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The text skimps on the details of research they conducted in favor of the story of Patches the seal, but her story echoes the story of the entire species in words the youngest child can understand, plus Patches melted our hearts. TThis book on how toilets, septic tanks and sewers work with clear diagrams cannot fail to interest young children and then horrify them.

The illustrations were adequate. This is a good beginning botany book for very young children. Nicely illustrated with pictures of plants and the parts we eat. Thanks to our committee: Remember that we are now accepting good science book in all languages but would appreciate the nomination of guest judges, preferably APS members, who speak the language. We cannot accept free copies of books, but we are happy to look at pdf versions sent by email which only judges will read. Published in a special font, called Dyslexie, designed to help kids with dyslexia read faster. What guest judges said about this book: One guest judge Roy Wright said: The illustrations need no translation: August 7, , Annick Press Age Level: Will keep older readers engaged for a long time.

A diary written by a girl who wants to be a supervillain aided by her pet hedgehog.

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An ambitious attempt to combine humor, secret codes, science experiments and life lessons. Tells the true story of a railroad worker who suffered a serious head injury in and helped scientists understand the working of the brain. However, the book is much more: For the right older reader, this will be a sensational book.

With a glossary, index, and reference list. We wanted to like this book, but the biographical blurbs were too short and dry and the illustrations were curiously un-engaging, treating each woman like a trading card. An alphabet book of random science facts that are too difficult for young readers to understand, in a format older readers will find juvenile. October 13, , Creston Books Age Level: This is another science biography, nicely illustrated, but handicapped by the way it avoids describing any mathematics. Easily the best illustrated book we saw this year, this tells how a Georgian-era English girl and her younger brother discovered the first fossil of an Ichthyosaur.

A collection of whimsical animal illustrations and random animal facts that is short on science. T he illustrations are charming. April 15, , Owlkids Books Age Level: This tells the true story of a 19th century Missouri girl who loved geology, and grew up to be an authority on caves. Another science biography without a great deal of scientific fact. Campbell, Photographs by Richard P. April 12, , Annick Press Age Level: An excessively busy book of facts about water.

February 1, , Franklin Watts Age Level: Fairly coherent for one of these random-fact books, and with high quality science information. With a glossary and index. The judges liked this book a lot for all the snappy facts about the chemical elements with a few non-dangerous science projects making silly putty, growing crystals. September 6, , Macmillan Publishing Age Level: This traces our ancestry from fish to reptiles to mammals using a series of grandmothers.

Be prepared to answer a lot of questions, but a teaching guide is helpfully included in the back of the book. The Tree Doctor Dr. Readers Theatre for Elementary Students.

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