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Researchers have assumed the Bigfoot was a form of a primate to begin with, walking on two legs, hairy and tall. Robusto recalls his own encounter with Bigfoot while on another investigation two years ago in the Catskills. It started walking away, and we turned our white lights on and caught the end of a silhouette. Take bears, for example. Nonetheless, there are still sightings. At the meeting Wednesday, the sasquatch sightings shared by participants provided good leads for Mr.

Robusto to potentially follow up on. Robusto will be making a return appearance for another lecture in the spring, this time, about paranormal activity. Serving the communities of Jefferson, St. Lawrence and Lewis counties, New York In print daily. When responding to issues raised by other commenters, do not engage in personal attacks or name-calling.

Not to toot my own horn, but I wrote a book about our Sasquatch around our cabin in the Adirondacks. It is called "Living Among Sasquatch: A Primer", which chronicles my experiences over three years from being a complete unbeliever to coming to know that these things are real. Experienced 'Squatchers get a kick out of it, but it is written for someone new to this subject. It explains the signs to look for and much about their behavior and how to interact with them. And they are not on a vacation like someone committed. When you add it all up something is there. What convinced me was honest people reporting seeing this without the precondition of expecting to see something like that.

People I know around Scananadaga lake know it's around but tend to just leave it alone. I live in Lake placid NY. What others think doesn't matter to me at all. I lived with them all around our cabin for three years. They are, indeed, as the Iroquois said. The keepers of the forest. They are not animals, and they are certainly not dangerous. Take comfort when you camp and they are around you, because they will protect you.

Bigfoot is very smart, and has a since of humor. They seem to know your there right when you step into the woods , which is there home. One thing I notice in the years of living in and around the Anderondacks, is that most people don't have a clue of what's going on around them. They are probelly , not thinking why they are chomping on a ham sandwich. That Bigfoot is near buy licking his or hers chops , and when the Anderondack exspierence is over back to the town ,or city from whence you came from.

And bigfoot likes it like that.

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I try to be humorous when it comes to this subject ,I would like to think when I am camping in the woods at night in my tent , and any little sound in the woods might not be a little furry cuddly creature. I would hope that , if it is Bigfoot coming to investigate me in my little bubble of a dome tent. Isn't going to pop me like a little balloon, yes I admit I'm a little afraid , I wonder if he or she is just as friendly as smoky the teddy bear.

I know people say they are friendly , but the thought of a 8 to 10 foot creature looking down on me in the woods at night is say the lease pretty hair raising experience. How many apples should I leave out side of my tent, so I can keep it freindly?. Joshua, from my experience, Sasquatch won't take anything if only one is left for them. If you want it to take an apple, leave it at least two. So far as Sasquatch being dangerous, I don't buy into that at all.

The Iroquois call them "the keepers of the forest" for a good reason. They watch over and protect it, and its residents. When my wife and I first moved into our cabin in the woods, we had predators everywhere. Bears, coyotes, foxes, etc. The Sasquatch moved in and they all took off.

  2. Sasquatch sightings in Upstate New York excite Bigfoot Researchers;
  3. Sasquatch Sighting Makes for Hairy Times in Whitehall;

In three years, not only didn't it not harm us, it protected our three dogs and three cats. We never lost a pet. There is no documented case of a Sasquatch ever attacking a person. Only scary campfire stories. If you have Sasquatch about, enjoy them and take comfort that you're safe.

Maybe I just don't know where to look, but you can email me at adkdave hotmail. I wonder if he or she is active around here in the winter up here. But to answer your question, I've never seen any signs whatsoever in the winter. I think they just hunker down to conserve energy. Hi everybody in big foot land. Can some body out there do a new post, Iam getting bored waiting. I need new action. Did anybody see Mr.

Watertown Daily Times | Sasquatch sightings in Upstate New York excite Bigfoot Researchers

Big foot, oh by the way I heard big foot likes music, like mosark. Maybe that should keep him calm. I would not want a 9 to 10 foot tall creature, to go on a rampage, through the woods, and I be the target. Maybe I should bring a couple of apples with me like Dave suggested. And maybe big foot dances,and iam not talking about dances with wolves. With a little rock and roll music. I think maybe he can do the Watoosi.

This is Joshua signing off. Joshua reaching out tp whoever is out there in big foot land near Lake placid and saranaclake. I heard it through the great vine trough the woods past grandmas place up and over scarface Mt. There is a bunch them folks out there. Can any body concure to what i heard. It seams to me that bigfoot is more alive and living well around here than some of the people that i see walking around here. People get your heads out of the computer world , and get a little sun shine.

Signing out but ready to recieve ,and wait for a reply. While discussions about Bigfoot can seem rather recent in our United States history, Native Americans have talked about Sasquatch for hundreds of years. Often considered a West Coast phenomenon, sightings have also appeared all over the Adirondacks, from Saranac Lake in the north to a famous sighting in Whitehall, in the southern foothills.

If this is indeed a myth, it is a remarkably durable one. According to legend, Bigfoot is a giant anthropoid ape-like creature, very hairy, and very smelly. This could explain the report of a highly pungent, neglected-human smell in a wilderness area near Moody Pond. In fact, in Florida, Bigfoot is known as a skunk ape.

The first time I went to college, it was in Florida, and many of my classmates lived cheaply in the nearby trailer park in the Green Swamp. When I went to a party there, I discovered that most of the local residents had a skunk ape story. One woman was washing dishes when she looked up through her kitchen window. She found herself staring into a hairy surprised face only a foot from her own. Apparently it was a comedic moment where both of them screamed and the skunk ape ran away.

As a typical trailer configuration, her home was mounted on cement blocks. For this intruder to be face-to-face with her he was at least eight feet tall. And in the late s, permits were issued to US expeditions climbing the high mountains that detailed proper Yeti handling.

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Secondly, the group was cautioned that the beast could be either photographed or taken alive, but "it must not be killed or shot at except in an emergency arising out of self defense. It would have been a public relations bonanza. If it had ever occurred. The Northern Sasquatch Research Society has collected more than eyewitness accounts of encounters.

Some of them are seemingly simple, like the reports of rocks being thrown at people.

Bigfoot Sightings From NY State - An Interview With Paul Bartholomew

They were the size of a basketball. One struck the man's vehicle, but the story did not detail the possible reactions of the insurance adjuster. My husband remembers a story from when he was a young child, spending summers in Saranac Lake. From the adults talking about it, and a memory of its coverage on the local news, he recalls that a woman was driving in a remote area.

She stopped because it looked like a bear was lying in the middle of the road. She got out of her car to investigate the motionless figure. She raced it back to her car and got in, but the creature pulled the door off. But at that point another car appeared and frightened it away. I have not found any accounts of this, but it would've taken place in the early s, before such things were exhaustively catalogued on the Internet. Another local story is told by an adult and it happened in the summer of A group of friends were camping in the Pine Pond area, at the base of Mt. As dusk fell they were fishing from a canoe.

When it was pointed out, the friend immediately saw it, too. Both recalled later that it reminded them of a black bear standing broadside. They began to row cautiously toward it. The friend whispered "it's a bear" but then the shape stood up, revealing that it "had been crouching there on its feet like a catcher from a baseball team. Dark eyes were clearly visible and "had a brightness about them. The sound of snapping twigs some fifty feet behind it made the creature spring into action. It turned to its side, then checked on the canoe before spinning completely around, "darting into the wood line like a cat.

The two friends floated in the canoe debating on the wisdom of paddling to shore to look for tracks.

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  • The witness's wishes to get away were overridden by the curiosity of their companion, but upon investigation they did found two markings in the sand, rather blurred from the pivoting movements of its feet. The witness found the whole experience extremely upsetting, even though the creature did not act threatening, and every sound that night kept them awake.

    The people who did not have the experience claimed they saw a bear.

    This is the part I find most convincing. Over and over, such accounts from experienced campers, hikers, anglers, and hunters confirm the fact that while it might have looked something like a bear, it wasn't one. These experienced wilderness folks agree that their experience didn't sound like, walk like, or have a head like, a bear. This is especially true of what is considered the most spectacular Adirondack sightings: This little town nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Park has a local history of sightings that stretch back hundreds of years.

    According to "Monsters of New York: Hallenbeck, the events began on August 24, As the figure began running toward them, Gosselin urged the driver to "get the hell out of here. They went to the police to report the incident However, Gosselin's father, Wilfred, remembered hearing an eerie screaming in the area the previous year. He rounded up two other men and set off for Abair Road.

    The creature was still there. What really attracted me was the eyes on it, big red eyes. It just stood there. On the head, longer hair. Brian Kinney was certain about his sighting.

    New Sighting Confirms, Sorta: Bigfoot Can’t Quit Whitehall

    A bear doesn't walk like that. Gosselin contributed a lot of detail to subsequent drawings, as seen above. Another sighting occurred that night, near where other law enforcement officials found nineteen-inch tracks near the Poultney River Bridge. Casts made from these tracks have dermal ridges, like fingerprints. People don't come across Bigfoot in areas with lots of people, or in broad daylight. Glimpsed instead of seen, heard late at night or in the tricky dusk, and always mysterious, Bigfoot stories are excellent tales to tell around the campfire, deep in the woods.

    Plan a visit to Saranac Lake. Choose a favorite way to get out into the wilderness. And remember to bring that camera. Bartholomew photo from bigfootencounters. Lake Placid to Keene.

    Tracking Bigfoot in the Adirondacks

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    I can explain why, Angie.