master has the Doctor and Wilf tied up. The Doctor tries warning him about the prophecy, but the Master insists he was what the prophecy was talking about. He interrogates the Doctor as to the whereabouts of his TARDIS, as he wants the technology to pinpoint where the drumming in his head is coming from; with 6,,, clones, it will be easy.

The Doctor tries reasoning with the Master, asking him to travel with him to see the universe; he tells him "that's ownership enough". Wilf's mobile phone rings. The Master is confused, as no one but the Master Race exists on Earth; and there's no way he'd be calling Wilf.

He finds the phone, receiving a call from Donna Noble. The Master hears Donna, who is confused about everyone else changing; she ran into the alley, to get away from Sean and Sylvia. Suspicious, the Master demands to know why Donna didn't change. Wilfred reluctantly admits the metacrisis that made her part Time Lord. The Master sneers, "He does love playing with Earth girls! He tells "grandad" to say goodbye to the freak.

Wilf yells to Donna to run for her life. As Donna is cornered by the Master Race, who state they have his hunger and plan to eat her. She starts to remember her adventures with the Doctor and is scared and confused, wondering why she can see a giant wasp. Instead of burning up, she emits an energy pulse that knocks everyone unconscious, including herself.

Hearing nothing and seeing the Doctor smile, the Master removes his mouth gag. The Doctor calmly points out that when he erased Donna's memories of her time with him he also left her, his best friend, with a defence mechanism to protect her from aliens and her Time Lord knowledge. The Doctor notes, " You know the most amazing thing about you is that after all this time, you're still bone-dead stupid. The "guard" hits him in the head with the rifle, knocking him down.

The guard is Rossiter. Addams rushes in and urges her partner to get the two men out of the mansion. Rossiter, unable to free the Doctor from the chair he is strapped to, wheels the chair bumpily down several flights of stairs to the basement, prompting the Doctor to note this as the "worst From the basement, the four teleport to the orbiting Vinvocci ship, narrowly escaping the Master and his guards.

Wilfred is amazed at being in space; the Doctor is more concerned with the Master. As soon as he gets out of his restraints, he destroys the teleporter, preventing the Master Race from following them. He asks for directions to the bridge; Addams initially refuses, citing that they are , miles above the Earth, but reconsiders when the Doctor points out the 'slight' problem of the Master having every single missile on the planet ready to fire. When they arrive, the Vinvocci prepare to leave, so the Doctor destroys the ship's systems, leaving them dead in orbit.

As the Doctor begins to mend the systems, Wilfred sees the mysterious woman again, who instructs him to give the Doctor his gun. The Master and his clones listen to the drumming in their heads, pinpointing the source as "from the sky". Having just been thrown through the time lock , the White-Point Star falls to Earth in a blaze, landing in London. The Master soldiers pick it up, telling the original what they have found. This makes the Master crack up hysterically. On the ship, the Doctor is still repairing the systems. Wilf talks to him about many things and tries to have the Doctor take the gun to save himself by killing the Master.

They believe the four knocks is the rhythm in the Master's head. The Doctor refuses and Wilf begins to cry over his fruitless efforts, prompting the Doctor to hug him. A broadcast from the Master reaches the ship; he has found the diamond. It can only mean the Time Lords are returning. Wilfred considers this good but the Doctor's reaction says quite differently Wilf is confused as he thought the Time Lords were wise and peaceful. The Doctor tells him that's how he chooses to remember them; in reality, the horrors of the Time War had changed them, irrevocably corrupting the them and making them far more dangerous than any of his enemies.

The Doctor has repaired the ship, but Addams will not have them going to Earth. The Doctor tells her "there's an old Earth saying. A word of great power and wisdom; and consolation to soul in times of need. The Master decides to kill the Doctor as "soon [he'll] have Time Lords to spare", sending missiles at the ship. Rossiter and Wilf take charge of the asteroid lasers and blast away the missiles the Master launches at them. Addams plots a course for Naismith's mansion and the Doctor jumps from the ship, crashing several stories through the skylight and into the Immortality Gate room.

While he recovers from the fall, he finds himself too late. The Master has brought the Time Lords back. Not only is the Master in the room, but so is the Time Lord Council Rassilon counters the Master's threats by resetting the Master Race back to human form. The President defames the Master by noting they have been saved by Gallifrey's most infamous child. The Master, fast to retort, quickly belittles the Lord President's authority and reveals that he did not call the Time Lords to Earth to save them.

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He intends to implant himself in them and assert control of the entire race, gloating at how much better the Lord President will look as him. However, the Lord President is not amused at the Master's assertion over his power and demonstrates how fast he can unravel his scheme. He raises his gauntlet and it radiates a blue light. The Master Race begins to revert to their unaltered human identities, causing the Master great panic as he loses his trump card. The Lord President tells the humans present in the Naismith Mansion to kneel.

Left powerless, the Master tries to bargain with the Time Lords by reminding them that he was their salvation. However, the whole planet shakes intensely. The President announces that "the approach begins". The Master is confused by his cryptic words; the Doctor angrily tells him that not only the whole species of Time Lords are coming back, but so is the planet.

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Gallifrey begins to materialise near Earth, fulfilling the prophecy that " it is returning". Standing about three times the size of Earth, it shadows over Earth with an air of doom. Panic erupts in the streets of London as the giant red world of Gallifrey manifests above the atmosphere, with the Earth itself trembling. Wilf, having left the Vinvocci shuttle, makes his way through the crumbling Naismith Mansion to find the Doctor. Refusing to stay on Earth as Gallifrey threatens to knock it out of orbit, Addams immediately readies the shuttle for takeoff.

Rossiter is concerned about the Doctor's fate, but Addams shrugs and reminds him that he already said he was dying. All the residents of Naismith Mansion, including Joshua and his daughter, flee from the residence. Joshua spots Gallifrey's descent and is affixed with terror.

Wilf returns to help the Doctor, freeing a trapped man in the control booth and trapping himself in the process. The Master thinks that the Time Lords' restoration to the universe is fantastic, but the Doctor tells him that the broken time-lock means that all of the other horrors born in the last days of the Time War, which he had sealed away in the Time Lock as well, would also be released.

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The war had turned to Hell, which is exactly what the Master has unleashed above Earth. The Master delights at the thought of such chaos, but the Doctor tells him that not even the Time Lords can survive such an onslaught. The Lord President then reveals that he had planned to deal with these horrors by initiating the Ultimate Sanction ; a plan for the Time Lords to survive the collapse of all creation and all time, as the paradox of Gallifrey's return to the universe rips the Time Vortex apart, by ascending their conscious minds beyond the need for bodies, whilst creation itself ceases to be.

The Master asks to join them, but the President refuses, contemptuously dismissing the Master as "diseased Then the Doctor aims Wilf's gun at the President, who cautions the Doctor to "choose [his] enemy well. Even the Master goads him on, urging him to kill the President and claim Gallifrey for himself. At this, the Doctor spins and aims the gun at the Master, who realises that the link that brought the Time Lords to Earth is inside his head, and if he dies, the link is broken and the Time Lock id reformed.