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Robert Graves was the most amazing ancient history scholar and a marvellous writer as well. In the book is he just translating ancient texts or is he telling the stories himself? They cram in absolutely everything. He has the most massive footnotes as well and references to where he found the actual myths: The footnotes are just amazing.

If you want to know all the Greek myths then definitely read it. Take it in chunks. He was just steeped in the whole thing. Adele is one of my favourite writers for children and teenagers. Ithaka is part of a loose trilogy based on the Odyssey , the Iliad and the Aeneid.

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That goes into the Aeneid: So Ithaka is written from the point of view Penelope, who is waiting for her husband, Odysseus, to come back from the Trojan War? I think if you wanted to get a teenager into the whole Greek myth thing again — having done it at school earlier — perhaps this book would be a good way in.

Yes, he took some of the key Greek myths and made them into these wonderful stories. I could have chosen a straight translation. This is how they were meant to be heard! Ovid would have read them out loud to people, and that is how they would have heard them, he would have performed them.

The Greek Myths

Like Ted Hughes, Padraic Colum was a poet. I think for me, the thing that links all these books, apart from the actual stories, is the way that language is used within them. In this one too, the way he uses language is wonderful. The gods, for instance, are always either married to their sister or their daughter. I had to skate over that quite a lot in Atticus.

Everybody wears Nike shoes, she was the Greek goddess of victory. Did you ever read Ambrosia creamed rice? There are several different versions of that particular story. I chose to include it when I wrote about it. I quite liked it. I now give it as a present whenever any of their friends has a birthday.

Greek mythology

The thing is that if they have them in their heads now, it will actually serve them for life. There are meant to be only x number of stories in the world, and these are pretty much templates for all of them….

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Everybody always asks me this. I like the story of Nyx, and the fates. Nyx was the goddess of the night and her cloak covered the night sky. She had three daughters who were the fates. I love the story of the fates: Klotho, Atropos, and Lakhesis, who weave the tapestry of life. I just love the mystery of it. Five Books aims to keep its book recommendations and interviews up to date.

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Ancient Greek Myths, Stories and Legends

Lucy Coats on Greek Myths Books. Judith Herrin on Byzantium Books. Elizabeth Frood on Ancient Egypt Books. Cyclopes are the only beasts of the first creation that are not punished by Zeus when he overthrows his father, Cronus. This may have something to do with them being his nephews as sons of Poseidon, and no, there are no female cyclopes. They will eventually become favorites of the god, forgers of his thunderbolts, […].

Ships caught in between Scylla and Charybdis often end up being sunk by either Scylla […]. The Sirens were creatures that sang beautifully, luring those passing by to their deaths. Each Siren combined the appearance of a woman and a bird, with the exact appearance varying depending on the artist.

Some artists drew Sirens that had bodies of birds with the heads of women, while others made them look like women […]. Midas was a king who reigned in Macedonian Bromium in what is now modern day Turkey.

Discover the most famous ancient Greek myths

The people he ruled over were called the Brigians or the Moschians. He was the son of the goddess Ida and an unnamed satyr and loved pleasure and wealth. When he was a baby, ants would climb up the […]. Medea is the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis. She is a sorceress who marries the hero Jason. She is the title character of the play written by Euripides. Medea is an enchantress, and is sometimes seen as a priestess of the goddess Hecate. Medea saw Jason after he arrived from Iolcus to Colchis. Sisyphus was the creator and first king of the city Ephyra later Corinth.

He married the nymph Merope and had four children: Glaucus, Ornytion, Almus and Thersander. Sisyphus helped his city become a commercial hub.

The Story Of Medusa - Greek Mythology Explained

He is also rumored to have created the Isthmian Games, a competition featuring athletic and musical feats. It was held […]. According to Greek mythology, Theseus was the son of Aethra, yet his father was unknown. King Aegeus assumed the child was his own, and in the months preceding the birth of Theseus, he gave instructions to Aethra […].

Greek mythology - Wikipedia

In Greek Mythology, Apollo was the God of Light, and it was his job to pull the sun across the sky in his 4-horse chariot every day. He has also been referred to as the God of music, poetry, art, medicine, knowledge, plague and archery. Apollo was the son of Zeus the God of Thunder […]. Since the beginning of time man has looked up at the night sky and wondered about the stars. These points of light were once a mystery. Before man discovered all we know today about the stars and planets, they used the constellations to tell a story.

Constellations are like a dot to dot puzzle. Perseus' myths are full of gods, creatures, and monsters that you might see in a number of Hollywood movies and television shows. Even if Perseus' myth is a little on the simple side, it has still had a huge impact on Greek mythology. According to Greek Mythology, the Amazons were a tribe of entirely female warriors. It was believed that the Amazons lived in Themiscyra near the Black Sea. This area is now Turkey, Eastern Europe. The Amazons were famous for being all women and for hating men. No men were allowed to live alongside the Amazons.

The Argonauts were a band of heroes united in the common cause of taking the Golden Fleece from Colchis. This was a group of some of the most legendary heroes of all of Greek mythology, one of the few times in the myths where a group of heroes team up to accomplish a goal.

These wars were between the Titans, the older […].