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This makes the plant extremely ornamental and worth growing for this alone. But the fruit is sweet and delicious.

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They are great chopped in salads, as well as used in cooking. My favorite way to prepare them, however, was to toss the pieces with olive oil and roast them in the oven.

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Done this way they are like a combination between sundried tomatoes and peppers. A Word to the Wise: These plants are tall and kind of rangy, which makes them very ornamental but not too sturdy. You can see that from early on these are ornamental peppers.

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This photo also shows how lean and lanky the plants are. The peppers turn from green to bright red. These peppers are easy to cut for cooking!

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  • Toss the pieces in olive oil and roast at until the edges are starting to char and the peppers get soft. You might want to stir them a time or two while they are roasting. The taste has a refreshing, citrusy floral flavor that remains sweet, only occasionally expressing mild heat near the seeds.

    Use your abundant harvest raw in salads, pickled or stuffed with cheese…a new favorite! | I Love the Mad Hatter F1 Peppers

    Mad Hatter F1 Genus: Bishops crown pepper Type: Edible — Vegetable Breeder: Full sun Water Needs: Warm season Staking Required: Flattened-disc shaped fruit has lobes or wings Fruit Size: Fruit has a delicate floral scent and rich flavor that intensifies and sweetens as it matures.

    Number Of Fruits Per Plant: Transplant into larger plug tray or small pot inches approximately weeks after sowing or when at least one true leaf has developed. Maintain medium soil moisture and use a complete fertilizer after transplant.