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He starts out the book pathetic and ends the book pathetic. Actually, he's even more pathetic at the end than he was at the start because he's so darn useless and static. Charlie, on the other hand, is a pompous, self-centered, fathead. The kid obviously thinks he's some-kinda cool, and just goes along with the demon because he's throwing a little tantrum. Charlie is also painfully static. He has no regard for the safety and well being of others. The only good thing about Charlie is he isn't a sniveling stick-in-the-mud like Jack. At least Charlie does something, however stupid and selfish said somethings are.

As others have said, the plot is everywhere. Everywhere, that is, but up. Oh how it plummets and throws in random twists and events! These "twists" aren't even good and come off more as desperate attempts at shock-and-awe-ing readers into forgetting about the static characters and rapidly decaying semblance of plot. Now let's get to the religious smashing. I understand that not everyone in the world believes as I believe.

I understand that authors are free to make up their own religions and gods for their books. I'm okay with that. In fact, I rather enjoy made up religions in my fantasy reading and video games. I know that the religions and gods made up for fantasy aren't real. Including a made up religion or variation of a dead religion can really add to the world building and can make immersion much quicker and easier. This book, however, bashes Christianity. Not in a subtle, hinting way, that suggests blindly following any religion is potentially dangerous and foolhardy for a good book that does that I'd suggest Blood Song by Anthony Ryan, which is by far one of the best books I've ever read.

This books all but outright says that Christianity is a lie and anyone who follows or believes in God is a foolish sheep being lead along by an overblown misconception. Honestly, I can handle someone thinking that. It saddens me that people don't understand or willfully cut themselves off from God, but I get there are people out there like that and I can't force them to change.

What gets me about this book, I mean really gets me, is what it says is the "truth" of God and the universe. It's something so implausible that, when viewing it as someone would in the natural, the "God spoke and the universe was" that's explained in the Bible makes more sense. It goes on to claim that the universe as we know it is actually on the back of an unfathomably large, sleeping dragon. Yes, I said dragon. Whenever said dragon stirs in his sleep the universe is destroyed and eventually another one will form on his back and exist until the day he stirs again and the cycle repeats.

I don't know about you, but I can't figure out how that sounds better or more plausible than an omnipotent being who speaks and creation ensues? But don't trash a thousands year old religion and try to replace it with that theory. If it wasn't for the fact that this book was my only source of entertainment for several days, I would have stopped reading it. The characters and plot are frustrating and painful to endure. In fact, as of the writing of this review, this is the only book I have ever knowingly thrown away. I usually donate books I've decided I don't want to read anymore. I gladly donate books with the hope that they will spark the joy of reading in another person.

This book is so bad that I chose to throw it away rather than risk it falling into another person's hands and potentially ruin reading for them forever. Jul 16, Sharon Tyler rated it liked it. Black Tattoo by Sam Enthoven is a young adult novel that is about friendship, dreams, life and finding ones true goals and worth in the context of the possible end of the world. This is a fast-paced novel, high in action and with a very interesting premise. However, the execution of the idea and the characterization of the major players seemed to be a little lacking. The demon, The Scourge, has the ability to possess and control humans, sometimes more than one at a time, by preying on their hopes and fears.

The Black Tattoo

The Scourge wants to return to Hell and wake up the legendary dragon that will devour the world and return the entire universe to an empty void. Charlie is an angry young man that The Scourge uses to bring his plans to fruition. Esme has been training all her life to fight The Scourge, and has some hard truths to face in her efforts to defend the world and defeat the deadly demon.

The theology that most people use in relation to the terms Hell, demon and God are called into question, with a twist on the stories we have been taught as our creation or history. The twists on theology, premise and action scenes in Black Tattoo make it an okay read. However, the lack of depth to characters and the use of several cliques and twists I saw coming within the first few chapters keep it from being more than an average read. If you enjoy coming of age tales with strong fantasy flavor that includes demons and strange creatures, then add this to your list of things you might want to read.

However, if you are looking for something exciting and new to get you through the dog days of summer I suggest skipping the novel, at least until you are out of other reading material. While Black Tattoo was far from the worst fantasy novel I have read, even when narrowed down to just young adult novels, it was also far from the best.

You could say that The Black Tattoo is another of the countless good vs. You could say that. Until you read this book. The author's cast of characters could be any of the teenagers attending your nearby school. Charlie, the misfit, is bored with school, doesn't do homework, can't get a girlfriend, hates his life and desperately wants to be like his ultra-cool, good-looking, smart and ever-popular frien You could say that The Black Tattoo is another of the countless good vs. Charlie, the misfit, is bored with school, doesn't do homework, can't get a girlfriend, hates his life and desperately wants to be like his ultra-cool, good-looking, smart and ever-popular friend.

Jack, of course, is that friend. She's trained her whole life for this mission. It has been her total focus for as long as she can remember. The author draws the reader into this story through his integration of vividly described action scenes, fantastical settings, realistic characters, and quick pacing. As the main characters are deeply involved in surface issues, they are also dealing privately with individual issues of ethics, morality and loyalty.

They must each deal with their own personal demons regarding these issues in order to be ready to accomplish the task at hand. Cleverly, the author provokes the reader's contemplation of these issues as well. Join Charlie, Jack and Esme as they battle inner demons, interpersonal relationship issues, and the battle of their lives. Together they must go to the very depths of hell to save planet Earth from total destruction. You won't want to miss it! Mar 09, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: I first picked up this book because I was as always sucked in by John Jude Palencar's cover art.

I didn't begin reading it immediately but once I started, I couldn't stop and ended up finishing it within a day. Enthoven creates his own quirky world and compliments it with a quirky and humorous plot line that takes many surprising twists and turns. The book follows the much used teenage-boy-thinks-he's-nothing-special-and-ends-up-saving-the-world routine but still manages to remain its own stor I first picked up this book because I was as always sucked in by John Jude Palencar's cover art.

The book follows the much used teenage-boy-thinks-he's-nothing-special-and-ends-up-saving-the-world routine but still manages to remain its own story. The various characters and creatures introduced such as the butt-kicking Esme or the endearing yet horrifying vomiting bats , as well as the wacky settings Hell is much more interesting than one might think and the side plots including teen romance help make The Black tattoo an interesting read. On a side note, I could see how a somewhat strict religious person who strongly believes in Heaven and Hell and doesn't like to joke about it might get offended as some of the content.

Oct 07, Krista rated it really liked it Shelves: To be fair, this review is for the audio version. John Lee, the narrator performed beautifully, giving a unique voice and life to each character. I'm not sure I would have the same affinity for the book had I elected to read in a traditional manner.

Sam Enthoven packs a bit of everything into this novel and, for me, it presented fresh idea, after fresh idea, after fresh idea. It tips the concepts of hell and humanity on their heads and casts daemons as gladiators. The story also brings together co To be fair, this review is for the audio version.

The story also brings together coming of age themes with a "dink" of a "main" character, a faithful sidekick turned hero, and a kick ass young woman. Perhaps my favorite part of the story, though, is the Chinj. The picture in my mind is something like a bat crossed with an "Angry Bird" and paired with a slightly "off" Jiminy Cricket persona. I rather think I'd like one. Nov 10, Emily rated it it was ok. Looking over the other reviews for this book, I can identify with both sides.

Part of me really wants to like this book and there are parts of the book that are really likeable. The other part of me was ssooooo bored with the whole thing. The characters were poorly developed. Why would he follow his best friend to Hell? Why should any reader care about someone she knows nothing about? But then there were the Chinj wh Looking over the other reviews for this book, I can identify with both sides.

But then there were the Chinj which I loved and the unique description of hell and the gladiators. I was not thrilled with the obvious plug for the author's religious or lack thereof beliefs, but he did a great job of creating a fantasy world. Read it if you are desparate for some YA fantasy and this is all you have in a snowstorm- that is the best I can offer. Oct 10, Steven rated it really liked it Shelves: Sam Enthoven has written a fun, magical adventure in The Black Tattoo. It seems original in its plot twists and turns while at the same time being very derivative.

Jack is the most interesting character in his Sam from The Lord of the Rings way. The story as a whole is a save-the-universe adventure along with some interesting philosophy and theology all wrapped up in lots of action. There are often three sides to the same plot line going. There is a slight twinge of coming-of-age to the story. My bet is that many 13 year olds of either gender would enjoy the book. As for me, I enjoyed it and will look at some of the influences that Enthoven sights.

I give it a good recommendation if you enjoy action and fantasy. I was really looking forward to this book. I had read Crawlers by this author earlier in the year and it was great, so much better than I expected and highly enjoyable. So, when I found this book by the same author I had high hopes for another good book. I quit at page at the end of section 1 as I just could not bring myself to read anymore! This was just bad, boring and so overly long!

The thought of another pages of this was so not good. If I had read this first I I was really looking forward to this book. If I had read this first I probably wouldn't have read Crawlers! Now I'll probably think twice with this author! Apr 14, Olivia Dunlap rated it liked it Recommends it for: Fans of the theme. I picked up The Black Tattoo at random because of the interesting cover design, and I wasn't disappointed. This novel was a grotesque, satirical romp that was fun to read.

A totally new theory of hell is presented here, and it is as interesting as it is dark. I wouldn't recommend this book to everyone, but if you are interested in religious themes and horror, you should give it a go; I found it a satisfying read. Jadi pas baca The Black Tattoo rasanya kepala kurang bisa menikmati atau menjadi terlalu realistis? Kepala sudah mulai 'colek-colek' masalah konspirasi, hadeeeh This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

A dark fantasy for older children with martial arts and magic. My favourite was the vomiting bats that provide a unique dining experience.

Brutal Black Project The Sleeve mayhem

An imaginative tale that raises questions about the nature of hell and God, and what really makes a hero. Jun 07, Amanda rated it it was ok. I really enjoyed Jack as a protagonist and the world building here was neat but something was missing. I didn't care if anyone lived or died, Jack included. The whole universe could have ended in the story and I still would have said "okay. Apr 15, Yves rated it really liked it.

I have read this book twice, and it still grabbed me the second time around. Not sure why some people don't like it, guess there really are different books for different people Jul 14, Kayla Torres rated it it was amazing. Absolute childhood favorite book. Feb 10, Maxwell rated it liked it. The Black Tattoo Penulis: Lulu Fitri Rahman Editor: Jack Farrell dan Charlie Farnsworth akhirnya harus berhadapan dengan Sang Laknat, Iblis yang terusir dari neraka karena awalnya bertabrakan dengan seorang laki-laki misterius yang diketahui bernama Nick.

Nick rupanya sedang menca Judul: Nick rupanya sedang mencari seorang pemimpin bagi Persaudaraan, kelompok yang menjaga agar Sang Laknat tetap terkurung di penjaranya. Sayangnya, saat ini Sang Laknat diketahui telah dibebaskan oleh salah seorang Anggota Persaudaraan yang berkhianat. Setelah Nick menyerahkan kepemimpinan Persaudaraan kepada Charlie, Nick meninggal dunia. Raymond dan Esme, sisa anggota persaudaraan lainnya, tidak menerima keputusan Nick yang menyerahkan kepemimpinan Persaudaraan begitu saja kepada orang baru.

Sementara itu di mata Jack, Charlie terlihat berubah setelah ia menjadi pemimpin Persaudaraan. Charlie menjadi sering semena-mena, sembrono dan anehnya tiba-tiba memiliki kemampuan super yang sebelumnya tidak dimilikinya. Ternyata Charlie dibawah pengaruh Sang Laknat, yang menjalari tubuhnya dalam bentuk tato- tato hitam, terutama ketika ia murka.

Sang Laknat dan Charlie bersekutu akan membangunkan Sang Naga, tuhan segala tuhan yang mengawali dan mengakhiri kehidupan. Mereka akan bersama-sama menciptakan kehampaan dunia, menghabisi apa saja yang tersisa dan kemudian menguasai kesemuanya. Celakanya, sang Naga saat ini sedang tertidur di Neraka. Sang Laknat yang memengaruhi Charlie harus masuk ke Neraka lewat salah satu pintunya yang terhubung ke Bumi.

Jack yang bertekad ingin menyelamatkan Charlie dari pengaruh Sang Laknat juga ikut masuk ke Neraka apapun resikonya. Meski kemudian ia harus mengikuti pertandingan yang menjadikan kehidupan sebagai taruhannya. Esme dan Raymond juga bertekad membunuh Sang Laknat, meski pilihannya juga hanya satu, ikut memasuki dunia Neraka dan bertaruh nyawa. Bertemu Chinj, makhluk akhirat yang memberi asupan gizi bagi para penghuninya, dan mereka bertemu Sang Naga..

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Dan mampukah Jack menyelamatkan Charlie, bahkan bila itu akhirnya menyerahkan nyawanya sendiri sebagai tebusannya? Lalu siapakah yang nantinya mati? Tokohnya tidak terlalu banyak jadi mudah diingat dan romancenya juga nggak banyak. Yang banyak justru aksi-aksi dan ajang pertempurannya. Yang agak berat lagi adalah filosofi ketuhanan dan kepercayaan kita kepada Tuhan yang cukup banyak disinggung di dalam percakapannya.

I made it to the end of the second book before giving up. I like a lot of the elements of this and wish I'd liked the result more. A group formed for the sole purpose of containing a demon was betrayed and now the demon is out and taking the form of a telltale black tattoo on whoever he possesses? And said demon talks someone into letting him continue possessing them all with a faintly foreboding air that he's playing nicely now and will probably enjoy disposing of said vessel later?

Sounds like I made it to the end of the second book before giving up. Sounds like my kind of thing. Unfortunately it's poorly executed and devoid of momentum. The characters are thinly sketched and most of my information about them came from the narrator telling the reader how they feel.

The head-hopping perspective is confusing and often jarred me out of the story. There's loads of needless repetition. The characters never seem to stop and think, instead doing things for no apparent reason beyond "this is the plot and this thing must happen now. Other reviewers are right that it starts to feel like a very linear and poorly paced video game where clues can't be acted on until the game progression allows it.

The Scourge could control that leader so completely that his vessel had no idea what had happened while he was being manipulated and didn't even seem aware of the possession at all, but then the Scourge goes to great lengths to flatter and persuade an untrained boy to help him instead of taking over and doing what he wants.

Possessed Charlie opens a portal to hell and his friend Jack goes through, apparently not with the goal of retrieving Charlie but because he knows he must go, full stop. Trained demon-fighter Esme with multiple grudges against the Scourge stays behind because that way she can hang around for a while before a new faction is introduced just to chase her back into hell. After beating one bad guy, Jack and Esme leave Charlie behind and cordially tell the Big Bad to carry on trying to destroy the universe.

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  • The Black Tattoo.
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Not as if beating him was Esme and her family's life work or anything. Or as if they need the universe to exist. At that point all I could expect was that Jack and Esme would spend some more time deciding whether they wanted to pursue the plot or not, be chased back to it again, and spend a while leveling Jack up in the arena before the final boss fight.

I couldn't make myself keep listening. The less said about Esme's disturbing "no, I am your father" arc, the better. Why a demon who wants to destroy everything also wants a daughter, who knows. This book feels much too long for itself, like scenes were inserted and goals ignored for the sake of page count without any thought for motivation or pacing. It would benefit from heavy trimming and condensing. Well, I wouldnt say this was the best book in the Bunch, but nor would I say it was the worst in the bunch.

It was different to the other novels that I usually read. It wasn't predictable at all, and there seemed to be no romance in it other than the slightest hint here and there. The story itself was dramatic and vibrant with a lot of energy which seemed to inspire the reader to carry on. But the whole book itself felt a little slow, as if thhey were dragging it out, wanting to get to the point Well, I wouldnt say this was the best book in the Bunch, but nor would I say it was the worst in the bunch.

But the whole book itself felt a little slow, as if thhey were dragging it out, wanting to get to the point but at a slow pace. I did feel though that a lot of thought and depth went into the book in that the author clearly wanted to put as much detail into his story as he possibly could. He wanted it to be entertaining and grasping, not dull and boring. There was a lot of action goping on and the book was not at any point boring, it was just slow. However the imagery was what kept it entertaining because you were left to envision the good and the bad.

You were almost sort of left to make up your own mind about what the creatures and demons of hell looked like, but also as to what hell itself looked like. I liked the fact that the book had a thought provoking essence to it, in that it seemed to question the belief system of heaven and hell, making it all out to be some sort of story that we all believe in. And of course this therefore leaves you wonder, what is really out there at all, if anything? The book certainly contains a lot of power fictionally within its characters, but also mentally within its words for the readers.

The chapters flow with this kind of depth that pulls you in more and more and even though the book is in some places slow you feel this need to carry on. I liked the fact that you had the nosey git who felt he was better than everyone else, the nerd who just didn't get the second glance and the girl that was too tough for her own self but was actually hidden behind the mask.

In this sense it just gave the perfect vision of reality, in that these are the three kinds of people that seem to dominate the world. But I loved the fact that this was also envisioned within the demons of hell, because it showed there was a similarity, that in fact perhaps we are our own demons in this sense? I did enjoy the book, Im just not sure as to whether it is something that I would read again. It was one of those books that was good whilst it lasted, but at the same time felt as if it was something that was merely there to pass the time. I perhaps feel that this is one of the books for the more adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers.

Perhaps not for those who seek romance and simplicity. But I did enjoy it none the less. Nov 18, Chappell rated it really liked it. A little after for n the morning. At the base of the skyscraper known as center point tower, in the dark ness at the end of dank concrete walkway, something stirred. That conflict showed you a lot of how the people fight, how they think on their feet, and how disciplined they are.

This show stopping book will amaze you. This three book series was a fictional story written because it would thrill him. The main character of this book is named Jack he never really had many friends. His best friend Charlie had a lot of family problems with his dad but Jack and him was never apart the were the closest friends could be.

Even after all this magical stuff that happened to Jack and Charlie; learning about the scourge and meeting Esme. Jack and Charlies life changed after one day when Charlie runs into a man who asked him and Jack to come and take a test; If they passed they test the could be apart of a secret organization called the brother hood. They took the test but only Charlie passed so he got all of these special powers.

To Hell and back

He trained and fought everyday against Esme who was clearly stronger then him. One of a Chinj's powers is that it can regulate Jack's digestive system and transfer needed nutrients to his body. Charlie is the boy possessed by the Scourge. He nearly ends the Universe, but is stopped by Jack and Esme.

Initially, the discovery of his demonic powers gives him a sense of strength and invulnerability, as being able to fly, use magic and manipulate others increases his headstrong nature. Soon, the power corrupts his mind, allowing the Scourge to burrow into his darkened soul, controlling him entirely and making him attack his companions. After being transported to hell, the Scourge convinces him that his tattered family and ruined life is not worth keeping and asks him to help him overthrow the emperor of hell instead. However, Charlie believes that he is a counterpart to the Scourge, although he is in fact a simple pawn, a puppet.

Esme is the daughter of Felix who when Esme was conceived was possessed by The Scourge, though this is not originally known. Esme thought her father was Raymond, but on the night she was conceived Felix had magically transformed to look like Raymond in order to get one night of happiness with Esme's mother. She trained her entire life to fight the Scourge, and is extraordinarily talented in the martial arts, flying, and art. Raymond is a large burly man with a long black beard.

Initially, he strikes a resemblance to the character Rubeus Hagrid from the Harry Potter book series. He is a master of martial arts and is also highly trained sword craftsman. He is Esme's father, training her and teaching her the arts of battling demons, however, as he sees his once peaceful daughter become a toned fighting machine, he regrets having started. His method of sword crafting involves creating a blade, then breaking it into shards of metal which he then feeds to several tamed pigeons, mixed with their birdseed.

He then collects their excrements, which still have the shards inside them, and melts the pieces down again and feeds them once again to the pigeons. The Scourge is the primary antagonist of the story. An immensely powerful demon created by the Dragon, the Scourge is imprisoned on Earth to stop it from fulfilling its nefarious plan. A vicious, dedicated fanatic, the Scourge plans to wake the Dragon and bring the universe to an end, creating what the Scourge believes to be a "pure, silent Void". The Scourge possesses incredible powers, including but in no way limited to telekinesis, mind control, astral projection, flying, super speed, incredible skill in the martial arts, etc.

However, the Scourge has one weakness: Although it doesn't necessarily have to stay with the possesses person at all times, it must possess somebody or it will wither and die. The plotline of the novel is motivated by the Scourge's possession of Charlie. The Scourge appears as an intricate web of black tattoos on its host's body, but when in its separated physical form, it appears as a featureless humanoid composed of an inky black liquid.

They are a team of approximately thirty individuals of several walks of life. They are akin to a more equipped version of the Brotherhood of Sleep, armed with powerful firearms and advanced technology. They are led by an inept, cowardly soldier known as second-in-command Number Two, who will only take orders from Number One, whom he has never actually met. He dislikes his counterpart, the French gentleman Number Three, who disagrees on his methods of violence and harsh actions.