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The haunting Isabella

Since then she only visited her father a couple of times a year but she always came home with the best presents. First it was a platinum credit card and then a Yellow Porsche and last time he had given her a small island but her mother had made her give it back. How you return an entire island I am not quite sure but we weren't even allowed to take a tour. We're going to the beach! It was her favourite possession her little shopping book within it was the plans for every shopping mall within a day's drive.

Is this ghostly figure hovering in the ruins of Norfolk castle the 'She-Wolf of France'?

Each of us had his or her own little section within the book listing our sizes and measurements in case she wanted to buy us something as well as polaroids of every piece of clothing that all three of us own so she could make sure the new item fit within our wardrobe. We have to go to the Mall tonight. Movie night was every Thursday we would take it in turns to have it at our house and picking the movie. We all ended up falling asleep and being late to school on Friday. Bella's house was always the worst the fact that I got to spend the night with her was masked by the fact that her father Charlie always made it a point to wave his gun in my face and make me sit on the opposite said of the room away from Bella.

Alice always had beds set out for us and had a tv screen the size of the wall thanks to her dad. The movies we watched at Emmett always involved things blowing up which is always fun. Before she could say anything else the teacher walked in and Alice gave him the cutest smile that she could and winked at him. You could actually see the moment when he had a heart attack. You can just keep on sleeping with your cousin," I slipped it back to Alice. He never saw it coming. Bella laughed as he stepped out onto the road bowed and winked at her.

If he had just kept walking it would have missed him; but he stopped and blew Bella a kiss. From the outside this looked right enough. On the inside, however, the apartment showed a blank wall. The window opened into a secret chamber. To this there was no means of ingress except by the outside window. In this secret chamber the old slave hid the Indian girl Isabella.

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She carried food to her every day and ministered to her wants. Under cover of darkness Colonel Axtell used to mount a ladder to visit his Indian princess. Sometimes Isabella was led into the library in the evening, when the house was quiet, and she and the Colonel sat peacefully before the fire.

At any alarm they opened a secret panel in the wainscot which led to a hidden staircase which opened upon an outside window, and the girl could easily escape. You can see the panel and the staircase to this day. This romance came to an abrupt end when Colonel Axtell received a commission in the British army from Sir William Howe in He went away to war for almost a year and Isabella was left in charge of the slave.

When he came back, although on the losing side, he was the hero of the hour among New York Tories.

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A ball was arranged to celebrate his homecoming. Melrose Hall was lighted brilliantly and the assembly was very gay. At the first opportunity Colonel Axtell escaped from his guests and ran toward the slave quarters. And then they told the Colonel how in the delirium of her illness the old woman had been possessed of a strange hallucination. He raved like a madman. As he approached the hall, the lights all over the house went out. The ballroom was left in darkness.

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As he entered a sight met his fixing gaze which froze the terrified man to the spot. In the midst of the gayety and dancing the light had been replaced by a sickly, glow worm light shone on every object in the room. Low and unearthly noises were heard throughout the house, then died away mingling with the sighing of the wind through the tall pines.

Suddenly the secret passage opened and the spectral form of Isabella entered. The face was ashen pale, each vein strongly defined on the emaciated features, her long black hair hung drooping over her shoulders to the floor, and she seemed clad in airy gossamer. The apparition bore the look of unutterable sorrow, and the hands were clenched in an attitude of woe.

Noiselessly she glided through the hall — her sightless eyeballs bent on the petrified form of the colonel, while the lips moved in a ghastly smile as the bony hand pointed to the trembling wife. The dismal light gradually faded and glimmered out, leaving everything shrouded in darkness.

For a moment all was still. Then an agonizing shriek through the hall, accompanied by the heavy thud, as if a body had fallen. The house was pulled down in , and in its place now stands, what we know to be Prospect Lefferts Gardens; however, Melrose remains one of the most haunted houses in American history. One chilly December night in , Edward F. Smith was aroused from his undertakings by an eerie knocking at his door, when he got up to answer it, he was met with silence and darkness. No one was there.


As cops encompassed the house, a brick was thrown from the dark into the window, despite the cops being on the outside and the inside of the house. Some of these houses are opened to the public by way of free to low cost walking tours. Trespassing is against the law and I do not encourage it. On a side note — Visit at your own risk!

The haunting of Isabel Binnington

October is a spooky month, and there have been more than one account of strange happenings at these sites. Toggle navigation QC Voices. Columbus, the First to Discover America?