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The snow has to sit awhile in cold conditions and collapse slightly under its own weight before it will squeak. Fresh snow is just sitting there, with flakes loosely touching. Something has to happen to the snow, and I think that something is the collapse [when the snow melts minutely and refreezes].

8 hours of Snow Falling on Lake (No Music) Relaxing, Sleeping, Meditation, Studying, Baby to Sleep

Tiny bonds—they're like welds a couple-hundred nanometers in size—form between each flake. You know how a bucket of ice cubes in your freezer eventually becomes one big piece of ice?

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The cubes are bonding together in a process called sintering, and I think that's what is happening on a nanoscale with the snow. Sintering—the growth of these tiny necks between ice crystals—takes place over a matter of hours. The necks support the weight of the snow and stop it from collapsing any further under its own weight. The necks squeak when they're broken? I think so, yes. And they are breaking sequentially, from the top of the snow to the point where your foot stops sinking because you've compacted it.

The sound of snowfall

With wet snow, it's one of two things. The bonds might be more liquid or there also might be more water generally to lubricate the flakes. Stepping on that gives you the classic crumpling sound. So the noise we hear is the sound of the tiny bonds cracking? Yes, I think you have it: At larger scales, it would sound like compressing an old, stale Rice Krispies treat—the bonds being sugar bridges, perhaps.

On the south-west corner of the lake near Arden is Castle Lodges ; www. The occupants of the lodges have free membership of the leisure club swimming pool, gym, sauna and solarium , while Loch Lomond Golf Course is just up the road. The cabins in Wales make excellent bases for fishing, walking and bird-watching breaks. Treetops, near Wrexham ; www. There are eight fly fishing lakes stocked with brown trout and a five-acre watersport lake on site. Fishing is also available at Porthouse Wood cabins ; www. There are two woodland cabins, each sleeping four, with private fishing rights on the River Severn.

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Finland's first snow falls in October and melts by the end of March, the exception being Lapland, where the snow lingers from September to late May. A quarter of the country's population owns a cabin or cottage, or kesamokki, and almost every Finn has access to one. In the past simplicity was a virtue - a mokki might have had no electricity or running water, and came equipped only with a rowing boat and a sauna - but these days you can expect most mod cons. It is easy to book through regional tourist offices, or through specialist agencies such as Lomarengas 9 ; www.

For further information contact the Finnish Tourist Board ; www.

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With more than its fair share of pine trees, snowy mountains and reindeer, Norway has Christmas atmosphere to spare. And it's not as cold as you might suppose - the climate is moderated by the Gulf Stream that passes along the coast. Downhill and cross-country skiing are available and the Hardanger National Park is nearby. Central Sweden is wild and untamed, dominated by great swathes of forest and numerous lakes - a great place to get away from it all.

Sweden Home Rentals www. The same company also has log cabins in Norway and Finland. Organic undertones clash a bit with the scene whereas the water effects lack a bit in terms of showing off the slushy element. What about a "gentle-harsh-whispering-liquid laughter? Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Word s describing the sound of wet snow flakes slowly falling on snow? I think using 'quiet' would work.

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Or 'silence of the falling snow'. What about a "hard-whispering-liquid laughter? Randolph Dec 10 '14 at As a casual reader, I simply enjoyed reading the description Wet is surely quite idiomatic in itself I can see the "value". Based on the audio sample, a few words jump to mind: Also, like Rice Crispies: Nick 4, 1 8 I'll select this answer for its focus on descriptive terms relating to the beat of the snow, crackling and something hinting at alternation i. What I found also insightful by contrast is how the wet property is little rendered in the As; the idea of voice is used i.

Still, if you are game for personification, then I have three suggestions: I'm listening to the whispering sound of the snow falling. I'm listening to the murmur of falling snow. I'm listening to the sigh of falling snow. These three words evoke the quietude implied in the very act of listening to the snow fall.