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Gian also speculates on whether there was any connection, either overt or inspirational, between Jack the Ripper and the Torso Killer.

Moving beyond the events of , we then look at the world of Ripperology, which is the study of the crimes and the suspects proposed over the years. We talk about how proposed suspects are often the result of information gleaned from urban legend and facts that do not fit with what we know from the inquests at the time. We also revisit another aspect of the case, where the man in charge of a concerned citizens group was mailed a kidney that may have come from one of the Ripper's victims. Years and decades after the Ripper killings, the detectives and investigators of the time began giving interviews and writing books about the case, which Gian responds to and details why these recollections and speculation about potential suspects are faulty at best.

Gian goes on to detail a number of suspects that were implicated by these investigators and explains why they do not fit the description of the Ripper. We then find out if Gian has any 'pet suspect' of his own as well as whether or not we can ever truly know who Jack the Ripper was. Heading towards the close, we find out what became of the clothes from the Ripper victims and if there is anything that can be done, forensically, to provide additional evidence towards the case.

Looking ahead to the future, we find out what's next from Gian Quasar including a look at the Zodiac mystery, where Gian believes he may have solved, and the Amelia Earhart mystery, where Gian plans to unveil some new found material and insights that show why the fate of the famed aviatrix has remained an enigma for all these years. Wed Feb 26, Thank you for bringing Quasar back! I have his sasquatch books. They were the first ones I saw which gave me a "realistic" basic for any belief in them. I don't believe he explains all of the sightings but I do believe he covers some history of the phenomenon.

Onto the current topic: I had no idea he was doing Ripper research. He brings up interesting points to consider. It is one of the things I most appreciate about his work.

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I look forward to his future AE work!. I suspect she falls under Quasar's definition of building a case to suit a suspect but her case on this convinced me. Case closed as far as I am concerned. I still enjoyed the show and his presentation. Sun Sep 07, Breaking news today in the Daily Mail: The Ripper may have been positively identified using DNA evidence. I made a separate thread about this in the Conspiracy, Alt.

History, Earth Mysteries section on this forum: Read the entire article here: Mon Sep 08, 6: Gian responded to this story here: Mon Sep 08, 9: Man, I really come off as a pretty over-enthusiastic guy. It's just that I've been interested in the Ripper case for some 20 years now and have been very "tickled" by the latest turn of events.

Gian Quasar on BoA:Audio

I hope no one takes too much offence. Like I say in the post above: I really can't vouch for the claims in the Daily Mail article. Instead I hope independent DNA researchers get "on the case" as soon as possible — I eagerly await their results no matter if the results are positive or negative.

Maybe it will all be shown to be a hoax. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. Yeah, I read that too. But, as a matter of fact I was extremely disappointed by his answer — especially how he chose to deal with the article and it's claims. I'll try to explain why — hope I don't come off as a grumpy or really snarky — or maybe just manic guy.

First of all — I really can't vouch for the claims in the Daily Mail article. Because the claims in the article — should they be true — would be a really big breakthrough in the Ripper case. Why is this you may ask? Well, because IF and I know it's a big if the claims are true, and there is a shawl with DNA traces even if it's "just" mitochondrial DNA that can be traced to both a Ripper victim and a Ripper suspect even if you "only" can trace them through the mother's bloodline , then this find IS a big deal.

Imagine finding something like this connected to a modern murder case — I have very big problems imagining a court simply going "Kosminsky again? The Ripper case is notorious for its lack of physical evidence and how we are only left with eyewitness reports, hearsay, and speculations.

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If the claims in the article are true this may actually not be the case anymore. Now, on to some of the issues I have with Gian's answer. Don't get me wrong, I think he sounds like a great guy and what I hear of his Scarlet Autumn book sounds great, but I really want to go through some of what he writes. To me, the text really illustrates the problems when your own theories get in the way. First, he starts off with a smug little story, whose main point seems to be at least to me that anyone even considering the DNA claims is like the researcher who discovered the Piltdown skull.

That skull is a known hoax, something that — according to Gian — the researcher would have been able to easily discover, had he only "bothered with all the circumstantial data". Unfortunately, genetic data even if it's the mitochondrial DNA doesn't work that way — it doesn't stop being valid just because someone thinks that it should. Once the Piltown man was examined in correlation with other existing data, the claims attached to it vanished into thin air.

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However, the only way claims based on DNA evidence could "vanish", like in the Piltdown skull case, would be if the DNA traces were proven to be faulty for example misinterpreted, heavily decomposed or very contaminated or simply false. Until that has happened, this is not a "Piltdown case", no matter what anyone claims. I'm personally very open to the option that the facts in the article could be disproven — if so, the Daily Mail article will only be the latest in a long line of discarded Ripper "solutions". But we can't know this until the results have been analysed by other experts.

The problem boils down to this: It's as simple as that.

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IF the claims are true, and there is a shawl with DNA traces even if it's "just" mitochondrial DNA that can be traced to both a Ripper victim and a Ripper suspect even if you "only" can trace them through the mother's bloodline , then this find IS a big deal. Next, he talks about how the researchers don't adhere to he scientific method. I can definitely see his point.

But yet we still return to the same spot again: IF the claims are true and there's DNA from both a victim and one of the suspects even if we can only pinpoint it down to a "family" level due to limitations in mitochondrial DNA — then that's a pretty fascinating discovery. Or at least it seems that way to me. After this, Gian talks about the problems with the shawl. Among other things, he questions the provenance of the object. I'm with him all the way here — where did this item come from? And why is it suddenly resurfacing after some years?

But unfortunately this was not the point of the article. The point was the DNA traces supposedly found on the shawl. Once again we return to the same spot: IF the claims are true and there is DNA that can be traced to both the victim in the form of blood and a suspect in the form of semen then that's an interesting find that could have great repercussions in the Ripper case. He then talks about how the murderer could not have had time to sexually assault the victim. Was he just a madman? For over a century theorists have glossed over the cases in order to support their own suspect.

The result is a convoluted legend devoid of facts. For example, the lack of blood at one crime scene is explained away as having soaked into the clothes- a physical impossibility in the short interim between the victim having been slain and the police finding the warm body. Not even a heavy rain can soak under a prone body in a mere 10 minutes let alone pints of a thick fluid like blood. This is only one example of evidence that requires a re-thinking of the actual crime spree of Jack the Ripper. The actual cases, critically presented in meticulous detail and taken collectively, is the only way to reopen the case of Jack the Ripper and start anew.

In this painstaking chronicle, the crimes and seasons of Jack the Ripper are vividly recreated. The purpose is to plunge the reader back into Whitechapel For those who want a companion of facts by which to judge all the theories and suspects that have and no doubt will continue to be proposed, Scarlet Autumn is that source.

Hmm, the particular point raised in the blurb seems to be a misunderstanding of the situation Mr Quasar seems to believe that when people talks about the blood having soaked into Polly's clothing, that they are suggesting it was all about her and was soaked up like a sponge from the surrounding area. My understanding is that it ran into her clothing, and was soaked up, preventing it from running out and around her. A quick search shows that the author has also written on the Bermuda Triangle and Bigfoot I don't think I'll be spending my Begg-Bennett-Book money on this one All times are GMT