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Today, pick up the phone or write a letter to your mom or a mother figure. Set out a photo of a special female ancestor and light a candle to channel her divine wisdom. Spend extra time with kids who look up to you, or connecting with the people you call family—whether the bond is based on biology or chemistry. Fun and amazing tidbit: On the eve of the full wolf moon, we had the opportunity to do an astrology reading for one of our personal feminist icons, Scorpio Naomi Wolf. Open your heart to other people everywhere you go. Make compassion your engine.

We once heard Dr. Christiane Northrup say that the electromagnetic field of the heart can expand up to eight feet outside of the body. On the flipside, research shows that bad moods are actually contagious! Find a healthy comfort food recipe or treat yourself to a great cookbook and indulge!

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Sweet potato brownies , anyone? Cancer is ruled by the Crab , whose steely claws can hold tight to whatever they grip. Why not hang on to a little more of your money? The point is to start the habit now. The Cancer full moon spotlights financial security and a need to be prudent with our funds.

Gather with friends and pool your resources around Cancerian needs, like potluck meals, vacation home swaps instead of paying for hotels and co-op childcare. Do a walkthrough of your home and consider every corner. We get accustomed to the piled-up second bedrooms, cluttered shelves and tchochke overloads. But numb though we may be to it all, the visual cues we take in cause our brains to fire off signals, especially when they trigger memories which then trigger thoughts and feelings, which in turn trigger our brains to flood our bodies with chemicals.

This domestic goddess of a full moon reminds us that cleaning our homes can clear our minds. Start with one area and give it an extreme makeover. Clear everything away then reset it with mindful care. Leaving some white space on those walls can give your brain a chance to breathe. On the flip side, if your energy is lagging but your home is bare, how about painting a wall a bright and cheery hue, adding life-giving plants, setting up a crystal on the mantle, or hanging art and a chandelier? Nutrition falls under the domain of the Cancer full moon, and this sign is definitely a foodie! But with the influence of radical Uranus and extreme Pluto, the focus shifts to eliminating toxic substances from your diet, not baking another Julia Childs-worthy spread that leaves you nibbling the dozens of leftovers into the New Year.

How can you enjoy delicious food responsibly, this full moon asks? First, you might want to tackle one of your holiday season vices, the one you know is treading into the addiction territory. The two weeks following a full moon are major manifesting time. He has friends; Vinnie the Ojibwa bachelor who lives down the road from him. Then there's Jackie, the owner of the Glasgow Inn wh I love wolves so when I saw this title of course I had to look at it.

The full wolf moon is here and there are a few things you need to know

Then there's Jackie, the owner of the Glasgow Inn where Alex makes a second home. And that's about it. Well there's the sheriff and the chief of police but the former is more of a respected acquaintance and the latter a less than respected antagonist. McKnight has a heart, unimpeded by the bullet lodged too close to it to warrant operating, and his heart will at times get him into trouble.

He's a sucker for a dame in distress as Raymond Chandler might tell us. I don't know that that's a bad thing except for when abusive boyfriends high on some sort of dope take offense at McKnight's attempts to help her out. And then there's the two goons who follow McKnight everywhere he drives. You'll have to read the book to find out. But remember, things change. This is not a hard read. It's got several twists and turns but overall it's believability factor would easily be a 4 out of 5.

Let your imagination roam free and you can feel the cold, hear the crunch of fresh snow under your feet. You can feel the disappointment, the fear, the pleasure of overcoming odds in this book. It's an easy read but a good one nevertheless. Feb 13, Mary Sue rated it really liked it. This is the second book in the series and I have high hopes for those that follow.


This one is as good or better than the first. Our hero, Alex McKnight experiences fifty shades of cold in the book. It opens at a hockey game that Alex, at age 48, was promised would be a non-checking game. The cold continues with the relentless falling of snow in the Upper Penninsula. Alex plows, and plows, and wades through drifts and crawls under buildings, visits an ice fisherman's shanty and makes an unbeliev This is the second book in the series and I have high hopes for those that follow. Alex plows, and plows, and wades through drifts and crawls under buildings, visits an ice fisherman's shanty and makes an unbelievable walk in the cold.

This book also starts the partnership of Alex and Leon who had been rival PIs. We also learn a little about the Ojibwa Indian tribe and their traditions. That makes him so much more real and sympathetic. My next read will be set in Florida or the Caribbean I need to warm up!

Jul 26, John Caviglia rated it really liked it Shelves: Just discovered Hamilton, and inhaled his first two McKnights. They're both well written in their own way, but this is the one I liked more. As one who cut his hard-boiled-detective-fiction teeth on the likes of Raymond Chandler and Ross Macdonald, I must confess that at this stage in my life it has become a plus for me when detectives leave LA to lead their violent fictional lives elsewhere, and this one left Detroit for something next to utter wilderness.

You may feel differently, yet I really Just discovered Hamilton, and inhaled his first two McKnights. You may feel differently, yet I really liked that the setting was the upper peninsula of Michigan, in winter. There's a lot of dangerous outdoors in this novel. But what ultimately sold me on McKnight 2 was the involvement of Native Americans and their culture in the plot.

See a Problem?

I had really liked Misery Bay 8 in this series by this author and thought I'd like this earlier entry in the series. Unfortunately, this book was less polished. The characters didn't seemed as well developed as they'd been in that later book, and the plot wasn't all that interesting. I got a little over half way through before I decided to abandon it. I might try a later book after 8 by this author, but it'll be from the library. Aug 13, Mike Graef rated it really liked it. Alex McKnight is my hero. Feb 15, Harry rated it liked it Shelves: Series reviews are fickled, unpredictable, and sometimes downright wrong if you base the entire series review on just the first puzzled bite.

Maybe the cold weather outside's is making me grumpy, or I just don't wanna go all the way downtown to work, or maybe I just don't feel like pouring honey over my cereal. Not that this isn't a good read. I finished it in record time. Frowning for an acceptable Cautionary note: Frowning for an acceptable answer, I think I'm just overdosing on the formulaic approach of the genre: It's been done a million times over by very good authors and not so good authors.

Steve Hamilton probably falls somewhere in the middle, or probably leans strongly towards the good side If I look beyond my grumpiness. Personally, if you like Michigan novels, small town settings, detectives turned PI, loners and if you enjoy a colorful heritage thrown in than my preference as compared to this first Hamilton novel is for the work of William Kent Krueger. If you enjoyed Hamilton's book for its location and mystery than read the Cork O'Connor series. Krueger's novels are set just West in Minnesota and are superior to Hamilton's in my opinion.

The Cork O'Connor series has more depth, better character development, portray a deeper insight into American Indian culture so prevalent in the region, contain deep philosophical musings and moral insight into who we are as human beings, and deliver great mysteries. The two authors are very similar in their subject matter and setting. So, I guess if you're in the mood for an easy read, some genre escapism, something enjoyable, a book that moves fast and it's over, but are not in the mood to be flabbergasted by the author I found Winter of the Wolf Moon an equally enjoyable read: I have come to see this series as something to read when I can't find other books I really, really want to read.

Jul 30, Mary rated it really liked it. Just started this series, and look forward to more Alex Mcknight. The setting is also a plus, up in the Northern section of Michigan, across the Mackinac bridge and on up North, a hop skip and a jump from Canada. Alex was a police officer until he was in a shoot out and his partner was killed, now Just started this series, and look forward to more Alex Mcknight.

Alex was a police officer until he was in a shoot out and his partner was killed, now he is back "home" where his father built several cabins that he rents out winter and summer. But his past keeps catching up with him and his "partner" was an investigator who feels that Mcknight stole his job from him in a previous book and is bound and determined to keep Alex in the investigation business. This story is about a local Native American woman who comes to him for help then disappears, he feels he has let her down and in searching for her runs into many other issues.

Oct 17, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: Picked this up as part of a "Discover a new series" sale on Audible. I really enjoyed this story, set in the Upper Peninsula of the Mitten State.

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  • Based on the title, I expected more solemnity around the local Native Americans. In fact, there was easy and believable rapport between the main protagonist, a white guy, and the local modern tribe members.

    Under the Wolf Moon (camren)

    I loved the opening, when Alex is regretting letting his friend Vinnie talk him into subbing as goalie on the mostly Indian "30 and over" hockey te Picked this up as part of a "Discover a new series" sale on Audible. I loved the opening, when Alex is regretting letting his friend Vinnie talk him into subbing as goalie on the mostly Indian "30 and over" hockey team. Good read, if a little gruesome at moments. May 29, Norm rated it it was amazing. After reading "The Lock Artist" I found this book. I haven't read the first book in the series, but it didn't hurt at all.

    The book takes place in the UP of Michigan, and even though it's 90 degrees here in Illinois this week, I was shivering. Really, this is a well told story, and the character, a former cop turned reluctant PI is a page turner. Or a button pusher if you're into the electronic readers. I'm reading the third book in the series now, and one of these days I'll find the first one. Jun 15, Maureen DeLuca rated it really liked it. Steve Hamilton is now coming one of my favorite authors!

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    Not only do I highly recommend it, but , for me anyway- I would start with the very first book in the series for that book was just as wonderful as well! McNight is an ex-police officer from Detroit , who now lives in a small town and sometimes a P. Jul 05, Michael rated it liked it. This is better than the first book in the series, but still not great. I hold out hope that it'll get better. The main improvement is that there's a little more levity in this book. Lonnie comes back and adds some much welcome comic relief. There's also a nice thread left hanging for future installments.

    I'm sure I'll get to them eventually. Apr 24, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Maybe it's because I live in Michigan, have been through Paradise and visited the Soo, but I count Steve Hamilton's books as among my favorites. They're not profound, no amazing revelations found within, just a good, simple murder mystery story with a smart aleck-y protagonist, Alex McKnight.

    Though it's a series, Hamilton reviews enough details of others that they can easily be read out of order, though perhaps starting with the very first, A Cold Day in Paradise, is not such a bad idea. May 01, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: I'm a sucker for Michigan regional mysteries and the Alex McKnight series is no exception.

    Barbara Townsend (Author of Under the Wolf Moon)

    The setting is the Upper Peninsulas in Michigan and the private eye is a former Detroit cop. Steve Hamilton's description of the UP and the residents is spot-on and I think would appeal to Michiganders and non alike. It is fast-paced and a lively read. Mar 21, Judy rated it liked it. Always fun to read a story that takes place where I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

    The author does an amazing job of describing the cold, winter weather and the isolation that is a big part of living here. I have been to Paradise several times and always enjoy reading about the interesting characters there. Jun 16, Jim Willse rated it liked it Shelves: Just okay mystery, one of series by Hamilton before he began the more interesting Nick Mason series.

    I found the protagonist kind of dull and the plot kind of slow. Oct 14, Bill rated it liked it. Almost as good as the first book in the series. It was very enjoyable.