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P alais de Tokyo , a vast s edifice on the banks of the Seine, houses Paris's home for contemporary art with the most experimental temporary art exhibitions in the city French artist Abraham Poincheval once spent three weeks sitting on and hatching chicken eggs — it may not always be to your taste but you definitely won't be bored. There's a permanent collection in the eastern wing taking in Picasso and Matisse.

The bookshop has the biggest collection of art books and design journals in Paris. The complex hosts restaurant 'Monsieur Bleu'- try the terrasse in summer for gorgeous Eiffel Tower views. Wed-Mon, 12pm-midnight Nearest metro: La Muette line 9 Price: This is the usual home of the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries, currently on loan in Australia. Marie Curie was the first woman to be buried there: Climb the steps to the viewing platforms of the recently restored dome to enjoy a magnificent degree view of the city.

Saint-Michel line 4 , Place Monge line 7 Price: I f you make just one excursion out of Paris, then it should be to Versailles, for its vision of royal absolutism — "the state is me". Today, its extravagant ceilings, hall of mirrors, and king's and queen's bedchambers remain fascinating for their excess.

On a warm day, grab picnic ingredients and have lunch by the Grand Canal. T he 'banlieue' of St-Denis has certainly changed its image since its days as a pilgrimage centre and burial site of French monarchy, but the magnificent abbey church still stands out amid the sprawl. Rebuilt in the 12th century, it is considered the birthplace of gothic architecture, combining pointed arches, ribbed vaulting and flying buttresses for the first time.

In winter, closes 5pm Nearest metro: Basilique de St-Denis line 13 Price: J ust 27 miles 45 km east of Paris, you enter another world comprised of the main Disneyland Park , smaller film-themed Walt Disney Studios Park and Festival Disney containing shows, restaurants and souvenir shops. Small tots are entranced by the parades and the teacup ride, Big kids including adults enjoy the thrills of Star Wars-themed Hyper Space Mountain and the eery Tower of Terror. It is far more relaxing to stay in Paris than in one of the Disney resort hotels.

Tips and Tours: How to Make the Most of Your Visit to the Latin Quarter, Paris

Buying tickets online is cheaper than on the door. T he s Vincennes zoo has been reborn as Parc Zoologique de Paris , 'a new kind of zoo'. It is laid out as five biozones intended to create optimal conditions for the animals, giving them plenty of space and appropriate vegetation. Animals can be hard to see, but it's fun spotting snakes and parrots in the tropical forest greenhouse, watching manatees swim underwater, or wandering across the pool, amid flamingoes.

The zoo stays open late in the summer and hosts special events where you can watch feeding sessions or the process of getting the big cats to bed; prices are reduced, too. Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm; Sat, Sun, and school holidays, 9. There are often last-minute tickets available for international fixtures football and rugby. St Denis - Porte de Paris line 13 Price: Made in the 15th century, the six tapestries in the series were meant to be an allegory of the five senses and the joys of the senses.

These exquisitely detailed tapestries were created in the "millefleurs" style of the time. This technique featured intricate patterns of flowers "millefleurs" means "thousand flowers" , animals, and birds. Besides the unicorn, look out for the little bunny and friendly dogs. This famous landmark of the Latin Quarter is a mausoleum that holds the tombs of France's most prominent citizens. Soufflot succeeded at creating a masterpiece of Neoclassical style, with the architectural simplicity and monumentality of antiquity.

After the church was completed, it was converted into a mausoleum by walling up the church windows to give the interior a somber ambience. Underneath the main dome, Foucault's pendulum, that proved the rotation of the earth, was demonstrated here.

Latin Quarter, Paris: 15 Top Attractions, Tours & Nearby Hotels

There are 72 great citizens buried here. While wandering the Latin Quarter, take time to admire its historic churches, which are often missed by most tourists. With its dark sanctuary illuminated by candles, the church has a somber and spiritual ambience. The architecture combines various styles, with a simple nave from the 13th-century and stained-glass windows dating from the 14th and 15th centuries.

Other noteworthy details of the interior include the pillars with elaborately carved capitals and fanciful keystones. Many visitors enjoy attending a concert here and find that listening to the holy music adds to the experience. In contrast to the narrow medieval streets that are tightly packed in most of the quarter, the Boulevard Saint-Michel is a wide modern avenue designed by Haussmann in the 19th century.

Lotynų kvartalas: jaunasis Picasso Paryžiuje by Gary Van Haas

This atmospheric public square is the real heart of the Latin Quarter. The allegorical image evokes the theme of good battling evil. In the tourist tradition, stop to toss in a coin into the fountain and make a wish. Saint-Michel or Cluny-La Sorbonne. An obligatory tourist experience is getting lost in the Latin Quarter's labyrinth of narrow medieval streets.

This tiny street only provides enough space for pedestrians to walk single-file.

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Rue de la Huchette is lined with small shops and with restaurants geared to tourists and students but not gourmands. Known simply as "Mouffe," this narrow street is lined with historic shops, 16th to 18th-century houses, and quaint restaurants that are popular with students. The upper part of the street is "Little Athens" with mostly Greek restaurants. The street is especially lively on weekend evenings when many street musicians come out to entertain diners. To discover the quintessential Latin Quarter ambience, take a stroll down the Quai de la Tournelles, which runs along the Seine River.

Les Bouquinistes are riverside book sellers along the quays around the Pont Marie bridge. This popular open-air bookshop features separate stalls stocked with classic and modern literary works. In addition to used and new books, there are also postcards and posters for sale.

17 Great Things About the Latin Quarter of Paris

This contemporary restaurant features the gourmet cuisine of Guy Savoy. In an enchanting location near the Pont Neuf , the restaurant offers views of the Seine River and the books stalls set up along the quay. This Bohemian bookshop sells old editions of everything from Shakespeare to James Joyce.

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Shakespeare and Company is a well-known gathering place for writers, and some of the in-house writers even live here, sleeping on cots in between the library aisles. The shop hosts literary events such as book readings, children's hour, and book launches. These boat restaurants offer a unique tourist experience that's often missed by tourists. To indulge in a more upscale meal, there is the legendary Tour d'Argent , one of Paris' most renowned gastronomic restaurants.

The dining room dazzles guests with its spectacular views of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The refined and expensive restaurant is famous for its classic French cuisine. Be sure to make a reservation in advance and wear appropriate attire. It seems that author couldn't decide between biography and novel, so it is something in between.

"The Latin Quarter" from "Gold Diggers in Paris" 1938

It leaves a feeling of clifhanger, and tells more about Picasso before Paris, than about his life in Paris. Violeta Kunovska rated it really liked it May 17, Ena Stankova rated it really liked it Jun 16, Natalie Bylewskaya rated it it was ok Feb 08, Kristina rated it it was ok Dec 14, Egle Navickaite rated it really liked it Oct 27, Pranykustolumoj rated it it was ok Jun 22, But rated it liked it Jun 14, Arvena rated it it was ok Aug 05, Virginija rated it really liked it Jun 23, Sonja rated it it was amazing Apr 10, Daiva rated it it was ok Nov 14, Egidija rated it liked it Jul 04,