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While the students in Paris were rebelling against the autocratic style of De Gaulle, the German students saw themselves as rebelling against Hitler himself, against the complicity of their parents in the crimes of the Nazis and their subsequent conspiracy of silence. If West Germany was burdened by the unique historical guilt of the Holocaust, then its postwar generation drew differing conclusions from it.

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Some, such as the colourful but ruthless Baader-Meinhof gang, came to see violence as justified in their struggle against capitalism and American imperialism. Others decided that pacifism was the only valid response to the legacy of German history. Partly because of this range of positions, Kundnani argues that the movement had a more lasting influence in Germany than anywhere else.

The first generation were in many ways unlikely revolutionaries. At times, their squabbling over Marxist theory recalls the scene in the Monty Python film The Life of Brian , where the Palestinian terrorists argue over the acronym for their group while the Romans arrest them.

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After the assassination attempt on the student leader Rudi Dutschke interestingly one of the few leaders of the movement to emerge from communist East Germany , the students became increasingly violent in the s, culminating in the Bonnie and Clyde figures of Andreas Baader and Gudrun Ensslin. By the early s, however, this anarchist energy had fizzled out and the revolutionary margins had become more mainstream.

Where once Fischer had preached pacifism and resistance to the state, now he sanctioned the deployment of the German military in Kosovo. The transition of the generation from radicalism to realpolitik is a fascinating, complex story and Kundnani tells it with aplomb.

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Combining narrative and analysis, he shows how the original spirit of already contained contradictions. The students could be as authoritarian as the state they purported to reject. Rebel without a Cause?

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