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Find Spanish teaching resources From vocabulary exercises to translating tasks, our worksheets, games and activities will help your students get to grips with the Spanish language. Register for free or subscribe for more Access to the vast majority of our teaching resources is free once you have registered as a free member — you can browse, search, download and print resources whenever you like. Not sure what you're looking for? Browse all our Spanish resources: Most recent Most loved Alphabetical order. Communication technology Culture, history and traditions.

Culture, history and traditions. Homework ideas Culture, history and traditions. Homework ideas Revision Culture, history and traditions.

A useful reminder to stick in every book! Translation Home and local area. Translation Work and future plans. Authentic articles Work and future plans.

Home and local area. Stuck for what to do to mark the European Day of Languages? Homework ideas Verbs and tenses. Authentic articles Communication technology.

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Opinions School and daily routine. Homework ideas Translation Environment. Revision Family and pets. Homework ideas Revision Describing people Free time. Translation Describing people Teaching tools. Food and drink Resource templates.

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Advertising Culture, history and traditions. School and daily routine. A reading comprehension sheet on the topic of music. Family and pets Relationships. Reading comprehension questions on the topic of school. A reading comprehension worksheet with questions in Spanish. A useful worksheet to match the classroom vocabulary to the pictures. Transition School and daily routine. Students write a summary of what they have learnt, as a plenary.

Translation Holidays and transport. Work and future plans. Revision Cognates and false friends. Describing people Holidays and transport. Questions and answers Work and future plans. Translation Film Free time.

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Here's a Spanish version of our popular worksheet French greetings. Transition Alphabet and spelling Introductions and greetings. Revision Free time Teaching tools. Imagine the school of the future … robot teachers and panic buttons? School and daily routine Verbs and tenses. Communication technology Describing people. Sentence building Verbs and tenses.

Revision Questions and answers. This is a perfect activity for new classes in September. Transition Introductions and greetings. A reading comprehension worksheet on the topic of pocket money. Opinions of school subjects to use as a walking dictation activity. Culture, history and traditions Verbs and tenses. Introductions and greetings Questions and answers.

Translation Food and drink Health. Translation Clothes and fashion School and daily routine. Translation School and daily routine Work and future plans.

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Transition Introductions and greetings Questions and answers. You can also use this word to refer to a person's means of living i. Pronounce this word " soos-TEHN-toe. Use "comestibles" for "edibles. Instead, it's mainly used for referring to food as a product or commodity. For example, "la tienda de comestibles" is "the edibles store," or what we would call a grocery store. This is true in general for the Spanish s. Learn the names of the daily meals.

If you want to talk specifically about the food you would typically eat at a given time of the day, you can use the name of the meal. Learn the various terms for "snack. A few of the most common ones are listed below.

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There are many others that vary from region to region. It's often used as a slang term for food the same way you might use "chow" or "chum" in English. Say "pasto" for "feed" or "chow. Though its dictionary definition contains mostly agricultural meanings, it's often used for people as well. Like with "cebo," the usage is similar to "chow. Use "pitanza" for "daily rations" or "grub. Use "pan" as a metaphor for food in general.

The literal meaning of "pan" is "bread.

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This is done in English, too e. Spanish speakers use a somewhat short, "punchy" pronunciation for this word. The "ah" sound isn't drawn out like in the English word "pawn" — it's quick and staccato. This is literally "bread of every day," or, in English, "daily bread. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.