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If we take for granted that humans change physically and mentally in cycles of seven years the two periods between 14 and 28 obviously are the most striking ones, puberty and finding a place in the world of the adults. Music is all around in the clubs, on the radio or at parties — chiefly pop and dance music. Not everybody but most of us will agree, I guess.. In the twenties , the fourth period so to speak, we loose contact little by little.

More important things take place — kids, the job, the daily grind. This does not apply for collectors: We are used to changes and every new year gets its chance to present a colourful variety of new songs. Comment Would be a tough job RenaRd! Some pieces are for me forever connected with certain events and they come to my mind reminding me. Comment RenaRd Here is a slightly different, but quite possibly related, theory, put to me by a docent at the governor's mansion in Sacramento.

According to his theory, even as people age and their physical appearance changes, they basically stay the same person on the inside as they were at roughly age I would tend to agree, not much change other than becoming a bit calmer and a bit more tolerant. Comment Na ja OK, Goldammer Aber das eben habe ich offensichtlich nicht klar gemacht. Comment Oh, I'm sorry to have misunderstood you, eclectus! Sorry for my mockery! I don't think we have a separate terminus to describe " Zweige " which are intended to be used especially for decorative purposes, like as part of e bouquet of spring flowers or chimney smoke in a twig hut We used to build really small "huts" in the forest - not ones to "live" in ourselves, which is what the au pair in my thread probably meant , but tiny ones made of small twigs and moss, as stables for the little animals we made of fir cones.

Comment I commented again in the other thread, maybe we can count a few more peas over there? Comment waltherwithh RE Some say, we only gain knowledge, rarely wisdom, and our temper strengthens: I tend to agree after having experienced both characters. The 7-years-theory, however, attracted me because of some fascinating coincident even in the years following the a. At about the same age the female biological clock starts ticking to end about 14 years later, etc. Comment I have no idea how I could return to the sleeping habits I had at age Back then I could easily sleep nine hours in one uninterrupted stretch.

These days I am lucky if I get six hours at night, often it is just five hours. After that, I am wide awake and might as well get up and start doing something productive, so I do. As a consequence, I often fall asleep in front of the TV while watching the evening news between 5pm and 7pm business news, world news, local news.

I count myself lucky in that I have no problems falling asleep at night: Just a moment after my head hits the pillow I am already asleep, and don't wake up until morning. Comment Zu Schlafgewohnheiten und Alter Mir geht es genauso wie bei dir, Norbert Juffa, mit meiner Schlafroutine zu Dann, bis 4Uhr oder 4: Erst letzte Woche habe ich in einer meiner Wissenschaftszeitschriften einen glaubhaften Grund dafur gelesen.

Nur soll ich mir jeden Tag mehr Bewegung verschaffen. Gestern war ich eher zum Pennen geneigt, aber heute ist ein neuer Tag Your letter and descriptions have been wonderful. They asked me about my sleeping habits I went to bed at midnight or later, read half an hour and switched off the light at about 1 a. In brief they said: AND many people choose the wrong sleeping rhythm when get ing older.

If you remember when you used to go to bed at the age of about 25 return to this habit. An afternoon hap is o. What I did was to start lying down for a nap at 2 p. Well, I still wake up 3. You can probably imagine at my status of morbidity when I say: Many days I wake up f refreshed and sound and safe.

I don't have the time for a second proof reading; forgive me any slip of the - er - keyboard: Comment The situation at Oroville Dam is getting scary. Because of the erosion damage to the main concrete-lined spillway whose bottom third is pretty much gone at this point , flow down that spillway had to be limited to about one third of the maximum designed flow. This caused the reservoir level to rise, ultimately overtopping the emergency spillway on Saturday morning. The emergency spillway is just a big concrete "lip" and water overflows it like the rim of a bathtub.

The water then flows down a hillside towards the river. Over the past two days this hillside has been eroding away. Erosion channels are eating their way up the hill, now threatening the integrity of the emergency spillway. One hour ago law enforcement issued a mandatory evacuation order for areas immediately downstream of the dam. If the emergency spillway fails, a 30 ft wall of water is expected to sweep down the Feather River. Right now the weather is dry and reservoir levels at Oroville have been falling since about Sunday noon, but more rain is expected on Thursday.

For now engineers have increased flow down the damaged main spillway to half the designed rate i. Comment Sounds somehow dangerous, Norbert. Are you involved in the works at the dam or are you endangered personally? May I ask one of our ENS to take a look on my recent postings. Comment San Jose is several hours by car away from the affected region. My wife and I visited the Oroville Dam on a trip through the northern part of our state some ten years ago.

It is a monster, more than 2 kilometers across at the crest. It also sits on top of an earthquake fault! Human hubris at work. A couple of hours ago the water level dropped enough that water is no longer overtopping the emergency spillway. This will allow engineers to examine the structure at daybreak on Monday. So there is no immediate danger of a breach at the spillway anymore, but the forecast shows four days of rain starting early Thursday morning. About , people are under evacuation orders at the moment, the farmland to the east and south of the dam is very flat.

Our local newspaper reports that the safety of the emergency spillway was called into question by various organizations in , due to its unarmored nature. Incredibly, the emergency spillway was supposed to handle flows up to , CFS, but is now in danger of collapse due to a maximum flow of 15, CFS experienced yesterday. The main concrete-lined spillway is designed for a maximum flow of , CFS, but has never been used for more than , CFS since the levees along downstream rivers can't handle more. This is the second largest reservoir in the state, it supplies water to customers all the way down to Los Angeles; our local Santa Clara Valley Water District is also a customer.

This is one of the wettest rainy seasons on record, some parts of Northern California have already received twice their normal yearly precipitation, and rainfall will likely continue until about end of April. Comment Meanwhile, the topic has made it into tagesschau:. Comment Goldammer thx for the link. Norbert Juffa that's really a very scary situation. I hope everything will go well and no one will come to harm.

Benutzer:Elkawe/Artikelprojekt Wegbereiter der Europaeischen Union

Comment Die Oroville Dam-Geschichte interessiert mich sehr.. Immer erneut wird bewahrt, dass der Mensch eigentlich nur bis ganz kurz vor der Nase hinaus sehen kann. Hier geben die Experten und Fachgelehrte im Fernsehen zunehmend Spuren in diese Richtung von sich ab, scheinen aber immer noch zum Verzweifeln drum herumzueiern.

Comment I sent it to you, eclectus! In the upper left hand corner one can see construction workers using fast-setting concrete and boulders to fill in some of the washed-out area earlier today. Given the force of flowing water, one wonders how much good this will do. At least the forces at the emergency spillway should be smaller than in the main spillway, where water accelerates to about 55 mph, likely first causing cavitation damage to the concrete surface, ultimately scouring out a huge sinkhole where the spillway wasn't directly on top of bedrock and the adjacent hillside.

I am sure there will be a proper investigation once the crisis is over which may be in a couple of months , but indications are the emergency spillway wasn't armored because the customers of the dam didn't want to pay for that, and convinced the regulating agency that it is safe as-is. Comment Thank you for the link, Norbert Juffa. I share your concerns about how much good the filling of the washed out area with boulders and slurry will do.

Hopefully it will really be a working first-aid measurement. Comment You mean Flynn? Yes, I read what I get about it. The shit's hitting the fan here in the U. Schlimm ist nicht, dass man gesetzeswidrig handelt, schlimm ist, dass man das nicht zugibt. Da wir gerade von Gesetzen reden: Eine Zensur findet nicht statt. I am not going to reproduce the relevant text here and your students should not search for it, the material is not suitable for children, especially not in a high-school setting in Michigan. The "poem" accuses Erdogan of sex with animals and worse, I don't want to trigger net nanny filters ; this is likely not factual.

Legal commentary, as quoted in the German Wikipedia , states emphasis mine:. So personal attacks of this nature are not covered by the right of free speech under the German constitution. No reason to scratch your head. For misdeeds at the federal level it is usually not the deed itself, but the coverup that does people in, as Nixon found out the hard way.

As I recall, Martha Steward did not go to prison because of the irregularities in her securities dealings for which she was investigated by the SEC, but because she lied to investigators about it. So she was ultimately convicted of perjury. There are various other cases like this I don't recall the details off the top of my head where people eventually wound up in federal prison because they lied to the FBI, not for the initially alleged crime.

HappyWarrior might be able to point out relevant law for us. Flynn may have violated the Logan Act that prohibits private citizens from approaching foreign governments in United States governmental matters. Since the spy agency phone transcripts are not public, it is impossible to tell, since we do not know the details of the conversation. He most definitely lied to the vice president, a serious breach of trust. Did he lie to the FBI when they interviewed him?

I have not heard anything about that yet. From what I read, nobody has ever been convicted under the Logan Act. Comment Addendum to This constitutes criminal behavior according to German law and the law of many other countries. In the US, defamation is not criminal act, but is dealt with by filing a civil suit for defamation: In the US, defamation lawsuits brought by public figures usually have a very high hurdle to cross, but based on the specific allegations here, I think such a case would be successful.

Comment I was going to launch into a lecture on the crass commercialism of such "holidays", but I see you want levity. My great-grandfather operated a nursery and flower-shop, and for a while presided over the local nursery association. He expressed hope that this event would become established permanently and encouraged all members to participate the following year. Comment Amy, here's an article from FAZ about the man and his stupid and superfluous poem: But I just can't let that.

Explaining it like that to the students would imo simplify the whole issue too much and isn't in accordance with the juristical assessment of the situation, either. But of course it is no coincidence that he did this by abusing Erdogan, whose country is rapidly drifting towards a very strict dictatorship under his rule, with nothing like freedom of speech or freedom of press left.

I find this a very good summary of the whole issue, and maybe you can watch it, Amy-MiMi, and extract from it what you are going to tell your students. The first three minutes of the video sum up the situation, after that follows a more detailed analyis of the issue with an expert. Comment Goldammer, I respectfully disagree with the court. I know political satire well enough, but this ain't it. Of course, it would be great if Amy could put the text in front of her students so they could form their own opinions on this matter, but that's just not possible.

For what it's worth, I don't buy the "wanted to demonstrate the level of freedom of speech" argument. For that it would have been sufficient, and probably even more effective, to stick the name of a German politician in there and see what happens. Comment As I just added maybe while you wrote your answer , he wanted to demonstrate the level of freedom of speech in the context of the recent development in Turkey.

And I respect your opinion, but all the same, find that Amy-MiMi's students should have information based on what the facts are, so they can - as far as possible - form their opinion themselves. I just wanted ot add more background information and context. I do think it is important to go back to the primary source, rather than relying on descriptions and interpretations by others even the court.

We could argue at length whether the first part of my sentence "not political satire" is opinion or fact. I take Justice Potter Stewart's approach in that regard: Are we in disagreement on the second part "collection of defamatory statements " as well? Comment It is a collection of defamatory statements, sure. But in order to understand the whole issue, it is important to see the whole context in which those statements were made. Yes, I noted that you said "The way -- I -- would explain this" , but then, it is not really an explanation but your opinion. If you were a teacher, I'd still expect of you to give your students the whole picture as far as possible and then maybe add: My opinion is this and that - what do you think?

In the shortness of that sentence, it came across to me as "That is what Norbert thinks Amy-MiMi should tell her students", and I wanted to add a bit of background, because I wasn't sure Amy-MiMi had that context information. Comment I guess I did not express myself well. Where I do not want to provide a recommendation for whatever reason, e. Some people might find that interesting, others superfluous.

I was debating with myself whether I should strike the sentence, and decided to leave it in. To form their own opinion whether this is permissible political satire or not, and whether it should be free from legal repercussions, the students would have to read the text. They cannot do that at least not in school. Comment I find that the original text plus the paragraphs is not all that is needed to form an opinion about the issue or, as you put it "the best that can be done".

Don't you agree on that? But if you reduce the whole thing to the text and the paragraphs and then ask: Comment Amy's question was "Da wir gerade von Gesetzen reden: I did not want to describe it in detail because I am afraid that could get the LEO site added to net-nanny filters which often use crude keyword matching , to the detriment of all those who access LEO from systems with such filters.

I figured Amy would read it herself. The parts of the German constitution and the laws I cited seem sufficient to answer "warum gesetzeswidrig? For anybody interested in the recent decision of the Hamburg court, the full text doesn't seem to be available yet. But commentary is available that gives some information as to which parts of the poem the court held to be "beleidigend": It should be noted that the court case is still open due to appeals.

Benutzer:Elkawe/Artikelprojekt Wegbereiter der Europaeischen Union – Wikipedia

Comment I agree with Goldammer that the context is very important here. I think it all began with a pretty harmless song in the TV show "extra 3" see corresponding article on Wikipedia here. The German ambassador in Turkey was summoned and the Turkish president demanded the airing of this show to be stopped. Comment I am not aware of a legal principle that holds that it is OK to break the law in order to demonstrate distinctions made by law.

As for the satirical song which I quite liked , Erdogan was within his rights to lodge a complaint with German authorities. In response, German authorities were within their rights to laugh him out of the building. Comment I never said that there was such a legal principle. Please don't misunderstand me - I did not offer an apology or better justification? I did in fact not even give my opinion about this matter.

I only consider it necessary to know what the context was that led to all of this especially if you want to discuss the matter in class. I gladly leave the legal judgement to those whose job it is. Nevertheless I think that your example is not well chosen. Comment I agree my alternative example was lopsided by involving two separate jurisdictions.

I thought we already had peace and harmony here, but I'd happily take some apple pie, thanks! Comment I correct myself: It was just a way of saying: I am not really interested in a discussion of the substance of the matter and as saying so often looks a little offended I considered apple pie to be a good alternative ;-.

Comment I think we are doing extremely well re peace and harmony, considering what kind of hot topic this is! It's really funny, only today I came across a description of apple pie with cream in literature which I thought very brilliant and which made my mouth water immediately. I'm re-reading South Riding by Winifred Holtby at the moment, and it's in there:. Comment I feel tempted, but I am afraid I have to lose 40 lb first before whipped cream is permissible again: Comment Not long ago people agreed that dirt in a bathtub is an object of art, just because the artists said so and critics agreed.

I googled it and watched the whole scene. Without that just new German phrases might find their place in the students active vocabulary. I just realize that the topic has changed. An apple pi is much more delicious than the previous topic. A very good description indeed - mouth-watering. I knew the word "shortbread" but never used "short" in this way. Perhaps I should bake something on Friday or Saturday Virtual cream has no calories whatsoever!

Big helping with a new piece of fresh pie? Comment Sehr gut, He-le-na.. Wieso kann ein Teig 'kurz' sein? Meine Mutter hat sehr gern und sehr gut gekocht, und sagte mir manchal in der Kuche, Nudelholz in der Hand, "For a good pie crust the dough has to be good and short.

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Zu merken ist, dass der ganz am Anfang und nur ganz kurz gezeigter "Show-Animateur" schwarz ist. Aber da der Clip ein Sing-Along ist, steht der Text dabei. Der dabei angegebe Link zu James Whitcomb Riley ist auch interessant. I wish the doctor had prescribed this cure to me when I was little and ill in bed!

There was a phrase in the song which I didn't know: I mean, I understand the words, but what's the image? Why is cutting a pigeon wing an image for recovery and livelihood? Comment Gestern habe ich einen langen Beitrag geschrieben, aber er ist weg. Wenn ich etwas anfange, unterbrochen werde und das dann wieder aufnehmen, kommt es vor, dass ich inzwischen ausgeloggt wurde.

Also, kurz bedanke ich mich, dass ihr alle viel zum Thema geschrieben habt. Ich verstehe jetzt mehr. Er ist dermassen hoch gesprungen, dass er eine Taube gestreift hat vielleicht da oben auf einem Dachsparren sitzend oder so? Aber wieso cut und nicht broke Hielt er denn etwa ein Messer in der Hand? Dieses Verzweifeln kenne ich auch. Comment Update to not sure whether Amy is still interested: On the other hand, it looks like he mis-characterized the conversations when questioned by the FBI.

The Washington Post writes: As I said, the coverup invariably does them in. How could Flynn, as a national security adviser, have been unaware that the security services are monitoring communications with the Russian embassy, and think he could get away with giving incorrect information to the FBI? Comment Man kann alles im Internet finden. To dance with graceful steps. To dance in a fancy way. Ich bin ziemlich sicher, dass eclectus die Redewendung kennt: Diese Bedeutung von "cut the pigeon's wing" passt gut zum Lied.

Heute Abend habe ich ein Interview mit Charles Krauthammer gesehen. Krauthammer sagte, es gebe zwei verschiedene Probleme: Dieser Lug und Betrug - was noch steckt dahinter? Es war ein interessantes Interview. I cancelled my comment after Robert was quicker. I found this video interesting and therefore add it again. Comment Thanks for your explanation and the video, Robert and RenaRd. Just one more question:. Da habe ich wirklich etwas gelernt. Ja, cut the rug kenne ich.. Und auch noch Cut it out! Comment When looking up "cut" in leo one can find the wonderful phrase "to cut the mustard [coll.

Is this expression often or rarely used? Changing the topic back to apple pie: Which kind of apples do you usually use for cakes or baked apples and which for eating the apple raw? Is it possible to switch off auto-correction in leo? I'm growing tired of exchanging the automatically introduced capital letters Switch, Expression, Topic,.. Comment He-le-na, I think you'd need to switch off autocorrection on your device tablet, smartphone Comment Ja, cut the mustard wird immer noch gebraucht immer im Negativen, denke ich und ich vermute, jeder zumindest in A.

Cut to the chase ist ein alter Stummfilm-Industrie-Ausdruck. Damit der Spielfilm nicht mit zu vielem Dialog-Text langwierig wird, soll direkt zum Jagt-Szene geschnitten werden. Cut the pigeon's wings Comment Thank you very much penguin and electus for the helpful link and the explanation. This is definitely the first time I have encountered this particular expression, thanks for the education. Woke up this morning with the wind howling around the house and the power gone. I had to locate a wrist watch to find out what time it is. Luckily, power is back on now, otherwise I wouldn't be able to write this.

The weather report last night said a huge rain storm was coming and that a "high wind" warning had been issued. Ten minutes ago I heard rumbling in the backyard and when I investigated I found that that the lids of two compost bins had been blown to the edge of the yard.

Comment Thanks for all the comments on cut the pigeon wing , very interesting indeed. For baking, I love Boskop , and for my muesli and eating raw, I like Elstar best. Comment Goldammer, have you ever tried Topaz apples? Soon there won't be any left, they don't last throughout the winter. Fortunately the phenomenon is just an extraordinary coincidence. Mr Trump made very clear that climate change is a Chinese fiction.

Because of my bad sight in might last a little while, and I send this posting in advance. It took me three days to prepare for the gallery opening. The event lasted all of three hours. Sometimes your troubles are ours as well. We talked a lot about the US election, the surprising winner and the way Trump is changing the political behavior. I just watched it a second time, especially Mr Blau said some interesting things beyond those we knoe. As you know each talk show is as good as the participant, and I opine this was a good round.

Worse that could happen would be to distrust the government. As to fake news and bots: Contacts to the Russian embassy are totally normal. If the US and Russia built a relationship being an alliance, that would be a threatening for Europe. We are jointly responsible for the disaster..

Now we have migrants and extremists. Can we counter fake news? Disinformation had different targets, people of the own country, but also people in countries we deal with, e. And this is being read all over the world forming specific opinions. Comment Quotation of the day, found in my brand-new passport: Comment Another quotation, freely adapted from a Groucho Marx quotation:.

Comment I discovered Topaz a few years ago — mmhh! Ingrid-Marie seldom to be had is another apple I like. My favourite is Gravensteiner — unluckily not a storable kind of apple. For cakes I started to use a mixture of apples with a lot of Boskop. The same reason as for using several kind of tomatoes for tomato salad — you have a higher chance of having all the different flavours which together result in the full tomato aroma. In other countries or even other regions in Germany I love to visit markets and supermarkets.

As it would look strange and probably not be welcomed by the staff I keep myself from taking photos in order to identify the goods specifically but not restricted to fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits and cheese , but very often I would like to. Comment I really like this remarkably clear statement. Comment Goldammer I cannot say that I share your enthusiasm. In unrelated news, it finally stopped raining here, and I see blue sky with some clouds and sunshine. The evening news showed flooding in a small portion of San Jose.

Also, major trouble with several important highways around the area and across northern California. More rain expected on the weekend sigh. Comment We've had rain since the Weekend here, too. Except for a few hours of sunshine on Monday. Norbert Are there any news on the Oroville dam? I can only find contradictory news. Some say the situation is under control and not dangerous anymore, others say it's still critical.

Comment Yesterday I read that water reservoirs with quickly changing water levels may apply forces to the ground below the reservoir which may result in earthquakes and in this article they say that lake Oroville is a lake to be worried about see here. This sounds rather worrying! Comment The hourly level measurements for Oroville and other dams are available online. Last I checked some hours ago, the level was at ft, so 48 ft below the emergency spillway. As to what else is going on there, from what I gathered from the news: They are still pouring concrete near the emergency spillway, and are starting to remove debris broken concrete below the main spillway that is blocking the river channel; this is a prerequisite to getting the power station at the bottom of the dam working again which needs a proper downstream flow of water.

I would think the next potential crisis at Oroville could be a rapid snow melt event in the upper reaches of the Feather River in spring. Best I know, the largest earthquake to occur near Oroville dam was a magnitude 4. He-le-na's link probably has better info on that specific aspect, I haven't looked at it. Comment Thank you He-le-na for the link and thank you Norbert for your update. So it really seems to be under control for the moment. Comment Question for the US-readers: What is the position of the "New Yorker" and especially the writer Andy Borovitz? I have seen several of his columns recently and found them really really funny!

Comment The name sounds vaguely familiar, but nothing else comes to mind. By "position", are you referring to the political leaning of the publication, or the general reputation it enjoys? Es freut mich, dass er dir gefallen hat. Norbert, da bist du doch.

Curse of the Ring (2004)

Ich habe gerade gedacht, hoffentlich warst weder du noch Martin unter denjenigen Comment I just read myself that 14, have to be evacuated, the area flooded by Coyote Creek now extends to within a few miles of where we live. Martin may be closer to the "action", I would have to check a map. One-hundred years ago the creek was at the eastern edge of the city. The reason for the flooding is massive spilling from Anderson Reservoir, the largest reservoir in the county.

You can see current reservoir levels here , spillway elevation is ft. There is no flooding by the creek nearest to us, its water levels are receding quickly. They put in new levees for this creek after a flood in or thereabouts. Looks like San Jose city leaders have some explaining to do with regard to a lack of timely warnings to affected residents. Comment Norbert, hm and the other leftpondians:.

From the distance and sometimes limited access 5 times a month without subscription it is difficult to decide. We could try to collect opinions about newspapers, magazines or even TV-Stations. Please not to much generalis z ation!

A general problem according to my experiences traveling the US: Martin may be closer to the "action".. Martin may be closer to the action, I would have to check a map.

Sunk Without Trace: 30 Dramatic Accounts of Yachts Lost at Sea

Comment Nein, das ist keine Falle. Soll Donald Elizabeth besuchen? Comment Ich brauche den ganzen Faden nicht zu lesen penguin.. Talk Radio so wie Rush Limbaugh zu und glaubt an jedes Wort. Oder sie bekommen von ihren Christlichen Kirken und ihren Predigern "das Wort", das sie glauben sollen An ihrer Glaube sollen sie nicht zweifeln. Es gibt bei uns eine riesige Spaltung in unserer Bevolkerung, wo es drauf kommt, woher man die Nachrichten bekommt.

Der Anteil an Leute bei uns, der z. Comment Thank you for confirmation, eclectus, that's exactly what I thought and why I would never try to prove anything using a Fox News link.

Januar die sog. Mai wurde Aristide Briand im sog. Briand starb am 7. Februar einen Artikel: Er hatte schon ab an Kriegen teilgenommen und sich mit den Ansichten von Lionel Curtis auseinandergesetzt. August die sog. Diese Freiheiten vom 6. Juni zur Grundlage der Nachkriegsordnung und der Vereinten Nationen. Auf der Konferenz von Casablanca wurde von beiden Politikern eine gemeinsame Kriegsstrategie festgelegt.

Februar bekannt gegeben wurde. Wir sind bei Europa, aber nicht von ihm. Er starb mit 91 Jahren am Durch das Stauffenberg Attentat am Charles de Gaulle richtete am Juni 40 im Exil , konnte er am In seinem eigenen Plan, den Monnet in seinem Auftrag ausarbeitete, schlug de Gaulle am September wurde ihre Zollunion beschlossen. Er starb am 9.

November im Alter von 80 Jahren. Toynbee und Robert Vansittrat. Mai war Schumann mit dem streng geheim gehaltenen Plan-Konzept, einverstanden. Mai wurde Dean Gooderham Acheson und am 8. Mai Kornrad Adenauer schriftlich eingeweiht und beide stimmten emphatisch zu. Trotz Bedenken billigte Dienstagmorgen am 9. Der bekannteste Satz von Monnet lautete: Jean Monnet starb am Als General befehligte er die mehr als Als Premierminister der Polnischen Exilregierung , nahm er am Von London aus befahl Sikorski am Juni in einer Radioansprache, den Soldaten und Freiwilligen aus Polen die sich in Frankreich befanden, sich nach England durchzuschlagen.

Nach dem deutschen Angriff auf die Sowjetunion, wurde am Juli das Sikorski-Majski-Abkommen auf Initiative der britischen Regierung unterschrieben und die polnischen Kriegsgefangenen in der Sowjetunion konnten daraufhin amnestiert werden. Januar hatte die griechische und juguslalawische Exilregierung die Bildung einer gemeinsamen Union verabschiedet. Sikorski kam am 4. Oktober wurde der Begriff auf der Pariser Gipfelkonferenz auf die Tagesordnung gesetzt, angenommen und Offiziell erst Dooge-Ausschuss , unterzeichnet werden.

Er starb im Alter von 79 Jahren am Seit war Spaak u. September war er mit verantwortlich, das eine Zollunion zwischen Belgien , den Niederlanden und Luxemburg vereinbart und am Der Benelux-Vertrag konnte am 3. Februar unterzeichnet werden und trat in Kraft. Beim Haager Europa-Kongress vom 7. Er starb am Juli im Alter von 73 Jahren. Ludwig Erhard verfasste als deutscher Diplom-Kaufmann und Dr. Das Grundgesetz der BRD trat am Mai in Kraft und am November zu einem Generalstreik kam.

Durch das Petersberger Abkommen vom Kornrad Adenauer setzte sich durch, mit dem bekannten Ausspruch: Oktober bis war Erhard Bundeskanzler. Die Arbeitslosenzahlen stiegen drastisch an und am 1. Dezember legte er sein Amt nieder. Die Wirtschaftskraft erholte sich wieder schnell, so das Deutschland mehrmals Exportweltmeister wurde. Mai mit 80 Jahren und am Mai , sollte vermieden werden, das es zu einem Macht- und Ordnungsvakuum in Europa kommt.

Richard Rouse and Craig Van Gelder. Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry 1 May Speech And Reading 8 Nov Morais Universite Libre de Bruxelles Belgium. Food in Classic Arabic Literature 31 Mar De Nieuwe Joodse Gazet: Bejubeld en Verguisd Dutch Edition 23 Mar Read this and over 1 million books with Kindle Unlimited. Borrow for free from your Kindle device.