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In addition to this, the EarthBound universe draws heavily from pop culture. The best part is that the campaign's slogan was "This Game Stinks. It even came with scratch 'n sniff trading cards at the back, one of which was a 'mystery scent' that turned out to be pizza that you could mail in to Nintendo and get a free air freshener which bore the image of a pizza man from the game. Even EarthBound's box was an advertisement: Despite the hype and effort, EarthBound did not sell well in America.


Even today the simple graphics serve as a stumbling block for many potential gamers, but they belie EarthBound's brilliant plot and dialogue. View via SSL to Login. Shigesato Itoi interviews, etc. EarthBound hacking - Play altered versions of EB! Make your own EB stuff! Wanna know more about the staffers? The Forum Badge Guide?

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All the info is here! How do you use Starmen. In addition, cities and roads all share the same size, rather than the traditional overworld camera, making no difference between cities or towns and the big world outside them. Enemy encounters are not random, as well, but rather start when the player collides with an enemy shown on the screen. Depending on the type of enemy and the player's level, one's speed can vary or they can even run away from the player instead of chasing him.

Also, colliding with an enemy facing away from the player results in the player having an extra turn to attack, which applies, too, to enemies who manage to trap the player from behind. By the time Ness and his friends become strong enough to virtually defeat an enemy without taking damage, the battle scene will be skipped, and the player will be given the victory immediately. Players and enemies have a set number of Hit Points HP and they take turns to do actions, which include attacking each other, using items, using special psychic skills PSI or trying to run away.

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As the attacks continue, the HP from both sides will decrease. A character or enemy with HP 0 becomes unconscious and the battle ends when either side has lost all its fighters. An original mechanic from EarthBound is the way the player's characters' HP is presented. They are shown as an odometer-like box which slowly decreases as damage is taken. When a character has received enough damage to collapse "mortal damage" , they will still be able to fight, be cured, or run away before the actual shown number is 0.

The same way, if a battle ends before the message showing a character has collapsed appears, he or she will not. Giygas reprises his role from EarthBound Beginnings as the main villain.

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Along with his army consisting of Starmen and other aliens, robots, evil people, animals and other bizarre enemies, he is determined to stop the Chosen Four from reaching the eight "Your Sanctuary" locations and wants to conquer the Earth, and, in the end, the universe. Pokey Minch , Ness's neighbor, helps Giygas in his plans, influenced by his evil power. Near the city of Onett , a meteor suddenly crashes, waking up thirteen-year-old boy Ness. While policemen investigate the area, Ness meets his arrogant and cowardly neighbor Porky Minch. Later that night, he wakes Ness up so that he can help him search for his little brother Picky.

After finding him, a bee-like insect, Buzz Buzz , appears from the meteor, telling Ness about the cosmic destroyer alien Giygas who seeks to have the universe, and how he's come desperately from the future in an effort to find him, for he is one of the Chosen Four who are able to stop Giygas. As Buzz Buzz indicates, Ness now needs to find eight "Your Sanctuary" locations to unite his power to the Earth's, collecting melodies from said sanctuaries in the Sound Stone , given to him by Buzz Buzz.

He then continues to the city of Twoson , after having to face Captain Strong and his officers, and goes to the Happy Happy Village to save the kidnapped Paula. Ness then knows the people who had kidnapped the girl, the Happy Happy Cult , as they called themselves, were guided by Mr. Carpainter , and also assisted by the now evil Porky Minch.

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Defeating Carpainter, Ness and Paula find out he had been controlled by a golden statue, the Evil Mani Mani statue, and everything in the village turns back to normal again. Both kids meanwhile discover Lilliput Steps , the second sanctuary, nearby. Everdred , a burglar found in the Burglin Park in Twoson , met by Ness earlier, offers him a wad of bills , which he uses to free the band who performs in the local theater, the Runaway Five , from a debt.

With the help of their noisy bus, the children can go through the tunnel, safe from the ghosts there, and reach the third city, Threed.

Can four not-so-average kids save the world from aliens and certain destruction?

However, they soon discover the city is the one infested with undead. Soon, Ness and Paula are captured by zombies , and must find help from someone else. At this time, Paula sends a telepathic message to Jeff , who is faraway in the northern city of Winters. Jeff comes in the Sky Runner his father, Dr. Andonuts , invented just in time to save Ness and Paula from their cell. The group is assisted by the young genius called Apple Kid , met by Ness in Twoson , which gives them a device called Zombie Paper , a sticky trap used to capture zombies.

This lets the party proceed to Grapefruit Falls and Saturn Valley , a town habitated by strange creatures collectively known as Mr. There, they learn a monster known as Master Belch is the responsible behind Threed's zombies, and has, too, kidnapped and enslaved some Mr. The group enters his factory and defeats him, freeing the populants of both Saturn Valley and Threed. Traffic problems makes the group need to pass the Dusty Dunes Desert in order to get to the next city, Fourside. There, they again help the Runaway Five with another debt, and enter the Dept.

Store only to have Paula kidnapped again. It is later known Porky and the mayor are behind this. There, they find the Evil Mani Mani Statue and are transported to the negative and dark world of Moonside. They manage to destroy the statue and then learn Moonside was just an hallucination.

With the relic destroyed, the mayor turns back to normal and gives Ness and Jeff Paula back. However, Porky escapes in the mayor's helicopter. The group then heads south to Summers. A magic cake Ness eats there makes him dream of a faraway land known as Dalaam. There, prince Poo needs to finish his training. When he becomes successful, he appears in Summers to join Ness's party. After investigating an underground passage in a room in the Dinosaur Museum in Fourside , the group finds the fifth sanctuary, Magnet Hill.

They also find a carrot key which lets them enter a dungeon in Poo 's land Dalaam , where they find the sixth sanctuary Pink Cloud. Later, Ness 's party takes a boat from Summers to the desert land Scaraba. They find the secret to defeat Giygas there. Poo 's master takes him from the party for some time so that he can learn a hidden PSI power. The three children then meet Dungeon Man in the desert, a half-dungeon, half-man hybrid which in reality is a dungeon maker named Brick Road. They receive help from him and, afterwards, find a useful submarine inside, which lets them go to the Deep Darkness.

There, after a long swamp-like area, Master Belch , now more powerful and known as Master Barf, confronts the team.

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Soon after the battle beings, though, Poo comes from the sky attacking and beating him with his new power, PSI Starstorm. The party proceeds to a cave known by its inhabitants as the Tenda Village , where a group of shy, green creatures live. The book Overcoming Shyness , retrieved by Ness 's party from the Onett library, helps the Tenda , who now, able to talk, show the group a path that leads to a giant underground land infested with dinosaurs known as the Lost Underworld.

Before getting to the actual tropical area, the group goes through a dungeon where they reach the seventh sanctuary, Lumine Hall , and then are obliged to fight their way through dinosaurs to find the eighth and last sanctuary known as Fire Spring. Getting the last melody makes Ness go unconscious and the Sound Stone he once had disappears.

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  • A grey flashback where he presences his infancy is shown and then he goes to the dreamed land of Magicant , which exists only inside Ness 's mind. After traveling alone and encounter many past friends and enemies, Ness reaches the center of Magicant, the Sea of Eden. There, he must fight Ness's Nightmare , a representation of the evil in Ness's heart, which is, at the same time, a replica of the Evil Mani Mani statue.