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Locating Prey

The wolves stay out of sight until they are ready to attack. When ready, the wolves will confront the prey animals in force and often try to single out sick, hurt or young animals to attack.

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Most animals will flee when confronted, although larger animals such as moose or bison may stand their ground and fight. In this situation, the wolves will circle and continually test for weakness, then attack when they find an advantage.

Wolf hunting - Wikipedia

Wolves may choose to try other prey rather than risk attack on a large animal willing to fight. If the selected prey flees, the pack will pursue it to make the kill. While wolves can hit speeds of over 35 miles per hour for short distances, they can also run for extremely long distances.

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  6. Wolves have been observed employing strategy in pursuing prey, chasing animals to other waiting wolves or having members of the pack lag behind to catch prey that circles. Wolves take down animals by latching onto either their nose area or onto the rump and bringing them to the ground. Wolves do not hamstring the animals to cripple them, although this has been a common belief for years. While the numbers of the pack aid in bringing down large animals, an individual wolf is a formidable killer and well able to take down an animal on its own.

    How Do Wild Wolves Hunt in a Pack?

    The prey usually dies of either blood loss or shock. An attorney and database programmer in Nashville, Randall Pierce has been writing about sports, legal matters and tech issues for local and regional publications since By Randall Pierce J. References International Wolf Center: Frequently Asked Questions Wolf Country: How Does Hunting Affect the Environment? Richie Outfitters Safe travels my friends.

    Let us know if you need anything. I hope mike have a tooth brush at the house. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple days!

    Wolf hunting

    Richie Outfitters added 23 new photos. It's that time of Year to start planning your Spring Bear Hunt!

    Ontario Wolf Hunt (Round Two)

    I need to come hunt with you guys again. The Selway is a special place! I miss flying in there. Designed by Connie Delaney. I saw this show Also been there I need to get back there 6 months ago.

    Stalking Prey