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It was a time of pause. The Indian boys leaned idly against the long line of little cradle wagons standing empty; the screeners and ore-breakers squatted on their heels smoking long cigars; the great wooden shoots slanting over the edge of the tunnel plateau were silent; and only the ceaseless, violent rush of water in the open flumes could be heard, murmuring fiercely, with the splash and rumble of revolving turbine-wheels, and the thudding march of the stamps pounding to powder the treasure rock on the plateau below. The heads of gangs, distinguished by brass medals hanging on their bare breasts, marshalled their squads; and at last the mountain would swallow one-half of the silent crowd, while the other half would move off in long files down the zigzag paths leading to the bottom of the gorge.

It was deep; and, far below, a thread of vegetation winding between the blazing rock faces resembled a slender green cord, in which three lumpy knots of banana patches, palm-leaf roots, and shady trees marked the Village One, Village Two, Village Three, housing the miners of the Gould Concession. Whole families had been moving from the first towards the spot in the Higuerota range, whence the rumour of work and safety had spread over the pastoral Campo, forcing its way also, even as the waters of a high flood, into the nooks and crannies of the distant blue walls of the Sierras.

Father first, in a pointed straw hat, then the mother with the bigger children, generally also a diminutive donkey, all under burdens, except the leader himself, or perhaps some grown girl, the pride of the family, stepping barefooted and straight as an arrow, with braids of raven hair, a thick, haughty profile, and no load to carry but the small guitar of the country and a pair of soft leather sandals tied together on her back.

At the sight of such parties strung out on the cross trails between the pastures, or camped by the side of the royal road, travellers on horseback would remark to each other—. We shall see others to-morrow. And spurring on in the dusk they would discuss the great news of the province, the news of the San Tome mine.

A rich Englishman was going to work it—and perhaps not an Englishman, Quien sabe! A foreigner with much money. Oh, yes, it had begun. A party of men who had been to Sulaco with a herd of black bulls for the next corrida had reported that from the porch of the posada in Rincon, only a short league from the town, the lights on the mountain were visible, twinkling above the trees.

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And there was a woman seen riding a horse sideways, not in the chair seat, but upon a sort of saddle, and a man's hat on her head. She walked about, too, on foot up the mountain paths. A woman engineer, it seemed she was. Una Americana; it need be something of that sort. And they would laugh a little with astonishment and scorn, keeping a wary eye on the shadows of the road, for one is liable to meet bad men when travelling late on the Campo.

And it was not only the men that Don Pepe knew so well, but he seemed able, with one attentive, thoughtful glance, to classify each woman, girl, or growing youth of his domain. It was only the small fry that puzzled him sometimes. He and the padre could be seen frequently side by side, meditative and gazing across the street of a village at a lot of sedate brown children, trying to sort them out, as it were, in low, consulting tones, or else they would together put searching questions as to the parentage of some small, staid urchin met wandering, naked and grave, along the road with a cigar in his baby mouth, and perhaps his mother's rosary, purloined for purposes of ornamentation, hanging in a loop of beads low down on his rotund little stomach.

The spiritual and temporal pastors of the mine flock were very good friends. Monygham, the medical pastor, who had accepted the charge from Mrs. Gould, and lived in the hospital building, they were on not so intimate terms. But no one could be on intimate terms with El Senor Doctor, who, with his twisted shoulders, drooping head, sardonic mouth, and side-long bitter glance, was mysterious and uncanny.

The other two authorities worked in harmony. Father Roman, dried-up, small, alert, wrinkled, with big round eyes, a sharp chin, and a great snuff-taker, was an old campaigner, too; he had shriven many simple souls on the battlefields of the Republic, kneeling by the dying on hillsides, in the long grass, in the gloom of the forests, to hear the last confession with the smell of gunpowder smoke in his nostrils, the rattle of muskets, the hum and spatter of bullets in his ears. And where was the harm if, at the presbytery, they had a game with a pack of greasy cards in the early evening, before Don Pepe went his last rounds to see that all the watchmen of the mine—a body organized by himself—were at their posts?

For that last duty before he slept Don Pepe did actually gird his old sword on the verandah of an unmistakable American white frame house, which Father Roman called the presbytery. Near by, a long, low, dark building, steeple-roofed, like a vast barn with a wooden cross over the gable, was the miners' chapel. There Father Roman said Mass every day before a sombre altar-piece representing the Resurrection, the grey slab of the tombstone balanced on one corner, a figure soaring upwards, long-limbed and livid, in an oval of pallid light, and a helmeted brown legionary smitten down, right across the bituminous foreground.

But when once an inquisitive spirit desired to know in what direction this Europe was situated, whether up or down the coast, Father Roman, to conceal his perplexity, became very reserved and severe. But ignorant sinners like you of the San Tome mine should think earnestly of everlasting punishment instead of inquiring into the magnitude of the earth, with its countries and populations altogether beyond your understanding.

With a "Good-night, Padre," "Good-night, Don Pepe," the Gobernador would go off, holding up his sabre against his side, his body bent forward, with a long, plodding stride in the dark. The jocularity proper to an innocent card game for a few cigars or a bundle of yerba was replaced at once by the stern duty mood of an officer setting out to visit the outposts of an encamped army.

One loud blast of the whistle that hung from his neck provoked instantly a great shrilling of responding whistles, mingled with the barking of dogs, that would calm down slowly at last, away up at the head of the gorge; and in the stillness two serenos, on guard by the bridge, would appear walking noiselessly towards him.

On one side of the road a long frame building—the store—would be closed and barricaded from end to end; facing it another white frame house, still longer, and with a verandah—the hospital—would have lights in the two windows of Dr. Even the delicate foliage of a clump of pepper trees did not stir, so breathless would be the darkness warmed by the radiation of the over-heated rocks. Don Pepe would stand still for a moment with the two motionless serenos before him, and, abruptly, high up on the sheer face of the mountain, dotted with single torches, like drops of fire fallen from the two great blazing clusters of lights above, the ore shoots would begin to rattle.

The great clattering, shuffling noise, gathering speed and weight, would be caught up by the walls of the gorge, and sent upon the plain in a growl of thunder. The pasadero in Rincon swore that on calm nights, by listening intently, he could catch the sound in his doorway as of a storm in the mountains. To Charles Gould's fancy it seemed that the sound must reach the uttermost limits of the province.

Riding at night towards the mine, it would meet him at the edge of a little wood just beyond Rincon. There was no mistaking the growling mutter of the mountain pouring its stream of treasure under the stamps; and it came to his heart with the peculiar force of a proclamation thundered forth over the land and the marvellousness of an accomplished fact fulfilling an audacious desire.

He had heard this very sound in his imagination on that far-off evening when his wife and himself, after a tortuous ride through a strip of forest, had reined in their horses near the stream, and had gazed for the first time upon the jungle-grown solitude of the gorge. The head of a palm rose here and there. In a high ravine round the corner of the San Tome mountain which is square like a blockhouse the thread of a slender waterfall flashed bright and glassy through the dark green of the heavy fronds of tree-ferns. Don Pepe, in attendance, rode up, and, stretching his arm up the gorge, had declared with mock solemnity, "Behold the very paradise of snakes, senora.

And then they had wheeled their horses and ridden back to sleep that night at Rincon. The alcalde—an old, skinny Moreno, a sergeant of Guzman Bento's time—had cleared respectfully out of his house with his three pretty daughters, to make room for the foreign senora and their worships the Caballeros. All he asked Charles Gould whom he took for a mysterious and official person to do for him was to remind the supreme Government—El Gobierno supreme—of a pension amounting to about a dollar a month to which he believed himself entitled.

It had been promised to him, he affirmed, straightening his bent back martially, "many years ago, for my valour in the wars with the wild Indios when a young man, senor. The waterfall existed no longer. The tree-ferns that had luxuriated in its spray had died around the dried-up pool, and the high ravine was only a big trench half filled up with the refuse of excavations and tailings. The torrent, dammed up above, sent its water rushing along the open flumes of scooped tree trunks striding on trestle-legs to the turbines working the stamps on the lower plateau—the mesa grande of the San Tome mountain.

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Only the memory of the waterfall, with its amazing fernery, like a hanging garden above the rocks of the gorge, was preserved in Mrs. Gould's water-colour sketch; she had made it hastily one day from a cleared patch in the bushes, sitting in the shade of a roof of straw erected for her on three rough poles under Don Pepe's direction.

Il Barbiere Di Siviglia aka The Barber of Seville By Rossini multi 7 languages In Cc by Etcohod

Gould had seen it all from the beginning: For weeks together she had lived on the spot with her husband; and she was so little in Sulaco during that year that the appearance of the Gould carriage on the Alameda would cause a social excitement. From the heavy family coaches full of stately senoras and black-eyed senoritas rolling solemnly in the shaded alley white hands were waved towards her with animation in a flutter of greetings. Dona Emilia was "down from the mountain. But not for long. Dona Emilia would be gone "up to the mountain" in a day or two, and her sleek carriage mules would have an easy time of it for another long spell.

She had watched the erection of the first frame-house put up on the lower mesa for an office and Don Pepe's quarters; she heard with a thrill of thankful emotion the first wagon load of ore rattle down the then only shoot; she had stood by her husband's side perfectly silent, and gone cold all over with excitement at the instant when the first battery of only fifteen stamps was put in motion for the first time. On the occasion when the fires under the first set of retorts in their shed had glowed far into the night she did not retire to rest on the rough cadre set up for her in the as yet bare frame-house till she had seen the first spongy lump of silver yielded to the hazards of the world by the dark depths of the Gould Concession; she had laid her unmercenary hands, with an eagerness that made them tremble, upon the first silver ingot turned out still warm from the mould; and by her imaginative estimate of its power she endowed that lump of metal with a justificative conception, as though it were not a mere fact, but something far-reaching and impalpable, like the true expression of an emotion or the emergence of a principle.

Don Pepe, extremely interested, too, looked over her shoulder with a smile that, making longitudinal folds on his face, caused it to resemble a leathern mask with a benignantly diabolic expression. Hernandez, the robber, had been an inoffensive, small ranchero, kidnapped with circumstances of peculiar atrocity from his home during one of the civil wars, and forced to serve in the army. There his conduct as soldier was exemplary, till, watching his chance, he killed his colonel, and managed to get clear away.

With a band of deserters, who chose him for their chief, he had taken refuge beyond the wild and waterless Bolson de Tonoro. The haciendas paid him blackmail in cattle and horses; extraordinary stories were told of his powers and of his wonderful escapes from capture. He used to ride, single-handed, into the villages and the little towns on the Campo, driving a pack mule before him, with two revolvers in his belt, go straight to the shop or store, select what he wanted, and ride away unopposed because of the terror his exploits and his audacity inspired.

Poor country people he usually left alone; the upper class were often stopped on the roads and robbed; but any unlucky official that fell into his hands was sure to get a severe flogging. The army officers did not like his name to be mentioned in their presence. His followers, mounted on stolen horses, laughed at the pursuit of the regular cavalry sent to hunt them down, and whom they took pleasure to ambush most scientifically in the broken ground of their own fastness.

Expeditions had been fitted out; a price had been put upon his head; even attempts had been made, treacherously of course, to open negotiations with him, without in the slightest way affecting the even tenor of his career. At last, in true Costaguana fashion, the Fiscal of Tonoro, who was ambitious of the glory of having reduced the famous Hernandez, offered him a sum of money and a safe conduct out of the country for the betrayal of his band.

But Hernandez evidently was not of the stuff of which the distinguished military politicians and conspirators of Costaguana are made. This clever but common device which frequently works like a charm in putting down revolutions failed with the chief of vulgar Salteadores. It promised well for the Fiscal at first, but ended very badly for the squadron of lanceros posted by the Fiscal's directions in a fold of the ground into which Hernandez had promised to lead his unsuspecting followers They came, indeed, at the appointed time, but creeping on their hands and knees through the bush, and only let their presence be known by a general discharge of firearms, which emptied many saddles.

The troopers who escaped came riding very hard into Tonoro. It is said that their commanding officer who, being better mounted, rode far ahead of the rest afterwards got into a state of despairing intoxication and beat the ambitious Fiscal severely with the flat of his sabre in the presence of his wife and daughters, for bringing this disgrace upon the National Army.

The highest civil official of Tonoro, falling to the ground in a swoon, was further kicked all over the body and rowelled with sharp spurs about the neck and face because of the great sensitiveness of his military colleague. This gossip of the inland Campo, so characteristic of the rulers of the country with its story of oppression, inefficiency, fatuous methods, treachery, and savage brutality, was perfectly known to Mrs. That it should be accepted with no indignant comment by people of intelligence, refinement, and character as something inherent in the nature of things was one of the symptoms of degradation that had the power to exasperate her almost to the verge of despair.

Still looking at the ingot of silver, she shook her head at Don Pepe's remark—. It is as if God had given you the power to look into the very breasts of people. You have seen them working round you, Dona Emilia—meek as lambs, patient like their own burros, brave like lions. I have led them to the very muzzles of guns—I, who stand here before you, senora—in the time of Paez, who was full of generosity, and in courage only approached by the uncle of Don Carlos here, as far as I know.

No wonder there are bandits in the Campo when there are none but thieves, swindlers, and sanguinary macaques to rule us in Sta. However, all the same, a bandit is a bandit, and we shall have a dozen good straight Winchesters to ride with the silver down to Sulaco. Gould's ride with the first silver escort to Sulaco was the closing episode of what she called "my camp life" before she had settled in her town-house permanently, as was proper and even necessary for the wife of the administrator of such an important institution as the San Tome mine.

For the San Tome mine was to become an institution, a rallying point for everything in the province that needed order and stability to live. Security seemed to flow upon this land from the mountain-gorge. The authorities of Sulaco had learned that the San Tome mine could make it worth their while to leave things and people alone.

This was the nearest approach to the rule of common-sense and justice Charles Gould felt it possible to secure at first.

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In fact, the mine, with its organization, its population growing fiercely attached to their position of privileged safety, with its armoury, with its Don Pepe, with its armed body of serenos where, it was said, many an outlaw and deserter—and even some members of Hernandez's band—had found a place , the mine was a power in the land. As a certain prominent man in Sta. Marta had exclaimed with a hollow laugh, once, when discussing the line of action taken by the Sulaco authorities at a time of political crisis—. They are officials of the mine—officials of the Concession—I tell you.

The prominent man who was then a person in power, with a lemon-coloured face and a very short and curly, not to say woolly, head of hair went so far in his temporary discontent as to shake his yellow fist under the nose of his interlocutor, and shriek—. The political Gefe, the chief of the police, the chief of the customs, the general, all, all, are the officials of that Gould. Thereupon an intrepid but low and argumentative murmur would flow on for a space in the ministerial cabinet, and the prominent man's passion would end in a cynical shrug of the shoulders.

After all, he seemed to say, what did it matter as long as the minister himself was not forgotten during his brief day of authority? But all the same, the unofficial agent of the San Tome mine, working for a good cause, had his moments of anxiety, which were reflected in his letters to Don Jose Avellanos, his maternal uncle. Don Jose Avellanos would mutter "Imperium in imperio, Emilia, my soul," with an air of profound self-satisfaction which, somehow, in a curious way, seemed to contain a queer admixture of bodily discomfort.

But that, perhaps, could only be visible to the initiated. And for the initiated it was a wonderful place, this drawing-room of the Casa Gould, with its momentary glimpses of the master—El Senor Administrador—older, harder, mysteriously silent, with the lines deepened on his English, ruddy, out-of-doors complexion; flitting on his thin cavalryman's legs across the doorways, either just "back from the mountain" or with jingling spurs and riding-whip under his arm, on the point of starting "for the mountain.

And there was also to be seen Captain Mitchell, a little apart, near one of the long windows, with an air of old-fashioned neat old bachelorhood about him, slightly pompous, in a white waistcoat, a little disregarded and unconscious of it; utterly in the dark, and imagining himself to be in the thick of things. The good man, having spent a clear thirty years of his life on the high seas before getting what he called a "shore billet," was astonished at the importance of transactions other than relating to shipping which take place on dry land.

Almost every event out of the usual daily course "marked an epoch" for him or else was "history"; unless with his pomposity struggling with a discomfited droop of his rubicund, rather handsome face, set off by snow-white close hair and short whiskers, he would mutter—. The reception of the first consignment of San Tome silver for shipment to San Francisco in one of the O.

The ingots packed in boxes of stiff ox-hide with plaited handles, small enough to be carried easily by two men, were brought down by the serenos of the mine walking in careful couples along the half-mile or so of steep, zigzag paths to the foot of the mountain. There they would be loaded into a string of two-wheeled carts, resembling roomy coffers with a door at the back, and harnessed tandem with two mules each, waiting under the guard of armed and mounted serenos. Don Pepe padlocked each door in succession, and at the signal of his whistle the string of carts would move off, closely surrounded by the clank of spur and carbine, with jolts and cracking of whips, with a sudden deep rumble over the boundary bridge "into the land of thieves and sanguinary macaques," Don Pepe defined that crossing ; hats bobbing in the first light of the dawn, on the heads of cloaked figures; Winchesters on hip; bridle hands protruding lean and brown from under the falling folds of the ponchos.

The convoy skirting a little wood, along the mine trail, between the mud huts and low walls of Rincon, increased its pace on the camino real, mules urged to speed, escort galloping, Don Carlos riding alone ahead of a dust storm affording a vague vision of long ears of mules, of fluttering little green and white flags stuck upon each cart; of raised arms in a mob of sombreros with the white gleam of ranging eyes; and Don Pepe, hardly visible in the rear of that rattling dust trail, with a stiff seat and impassive face, rising and falling rhythmically on an ewe-necked silver-bitted black brute with a hammer head.

The sleepy people in the little clusters of huts, in the small ranches near the road, recognized by the headlong sound the charge of the San Tome silver escort towards the crumbling wall of the city on the Campo side. They came to the doors to see it dash by over ruts and stones, with a clatter and clank and cracking of whips, with the reckless rush and precise driving of a field battery hurrying into action, and the solitary English figure of the Senor Administrador riding far ahead in the lead.

In the fenced roadside paddocks loose horses galloped wildly for a while; the heavy cattle stood up breast deep in the grass, lowing mutteringly at the flying noise; a meek Indian villager would glance back once and hasten to shove his loaded little donkey bodily against a wall, out of the way of the San Tome silver escort going to the sea; a small knot of chilly leperos under the Stone Horse of the Alameda would mutter: The early sunshine glowed on the delicate primrose, pale pink, pale blue fronts of the big houses with all their gates shut yet, and no face behind the iron bars of the windows.

In the whole sunlit range of empty balconies along the street only one white figure would be visible high up above the clear pavement—the wife of the Senor Administrador—leaning over to see the escort go by to the harbour, a mass of heavy, fair hair twisted up negligently on her little head, and a lot of lace about the neck of her muslin wrapper.

With a smile to her husband's single, quick, upward glance, she would watch the whole thing stream past below her feet with an orderly uproar, till she answered by a friendly sign the salute of the galloping Don Pepe, the stiff, deferential inclination with a sweep of the hat below the knee. The string of padlocked carts lengthened, the size of the escort grew bigger as the years went on. Every three months an increasing stream of treasure swept through the streets of Sulaco on its way to the strong room in the O.

Increasing in volume, and of immense value also; for, as Charles Gould told his wife once with some exultation, there had never been seen anything in the world to approach the vein of the Gould Concession. For them both, each passing of the escort under the balconies of the Casa Gould was like another victory gained in the conquest of peace for Sulaco.

Kommen Sie nie mehr zu früh! In 4 Schritten zum ausdauernden Liebhaber. (German Edition)

No doubt the initial action of Charles Gould had been helped at the beginning by a period of comparative peace which occurred just about that time; and also by the general softening of manners as compared with the epoch of civil wars whence had emerged the iron tyranny of Guzman Bento of fearful memory. In the contests that broke out at the end of his rule which had kept peace in the country for a whole fifteen years there was more fatuous imbecility, plenty of cruelty and suffering still, but much less of the old-time fierce and blindly ferocious political fanaticism.

It was all more vile, more base, more contemptible, and infinitely more manageable in the very outspoken cynicism of motives. It was more clearly a brazen-faced scramble for a constantly diminishing quantity of booty; since all enterprise had been stupidly killed in the land. Thus it came to pass that the province of Sulaco, once the field of cruel party vengeances, had become in a way one of the considerable prizes of political career. The great of the earth in Sta. Marta reserved the posts in the old Occidental State to those nearest and dearest to them: It was the blessed province of great opportunities and of largest salaries; for the San Tome mine had its own unofficial pay list, whose items and amounts, fixed in consultation by Charles Gould and Senor Avellanos, were known to a prominent business man in the United States, who for twenty minutes or so in every month gave his undivided attention to Sulaco affairs.

At the same time the material interests of all sorts, backed up by the influence of the San Tome mine, were quietly gathering substance in that part of the Republic. If, for instance, the Sulaco Collectorship was generally understood, in the political world of the capital, to open the way to the Ministry of Finance, and so on for every official post, then, on the other hand, the despondent business circles of the Republic had come to consider the Occidental Province as the promised land of safety, especially if a man managed to get on good terms with the administration of the mine.

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Aus der schwarzen amerikanischen Kirchenmusik kommend. Randy Pie versuchten von Hamburg aus bis , Klassik und Jazz im Rock zu vereinen, blieben jedoch weitestgehend blutleer. Zuerst allein im Hip Hop beheimatet, wird inzwischen z. Im Manchester-Rave waren auch Gitarrenbands beteiligt.

Er transportiert auf minimalistischen Harmonie- und Song-Strukturen zerbrechlichen Beinahe-Sprechgesang und poetische Texte. Gesang mit neuen Stilelementen zu samplen. So wird aus einer harmlosen Soul nummer z. Cembalo in manchmal komplexen Arrangements. Soundmalender Schlagzeuger des Bebop. Blondie , Duran Duran oder Mick Jagger in den 80ern. Aber allein die langen Lebensjahre lassen die Stones offensichtlich als die typische Rock-Band schlechthin erscheinen. Andy Mackay s, oboe , Phil Manzanera g. Rubin, Rick Der Produzent schlechthin. Der Mann hat wohl u. Rumble on the Beach Deutsche Rockabilly -Band ab den 80ern u.

Chachacha, Rhumba, Mambo werden, eigentlich den vertrackten kubanischen Rhythmen entspringend Queen of Salsa: Celia Cruz , mit allem vermischt, was Lateinamerika von Chile bis Brasilien zu bieten hat. Tanzmusik mit hohem Percussion -Anteil, aber auch Balladen. Sanders, Pharoah Der Saxophonist und Komponist machte Mitte der 60er mit modalem Jazz siehe Free Jazz auf sich aufmerksam, hatte in den 70ern keine Angst vor Disco , wandte sich in den 80ern wieder dem Jazz zu und experementiert in den 90ern auch im Acid Jazz.

Nach der Wende lehnen sie das neue Gesellschaftsystem genauso ab wie das alte. Live auch jazz ig. Das klang manchmal ungewohnt. Schwab, Sigi Der deutsche Gitarrist konnte ab Mitte der 60er live immer mit virtuoser Spieltechnik in diversen Stilbereichen u. Scientist Dub -Sound-Spezialist in den 70ern und Anfang der 80er. Kein Ende dieser Reihe in Sicht. Seekers, The Australische Band 1. Sekada, Jon Erfolge mit Pop-Schnulzen, die er wohl seinem Aussehen verdankte, Anfang der 90er; inzwischen wieder abgemeldet.

Session Meistens spontanes, oftmals nur einmaliges Zusammenspielen als kollektive Improvisation oder gemeinsame Probe. Hochkommerzielle Reggae -Ware sponsored by Levis. Shirts Abwechslungsreicher, geradliniger Rock ab aus Amerika. Skeptiker, Die Punk mit sozialkritischen Texten aus Ostdeutschland, ab bundesweit immer bekannter. Band aus Iowa im bizarren Ledermasken-Outfit. Sodom Durchschnittlicher Speed-Metal Thrash aus Deutschland ab Mitte der 80er mit Texten teilweise in deutsch und teilweise in schlecht artikuliertem Englisch.

Soundgarden Amerikanische Wegbereiter des Grunge langsam und schwer , ab Mitte der 80er mit hohem kreischenden Gesang. Space Vor allem von den vier Franzosen bekannt: Das war sehr poppig und sehr anstrengend: Geri Halliwell , Melanie C. Spin Doctors Die amerikanische Band hatte mit tanzbaren Rhythmen, entspanntem Gesang und manchmal leicht jazz igen Harmonien zu kryptischen Texten u.

Spirit waren vielschichtig und locker zwischen Folk , Blues und Rock unterwegs. Jay Fergusons klare Stimme und Randy Californias stimmige Gitarrenarbeit hielten ihre oft sprunghafte aber interessante Mischung nur bis zusammen. In den 80ern wiederbelebt, war der innovative Geist verflogen.

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  • Herwig Mitteregger d, v rockt heute gepflegt, solistisch. Seit gelegentlich neue LPs. Spyro Gyra Amerikanische Fusion -Gruppe, die ab meistens zu siebt, technisch hochwertig, seichte Musik abliefert. Nach einer Pause wieder unterwegs: Stooges Rauher, aggressiver und harter Rock um den jungen Iggy Pop sich selbst mit Glasscherben verletzend, manchmal Nazi-Uniform tragend usw.

    Stoppok versucht sich ab Anfang der 90er mit solidem Rock und schlagerfernen Texten auf dem kommerziell harten deutschsprachigen Terrain. Auch in Richtung Pop unterwegs, hatten sie bis weit in die 80er Erfolg. Das krasseste Brett schlechthin. Summer, Donna Disco -Queen mit schwerer bis piepsiger Stimme. Sun Ra p, k, u. Jazz er sind darauf besonders stolz. Dieses vermeintliche Tempo ist ebenso schwierig wie eine Verlangsamung und, da technisch schwierig, genauso selten. Pioniere sind Keith Emerson und Rick Wakeman.

    Take That Musikalisch simple, tanzbare Musik von ein paar englischen Jungs in den 90ern. In den 50ern Begleiter von Jimmy Reed. Tchaikovsky, Bram Gitarrist der Motors. Teenie Bands Wie der Name schon sagt: Vorreiter des Hardrocks und anfangs u. Brownie, der Gitarrist, und Sonny, der Mundharmonikaspieler, ernteten erst mit ihrem letzten Album den verdienten Lohn. Ericson war in den 80ern wieder unterwegs. Um profitierten sie mit erdiger Spielweise offensichtlich vom Punk -Boom; heute etwas anachronistisch. Progressive-Metal verfeinert dies weiter. Nach Streitigkeiten mit der Plattenfirma kam die Band unbeachtet bis in die 80er.

    Titanic aus Norwegen; begannen europaweit mit orgelbetontem Mainstream und spielten ab ohne Orgel gitarrenlastigen Hardrock. Parallel startete er eine Solokarriere, die zwar bei weitem nicht so erfolgreich war, aber musikalisch auf mindestens ebenso hohem Niveau stand.

    Towner, Ralph Fusion -Gitarrist u. Townshend, Peter Der britische Gitarrist der Who begann auch solistisch mit geradem, oft gutem, manchmal versponnenem Rock auf sich aufmerksam zu machen. Travers, Pat Kanadischer Gitarrenvirtuose der 70er und 80er mit konventionellem Hardrock. Trucks, Derek Geerdeter Gitarrist Slide! Neu und trotz junger Musiker gereift. Probleme gab es immer dann, wenn die Texte als faschistisch oder frauenfeindlich angesehen wurden.

    Die in Text und Image guten, sozialkritischen Jungs waren ab Mitte der 80er der Verkaufsrenner dies- und jenseits des Atlantik. Mit eigenen Kompositionen und ausgefeilteren Songs inzwischen ein wichtiger Act der Dancefloor -Szene. Comebackversuche in den 80ern und 90ern.

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