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Is it attention-grabbing or a fuzzy little box? Ask other people for their thoughts and value the opinions expressed. Compare your cover with top sellers in your genre. Getting known is vital, so use social media to build your name recognition.

Struggling to make more sales? Follow these 2 simple steps… - Social Triggers

Build a professional image of yourself by using personal accounts for chatting with your friends and family. You want to sell books not inform people about cupcakes. Build quality Twitter and Facebook Page followings on separate author accounts and concentrate on improving your reputation as a writer and try to become an authority in your genre or subjects and themes you write about.

It takes a long time to build your author reputation and to write enough books to be noticed. If you are expecting instant success through self-publishing, I would suggest trying something else. There are almost no overnight success stories anymore, so be prepared to be in publishing for the long haul. I doubt you will sell a single copy. Why would anyone pay that amount for 50 recipes when they can get millions of recipes for free on the Internet? You have to offer your book at a realistic price, and offer real value to your potential readers.

Struggling to make more sales? Follow these 2 simple steps...

You need a great product at a competitive price. Guide your followers towards you, your books and your blog and or website. There are many ways to waste a lot of money when it comes to self-publishing and marketing books and ebooks. Yes, you will have to invest as in any business, but be very wary.

2. Winnow down your sales leads.

Avoid vanity publishers in particular. They offer nothing for an awful lot of money. Be yourself, not a clone of Ron Popeil. When you do get into that conversation, your goal is to find out whether that prospect has a need for what you're offering and the money to buy it.

I Wrote A Book – But It Won’t Sell – Here’s How To Sell Your Book

If not, eliminate that prospect from your list. Don't waste your time or the prospect's.

When you're assessing needs, what's most important is always what your prospect's customers need from your prospect to be successful. Your job is to help the prospect meet those needs. Your own needs, of course, are utterly irrelevant. Selling is not something that you do to a customer. It's something that you do for a customer. This means understanding how the customer buys the sort of thing you're selling and providing assistance as needed to make the purchase happen.

  • 1. Specialize in selling one thing..
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When you've got what you hope is a bona fide potential customer, it's hard to risk hearing a no that smashes your dream of a big sale. Nevertheless, if you don't ask for the business, or wait too long to ask for it, you're going to lose the sale anyway. The only way to make selling easier is to build up your Rolodex, not just of contacts but of people whom you've personally helped become more successful.

Eventually, you won't need to sell any longer because your friends will do your selling for you.