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Read "The Feather Kiss" by Rachel Rager with Rakuten Kobo. Lydia has loved Brett from afar since high school. After an accident left his sister in the hospital.

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Yokozawa saw Kirishima searching the apartment for his phone and decided to join in. When he found the phone, he saw something that would make him feel embarrassed if someone were to see it. What is it actually? Rated T for some minor suggestive adult theme and vulgarities. Sorry that my summary sucks, as usual. So here is going to be the result of the bet.

What does Shizuo have planned for Izaya? But on a side note I will consider any suggestions for this story. Overprotective by dazai-san reviews Kagami is limping. Naturally, Himuro tries to strangle Aomine, and Kuroko is all too glad to offer his assistance. AoKaga, if it wasn't obvious. Rated M for certain chapters.

Hidden Flames of Emerald by O. O reviews AU, High school Fic. Unexpectedly, he finds himself staring at a pink head everyday, not having a clue on how the owner looks like.

Yaoi, Language Fairy Tail - Rated: As Chosen by RedVengance reviews Izaya is a prince and a bearer. Shizuo is a knight, who's been told all his life he must care and protect any bearers, and that the royals were to never be hurt. When he met Izaya, he tries to kill him.

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Usual day by day fighting, choosing day has come, and the royal comes out, but of course who is chosen to marry the raven, Shizaya smutt, threats of rape,fluff,mpreg, being fixed Durarara!! Shizuo is just too helpful for his own good. But for Kuroko and Kagami there are still some unfinished plays. There's a first time for everything. The Day the Magic Died by therewassnow11 reviews It was the sixth anniversary of that day. Suddenly there was a crash, louder than the thunder outside as Fairy Tail's front door burst open and two children staggered through it.

But not before a certain scarlet haired mage had caught sight of the ring of celestial keys clasped in the child's hand. Passion by Yuuki Kishitani reviews Izaya Orihara and Shizuo Heiwajima have had their recent share of problems, but when the unexpected happens, they have to be closer than ever if they want to raise a family.

Between growing up, finishing high school, and raising a family, these two have their work cut out for them. Shizaya, worried Shizuo, one curse word Whatever he was expecting, it surely wasn't a giant yellow balloon, english lessons on flirting and a PE class where he gets his ass handed to him. He would definitely not be able to kiss me. K - English - Romance - Chapters: He tries to avoid using them at all costs, and everything goes well until one fine day, Nagisa, Rei and Makoto introduce him to the blackhole from hell called YouTube. Fortunately Or Unfortunately by Pwnie3 reviews Asahi Azumane very thoroughly despised this whole 'presentation' thing.

Sure he was an alpha. Sure, he was at the top of the metaphorical sexual food chain. But all the things that came with it were ridiculous. But then again, Yuu Nishinoya isn't like most omegas.

I mean, what better way then Cheesy pick up lines, and calling each other sickeningly sweet nick names in alphabetical order? It was only a stupid game. I don't know how we ended up here, but we have only one choice. We have eight pages to find, yet not enough time. He's going to arrive soon. Rated M for language and suggestive themes. Sunshine Trifecta by Shin Sankai reviews Another hectic week in the office for newcomer Yokozawa, but finally he can head on home. However, his train ride is soon shared with an adorable young girl and her grandmother.

What happens when Yokozawa continues to run into them, but one day notices the elderly woman is under the weather? Naturally he decided to do something about it. Hate and Love and a Baby by Kajune reviews Shizuo and Izaya's passionate hatred for each other has twisted into rough sex, the first resulting in something that won't let them break up. Furihata the fallen omega by trash-kawa reviews In this word there is no longer any humans, they've been gone for more than six hundred years.

They mutated into Lycanthrope and there is a class system. Each class has three types but what will happen with there is suddenly a four type for omegas. Outside by PrincessEvaOfTheZone reviews Living in a world, where you are able to recognize your soulmate is pretty easy for some people. Not if you are Izaya Orihara in this matter.

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His soulmate is his enemy. And in this glass dome, it's not Izaya who is outside. It's all you're fault I'm stuck as a neko! But when Izaya is turned in a neko, blames Shizuo and forces the blond man to take responsibility how long will it take for them to realise their true feelings? Revenge is Spicy by Cerberos reviews My teammates trash talked about you and i made them suffer while i called you over au.

Rated T for language. Reviews are welcome, Flaming is not. Riding Their Waves by Gariell reviews This is a story of two mermen; best friends, brothers in soul, anchor and protector, who possess magics. It also tells a story of blossoming love; from one-sided to mutual, between a son of a sailor and a merman. They learn how to ride on their endless waves and learn how love actually works between all storms and tides. Originally titled "Surfing Their Tides". Makoto is a struggling young singer, and Sousuke is a prideful police officer who's building up a crush on him. Yet, his tremendous pride prevents him to admit his attraction toward Makoto in any way.

While these two young individuals are still in doubt of their own feelings and what they really want in life, Haruka tries to protect his best friend from Sousuke. Curiosity by lilgonsan reviews It's almost midnight when Ushijima receives a mysterious text from Tendou. In the message is a link followed by "lmao you need to check this out! Make sure no one else is around bc it's kinda x-rated". Despite his better judgement, he clicks on the link.

Protecting Dragons by lilmissshortie1 reviews Natsu comes back from a 7 year mission with Happy assigned from the master only to see Lucy with a son!

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But is he really her son? What is Lucy hiding from the whole guild about him? Will Natsu be able to able to handle it once he finds out? Mistaken Identity by Akashi. Tetsu reviews One 'Aka' Akashi Seijuro is dangerous enough. What more if we add another 'Aka' which is Akabane Karma? Both are violent, both are sadistic. Things couldn't get more out of hand and only two bluenettes could most likely save the day. Is such a panacea addictive? He is awfully pleasant Kisa's Surprise by wendyls96 reviews This is my take on the Uke Flu.

It's about if Kisa got pregnant instead of Yukina. Will also include all the other Sekaiichi couples. This is rated M because of the boyxboy scenes. So if you do not like Yaoi don't read. Naked dream by Neko Erza reviews While on a mission, Gray is turned into a woman by a spell. While they try to find a cure, the ice mage has to deal with all the burdens and pleasures of being a woman. And like that isn't enough, he has to deal with an infatuated pink haired dragon slayer, who doesn't want him to change back at any cost. Akira the Akita is left forever traumatized.

Things are bound to happen The Legend of Izaya! Little Monster by sakuraofsnow reviews I'm what! What will I do with work? This is all Shizu-chan's fault! I'm going to kill him! Magnolia's Shounen AI by O. Only, it needed a new Gay couple for their next issue offering a huge prize and Lucy couldn't afford Losing it. Rush Hour Crush by Miss-Murdered reviews Makoto is a small town boy new to Tokyo who is struggling to attend university and earn enough to survive in the big city.

But on the Metro one day, Makoto sees a guy - tall, dark and tattooed - and this chance encounter may make his time in Tokyo a lot more fun and interesting. It's mating season, which leaves Natsu restless. He avoids every possible woman by going on a trip with Gray. To his surprise though, it turns out the latter is his fated partner, but when he gets rejected, an uncontrollable fury takes over his mind.

Some of these are going to be smut and some just fluff, but you have been warned. They all have different 'tags' like 'holding hands' or 'doing something hot', and all of them are different! One fanfiction posted each day for 30 days. Rated for a reason, please read and review! Sleep deprived by Pacifistic Brat reviews This is my version of what happens to Allen when sleep deprived. Cute oneshot with a little bit of Yullen. T - English - Chapters: Headaches by Vice Fandonna reviews A new breed of Akuma equals headaches Sending Kanda to Hogwarts equals headaches Wizards' arrogance and bad penmanship equals headaches Sending in Allen afterwards equals headaches Over-nosy Golden Trio eqauls headaches.

Then unwanted people arrive. Reflection by YooDidii reviews Mirror mirror on the wall, who is- Ooops, not that mirror. It's just a mirror with a weird legend, it's said that if someone is lucky enough and stands in front of the mirror, they'll see the reflection of their future lovers. Yeah, Kagami didn't believe it until he saw someone in the mirror Sneaky Sniffs by Kajune reviews Shizuo sneaks a few sniffs at Izaya's hair, and by the end of it all, the raven has yet to realize what he was doing.

Breaking The Bed by Lala to the power of 2 reviews By now, Makoto and Sousuke had had sex in this room often enough that the sound of the bed creaking and banging against the wall was already ingrained into his memory. The loser touches the other first. So there's no doubt Izaya can win. Even against Shizu-chan, a mindless beast. To him, it's only a fun little game and a chance for humiliation. But after he and Izaya get married his fears prevent him from telling Izaya how much he wants one. Luckily, Izaya is the best husband ever. This is my first fanfiction and I don't know how well it's written but if you have any advice please tell me.

Second chance by RhyeMeow reviews Tobio Kageyama's life turned upside down when his wife of 5 years divorced him. Now trying to start over - he went back to his old home town, struggling to raise his kid alone. There he met the man he once tried to forget. The man that stood besides him through his HS days. The one regret he wish he could start over with. The love he wish he could have again. Wouldn't have it any other way by Kathysweet reviews When Shizuo and Izaya are trapped inside a box, they wonder how they will get out of this mess.

But things are not always what they seem. More information inside Durarara!! Bananas by Rittie reviews Nico told Will that he likes bananas. Solangelo, rated M for Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: SouMako - I love you more by Canio reviews Sousuke, after having spent his evening drinking with Rin, manages to find Makoto's appartment.

Complete with timeline included. He was starting to think it just wasn't possible. They were amazing actors, at the height of their careers, everyone wanted them. He couldn't imagine why. How was he suppose to get anything done if they kept kissing when they were suppose to be fighting? Also, he sucks at thinking of birthday presents. There will be, as expected, awkward moments, the sex talk, blood sucking, smut, and daytime activities in which Kageyama dresses head-to-toe in sun protective clothing. Sousuke's been gone for half of the year and Makoto misses him deeply.

Sorry if it sucks! The theme was "oreshi and bokushi fighting over furi in a comical way ". It's a first date between the two, but Akashi's personalities almost ruin it with their bikering that leaves Kouki confused and fearful. I hope I did it justice. Enjoy and Merry Christmas! And he always ordered the same thing - an almond danish and a black coffee, no room for cream or sugar - every time he came in. And maybe, just maybe, Makoto has become just a little smitten.

The Suspension Bridge Effect by S. But when you were Orihara Izaya and your archenemy just happened to be Heiwajima Shizuo… Well it was a completely different matter… especially since said archenemy was making a point of crossing all reasonable boundaries. Shizaya, Freudian Slip's Sequel! A Weekend Away by Captin of Sirius reviews New parents needed breaks from their children from time to time.

For the first time, the Sawamuras are leaving their son in the capable hands of Uncles Asahi and Yuu, and taking a weekend away from everything to become Adam and Eve by Bittersweet Alchemist reviews Perfection is within sight. Adam and Eve have been united. A guardian has been created to keep the serpents out. But darkness still lurks within the boy's mind, and a confused past is causing her to falter as well. What nightmares lurk within their minds?

Who is the snake? Who is the guardian? Will Eden rise again, or fail to exist? M - English - Chapters: Lucy attempts to get Gray and Natsu together through a potion, but something goes horribly wrong. I promise, the 'pairing' that shows up in the first chappie won't stay! Regrets in the Crying Sky by Wild Rhov reviews It's been years, they've grown and married, yet one thing remains the same. Gray was always in love with the Fire Dragon Slayer, yet could never say the words.

Now, they have the chance to push aside 12 years of regrets and, for one night, make all their fantasies come true. What are the consequences of choosing the Dragon Slayer over the wife waiting for him at home? Hero and Heroin by DarkPhoenix reviews When Kanda's adoptive brother goes missing, he relies on the help of an unfortunate boy with an even worse habit.

Warnings for Yullen, drug use, abuse, and possibly lemons. But wait, why is he limping? Kiss or Punishment by Cheshire's Riddles reviews "It's like spin the bottle without the bottle and higher stakes" It's Erika's birthday party and Shizuo is dragged into a game he doesn't really want to play. See where it leads. Shizaya one-shot rated T for Shizuo's mouth. Dirty Cop by Miss-Murdered reviews Sousuke is new to Samezuka Adult Entertainment Studios and starring in his first role with a co-star who is particularly distracting and too damn good looking Set in the same universe as Speeding Fine.

Little Ghost by CreamPuffBunny reviews When a strange package arrives at his door, Ludwig finds himself with the ghost of a murdered man named Gilbert who is searching the afterlife for his lost lover, Ivan. Ludwig must piece together clues to help them recover their memories and bring peace to their restless souls. But the murderer is still on the loose.

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Everyone is in danger. Italy, Germany] - Complete.

Five Nights in Australia: Five Days in Iwatobi by Mccull reviews We all know what happened the first night Rin and Haru spent in Australia, but what about the other five? And what exactly is going on with Makoto and Sousuke while their best friends are gone? Sex scenes and coffee dates await you! To thaw a frozen heart by LovelyParadise reviews Hoping to gain enough money to pay rent, Lucy convinces Team Natsu to take up a seemingly simple job.

Natsu agrees in hopes of getting closer to Gray in order to sort out the strange feelings he has for the now strangely withdrawn ice mage. Unfortunately for them the job ends up being tougher than they thought, leaving both males in a situation they never would have expected. Speeding Fine by Miss-Murdered reviews Rin is a porn star who is starring in a new cop themed movie - only he finds his new co-star is an old friend.

Inspired by the Eternal Summer ED and cop! I Forgive You by Milarius reviews One day, Izaya finds that the monster of Ikebukuro isn't acting like himself, and is even more surprised that he won't fight him…for once. Seeing Shizuo like this makes Izaya realize that he may have been wrong about his hatred, leading to another question that may change their lives forever.

Just something I couldn't take out of my mind. After his conversation with Haruka, Makoto meets someone unexpected on his way home. Sorry I suck at summaries. Vampire's Knight by DarkPhoenix reviews In a world where Vampires reign in the shadows, the Noah Clan are the elite, their souls immortal, and Allen has one. Fortunately, he's not yet full, only a halfling by all rights. His fortune is short-lived when Lavi decides to experiment on him and Kanda, Kanda just wants him dead.

Freudian Slip by S. But when you were Heiwajima Shizuo and you happened to yell it to Orihara Izaya in front of half Ikebukuro… well it was a completely different matter. Close Quarters by TheFluffyPrince reviews It should have occurred to Sousuke sooner that playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with a bunch of guys in a small closet wasn't the smartest idea.

A Shizaya's style Interview by S. What does "common" mean for them anyway? Sousuke's Jacket by Miss-Murdered reviews Makoto just wanted some reassurance of how Sousuke felt about him. Sky blue by Disperato reviews [Kagehina] Hinata had forgotten all about Kageyama's birthday and the only present he can give as a present, is himself. Taki by xAzusax reviews Aomine's life was going great. Kise loved him, and he was scouted to play in America. But on the day of departure, Kise left him and he boarded the plane alone. Five years later, Aomine returns to Japan, not quite over his past love.

He seeks an explanation, and his whole world is turned upside down when it shows up in the form of a little girl who looks just like Kise. Saving You by original-jade reviews In which Makoto is bothered by something and Sousuke wants to know what. Especially not Izaya and Shizuo's five year old daughter! The little girl is a die-hard fan of Pikachu with her birthday coming really soon, but something goes wrong with a "big surprise" that could put her party in jeopardy. Shougo and Izumi may not be ready for this! This will most likely be YokozawaXZen, but there could be a few one shots where there is a story about Onodera and Takano back in high school , or a future TakanoXOnodera.

So enjoy and let me know what you think, thanks. Kaito is a detective and Len is a boy abandoned on the streets. Kaito accidently saves Len from a bunch of thugs and Len is forever in debt for him. Kaito finds that Len is physically weak and he has to always protect Len I suck a summaries: Instead, he got a kiss from a stranger who believes that he is a girl Dedicated to the start of Love Stage's anime adaptation! Rated T for boy's love, implied gender-bending not really and who knows what else.

Is it really Shizuo volunteering to take care of him? Can they get through a month without killing each other? Will the sparks fly between these two Or are they already flying! Might want to stop here! Strong Language and Fluff Giving up on his second chance will be near impossible. Allen Walker was a normal college student until he was bitten.

Now a werecat, he must learn how to survive in this new pack and defend the world from evil, supernatural beings, especially the Noah, the vampires that are threatening humanity. And in all this, it doesn't help that his alpha and mentor is extremely sexy. Was it just his imagination, or the two's relationship has progressed from a rocky road to a sky high one? Omega Science Incorporated by Bittersweet Alchemist reviews There is nothing better in the world than perfection. This world started with an eidolon, a man called Adam. So perfection must start with another eidolon. To create this eidolon, we must combine the DNA of two parent specimens, then have these specimens raise the new eidolon until he is ready.

What could go wrong? Student x Teacher, bad words, Lemon. No like please no read. Shizuo's reactions when Izaya shows doujinshi, images, fanfictions and videos which happens to be about Potions of Passion by Mybrainsrmush reviews When Lucy discovered a book of potions, her guild-mates were in for some surprises.

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Please leave a review! The Sleeping Beauty of Ikebukuro by Hasuki-chan reviews It's just another day when Shinra's becomes interested in fairy tales, and we all know how dangerous that could be!

Has Martine been found?

In another crazy experiment, Izaya gets used as the guinea pig again. Will Shizuo as always be able to save 'the Sleeping Beauty? I'm sure you all now how it will end, but read anyway so you can say 'I told you so'. He likes Natsu, but doesn't know that the other likes him as well. Juvia finds out Gray's secret and blackmails him into going out with her. Will Gray be able to actually tell Natsu how he feels through music? Or stay with Juvia to hide his secret? Mainly Gratsu, Little Gruvia.

Mpreg, kidnap, and yaoi. Izaya and Shizuo Heiwajima have their two year old son Shitsuo, and another child on the way. But, what will happen when something from the past returns? And what happens when someone goes missing North Finds Out by snowing-in-the-spring-time reviews North is like a father to Jack, and Jack has been missing for one night. North tries searching at the Warren but now he believes Bunny is sick due to the Warren being a bit 'cold'. Yet Jack is still nowhere to be found.

BunnyxJack small smut scene. Set after the movie. All Our Children Dreams by O. O reviews Wanting the best for little six months old Natsu, his parents moved to a new neighborhood. There, they met Ur, the mother of the difficult baby Gray, and Layla the mother of sweet Lucy and the fun starts. Something's wrong with him and Shizuo and the others are determined to find out what. However demons of the past come to Ikebukuro for revenge, and slowly reveal Izaya's disturbing past.

Meanwhile, group of strange people step in to help-but they aren't exactly human Nothing so dramatic as that. It's strange is all. I lived here, for a time it was home, as much as any place is. Imagining it as a Haunted House, it's just so strange. Sorry, as far as ghosts go I'm probably a disappointment. Sakura by Rittie reviews Sakura petals were always special to Masamune and Ritsu. So it's no wonder that they would name their bundle of joy after one!

Curiosity Cabinet by Rin0rourke reviews Allen is known as the Perriot; dressed as a classic whiteface he travels the world stealing ancient artifacts from private collectors and museums, returning them to their proper owners. Kanda is a mercenary, angry that for the past two months his employment has been to guard the collection of a wealthy explorer. One evening they meet, and all goes to hell there after. Lily by Rittie reviews Kisa and Yukina want to adopt, but Kisa is reluctant due to the hate people like them received everyday.

Bunnymund likes to do things his way. Can the temperamental Aussie handle his young new partner Jack Frost? Can Jack ignore the strong attraction between the two of them? Rise of the Guardians - Rated: Hatori knows what you did in the dark by anatagasuki reviews The explanation would include Takano's scandalously uncharacteristic preference, an underestimation of Onodera's guts and Hatori's new quest as the peeping tom of the workroom. Gift of Easter by catrod reviews Two girls fall into a rabbit hole and meet the guardians, only one of the is out delivering gifts for his holiday.

The plan is the distract the Easter Bunny and have a party ready for him. Warning some light yaoi close to the ending BunnyxJack. And the bloodshed that followed by Yuu-chi reviews New student, Allen Walker, is an enigma wrapped in a mystery covered in a shroud of danger. Kanda really should just call it quits, but as questions mount and the unseen threats loom, he finds that he's already in too deep. Nobody ever said highschool was supposed to be easy, but Kanda's fairly certain they're probably doing it wrong. There he meets Gray, the raven haired teen who has a habit to strip.

What will happen when they can't get each other out of their mind and when Sting tries to destroy their relationship so he can become the pinkette? What Lies Between You and Me and the Secrets We Keep by Child of the Dragon reviews Jack spent years nearly completely alone; getting used to being tossed back into social circles was going to take time. Pitch spent years locked in darkness; building his power was going to take time. Bunny spent years building the walls to keep him safe; breaking them down was going to take time.

And what if the best laid plans never go as you plan? Learning When to Give by Xaleria07 reviews AU Cold hearted divorce lawyer Orihara Izaya has given up on the idea of love due to the many broken relationships he has seen over the years, including his own parents'. But when good natured bad boy with a temper, Heiwajima Shizuo, shows up and begins to take an interest in the raven, Izaya's left to contend with the feelings he fears most.

Five Fingers A Love Story by dwindling flame reviews "Falling in love can happen to complete strangers. Staying in love requires being best friends…" — You could learn a lot just by looking at their fingers. Fluff, fluff, and some suggestive material. Secret Desires by Transferring off this site reviews Yokozawa Takafumi is keeping a secret, a big one. How long until this secret will harm not only him but his lover and their daughter? Read to find out: The problem is, Ritsu didn't know that before he accepted. Includes Junjou couples too! Life On Ice by SmilesSaveLives reviews After losing his father and sister in a car crash, Jack and his mother move to Burgess, hoping for a fresh start.

Aster thinks Jack is trouble and does his best to ignore him…which becomes suddenly difficult when Jack starts working with him at the local day care, Guardians of Childhood. Meanwhile, a series of kidnappings has the town on edge Blue Abyss by ZDrive reviews Yullen! They are seductive, dark, predatory, and can't love. Eating human souls once every three years, Allen has accepted he is a beautiful monster who has no heart, but will a certain samurai change that?

A Promise Fulfilled by Suracis7 reviews As a mysterious figure approaches the guild of Fairy Tail, questions will be answered, secrets will be revealed, and the future will be laid out for all of the guild to see. Triple the Trouble by Mybrainsrmush reviews Gray tries to deal with suddenly being pregnant, and Natsu has terrible naming skills. Sequel to my other fic: A Dragon's Reproductive System.

Sort of funny, sort of angsty, sort of romancey. Confessions of an Idiot Couple by Bexara reviews An argument gets a little too personal and suddenly all of Karasuno is made aware of the true nature of Kageyama's and Hinata's relationship. Unexpected Intrusions and Guilty Consequences by xytera reviews Izaya attempts to enjoy a rare night of privacy until Shizuo barges in on him while he's in a rather compromising position.

Thank You for Staying by Problematicslove01 reviews An incident makes Hiyori think about her feelings for Yokozawa and him entering her and Kirishima's lives. Give Me Love by Astrocract reviews "A love spell has been cast on you. The first person you touch with your bare hands will fall in love with you. They bump into Izaya on the way, though, and things get complicated. Shizaya, smut, all the good stuff. For Natsu, it was just a classic bet to see whether Gray would fall for him.

Gray was the naive boy who fell for it. Once he found out the truth, he ran away and made a change in order to kill the past. Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Available for download now. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Provide feedback about this page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Antonio Vivaldi ; edited by Wolfgang Birtel. Ernst Eulenburg Ltd, [] Music score Print. Mozart ; herausgegeben von Felix Loy. Henle, [] Music score Print.

Festival overture with song on the Rhine wine lied: Robert Schumann ; edited by Armin Koch. Franz Schubert ; herausgegeben von Peter Jost. Henle Verlag, [] Music score Print. Overture to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, op. Overture to The bride of Messina by Fr. Schumann ; herausgegeben von Ernst Herttrich. Hector Berlioz ; edited by Paul Prevost. Paul Hindemith ; edited by Giselher Schubert. In Kirkwall, the first red St Magnus stones: