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Rock art in the caves around its base provides further evidence of the enduring cultural traditions of A n angu.

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About 32 kilometres to the west of Ulu r u lie the 36 steepsided domes of Kata Tju t a. The domes cover an area of 35 square kilometres, with the highest rising to metres above the plain. This area is sacred under A n angu men's law and detailed knowledge is restricted. These huge rock formations, their creek lines, waterholes and the surrounding sand country vegetation is an arid environment of enormous diversity.

The landscape is dominated by spinifex and low shrubs, with large desert oaks dotted on the sand dunes and plains. Sizeable areas of mulga woodland and other low shrubs also occur on dunes and swales. The alluvial flow areas at the base of the major rock formations support large bloodwoods, acacias and native grasses. Water holes and soaks provide restricted habitats for a number of rare and unique plant species.

Larger stands of mulga and other acacias dominate the harder, wide, sand plain surrounding Ulu r u and Kata Tju t a. A n angu's traditional ecological knowledge is critical to the ongoing scientific management of the species found in these habitats. The park is home to more than species of birds and many reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates adapted to arid environments.

A number of rare mammals are found here, including the hairyfooted dunnart, the sandhill dunnart and the mulgara. The mala, a significant Tjukurpa species, has recently been re-introduced. Reptile species are well adapted to this arid environment and are found in numbers unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Lizard species include the rare giant desert skink and Australia's largest lizard, the perentie, which can grow to a length of 2.

The huge rock formations of Ulu r u and Kata Tju t a are remarkable geological and landform features set in a contrasting, relatively flat, sand-plain environment. The park is leased back to the Director of National Parks and is jointly managed under the direction of a Board of Management which has an Aboriginal majority representing the traditional owners.

World Heritage sites are places that are important to and belong to everyone, regardless of where they are located. They are an irreplaceable legacy that the global community wants to protect for the future. The common feature of all properties inscribed on the World Heritage List is that they meet the requirement of Outstanding Universal Value.

A Statement of Outstanding Universal Value is the official statement adopted by the World Heritage Committee identifying the criteria under which the property was inscribed, including the assessments of the conditions of integrity or authenticity, and of the protection and management in force. The primary purpose of a Statement of Outstanding Universal Value is to be the key reference for the future effective protection and management of the property.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park - Overview - World Heritage Places

These examples are illustrative of the World Heritage values of the property, and they do not necessarily constitute a comprehensive list of these values. Until the adoption of a Statement of Outstanding Universal Value the list should be used as a guide on the Outstanding Universal Value of the property.

Ulu r u-Kata Tju t a National Park includes the monoliths of Ulu r u and Kata Tju t a which are exceptional examples of tectonic, geochemical and geomorphic processes. The World Heritage values include:. The huge monoliths of Ulu r u-Kata Tju t a National Park, including one of the largest in the world, which are set in a contrasting sand plain environment provide a landscape of exceptional natural beauty and scenic grandeur. Ulu r u-Kata Tju t a National Park is an outstanding example of the traditional human settlement and land-use known as hunting and gathering.

Uluru rising from the desert spinifex plains.

Relatively few contemporary hunting and gathering cultures now exist throughout the world. Ulu r u-Kata Tju t a National Park is directly and tangibly associated with events, living traditions, ideas and beliefs of outstanding universal significance. The Tjukurpa 'the Law' is an outstanding example of an Indigenous philosophy. It is founded upon a time when heroic beings, who combined the attributes of humans and animals, camped and travelled across the landscape.

As they did, they shaped and created the features of the land. But you might be surprised to learn that the park still gets around millimetres of rainfall a year and temperatures can drop to minus seven degrees Celsius, 19 degrees Fahrenheit, on winter nights.

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Find out more on extreme temperatures. Look out for 21 mammals, 73 reptiles, birds and four frogs in the park. You are most likely to see birds and reptiles, look out for some colourful characters like the thorny devil and splendid fairy-wren. More than and many have traditional uses, see our bush tools and foods for more on our plants and animals. Find out more on non-aboriginal history. How high is Ulu r u? How wide is Ulu r u? When did Ulu r u become a national park? Who owns Ulu r u?

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Find out more on handback. What does joint management mean? How long have Aboriginal people lived in Ulu r u? Do Aboriginal people still live traditionally? How old is Ulu r u's rock art? How high is Kata Tju t a? How hot does it get at Ulu r u? How many different types of animals are there?

How many different types of plants are there? Who was the first European to see Ulu r u and Kata Tju t a? How many people visit Ulu r u each year? Each year more than , people visit the park from all around the world.