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The following is the complete list of awards and nominations received by film To the Left of the Father. She started in drama at the age of seven, and eight on television, when participated in the last chapter of the soap opera Pantanal, in which her mother also worked. Only child, she assumes to have been influenced by the mother in her career choice, because since she was a little girl she has been living among the artistic and was fascinated by the art of interpretation.

After that, she distanced herself from TV and the media, believing that she had no vocation to follow in her mother's footsteps. Cleo says she saw Gloria working day and night without stopping, the press invading her privacy and the phone ringing all the time, and that she did not want it for her future. Not that she had anything against her career, but it was something she did not think about, it was not in her head.

A curious fact is that even the film being one of her passions, when asked if she wanted to be an actress, immediately thought of nov Rodrigo Junqueira dos Reis Santoro Portuguese pronunciation: He is perhaps most famous for his portrayal of Persian King Xerxes in the movie and its sequel Rise of an Empire Matheus Nachtergaele born January 3, is a Brazilian actor and director.

Career He has starred in numerous Brazilian films, being well known for his appearances in the film Four Days in September and the film City of God. Desmundo is a Brazilian drama film by Alain Fresnot, based on the novel of the same name by Ana Miranda. The film is set in , a period when orphan Portuguese girls were sent to marry the settlers' sons.

This was done to prevent the Portuguese from having sons with the indigenous peoples and black people in order to keep the Christian marriage and a "pure" heritage. It was shot in Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro. Her father was a set designer called Americo Issa and she began acting at the age of 7, doing several professional plays and international theater festivals.

At age 12, she began acting in motion pictures and later attended the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York. In she produced and directed the film Dzi Croquettes,[3] for which she received more than 25 international awards, making it the most awarded documentary in Brazilian history. This is a list of awards and nominations received by Xuxa a Brazilian singer, TV host and actress. Becoming one of Latin singers who sold more albums in the 20th century, winning several awards including 2 Latin Grammy Awards. It was the first of a successful series that won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Children's Album in and [4][5] in addition to Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho in In Ribeiro won an award for You, Me and Him, while the film itself has received many awards including the Crystal Bear for best short film at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The film is about a man named Danilo that is getting ready to move in with his boyfriend Marcos when his parents die unexpectedly and he suddenly has custody of his 10 year old brother Lucas. When a third friend Gabriel comes into the picture Leonardo begins to realize his feelings for him. The full-length version The Way He Looks contains m The film O Primeiro Dia Midnight was nominated for nine awards the most of any film , followed by Orfeu with seven nominations.

GIMS DVD/Videotape Collection by Genre: Documentary

O Primeiro Dia and Orfeu tied for the most awards won, with three each. Background After a decree during the administration of President Fernando Collor de Mello abolished government support of cinema production, almost no films were domestically pro Eu, Tu, Eles and O Auto da Compadecida, each receiving four awards, becoming the most award winners of the ceremony.

Hans Staden was the second film which most received nominations but did not won any award. Marjorie Estiano born March 8, is a Brazilian actress and singer. It is a sequel of the film S. The film was released in Brazilian cinemas on October 22, The next day, Dialinda, who now wo City of God Portuguese: The tagline is "If you run, the beast catches you; if you stay, the beast eats you. Most of the actors were, in fact, residents of favelas such as Vidigal and the Cidade de Deus itself.

The film received worldwide critical acclaim and was nominated for four Academy Awards in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a American romantic science-fiction comedy-drama film written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet lead the ensemble as an estranged couple who have each other erased from their memories. The film was released in theatres on March 19, , by Focus Features and has since gain cult status. Giovanna Antonelli Prado born March 18, is a Brazilian actress, television host and producer. In , Giovanna debuted as an actress in the novel Tropicaliente, screened by Rede Globo, returning to Rede Machete and then making two novels, being recognized by Xica da Silva in Soon after it made its first protagonist in the novel O Clone , of Gloria Perez.

With a successful success, the actress's career was divided between soap operas, miniseries and films, being A Casa das Sete Mulheres its first miniseries, and Avassaladoras its first film as protagonist. In , she made her Douglas Silva born September 27, [1] is a Brazilian actor. He also played Acerola in the spin-off series City of Men and the film based on it. He became the first Brazilian actor to be nominated for the International Emmy Award. The same day Carolina was celebrating her birthday.

Cast Archived at the Wayback Machine. Daniel de Oliveira born June 19, is a Brazilian actor. They have two children. In , he began dating actress Sophie Charlotte. They married in and have one son. He is perhaps most famous for his roles in the telenovelas: A list of Brazilian films released in Drama, bio-pic Elite Squad: Early life Olivier Nakache was born to Jewish parents from Algeria. They have collaborated several times with actor Omar Sy, most recently with the film Samba.

Roobertchay Domingues da Rocha Filho born 30 June , known by the stage name Chay Suede, is a Brazilian actor, singer and composer. For his popularity among the young audirnce, he was cast to be one of the protagonists of the Brazilian version of the telenovela Rebelde After the band ended, Suede released his first self-titled album in Lucy Walker Lucy Walker is an English film director.

Early life Walker was born in London. She began directing theater in high school. As a student at Oxford University, she directed and produced an original musical called Querm. Walker was the artistic dir Larissa de Macedo Machado born 30 March ,[1] known by her stage name Anitta, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and businesswoman. She is managed internationally by John Shahidi of Shots Studios. At the age of 16, she attended a technical school and was called to work at Vale. Due to the success of the song "Meiga e Abusada" in , she signed a contract with Warner Music Brasil the following year.

Anitta rose to national fame in after releasing the single "Show das Poderosas", which reached the top of the Brasil Hot Airplay chart. But can such a form of government flourish in countries where extreme poverty is the norm and violence is the chief tool of statecraft? Spanning the continent from Libya to South Africa, this program seeks to understand Africa's complex political situations, addressing the 'Big Man' syndrome and the one-party state, the destabilizing effects of armed conflict, the mismanagement of industry and natural resources, and strained relations with the industrialized world"--Container.

Traces the path of African-American literature from the shores of the U. The program provides context by first exploring the New Orleans salon poetry of Desdunes and then discussing the historic suppression of black activists in the U. This program primarily traces the lives of James Baldwin, Richard Wright and Chester Himes who immigrated to Paris seeking greater intellectual freedom.

Includes remembrances of fellow artists and readings from their diaries and works. War is Business by Vellenga, Frank dir. African American Lives by Sweet, Jesse dir.

Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro

A compelling combination of storytelling and science, this series uses genealogy, oral histories, family stories and DNA to trace roots of several accomplished African Americans down through American history and back to Africa. An African election by Merz, Jarreth J. In interviews with French men and women of African descent, including immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean, the conflict between black and French identities, the place of blacks in French society, culture and politics, and the effects of France's colonial history are explored.

Harlem in the s and s was the scene of a passionate outburst of creativity by African-American visual artists. Rich archival footage, including newsreels and photographs, recalls the influential force of the exhibitions, the vibrancy of Harlem and the many significant personalities that shaped the movement, such as William E. DuBois and Alain Locke. Part one follows the trail of a medical mystery which began in when five gay men in Los Angeles were diagnosed with a deadly new disease.

Traces the international response in the first years of the epidemic, contrasting moments of inspirational leadership with the tragedy of missed opportunities. Reveals the astounding spread of the infection to over 70 million infections in Part two explores the chasm that emerged between rich and poor following the development of the miraculous "triple cocktail" HIV treatment. While the discovery seemed to signal a new era in which AIDS was no longer a fatal disease, the high price of the drugs meant they were unaffordable to patients in developing nations.

Also examines the next wave of the AIDS epidemic in some of the most populous and strategically important nations in the world, including Russia, India and China, and tracks the same pattern of official denial and political indifference that characterized the epidemic in so many other countries.

The poignant stories told in this program show Africans in all walks of life dying of a disease they could have prevented had they only known. Nick Broomfield explores the life of Aileen Wuornos, the prostitute executed in Florida for killing six men. Includes examinations of her childhood, testimony at her trial by Broomfield, and a chilling speech by Wuornos herself. A behind-the-scenes look at the life of the former Saturday Night Live comedian turned author, radio host, and political satirist.

A documentary about an Afro-Cuban tradition and its history. Alas con puntas by Chile, Roberto dir.

Electric Light Orchestra - Rock n' Roll Is King

Each of 12 brief segments is devoted to a single contemporary Cuban artist, with footage of the artist and his work as well as relevant archival footage. The soundtrack is entirely musical. Algeria's Bloody Years by Leclere, Thierry dir. Chronicles Algeria's struggle for democracy since independence from France, tracing the rise of fundamentalist groups in the 's and 90's in response to the country's authoritarian leadership. The film examines Algeria's descent into a morass of massacres among the Islamic guerillas, the military and civilians. Algeria's first democratic election since independence went to the Islamic Salvation Front FIS , but when they initiated Islamic reforms, protests erupted.

With the FIS positioned to win the elections, the military circumvented the democratic process and cancelled the vote, which brought about a massive revolt with many sent to prison camps that became breeding grounds for terrorism. What were Alice Walker's motivations in writing "Everyday use? Over the course of the interview, Walker talks about the autobiographical aspects of the story, the significance of quilting to African-American women, the perception of class differences, and the important life lessons she wished to explore.

Interview in which the author's comments and recitations are juxtaposed with dramatic interpretations of her novel and clips from the film adaptation. Alive Day Memories by Alpert, Jon dir. Provides the background of Allahabad's January great pot or pitcher fair maha-kumbha-mela and offers interviews with Hindu holy men and some of the millions of lay devotees to came to live in a tent city and bathe where the Ganges, Jamuna and invisible Saraswati Rivers meet.

Talks with Muslims and members of different occupations about tolerance, justice and the mela's culture. A alma da gente by Meyer, David dir. Filmed in two stages with an interval of ten years and Captures the day-to-day trials of the members of the group as they work through choreography, costume fitting and the day of performance. Alone in the wilderness by Swerer, Bob Call Number: The account of the day-to-day explorations and activities of Dick Proenneke as he built a cabin in the remote wilderness of the Twin Lakes Region of Alaska.

Yet Magdiel has a special talent that could be his ticket out: The alternative fix by Aronson, Raney dir. Frontline examines the controversy over complementary and alternative medical treatments. The Amateur as Auteur: These home-made films incorporate avant-garde strategies and techniques to achieve a true sense of cinematic intimacy"--http: Using clips from more than of the greatest movies ever made, this series explores film history and American culture through the eyes of over Hollywood insiders, including Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg, and Michael Eisner.

In-depth treatments present film as a powerful economic force, potent twentieth-century art form, and viable career option. The Hollywood style ; The studio system -- Disc 2. The star ; The western -- Disc 3. Romantic comedy ; The combat film V. Film noir ; Film in the television age -- Disc 5. The film school generation ;The edge of Hollywood -- Disc 6.

Film language ; Writing and thinking about film ; Classical Hollywood style today. The Cuban leader is profiled through interviews with relatives, loyalists, and enemies in Cuba and abroad. An American Family Revisited: HBO's one-hour follow-up to the famed PBS documentary series,"An American Family" , is a ten-year update on the Loud family and their reflections on becoming overnight media celebrities.

American Hardcore by Rachman, Paul dir. Set against the conservative early 80s political landscape, this film chronicles the homegrown hardcore punk scene that was a swift kick in the head to corporate rock and mainstream complacency, as disaffected teens adopted the same collective credo--harder, faster, louder. Features live concert footage and interviews with people involved in the scene. A film investigating and following the cross-country journey of photographer Robert Frank, the work ultimately featured in Frank's book "The Americans". A Century of Images by Yulin, Harris dir. The story of the pictures we have taken and where they have taken us.

The series traces the profound effect photographs have had on American life-- influencing what we buy, how we dress, how we get the news, and in the matters of life and death, medicine, science, and war. American pimp by Hughes, Albert dir. Albert and Allen Hughes turn their documentary eye to the world of street pimps in this Sundance Film Festival Documentary Competition entry. Six interviews with pimps. Sequel to the documentary, American pimp. The Americas in the Revolutionary Era, pt.

Between and wars for independence erupted all across the Americas, from Boston to Buenos Airs. Within two generations, the vast European colonial empires in the Americas collapsed and 19 new independent nations emerged. This course looks at these American revolutions, beginning with the outbreak of war in British North America in and ending with the final defeat of the Spanish in South America in Anarchism in America examines the development of anarchism in the United States, showing how anarchist thought from Russia and Europe fused with American nineteenth-century traditions of individualism.

Includes archival footage of significant personalities and events in anarchist history. Anatomy of a Script 6: In this discussion he talks about his writing process, with detailed reference to the film What About Bob? These are the cities of the Anasazi, the ancient Pueblo people of the four corners region of the western United States.

Brazilian male film actors | Revolvy

Their history is the history how a civilization, against all odds, became so successful at agriculture they were able to produce a leisure society capable of not only building these incredible cities, but also producing some of the greatest pottery, rock art and trading networks the world has ever seen. How the Anasazi did this with a social organization not governed by kings or queens or other hierarchical rulers is one of the great mysteries of ancient history"--Container.

Bill Kurtis examines the harrowing story of the Texas mother who killed her five children. This biography explores whether Americans should celebrate Jackson or apologize for him. The program reveals the world of America's 7th president, who founded the Democratic Party, yet was viewed by his enemies as an American Napoleon. The film contains reenactments, lithographs, letters and the insights of distinguished scholars. And You Don't Stop: VH1 gives us the definitive chronicle of hip hop from its beginnings in with DJ Kool Herc's block parties in the South Bronx to today's infusion in all parts of the country The greatest thing about this film is how it shows the evolution of the music with vintage footage and interviews with just about all of the movers and shakers"--Internet Movie Database summary by Rey Pygsterio, Aug.

Andinos y Tropicales by Romero, Raul R. Chronicles the history of the cumbia musical style in Peru, examining the different performers and the evolution of this genre. Accompanied by a documentary DVD entitled Ciudad chicha. The Complete Picture by Chris Rodley dir. A look at the life and creative world of a revolutionary who influenced the 20th century in everything from painting to film and music.

Andy Warhol's Factory People: Inside the 60's Silver Factory by Shorr, Catherine dir. A documentary look inside Andy Warhol's Silver Factory in New York during the s, concentrating on the personalities involved at the time and at some of Warhol's artwork created there. Angle of Inspiration by Eikenberry, Jill nar. The set is divided thematically into four discs, all dealing with different subjects of the Soviet propaganda machine. The recurring image is of the money hungry industrialist self-destructing because of his greed.

While Americans were mocked relentlessly, at least they remained human. After breaking the non-aggression pact and declaring war, the Nazis became animals in the propaganda films, turning into snarling warthogs and depraved vultures. Generally agreed to be the first Russian animated film, it satirizes the communist members who cashed in on Lenin's New Economic Policy NEP , which introduced a limited form of capitalist enterprise.

It is an invaluable resource that displays how one of the greatest and most reclusive powers wanted their people to envision the rest of the world, as well as being an idiosyncratic tour through Russia's rich and varied history of animated art. Anna Akhmatova's file by Aranovich, Semyon dir. A look at the Soviet poet. Although her works were banned and weren't published for 17 years, her poem 'Requiem' became the underground anthem for the millions who suffered under Stalin.

This documentary about Akhmatova and the historical context in which she wrote includes rare film footage and photographs. Anne Frank Remembered by Blair, Jon dir. Features vintage newsreel footage, photographs and a rare home movie to look beyond the celebrated pages of Anne Frank's diary. Includes interviews with her friends, family and protector, Miep Gies. Anonymous father's day by Lahl, Jennifer dir. Another Road Home by Elon, Danae dir.

This film explores the year relationship between two families, one Israeli and one Palestinian. Danae Elon last saw her childhood caregiver in , and she seeks here to discover what happened to Musa, the Palestinian who helped raise her from her infancy until she joined the Israeli army. Their encounters bring out the delicate boundaries of politics, class and family relationships.

A painful, contradictory, gentle and loving story takes place against the backdrop of a distant and brutal conflict. Art x War by Hoaglund, Linda dir. Their stories and their art depict the struggle against the U. Military presence, which provoked a national uprising in and still festers today.

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A Documentary Film by Burns, Ric dir. Anton Chekhov's The seagull: A visual journey over the intricately-detailed surfaces of the unique buildings designed by the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi, whose work influenced such artists as Picasso, Miro, and Dali. Ape Genius by Rubin, John dir. Discusses what is known about the intelligence of our nearest relatives, the great apes, especially chimpanzees and bonobos. Looks at research that shows they can use simple tools and be trained to understand spoken language and communicate in sign language.

Also investigates newer research that looks at planned use of weapons, math ability, creative problem solving, reasoning, cooperation, imitation, social emotions, and other aspects of intelligence. Asks what forms the crucial differences between apes and humans. Home to the oldest mountains on the planet and the richest forests in North America -- within a mosaic of diverse habitats and cultures, Appalachia tells the story of a people struggling to find a true and proper relationship to the natural world Time and Terrain begins the tale -- the birth of the mountains, the evolution of the forest, the arrivals of the Native-Americans [sic] and the Europeans.

Appalachia appears on the map for the first time Power and Place [shows] the effects of unchecked industrialization -- floods, forest fires, erosion and poverty -- awakening a busy nation to its responsibilities toward the mountains, the forests, the wildlife, and the people. These are people who often were witnesses and victims of acts of barbarity hard to imagine. Traumatized by the images he filmed during a genocidal civil war and persecution from all sides for its refusal to take part, the Burundian cameraman Mohammed-Abdillah Baranyikwa believes escape the conflict when he arrives in Canada.

Upon discovering that, despite everything, for themselves and their community in exile, it is only the beginning of a difficult road to freedom and peace. The Trench of Honor by Hiciano, Roberto ed.

Colombian telenovela actresses

The documentary examines the events leading to the Dominican revolution of April and the U. Shows scenes from his funeral procession, mixed with contemporary footage and extracts from his speech, I'm not acculturated, which he delivered in when he received the Garcilaso de la Vega award. Includes interviews with many who knew him, and extracts from his writings. Maxine Waters, Noam Chomsky, Rep. Unparalled in access to today's young artists, this unique series takes viewers into artists' studios, homes, and communities to provide an intimate view of their lives, work, creative processes, and sources of inspiration.

The four one-hour programs present 18 artists working in the United States This unique four-hour series spotlights 17 artists working in the United States today, and invites viewers behind the scenes to see artists at work in their homes, communities, and unexpected sites--from an old-growth forest to a military base to a film set. Themes of Romance, Protest, Ecology, and Paradox provide a connective thread between profiles Through in-depth profiles and dynamic behind-the-scenes footage featuring artists speaking directly about their inspirations and ideas, Season Five shows a broad range of artistic practice, technical innovation, and experimentation, from artists tackling large-scale collaborative projects in hangar-like studios to those working in the quiet of more intimate studio settings.

Art of Darkness by Dabydeen, David dir. This programme examines the relationship between the slave trade and British painting in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. It emphasises the connection between art collecting and slave collecting and indicates that much of the art purchased at the time was paid for with slave profits. The sanitisation of plantation life in painting and the use of negro house boys as decorative objects is also shown. Provides an introduction to the year-old tradition of Kabuki, explaining its origins and purposes, its literary sources, and the meaning of its symbolism.

The Art of the Steal by Argott, Don dir. Barnes' 25 billion dollar collection of modern and post-impressionist art. Based around a interview with Miller, this later program includes biographical information to present a portrait of the writer. The year-old Arthur Miller talks with Mike Wallace about his youth and growing up during the Great Depression, particularly his relationship with his father, and the real-life antecedents for many of the characters in his plays.

From the critical acceptance of "Death of a Salesman" to his marriage with Marilyn Monroe, the program offers a rare glimpse of one of America's greatest playwrights, with previously unreleased photos and footage. Alan Yentob interviews the year-old Arthur Miller about his work.

Miller had recently published his autobiography, which he reads from, and discusses his life and parents.


The line between sexual consent and sexual coercion is not always as clear as it seems, and according to to Harry Brod, this is exactly why we should approach our sexual interactions with great care. Ask Not by Symons, Johnny dir. Exposes the tangled political battles that led to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy and examines the societal shifts that have occurred since its passage. Since the law's implementation, more than 12, personnel have been discharged, including linguists and others whose skills are critical to military operations.

Current and veteran gay soldiers tell how the policy has affected them as they struggle to maintain a double life, uncertain of whom they can trust. The film also explores how gay veterans and youth organizers are turning to activism to challenge DADT. The film looks at the history of the policy and examines its ramifications for gays and lesbians in the military and for the military itself.

By crossing the Northern border of Guatemala into Mexico they're embarking on one of the most dangerous migration routes in the world. In a small border town in the farthest South of Mexico migrants try to jump on a freight train that shall carry them to the US-border. But hardly anybody manages to make the 5, km trip. Already on the outset of their journey they get mugged by youth gangs and fall prey to corrupt border officials.

They fall exhausted from the train or get arrested in large-scale raids by the Mexican migration police and army, who jail them for days and deport them. The footage, much of it produced as government propaganda, follows the story of the bomb through the two atomic attacks on Japan that ended World War II to the bomb's central role in the cold war. Shown along with the famous 'duck and cover' Civil Defense films are lesser-known clips, many of which possess a bizarre black humor when seen today"--Amazon.

The footage is accompianied by contemporary music about the nuclear age. Audience of One by Jacobs, Mike dir. Follows a charismatic pastor who receives a vision from God to create a multimillion-dollar science fiction epic movie based on the biblical story of Joseph, sending him and his followers on a journey of extreme faith. The Musical by Regan, Tricia dir. Profiles five children with autism, their parents, and acting coach Elaine Hill as they take on the enterprise of a full-length stage production.

Autumn Gem by Chang, Rae dir. Autumn Gem explores the extraordinary life of the Chinese revolutionary heroine and women's rights activist Qiu Jin This film documents reactions to the film and the debates it creates in post-war Guatemala. Avoda by Lerski, Helmar dir. With striking visual compositions and a remarkable soundtrack by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, the film records the technological and agricultural accomplishments of the pioneers and extols the idea of a socialist Jewish state.

Footage includes shots taken at the Jaffa port, in Tel Aviv, and on various kibbutzim of the time"--Container. The Ax Fight by Asch, Timothy dir. Includes an unedited record of the event; a slow-motion replay of the fight; a discussion of the kinship structure of the fight; and an edited version. The Aztecs by Wood, Ruth dir. Explores Aztec culture and history, from the role of human sacrifice in the Aztec religion to their agricultural advances. Commentary by scholars, maps, and contemporary accounts provide an overview of the events that both shaped and destroyed the Aztec empire.

Bad Boy Made Good: Baghdad ER by Alpert, Jon dir. Army's premier medical facility in Iraq and formerly one of Saddam Hussein's elite hospitals--is the setting for this unforgettable documentary that puts a human face on the war's cold casualty statistics. Africa in the Americas by Brewer, Michael dir.

Balseros Cuban Rafters by Bosch, Carles dir. Seven Cubans and their families travel to the United States on homemade rafts in In Banaras homes and courtyards Muslim women slap their chests and chant the names of the martyrs. Through Banaras streets Shia and Sunni men join in processions slapping their chests, singing songs praising the martyrs, and vowing, "Never again shall we raise our hands against our brethren. The Muharram message is one of peace, brotherhood, resoluteness, and community harmony"--Center for South Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison website.

The Barber of Birmingham: Armstrong, an African American barber in Birmingham, Alabama, as he experiences the manifestation of an unimaginable dream: The best buildings by young architects in the Netherlands Call Number: Baseball Inning by Burns, Ken dir. An epic overflowing with heroes and hopefuls, scoundrels and screwballs It is a saga spanning the quest for racial justice, the clash of labor and management, the immigrant experience, the transformation of popular culture, and the enduring appeal of the national pastime"--Slipcase. Basic Stage Makeup Call Number: This is an instructional, step-by-step video for high school and college students, and is a useful guide about basic makeup techniques that are widely used in theatrical performances.

The Baubles of Office: Provides a reflection on art, life, and the movies through a rich cinematic self portrait that touches on everything from the feminist movement and the Black Panthers to the films of Agnes Varda's husband, Jacques Demy, and the birth of the French New Wave. Beautiful losers by Rose, Aaron dir.

Follows the lives and careers of a group of artists and designers who inadvertently affected the art world. The Beauty academy of Kabul by Mermin, Liz dir. A group of Western hairstylists open a beauty academy for Afghani women in post-Taliban Kabul. The film lends context to Israel's personal odyssey with fascinating insights from athletes, bodybuilders, fashion models, and inner-city teens, as well as prominent cultural critics and authors"--Container. Becoming American by Levine, Ken dir. The film records a poignant odyssey as Hang Sou and his family finally arrive in America and face nine months of intense culture shock, prejudice and gradual adaptation to their new home.

The film provides rare insights into refugee resettlements and cultural diversity issues"--Container. Is it chromosomes, hormones, genitals, or an innate sense of self? In this Telly Award-winning program, five transgendered individuals between the ages of 20 and 50 speak openly about what it has meant to them to be transgendered--their first experiences of gender confusion, life after coming out, family responses, and more.

Advice for others who may be questioning their own gender is provided, and the process of sexual reassignment surgery is addressed"--Container. A documentary film about children living with leukemia in Lithuania. The scenes, filmed at a pediatric hospital in Vilnius, follow the children's daily lives and their relationships with the people who care for them.

Traces the social, political and cultural history of homosexuality in America from the s to ; the beginning of the Gay Liberation Movement after a police raid on Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City; and the three-day riot that followed. Behind the Rainbow by El-Tahri, Jihan dir. Behind the Red Curtain: What is "Red Curtain Cinema"? Where did these 3 films come from? In an attempt to answer these often-asked questions, Baz Luhrmann and his team have created an in-depth interactive documentary"--Container.

Includes archival footage, a tour of the place where Luhrmann and his team work, final scripts for three films and pre-production and rehearsal for "Moulin Rouge. Behind the wall by Kelly, Michael Patrick dir. Being in the world by Ruspoli, Tao dir. Being in the World raises the question of whether we have forgotten what it means to be truly human in today's technological age, and this program proceeds to answer this question by taking a journey around the world to meet a whole host of remarkable individuals.

Belarusian Waltz by Andrzej, Fidyk dir. He has virtually silenced his critics-- except for one lone performance artist who stages public stunts mocking the dictator's pretensions. Belarusian Waltz is the story of Alexander Pushkin, whose audacious, comical exploits have earned him the hostility of the police and the consternation of his family. An offbeat tale in which post-modern street theater meets s-style authoritarianism, the film offers a surprising window into the soul of the Belarusian people"--Container.

The Beloved Community by Calvert, Pamela dir. Explores the effects of industrial chemical pollution on the inhabitants and environment of Sarnia, Ontario, and the nearby Aamjiwnaang First Nation Chippewa community. Celebrates the twenty-five year career of internationally renowned environmental artist Patrick Dougherty, who has created hundreds of monumental, site-specific sculptures out of nothing more than saplings.

The film follows the artist and his collaborators during a year of stick work and reveals Dougherty's process, personal story and inspirations. Beowulf is the oldest written epic in English literature. In this program, Dr. The program is an indispensable aid in teaching this watershed period in Western literature. Berkeley in the Sixties by Kitchell, Mark dir.

Through interviews with participants and archival footage, presents a history of Berkeley, California in the s. Symphony of a Great City by Ruttmann, Walter dir. Documents the environmental and social impact that the Canadian oil firm EnCana has had on the country of Ecuador, with particular focus on its part in the development of a heavy crude pipeline across the country. Drost interviews farmers, indigenous representatives, and environmental activists, who recount forced relocation, imprisonment and intimidation, including shootings and beatings by the Ecuadorian police and army.

Drost also documents unsafe construction methods, toxic waste deposits, and contaimination of rivers, as well as skin cancer, miscarriages and birth defects, and destruction of wildlife and natural preserves. EnCana's relationship with the Ecuadorian government is also explored. Between the Folds by Gould, Vanessa dir. Beyond belief by Murphy, Beth dir. Susan Retik and Patti Quigley are two ordinary moms living their American dream until both husbands are killed by terrorists. Beyond our Differences by Hansen-Styles, Sue nar. Features interviews with religious leaders and politicians as they are asked what inspires them in these challenging times, as more and more people are turning to religion and spirituality to gain a sense of meaning and understanding with what they are facing.

Traces the painful transition made by four sons ofn the Ayala family who leave their close-knit family in Mexico to seek a better life in Kentucky. Struggling to fit in, they find a different version of the American dream. In twenty-three interviews, using a question and answer format, experts from a variety of backgrounds including, academia, the media, government, and NGOs, place the causes leading up the terrorist attacks of September 11th, in historical context.

Issues surrounding the War on Terrorism are also discussed. Are Iranian Women Rebelling? In this program, a female reporter, Anna Maria Tremonti, dons the hijab and goes undercover to find out how Iranian women feel about the government-enforced dress code, the segregation of the sexes, and their role in Iranian society since the revolution. Bidesia in Bambai by Sharma, Surabhi dir. This is a story of music, migration and mobile phones"--Container. The Big Sellout by Opitz, Florian dir. Big Time Losers by Merrow, John dir.

Examines the price colleges and athletes pay when sports become big business. Told through the stories of six athletes, the film examines the impact of sports on academics at elite smaller schools and at big-time state universities where football and basketball traditions run deep. Wilder tells hilarious anecdotes and offers keen insights into the craft of moviemaking and frank advice about survival in Hollywood.

Filmed over two weeks in This video delivers a wellness-oriented approach that contributes in a powerful way to sustained, positive lifestyle change. It illustrates tools that counselors can use to help clients feel a sense of stability when their lives may feel out of control.

Biofeedback also can help counselors cope with the stresses and challenges of their demanding jobs. By practicing and modeling these techniques counselors can become even more effective advocates for a positive lifestyle. The Bird Dancer by Lemelson, Robert dir. Gusti Ayu will have to use all her strength and courage to find her place in society free from shame and humiliation.

The Bird Dancer, shot over the course of 12 years in Bali, Indonesia, is an ethnographic film addressing the powerful impact acceptance or rejection of family and community has on the lives and recovery of those with neuropsychiatric conditions"--Container.

  • Padre Paraíso | Revolvy.
  • The Men Behind Mob Wives: Benjamin “Lefty Guns” Ruggiero;
  • Commentary on Genesis, A: The Book of Beginnings.
  • A Journey Towards Love.
  • Raising Thinking Children and Teens: Guiding Mental and Moral Development.
  • Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro | Revolvy;

What is the connection between coffee farmers, birds and ourselves? Why are 25 million coffee farmers impoverished while we spend more for our coffee? Why are North American songbirds becoming harder and harder to find? What is the difference between Free Trade and Fair Trade?

This film explores the answers to these questions and many more. We hear from experts and students, from coffee lovers and bird lovers. But most importantly, we hear from the coffee farmers themselves and learn how their lives and ours are inextricably joined in ways that we need to understand. Birth of Civilization by Malaterre, Jacques dir. Journey back 15, years to trace humankind's incredible journey through time. Beginning with humanity's exodus from the Ice Age and chronicling milestones such as hunter-gatherer, farmer, builder, and city organizer. Reveals how humankind managed to survive and conquer the world.

Explores the motivation of early humankind and its epic transformation to reveal the inspiring story of the invention of civilization. Black and Cuba by Hayes, Robin dir. Their journey reveals enthralling scenes of Cuban life, and candidate encounters with AfroCuban youth. As they film their experience, the travelers discover connections between Cuban and American perspectives on human rights, race, and revolution"--Container.

Documentary about the African influence on Brazilian religiosity. An investigation into two contrary, but equally radical lives, both of which ended through violence: Alfred Herrhausen, chairman of the Deutsche Bank, died in in a bomb attack presumably planned and executed by the RAF. The circumstances surrounding his death were never fully revealed. Black Death in Dixie by Nelson, Gerry dir.

The film highlights several difficult issues, concepts, and social conditions--including statistics on the racial makeup of America's death row population; questionable convictions resulting from mistaken identification; the emotional and psychological toll on those wrongfully convicted; and the lingering effects of the Jim Crow era--or what many have called America's 20th-century apartheid system--in which lynching functioned as de facto capital punishment"--Container. The documentary brings to light forgotten or misrepresented African American history, examines the images of African Americans seen in motion pictures and on television, and explains the damage that is done to the self-concepts of African American children.

It also presents signs of emerging racial pride, and focuses on a Philadelphia preschool program's attempt to raise African American children's confidence and prepare them for learning. Black Magic by Klores, Dan dir. A look at the Civil Rights Movement from the perspective of some of the most talented African-American basketball players who lived it. Features interviews with Ben Wallace, Willis Reed, and more. Black Panther and San Francisco State: It is the second-most watched telenovela in Brazil. Her big screen acting debut was with the film El Cometa by Marisa Sistach, playing the character Valentina, for which she was nominated for the Ariel award for Best New Actress.

Career In , she appeared in Richard Linklater's Fas Confins is a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Minas Gerais. Its population as of is estimated to be 5, people. The area of the municipality is The city belongs to the mesoregion Metropolitana de Belo Horizonte and to the microregion of Belo Horizonte. The economy of the town is as a service depot for local farmers and farmers for quite a distance into the mountains to which it is the easiest point of contact.

There is also a large service economy and an efficient bus cooperative that connects mainly with Azua and the towns along the way. The disparity is great even in the microcosm of this small town. Programmes The headquarters of Sitel in Skopje. Sitel Television was founded on 22 January , as the second private and independent TV station in Macedonia.

The current number of employees is approximately managing and editorial board, journalists, reporters, announcers, technical staff, marketing and administration and there are also a large number of correspondents and external cooperators. Sitel TV airs many types of genres, including information, culture, arts, documentaries, entertainment, sports and children's programs. However, the main output is "Informative programming", which includes central news bulletins aired at Recent polls of Macedonian viewers suggest that Sitel TV is the most watched television broadcaster in Macedonia since the previously most popular A The estimated population in was It was founded in Geography Climate Campo Belo's climate can be classified as tropical altitude, with yearly average temperature of Soil Silic - Clay.

He served as an actor for eight years in two theatre companies, alongside the most prestigious directors in Mexico. Under the direction of George Labaudan guest, he appeared on the balcony of Jean Genet. He has appeared in six foreign films and more than twenty-eight Mexican films. He also won the prize for best actor at the Festival of Valladolid Spain , for the latter.

He received Ariel for Best Supp Career He started his acting career as part of the cast of the play Vaselina, the Spanish language version of Grease. He immediately obtained a role in the telenovela Principessa on Televisa. Five years later he recorded his first album alternating with his work on television.

In he made his first movie and next year he participated in the film version of the telenovela Alcanzar una estrella, after participating in the telenovela version of it and its sequel. Films One Long Night Muzambinho is a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais in the Southeast region of Brazil. Retrieved December 17, Retrieved 9 January History The Monastery of the Holy Cross of Coimbra was the first house of the order; from the 16th century it constituted one of the most important cultural centers of Portugal The Canons Regular of the Holy Cross of Coimbra were founded by St.

Construction of its first monastery began on June 28, On Ash Wednesday, February 24, , the original twelve, along with sixty others who had joined them, made their profession of vows and received the habit. That same day Theotonius was elected Superior. They adopted the customs of the Canons Regular of St. Ruf and in addition to the choral office undertook the pastoral care of neighboring parishes.

Under Theotonius, the community flourished, and o He worked as an assistant coffee mill worker, a butcher, and also an interior decorator, until he began his acting studies at Mexico's Institute of Fine Arts. Soriano Guadalupe film San Juan Diego [4] Curandero film Don Carlos Los muertos que nos dieron la vida mariana de la noche Viaje aterrador Alumno 1 Dos c The first flag of the school was offered by Mrs. The first queen of the school was Mrs.

The samba school participated for the first time, in an official parade, with the plot "O Baile das Rosas" "The Ball of Roses" , when it got 5th place. From forth, it took on Group 1 and did not anymore any relegation to the lower divisions. He was placed in a mock trial and summarily executed in Manila along with two other clergymen. He obtained three undergraduate degrees with honors, two master's degrees and two doctorate degrees from the Colegio de San Juan de Letran and from the University of Santo Tomas.

He conducted his first mass in the Intramuros. Contributions Burgos' nationalist views, codified in editorial essays, championing political and ecclesiastic reforms in favor of empowering more native clergymen, made him a target of opposition to civil authorities. In , an anonymous pamphlet was published in Manila, criticizing the prejudice in the Church, and providi It premiered on 12 December and ended on 17 February , with a total of 50 episodes. It's the third "novela das sete" to be aired on the timeslot. Retrieved 25 June Retrieved 23 August In search of paradise is a Mexican telenovela produced by Ernesto Alonso for Televisa in Retrieved January 15, Populated places in Minas Gerais Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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