Lieber Daniel: Briefe an meinen Sohn (German Edition)

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Chores are an opportunity to sanctify your space. While cleaning and doing laundry, focus not on the drudgery of the work but on the gift you are giving yourself — the gift of a living space where your soul can feel at ease. When you go to sleep in a more pure and spiritual way, you wake up in a more pure and spiritual way.

1. Belonging

The last moments before sleep are very powerful. Take those moments for yourself: Think about the day, and evaluate what you did that was good and what you did that could use improvement.

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  7. 2. Purpose.

Then meditate on the idea that there is a unifying force in the world that is much greater than any of us. You could also do some spiritual reading before you fall asleep.

Self and Soul : On Creating a Meaningful Life (2012, Paperback)

Go deeper into this subject: Did you enjoy this? Click here to find out more. Every moment of time is an opportunity.

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We are now about to enter a most powerful time of the year: The Hebrew month of Elul. A month which signifies love. What today is at the bottom, will tomorrow be at the top. And like a spiral staircase, we turn our backs to the destination just before we reach its peak. Please read this transcript of a conversation with Rabbi Jacobson about loneliness.

Self and Soul by Lorraine Ash

It provides an answer to your question. I have a question. Is this also for someone feeling so alone, not having friends, no one to talk to? The Dark Side We live in a dark and cold world. Thanks for the positive feedback.

Your Daily Life Is Everything

Light or Darkness Theme: The Meaningful Life Center. Where do I fit? Who do I ask?

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  • What does my life mean? Yet they are asked in an unprecedented landscape. Sixteen percent of Americans live without a religious affiliation, according to the U. Never has it been more important, Ash writes, to fashion a faith born of belief and experience, a faith rooted in inner landscapes where we speak directly with the divine, make our own meaning, and find the resiliency to thrive and change in a challenging world. In these pages Ash describes the voicelessness she experienced while seeking—in part a result of having her prayers written for her—and a sudden and unexpected encounter with the divine in a hospital bed in the wee hours.

    Praise for Self and Soul

    She had just delivered her stillborn child and was fighting for her own life. During her recovery, she found the black-and-white world of her inner life start to glow with the colors of a gloaming she sees while on a picnic in the hills of Northwest New Jersey. A divine force was beginning to animate her from the inside.

    On Creating a Meaningful Life

    I love this book. With color and nuance came new possibilities and a voice, at first small, in which Ash learned to speak from her heart.

    Creating A Meaningful Life - Lewis Howes

    Along the way Ash encounters sages but also people of ill will who are never a destination but nevertheless impart important lessons. Self and Soul is for people living lives of quiet desperation, questioning what it means to strive and succeed in conventional ways, and wondering if their efforts matter. It is a encouragement and inspiration for people who want the peace and knowing that comes with living a divinely inspired life. Her journey illuminates those human sensibilities that best bring us into a working relationship with the wholeness-making energies of god.

    Understanding Unchurched American Religion. On a Writing Life.