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In times of danger, his cleverness saves his tribe from starving. On one occasion he helps to rescue his father from the enemy. How Tam works and lives from day to day, and how his friends hunt and fight make a thrilling story of ancient times. Ecole des loisirs Albums. Cromignon ne peut pas suivre les chasseurs, il est trop petit. Cromignon cannot go with the hunters, he is much too small. He has fun drawing on rocks and he meets a mammoth. He tells the hunters and can guide them because of the marks that he left. Quand elle veut le faire cuire pour qu'il sente bon, on la gronde, et on jette l'objet au feu Maintenant, ce seront les grandes qui voudront tout faire comme Cropetite!

Michael Gear is at www. Gear, Kathleen O'Neal [] and W.

Miss Kō, qui est-elle ?

People of the Wolf. In the dawn of history, a valiant people forged a pathway from an old world into a new one. Led by a dreamer who followed the spirit of the wolf, a handful of courageous men and women dared to cross the frozen wastes to find an untouched, unspoiled continent. This is the magnificent saga of the vision-filled man who led his people to an awesome destiny, and the courageous woman whose love and bravery drove them on in pursuit of that dream.

A sweeping epic of prehistory, People of the Wolf brings the true story of the ancestors of today's Native American peoples to life in an unforgettable saga of hardship and determination, conflict and passion. Alaska and Canadian Northwest, ca. People of the Fire. It is a time of fire.

A small band of pioneers struggle valiantly to keep their ancestors' dreams alive in an unforgiving, drought-stricken land. Driven by the promise of an awesome vision, a heroic young dreamer and a fearless woman warrior unite to lead their people to a magnificent destiny. The young Dreamer whose awesome powers would change the course of history. The ancient medicine woman who taught Little Dancer how to harness his dreams. The girl who won Little Dancer's heart, but feared she would lose him to his destiny.

The false Dreamer who brutalized his people in his unquenchable thirst for power. The outcast tormented by forbidden love; his gentleness concealed an inner strength. The young Woman Warrior whose courage defended a Dreamer's vision. Central Rockies and Great Plains, ca. People of the River. A Mississippi Valley saga of the prehistoric Mound Builders. It is a time of troubles. In Cahokia, the corn crop is failing again and a warchief -- and the warrior woman he may never possess -- are disgusted by their Chief's lust for tribute.

Now even the gods have turned their faces, closing the underworld to the seers. If the gods have abandoned the people, there is no hope -- unless it comes in the form of a young girl who is learning to Dream of Power. People of the Earth. A saga of hardship and passion, of a woman torn between two peoples and two dreams, of the two men who love her and the third man who must have her, and of the vision given to the peoples long ago by the spirit of the wolf.

Northern Plains and Basins, ca. People of the Sea. The huge glaciers that cover the Sierra Nevada mountains are melting, destroying the habitats of mammoths, lions, and short-faced bears -- and giving birth to the rich land that will become California. The coastal people living there are faced with the rapidly changing environment that threatens to engulf them. Sunchaser, the Dreamer, has lost his way into the world. But it is up to him to choose between helping a beautiful stranger with an infant daughter, and saving his world from oblivion.

He knows full well that either choice will damn him. Pacific Coast and Great Basin, ca. People of the Lakes. Clan fighting over a powerful totemic mask has brought the Mound Builder peoples of the Great Lakes region to the edge of destruction. It is up to Star Shell, daughter of a Hopewell chief, to rid her people of this curse. Along with her companions: Otter, a trader; Pearl, a runaway; and Green Spider, either prophet or madman, she braves the stormy waters of the lakes to reach the majestic waterfall known as Roaring Water. She is determined to banish the mask forever to a watery grave.

But vengeful clan members are close on her heels, and they have a similar fate planned for her. East-Central Woodlands and Great Lakes, ca. People of the Lightning. Ancient Florida, a village of fisher folk who must face their deepest fear: Pondwader, now a lanky boy of fifteen summers. He is the White Lightning Boy -- the first of his kind to be born in tens of tens of summers. His white hair, pink eyes, and pale skin make him fearsome enough, but legends foretell that a Lightning Boy will make Sister Moon bury her face in the clouds and weep falling stars -- and the winds of destruction will be unleashed.

The folk manage to trade him in marriage to Musselwhite, a woman warrior who does not really want him. She must face an old enemy who has captured her beloved husband, an enemy who is determined to destroy her. What good to her is this soft-hearted youth? She has yet to learn that Pondwader is a Lightning Boy. He can hear the voices in the wind, telling of coming horror People of the Silence.

At its pinnacle in A. Yet even at this cultural zenith, the Anasazi held the seeds of their own destruction deep within themselves On his deathbed, the Great Sun Chief learns a secret, a shame so vile to him that even at the brink of eternity he cannot let it pass: In a village far to the north is a fifteen-summers-old girl who must be found. Though he knows neither her name nor her face, the Great Sun decrees that the girl must at all costs be killed. Fleeing for her life as her village lies in ruins, young Cornsilk is befriended by Poor Singer, a curious youth seeking to touch the sould of the Katchinas.

Together, they undertake the perilous task of staying alive long enough to discover her true identity. But time is running out for them all — a desperate killer stalks them, one who is willing to destroy the entire Anasazi world to get her.

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People of the Mist. Chesapeake Bay of six hundred years ago, when the unprovoked and brutal murder of a young woman on the eve of her wedding threatens to turn the entire Algonquin Nation against itself in a brutal war that could destroy them as a people No ordinary woman, Red Knot was the heir to the Greenstone clan and the future leader of the independent villages. Her death has shattered all alliances and left a power void which several ambitious clan chiefs see as their destiny to fill.

The very air vibrates with the drums and war cries of the rallying warriors. Into the eye of this brewing storm steps the bitter old man they call The Panther. Feared as a sorcerer, The Panther is the only one with the power to demand to be heard by all. But as he digs deeper into the ever-thickening web of lies surrounding the murder, and uncovers darker, more deeply rooted secrets, he fears there may be no words to stop the impending bloodshed.

Maureen Cole, one of the world's foremost physical anthropologists, has been called in to examine and evaluate a mass grave discovered in New Mexico. The burial site contains only the shattered skulls of women and children. Cole is appalled at the find and begins working immediately to unravel the mystery of these deaths. But as she works, strange things begin to happen around her.

Little incidents at first, then her generator quits, and she begins to hear whispering voices emanating from the plastic bag of bones.

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People of the Masks. As the prophets have foretold, a child of power has been born unto the Turtle People of the Iroquis Nation. The Elders call him False Face Child, for he is the son of a powerful forest spirit. A living talisman, the child has inhuman eyes--black mirrors, ageless and deep--and all fear him. All but Jumping Badger, the most powerful war leader of the Bear People. He destroys an entire village to take the boy to use as a spiritual weapon. But his triumph is short-lived. The Bear People suffer terrible visions and hear the voices of the spirits. Strange ailments and mysterious deaths take them one by one.

Though he is a seer, False Face Child is also a sad and lonely young boy named Rumbler. Twelve-year-old Wren befriends him and together they escape across the winter landscape of New York and Ontario with Jumping Badger close behind. He now fears the boy's power and seeks to kill him. Their only hope is to stay alive long enough to find Rumbler's legendary father, known only as The Disowned. People of the Owl.

Four thousand years ago, in what centuries later will be the southern part of the United States, a boy is thrust into manhood long before he's ready.

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Young Salamander would much rather catch crickets and watch blue heron fish than dabble in the politics of his clan. But when his heroic brother is killed, Salamander becomes the leader of America's first city. He inherits his brother's two wives, who despise him, and is forced to marry his mortal enemy's daughter to forge an alliance for the trade goods his people desperately need. Technically he's not even a man, and most people consider him to be the village idiot! Worse, each of his wives has secretly been ordered by her clan to kill him. For his own greatest enemies are closing in, intent upon destroying him and his clan and taking over Sun Town for themselves.

He has three problems: Despite what their clans have ordered them to do, he loves them. And he loves the children they have given him" As the end draws close, he realizes he has only one duty he cannot shirk - to protect his family. Salamander will do it. No matter the cost in blood. People of the Raven. Award-winning archaeologists Michael and Kathleen Gear spin a vivid and captivating tale around one of the most controversial archaeological discoveries in the world: A white man in North America more than 9, years ago?

What was he doing there?

Prehistoric Fiction : Bibliography

With the terrifying grandeur of melting glaciers as a backdrop, People of the Raven reveals animals and humans struggling for survival amidst massive environmental change. Mammoths, mastodons, and giant lions have become extinct, and Rain Bear, the chief of Sandy Point Village, knows his struggling Raven People may be next. People of the Moon. The moon has reached its maximum three times since the Chacoans conquered the First Moon People.

The Chaco matrons built their Great House high atop First Moon Mountain, and their warriors stalked arrogantly through the villages, taking what they pleased. But the gods can only stand so much human arrogance. Cold Bringing Woman, the goddess of winter, calls upon young Ripple to embark on a perilous quest to destroy the hated Chacoans. But Ripple will not face the task alone; he is aided by his stalwart friends: Wrapped Wrist, a short lothario; Spots, scarred at birth, and aid to the frightening witch, Nightshade; and Bad Cast, a simple family man, who will do anything to free his people.

But the blessed matrons will brook no insurgency. In retaliation, war chief Leather Hand and his warriors embark on a campaign of terror so gruesome it remains unrivaled in the annals of prehistory. It all comes to a climax atop the mountain we now know as Chimney Rock. In the white light of the lunar maximum, the Pueblo gods will dance -- and th empire will be engulfed in flames and mayhem. People of the Nightland. The latest installment of the Gears' popular and long-running First North Americans series after People of the Moon is a timely saga of environmental catastrophe and misguided hubris.

As the ice age is ending, 13, years ago, the Paleo-Indians of the Great Lakes region of North America face an apocalyptic crisis: The Nightland People, who live on the edge of the retreating glacier and worship the god Raven Hunter, seek to destroy their neighbors, the Sunpath and Lame Bull Peoples, who worship Wolf Dreamer.

As the fighting rages, Raven Hunter sends a guide to lead the Nightland People to paradise through a hole in the ice. Meanwhile, Wolf Dreamer taps a young orphan, Silvertip, to save the Sunpath and Lame Bull Peoples by leading them away from the catastrophic flooding. With time running out, Silvertip and his allies race to escape both the Nightland warriors and the looming natural disaster. Drawing on their backgrounds in archeology, the Gears vividly recreate Paleolithic America in this enchanting and instructive novel.


People of the Weeping Eye. Split Sky City is the cultural and political center of a region ruled by the Chief Clan of the Sky Hand tribe-who in turn rule over several subjugated tribes. As the political climate grows hotter, the fate of the entire region may rest on three wanderers with mysterious pasts: Old White, aka the Seeker, who has wandered from one end of the known world to the other; Trader, a traveling merchant who guards his past as an exiled head of the Chief Clan; and Two Petals, a young woman who, as a Contrary, is magically and spiritually powerful, but is almost incomprehensible to normal people.

The three know they are fated to change things irrevocably at Split Sky City, but first they have to get there. Fastidious attention to detail-in politics, military strategy, trade, dress and characterization-make for a fascinating ride.

Copyright c Reed Business Information. Children of the Dawnland. The end of the Ice Age: A time of melting glaciers, mass extinctions, unpredictable dangers. Sometimes she has spirit dreams-dreams that come true. But her mother has always discouraged Twig from exploring her powers for fear that they would turn her strange, like the reclusive witch-woman Cobia.

When Twig begins to have recurring nightmares about a green light exploding from the sky and causing widespread destruction, she must find the courage to defy her mother and learn to become a Spirit Dreamer. Helping Twig on her quest are her best friend, Greyhawk, and Screech Owl, a shaman who has been banished from the village. Together, they must persuade their people to leave the land of their ancestors and journey to the mysterious Duskland, far from only home they've ever known.

Can Twig convince the Elders that she is a true Spirit Dreamer-before it's too late? Set 13, years ago in what is now the northeastern United States and Ontario, Canada, Children of the Dawnland is an unforgettable adventure about a visionary girl by internationally-bestselling authors and archaeologists Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. In writing and researching this book, the Gears visited the archaeological sites in New York, Ontario, Ohio, and Pennsylvania that play a role in the story. By allowing us to see through the eyes of prehistoric cultures, the Gears hope we can learn from them at a time of similar environmental change.

People of the Thunder. Set in the s largely in what is now Alabama and Mississippi, this complex novel tracks three wanderers quest to create peace in violent times. While they plot to suppress the enslaved Albaamaha people and to conquer their neighbors, three people pursue a mission to restore peace. Old White is a prophet and the most dangerous man alive; Trader is a man with blood on his hands and a stunning secret; Two Petals is a shaman woman who says and does everything backwards.

Together this curious trio must bring down Flying Hawk and Smoke Shield. The story is loaded with early Native American lore, spirituality, economics, government and daily life; however, it is not for the squeamish, as it also contains plenty of blood and gore, hideous torture, rape and chilling cruelty. Still, blended with the carefully drawn suspense of court intrigues, colorful characters and sharp plot twists, this is a terrific tale.

Scooby-Doo and the Caveman Caper. Daphne's going to perform with Olympic figure skater Betty Kunkle. Only problem is, the criminal appears to be a prehistoric caveman! Scooby-Doo et l'homme des cavernes. A stone age boy helps feed his people by leading a hunting party to a mammoth he has found. Together they hunt and cook, dabble in cave art, and are quite content - until the day Mik sees his old tribe in trouble and, along with Rumm, courageously saves the day According to the rest of his clan, Caveman Mik is a nincompoop. But what he lacks in brawn he makes up for in brains, and when the tribe is in trouble, it's Mik to the rescue!

Left behind when the other cave dwellers move on, the small caveman rescues a mammoth and learns new skills that help him become the leader of his tribe. Le mammouth de Max. The Woman of Leadenhall Street. Each episode is based on a particular period or event, some essentially local, others part of a broader historical canvas.

The time gap between episodes is sometimes just a few years, sometimes several hundred, as the pace of history dictates. Richard Girling's lean and brilliantly evocative prose brings history alive in this stirring chronicle of place: Falcon of the Sun. Golding, William Gerald, Sir []. Their day on earth had long been over, and only eight of them were left: They were the last members of the doomed race we call Neanderthal man.

Golding's powerful, profound and haunting novel about these essentially gentle innocents and what happened to them after their encounter with another race of beings: Gallimard "Du Monde Entier". A graphic and convincing account of a crippled youth's triumph over his tormentors in a primitive matriarchal society. Trois nouvelles qui jouent avec le temps et l'histoire: Cinq contes de Marcel Schwob. Five Stories by Marcel Schwob. Bulletin des Amateurs d'Anticipation Ancienne , p. Cave-boy Glog is accidentally left behind when his tribe move to new hunting grounds - and things look bleak.

Glog will have to do the best he can to fend for himself until they come to find him. Along the way, he encounters a ferocious wolf and gathers some new friends. He draws them on the cave wall for company, but it's not the same as his own tribe. Will Glog's family come back for him? Le trouveur de feu.

The finder of fire. Nocturnal dreams are apparently brief, yet I have the feeling that this one occupied the whole of my sleep John Grant in Wikipedia. This is first book of the series that introduced the little Neanderthal boy who was always getting into trouble. Littlenose, the naughty but well-meaning Neanderthal boy, has suddenly become a hero! After so many adventures where things go wrong he has at last achieved the status he deserves Or does he deserve it? When he helps his father out of a deep pit the rest of the tribe praise his good sense and bravery; but who dug the pit in the first place?

How Littlenose accidentally became a hero is just one of his many adventures featured in this book A bundle of dried twigs, two flints, a flint knife and a clean pair of furs All were ready and packed into Littlenose's skin bag for the next day. For he was joining a hunting party with men from the tribe. It's time for Littlenose to learn a little responsibility - so he goes hunting with the adults and is told to build the campfire. Chaos ensues when he stokes the fire a little TOO enthusiastically, but as ever he manages to redeem himself. In other stories, Littlenose manages to catch a huge salmon all by himself but somewhat loses his appetite for it , and goes on an expedition to collect yellow bogweed from across the marsh.

He also has a holiday with his clever Uncle Redhead who turns out to have A LOT to talk about , and goes to visit his cousins - who are scared of Bigfoot! Also, Two-Eyes loses his patience when Littlenose pelts him with berries a mammoth, like an elephant, never forgets: Every Neanderthal boy must learn to fish, and Father was teaching him.

All morning Littlenose watched and waited as one by one Father speared six trout Jackanory Stories - More adventures of Littlenose. Includes a time chart and "Who were the Neanderthals? Littlenose to the Rescue. This is the sixth instalment of the adventures of this Ice Age hero. Littlenose's spear throwing might have been a joke if it hadn't been so dangerous. All he had to do was appear at the entrance to the family cave carrying his boy-sized spear, and the members of the tribe vanished like frightened rabbits Father felt it was a terrible disgrace and something must be done Littlenose was worried--so worried that he spilt a bowl of rhinoceros soup all down the front of his furs.

Father and mother had lost his birthday stick, which was the only way they could remember the date of his birthday. And no birthday meant no birthday presents! In this new series of stories, not only does Littlenose discover the date of his birthday, he has lots more adventures too.

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He wanted to find a new trick for Crocus Day - the Neanderthal April Fool's day - but no ideas sprang to mind. Next morning, though, he found the discarded horn of a giant wild bull. And when he raised one-end to his lips and blew, it sounded as frightening as though the bull were still on the other end! Now, what a trick that could be! Littlenose's plans have a tendancy to backfire, and the only one not surprised on Crocus Day was Two Eyes.

He'd been Littlenose's pet too long to be surprised about anything. Already he had passed three tests: Now came the final and most difficult test: Hunting the Great Bear This collection comprises five new Littlenose stories. Things are never calm for long in this naughty caveboy's world Littlenose loves to be at the front, whether throwing spears, firing a sling or dancing with a music stick. But with cold and hungry warriors, battling tribesmen and wild animals roaming about, he is more likely to head towards disaster.

He simply can't avoid it. Littlenose and the Bear Hunt. The Neanderthal winter lasts for months and months it's a great time to go exploring. With ice, snow, mist and fog all around, there's lots of fun to be had - from sledging and hunting to rescuing strange tribespeople from the snow. But Littlenose's curiosity also leads him into trouble - somehow he just can't seem to steer clear of it! Littlenose lives long, long ago, when fierce wild animals roam the land, and it is very cold. His home is a cave, his clothes are made of fur and his pet is a woolly mammoth called Two-Eyes.

Littlenose wants to be a magician, pulling rabbits out of a fur hat, turning twigs into flowers and making things disappear. The Doctor can do it. But magic doesn't come easily to Littlenose, who seems to conjure up chaos without trying Gratacap, Louis Pope []. A Woman of the Ice Age. Kor and the Wolf Dogs. The little village where Kor lived — in the prehistoric world — was bordered by a river, the mountains and the primeval forest. No one had dared to cross these boundaries, for no one knew what dangers might lie beyond the familiar hunting ground. But one day Kor is exiled for disobeying a tribal decree, and accompanied by his two wolf dogs he ventures boldly into the unknown region.

This is a fascinating story of Kor's world as it was in his time. He was the first in his tribe to be friends to animals, the wolf cubs, who were to be the start of our dogs Kor et ses chiens-loups. Une riviere, des montagnes, la foret primitive, telles sont les limites du village prehistorique ou Kor a vu le jour; et nul, dans la tribu, n'osa jamais franchir ses frontieres, car on ignore quels dangers se cachent par delales terrains de chasse familiers. C'est en chef et en heros qu'il reviendra parmi les siens. Greenberg, Martin Harry [], Joseph D. Olander , and Robert Silverberg [].

Prehistory through Science Fiction. A Gun for Dinosaur, L. The Ancient of Days. He is told of a cave where after a long journey he will discover a marvel which will alter forever his life and the life of his people. The marvel is shown in the arrangement of small stones in a cave. They spell for him the strange future which awaits him: His adventure has been rescued from history. Violently ripped from the blood-steeped legend of early man, the chronicle of his passionate journey brings forth bizarre forays into foreign lands; a father challenged by a son; herioc, loving women; and the strange mystery that leads people to create new gods of terror and power.

If you enjoy the Tarzan books or thrill to yarns of brave deeds here is a story for you. It is the eventful tale of Ru who came to be called Ru Broad Ax; who as a boy fled his people, the Valley Dwellers, rather than serve as a sacrifice to the Gods of the True Harvest; who became the greatest Wanderer of his time, met and won the lovely Dawn Maiden and in the appointed end returned to conclude matters with Urg, the Witch Man, and to lead his people out of a great danger and into safety and a new life.

After discovering an 11,year-old spearhead, year-old Esther Aragones becomes fascinated with the Ice Age Clovis people. While helping the archeologist digging at the spot where she found the spear, Esther steps between two trees and finds herself in the Ice Age and unable to get back to her own time. After being taken in by some nomadic mammoth hunters, she learns their language and their ways. Survival is paramount for the group, which never knows where its next meal will be found. When the hunters break camp to search for mammoths and other prey, Esther goes along and joins the women and girls as they forage for plants to be used for food and medicine.

Along with sheer adventure, Griffin works in a touch of mysticism and an appreciation for the natural world. An occasional jarring anachronism in the dialogue notwithstanding, the characterizations are convincing, the dangers seem real, and the author's research is evident. The result is an exciting peek into the distant past. Safari-Signe de piste ; 2, Paris. Rhoor and the Plunderers. Safari-Signe de piste ; 22, Paris. Tolmi of the Treetops. Instructor Literature Series No. Foreword This is a story about a little boy who lived a long, long time ago. In those days things were not at all as they are now.

People did not have any homes such as we do, but lived in the branches of tall trees. They slept just wherever they happened to be when night came on. They had not learned to build houses, or to cook their food. They knew nothing about fire, so had to eat their food raw, and could not warm themselves when cold weather came.

Labu The Little Lake Dweller. The Lodge of the Morning "Oo-ah! The sun was very bright on the water and the light almost blinded her as she looked out across the lake to see if the boats were coming home. It was time for them, for the sun had long been high, and Malin knew they could not catch fish after the morning shadows, which the mountains cast across the water, were gone. Tara of the Tents. How hot it was! The day's journey had never seemed so long to Tara, though he had spent all of his fourteen short years in just such wayward wandering as this.

It was the middle of the afternoon and old Selim, the camel-driver who led the caravan, had been telling the lad for the last hour that they were nearly to the Garden of Ahmed, toward which they had been traveling for so many days. Bolo the Cave Boy. Kwasa the Cliff Dweller. Prehistoric fiction -- juvenile literature? The Prehistoric Novel from the earliest French prehistoric novels, Guttenberg, Elyse Margaret []. Spirit Singer - Elik was not like the others. She could not sew a sealskin with the tiny stitches that would make a kayak watertight in the winter storms. She could not set a trap as silently as drifting snow.

Or throw the weighted strands of a bolo into a flock of birds, or predict the weather. But this she could do: She could sing the spirit songs, almost like a shaman. This was a high calling for a woman, in a place where the land reaches into the sea. The Real People lived in a world of great clarity and cruelty. A world where every beast and every stone was still touched with the magic that was abundant when the world was new. So when the sea brought Elik the gift of love, it came to her in the form of a bird. And it brought the song that would shape the People's destiny, if only she could sing it true.

Daughter of the Shaman. Prehistoric fantasy novel, sequel to Summer Light. Allanaq came from the sea, an orphan drifting in an open boat. Though he was different, the Real People tribe took him in. Upon manhood, they gave him Elik as a wife. They were happy together until disaster struck and Elik's husband had a darker path to tread. She followed Allanaq to a new country, where vengeance waited--and unimagined love--for the two set apart from the tribe as the children of the shaman.

Le Poignard de silex. Studies of prehistoric customs. This episodic novella is ingeniously unified by the motif of the eponymous weapon whose lethal trail is followed from the Mammoth Age to the Bronze Age. Haggard, Henry Rider []. The English publisher Hutchinson paid Haggard handsomely in advance for HEU-HEU, but then did not like it, and required that it be abridged prior to its serial or book appearance. African fantasy adventure, set before King Solomon's Mines. Heu-Heu is a gorilla-monster who receives human sacrifices, the original of Robert E.

Heu-heu oder das Monster. Allan and the Ice Gods; a tale of beginnings. Hutchison, ix, , 16pp ; Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Apr. Pulp Fictions, , pp. Allan Quatermain ingests a hallucinogenic drug and travels back in time into the body of an Ice Age man. Allan Quatermain und die Eisgoetter. David Fickling Books April 1, Mezolith is a graphic novel for older children and adults, written by a leading oral storyteller, with extraordinarily immersive illustrations by one of Britain's top film concept artists.

It imagines a year in the life of Poika - a Mesolithic boy on the cusp of adulthood. Set in what is now North East Yorkshire, 10, years ago before Britain became an island, stories of a small tribe's daily struggle for survival are interwoven with some of humankind's most ancient myths, fairytales and legends. Grounded in detailed archaeological research, this is a book of action and adventure, horror and romance, magic and beauty. Soleil Productions 23 juin Il y a 10 ans. Chaque saison apporte son lot de nouvelles aventures, chaque chasse a ses risques et chaque rencontre avec la tribu voisine se termine dans un bain de sang.

Moi, Dmah, du clan de l'Ours. Emily Hanlon's home page is at www. Mai is thirteen, and alive in the body of Isabelle Lessing. Everyone — Isabelle's loving parents, her brother, Paul, her classmates and her friend Mr. Krigorian at the pet store thinks Mai is Isabelle, who fell from a second-story window four years before and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Daah, the first man. Flammarion, , pp; … , On daily life in prehistory, several million years ago, on the birth of consciousness in our long-ago forebears, here is one of the best books ever written.

Come Into My Cave: Hunters of the Black Swamp. Hunters of the Black Swamp tells the story of a boy's coming of age in the hostile wilderness of prehistoric North America. The young hunter Boy sets out on an expedition with his father, determined to prove his courage and maturity in combat against the fierce animals that prowl the Black Swamp. He scorns his father's wisdom and rejects his advice, but the young man's own recklessness endangers both their lives.

Man is severely wounded, and Boy, now responsible for his father's safety, learns the value of caution and of knowledge gained by experience. Prisoner of the Mound Builders. Crippled from birth, O-Tah-Wah is rebellious and distrustful, an outcast among his own people. One day, while on a solitary hunting expedition, the young Indian strays far from home into the strange and terrible land of the Mound Builders O-Tah-Wah is captured, beaten, and forced into slavery. Harrison's "Eden Trilogy" tells the story of an alternative Earth, of possibly 20, years ago, an Earth where dinosaur extinction has never occured.

The dinos evolved into an intelligent sauroid life form, the Yilane, which dominates Europe and Asia. A climatic change forces the Yilanes to migrate to America, where they encounter a new, intelligent Book II in the Eden trilogy. Book III in the Eden trilogy. The conflict between the human Tanu and the reptilian Yilane reaches a climax as the two implacable enemies face each other in a battle for the destinies of their races. Harrison's conclusion to his alternate prehistory of Earth excels in its detailed depiction of an alien civilization that might have been. Harrison, Harry [] and Leon Stover [—].

Ason, Prince of Mycenae, captured by the forces Atlantis Minos , escapes death at the hands of the son of the Atlantan king when an earthquake strikes, and along with Inteb the Egyptian, and Aias, ex-slave boxing teacher of Atlantis, make his way to the Mycenaean tin mines of Britain of BC. There they fight to reestablish the mines, destroyed by the Yerni, fierce Celtic warriors and headhunters, whom Ason eventually consolidates as king, building Stonehenge in the process. It is a life of bloody battles, against the Geramani, the Yerni, and once more the Atlantans, returned in force under the prince Ason had thought he had killed, whose sole passion in life is the death of Ason.

After a mission gone wrong, Kara gets kidnapped by Cadmus for a whole year. Winn has given up hope. Alex will stop at nothing to find her sister. Lena just wants her girlfriend back. Christmas in a cabin, feelings are revealed. A nice gushy story to go with your hot coco and marshmallows: Unbeknownst to Kara, they hang out at least once a week to talk about their relationship woes and unrequited feelings.

Jealousy ensues when Kara gets the wrong idea about their new friendship. As Lena and Alex get closer, Kara starts to reevaluate her feelings towards her green-eyed best friend. Sleepover surprise by bisexualfish reviews Lena had slept at Kara's on many occasions. But when she wakes up to find Kara floating 5 feet of the floor, she is more than a little surprised. Game Night With Two Supergirls? Following Lena's plan into tricking Kara into confessing she was Supergirl the team has a game night. The game night Kara has been dreading because of the teasing she is sure she'll receive from Lena and Alex.

Sequel to 'You're Not Supergirl, I am' so read that first. Pride and Prejudice AU. K - English - Humor - Chapters: Running home to you by tiffanytheweirdo reviews Marathon AU. This is the first race after Kara's injury. Something during the race provokes Kara to do something. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Perilously Liquored by a-shrug-and-a-half reviews Kara had a rough day and she just wanted to let loose for once. Everybody else gets to drink, so why shouldn't she?

When Alex gets sick of Kara gate-crashing her date, the Kryptonian ends up at the apartment of one Lena Luthor, where she divulges far more information than she ever intended. Kara Danvers and drunken confessions. Kara is a budding journalist. When they meet through a twist of fate, friendship immediately starts to bloom.

And as they grow closer and closer, Lena starts to wonder whether friendship is really all she wants from Kara. A Supercorp romance blossoms against the background of a perfect Christmas. Companion piece to Sing Me A Song. Seeing how happy Alex and Maggie are, Kara is determined to finally find her soulmate. Lena had always known that, as a Luthor, claiming her soulmate wasn't in the cards. Informed13 reviews "The blonde woman lifted up the bottom of her tank top to wipe the sweat trickling down her forehead, and Lena squeaked- she had an eight pack.

Lena squeaked and blushed because at that moment the blonde looked over, her eyes meeting Lena's and a small smirk gracing her features. And Lena swore she flexed more. Her friends are worried, but can one Lena Luthor help out? Just want to send you a supercorp prompt if you're interested!

Lena recently named as one of the hottest young ceo by forbes and other money magazines. She's getting a lot of suitors and attention but always hinted on various outlets she's not available for relationship. Kara's unconsciously jealous, while everyone else kinda think Lena's hinting something about Supergirl - Rated: In the Sun by isawet reviews Lena needs a date and Kara needs a job.

Supercorp fake dating Supergirl - Rated: After the group finishes watching Legend of Korra, certain superhero realizes she has feelings for a certain CEO. Lena knows about Kara being Supergirl from the beginning. Spoilers to Legend of Korra since Super Friends talk about the show. After three shockwaves travel through DEO, which Kara assumed to be earthquakes, Kara and Lena examine the cause of the Earthquake, only to find to people kissing, whom they would never have considered to even like one another.

Just Friends, or maybe more? Sanvers comfort Lena and watch a movie. Kara gets exposed to Red Kryptonite, which leads Lena to fight Kara. As Lena rescues Kara, Kara realizes that maybe they are more than just "friends," Thought to write this after hearing some comments during the summer "just friends.

Lena Luthor is enjoying the peace and quiet. Then along comes Kara Danvers and she just lights up like it's Christmas. The two women are absolutely clueless of their feelings for each other, even when it clearly shows. Eve Tessmacher watches their interaction and is basically the whole Supercorp fandom.

If you're taking prompts Trick andTreat by DKGWrites reviews Wanting to ask Lena to the Halloween party is proving a problem for Kara who worries she's kept her secret identity a secret for too long. Alex promises her sister that Lena's and Kara's friendship is stronger than the secret between them, but no one can prepare Kara for Lena's reaction. Fire Starter by SuperCrys reviews Kara is not afraid of anything Except her feelings for Lena.

Fluffy Supergirl - Rated: Reveal by SuperCrys reviews Lena and Kara working together was not a very good idea, especially since Lena has no idea about Kara's secret.

Unacceptable Behavior by BlackVelvet89 reviews Kara has been having unacceptable behavior at work and Lena sets her straight or Kara realizes she, herself isn't straight at all. New writer to this. Leave positive or negative reviews please. Lena rushes to find her, along with Kara's exposed S-Shield. Prompt made by anon via tumblr - "I didn't want to wake you. You are the sun by SuperCrys reviews Kara turns to Lena after her abusive relationship with Mon-El comes to an explosive end. Lena cares about Kara more than she has cared about anyone before. Lena is hecka famous and Kara is her bodyguard.

So she starts dropping hints. The problem is that Kara thinks Lena is against marriage because of comments she made before they were together. So Lena leaves bridal mags around and Kara just assumes Lena wants her to give them to Alex. Lena slowly loses it. K - French - Chapters: Quels massacres n'auraient pas eu lieu? Luckily, Lena decides to stop by for a visit. Clexa Linctavia - Rated: S'en suivra une conversation sur le balcon de la femme d'affaires qui renforcera le lien entre les deux femmes. K - French - Friendship - Chapters: Waverly a sombrer, elle a disparue, il ne reste plus rien d'elle.

Rating susceptible de changer. Life is more than just surviving by Mariecdc reviews Bonjour a tous! Angel of Mine by Lulubird reviews Nicole didn't want to go to Purgatory. She was perfectly content guiding mortals in New York City. But sent to Purgatory she has been, and with the mission to protect the only human who can tip the balance of good and evil in a cosmic war that has been raging for centuries.

And that is how she has found herself falling in love with Waverly Earp. Je vais vraiment me concentrer sur la romance entre Alex et Maggie. Sa vie, ses convictions vont changer quand elle va rencontrer la Reine Lexa. Clexa parce que c'est le plus beau de tout les couples de monde entier et que je les aime tout simplement. Je te protegerais by Skippy reviews Le monde de The dans un univers de vampires La survie a toujours un prix et la cohabitation ne sera pas des plus simple.

The Question of Loyalty by stringybeans reviews Following the end of a long, hard war, King Jake I is assassinated by rebels, leaving his daughter, Clarke Griffin, to take up the throne. With her personal guard, Lexa, to keep herself safe, she attempts to lead the country to peace and stay alive to see it through. A snow storm and surprise guest make the night one to remember. Wayhaught Wynonna Earp - Rated: What If we kissed? V show on Netflix. AU - Rated: Whatever she feels for Eretria, it's not attraction, or lust, or anything of the sort.

It's only intrigue, it has to be. Or, the one where Amberle is the daughter of a preacher and Eretria is the girl who changes everything. Shannara Chronicles - Rated: If I Had a Heart by rosepetalsinthewind reviews Cress was thrown into was a mess. Being the last Nightblood, she is quickly careened into a regime as Lexa's successor. She gains the attention of Clarke Griffin, but the newest Heda has found herself falling into love with Raven Reyes; however, things get dangerous once mysterious beasts begin appearing from the Unknown and a new enemy rises.

No second apocalypse AU. Lexa est la nouvelle monitrice hyper sexy. You are not alone by ursula iguaran reviews Sanvers. Elle s'est ouverte comme jamais avec personne et s'est fait rejeter gentiment. Aura-t-elle le droit de vivre un amour heureux? T - French - Romance - Chapters: Ce qui n'est pas facil tout les jours surtout les jours de pleine lune.

Entre haine et amour, sauvagerie et douceur, bonheur et terreur. Nobody knows by elominnie reviews AU Clexa: Clexa - Rated: Today's the day by Avid fangirl for life reviews A long distance relationship AU. Waverly is English because why the hell not. Today is moving day. Wynonna Earp - Rated: Down in the Well by tinyvariations reviews Willa's a bitch, Champ is an ass, and Bobo is planning to destroy the whole town on his way out the door.

With the world burning around them, Waverly and Nicole find themselves drawn deeper together. A collection of deleted scenes from 1x12 and 1x While vampires, witches, and werewolfs have always been each others frenemies. What will happen once they realize the Natives have someone who contains the power of all three supernatural groups. A Few of my Favorite Things by lilmonkeyracer reviews Clarke doesn't like some things. Lexa doesn't like some things. But they do like each other. A little series of drabbles that eventually lead up to Clexa being together. Set in an alternate universe where they're being good ole college students.

It'll be a slow burn but don't worry it'll be nice. D - Rated: Range from serious amounts of fluff to quite angsty at times. I accept requests for prompts and one shot ideas. Une aventure faite d'humour et drame. Clexa story avec tous le cast de The vivant dans le monde moderne.