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Unlike Sraosha, Mithra is not, however, a Psychopomp , a guide of souls to the place of the dead. As the Divinity of Contract, Mithra is undeceivable, infallible, eternally watchful, and never-resting. Mithra is additionally the protector of cattle, and his stock epithet is "of Wide Pastures. The lack of Mithra's presence in the texts was once a cause of some consternation amongst Iranians. An often repeated speculation of the first half of the 20th century was that the lack of any mention i.

This ex silentio speculation is no longer followed. Building on that speculation was another series of speculations, which postulated that the reason why Zoroaster did not mention Mithra was that the latter was the supreme god of a bloodthirsty group of daeva -worshipers that Zoroaster condemned. Although there is no known Mithraic iconography in the Achaemenid period, [5] the deity is invoked in several royal Achaemenid inscriptions:. In Artaxerxes II 's r.

Although the Behistun inscription of Darius I r. In that inscription, that emperor to appeals to "Ahuramazda and the God Mithra preserve me, my country, and what has been built by me. In the Zoroastrian calendar , the sixteenth day of the month and the seventh month of the year are dedicated to and are under the protection of Mithra.

The Iranian civil calendar of adopted Zoroastrian month-names, and as such also has the seventh month of the year named "Mihr". The position of the sixteenth day and seventh month reflects Mithra's rank in the hierarchy of the Divinities; the sixteenth day and seventh month are respectively the first day of the second half of the month and the first month of the second half of the year.

In the case of Mithra, this was Jashan-e Mihragan , or just Mihragan for short. In Zoroastrian scripture, Mithra is distinct from the divinity of the Sun, Hvare. However, in Zoroastrian tradition, Mithra evolved from being an all-seeing figure hence vaguely associated with the Sun into a divinity co-identified with the Sun itself, effectively taking over Hvare. Royal names incorporating Mithra's e. The youthful Apollonian-type Mithra is found in images from other countries of Iranian culture in the Parthian period, such as Commagene in the Roman-Parthian border and the Kushan Empire on the Indo-Iranian border.

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Persian and Parthian-speaking Manichaeans used the name of Mithra current in their time Mihryazd , q. Mithra-yazata for two different Manichaean angels. Although sharing linguistic roots with the name Mithra, Werner Sundermann established that those names denote Manicheanisms equivalent of Maitreya. I was able to warn the entire leadership team. After leaving the group, I searched for my vehicle to get out of town before the flood hit.

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But in the dream I could not find my car! Ran around the entire section of the city, clicking my remote, even hitting the alarm button. But to no avail. As I glanced towards the hill, a little water began to flow over the bank. There was no traffic in the city, as everybody was asleep! No one was trying to escape, because nobody was even aware.

Then I looked again and saw flood waters rushing down from the hill towards the street I was on. I saw an open garage with a thick brick wall, and stepped inside hoping to lessen the impact of the coming torrent. Overflowing Torrent—Interpretation Many of you are gifted in dream interpretation, and by the Spirit can add to the understanding I have already received. But here briefly are a few points highlighted to me. He who believes in it will not be disturbed.

Conflict of Thrones—Perspective Today Let me now share with you a few comments today based on the posting, again excerpted from the Midnight Cry, our chapter on the Conflict of Thrones. As the deal was being sealed, Iranian leaders continued to threaten Israel and the United States. Congress was given 60 days to review the deal, voting in favor of the deal on September At that very time, intercessors began to gather in Washington DC.

Amazingly, the Iranian deal released billion dollars immediately into the Iranian economy, accelerating capacities to terrorize Israel and Sunni nations of the mideast. Over decades Iran has been dedicated to igniting a Palestinian uprising or intifada. Terror groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas are being resourced towards this end. Tensions have remained at a heightened level ever since… Midnight Cry, pp.

Zionist Extremist: Iran vs. Israel, Dual Covenant Theology NOT of God!

It seems we now have a limited window to deal with this crisis before it becomes an even greater threat. I am sobered by this and praying that authentic diplomacy based on truth prevail over the prospect of war. Freedom advances as a result.

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But one thing is also clear. As prophesied, we have truly entered a midnight hour. Jon and Jolene Hamill are passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

Prophetic Warning on Iran Nuclear Deal—Covenant with Death Must be Annulled!

They love to share His heart and word nationally and internationally through ministry and media. Jon and Jolene are the authors of the recently-published book Crown and Throne: A Field Guide to Spiritual Revolution, which has gained widespread popularity across the nation. LAMPostings are focused on sharing real-time prophetic revelation and prayer points from Washington DC, and is regularly enjoyed by thousands. In addition, they have authored numerous prophetic teachings which have appeared on the Elijah List, in Charisma Magazine and other publications.

Hmmmmm, makes me wonder if m a y b e a component of what you saw could also contains this element to it. I sooooooo appreciate your ministry and pray that His blessings overtake you thus propelling you into the fullness of your destiny. Your email address will not be published.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. It makes sense now. We are approaching a midnight hour. Many Paul Reveres are being summoned to see, perceive and ride. The waters are rising—seemingly in context with our decisions that have defied boundaries meant for our own safety.

Even to the extent our highest and strongest barriers, our walls of defense, are not enough to keep us from danger. Washington DC is asleep. Secure and seemingly unaware of potential calamity that could arise—overflow its boundaries—as a consequence of their decisions. Only the young prayer warriors even seemed to be awake and preparing.

The hill—perhaps Capitol Hill—is our last barrier of defense regarding decisions that can adversely affect our future. It was and is the gate.

See a Problem?

But in the dream it seemed that very hill itself was about to be overrun by the force of coming torrents. This hilltop barrier must withstand the unrelenting pressure of the rising tide. Otherwise the city and even nation is at risk of being flooded. The timing of potential challenges seems to be hinted at by the meetings and preparations of the young prayer warriors.

Without going into detail, the focus is on this fall. My primary job was to awaken the awakeners who could alert the city.