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To propel or remove with a sudden movement, fillip, or light blow: To move in sudden or jerky manner: To look through the parts of something by making quick movements with the fingers: Film the flicks the cinema: Switch to new thesaurus. Light and momentary contact with another person or thing: To make light and momentary contact with, as in passing: Kino schnalzen schnippen Streifen.

Facebook invented the flick, a brilliant time unit you won’t get to actually use

He flicked open a packet of cigarettes. References in classic literature? In his youth One Eye had once sniffed too near a similar, apparently inert ball of quills, and had the tail flick out suddenly in his face. Why do we give a flick?

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And if you want to animate incredibly realistic VR experiences, the math behind the immersive graphics needs to add up. If you're programming for video with a frame rate of 24 frames per second fps , for example , each frame lasts an awkward 0.

How the Flick may improve the future of gaming and VR

And if you want to increase the frame rate for higher resolution, those numbers quickly become really messy to subdivide. Flicks make it easy. Twenty-four frames per second fps is exactly 29,, flicks.

Thirty fps is 23,, flicks. Ninety-six thousand fps is 7, flicks. Those are nice round numbers that let video and audio producers build highly synchronized VR experienced at high resolutions. The flick is far from the only oddball unit of measurement out there. Here are some of our favorite lesser-known measurements that are completely useful to someone, somewhere.

Facebook invents new unit of time called a flick

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