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The stakes are raised even higher when family becomes involved. Instead of just making a way for himself, SK is also forced to.

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Instead of just making a way for himself, SK is also forced to defend the people closest to him. We will send you an SMS containing a verification code. Please double check your mobile number and click on "Send Verification Code". Enter the code below and hit Verify. Free Shipping All orders of Don't have an account?

Update your profile Let us wish you a happy birthday! Make sure to buy your groceries and daily needs Buy Now. Let us wish you a happy birthday! Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Year Please fill in a complete birthday Enter a valid birthday. He looked at Akashi, before holding out the clothes and such he got, showing everything he retrieved. Akashi didn't answer and just stared at Kuroko once more with his arms crossed against his chest.

At first, just like before, he didn't notice anything off about the neko but then he realized something. He looked at Akashi confused, wondering why he looked irritated or mad. Didn't he do good? The maid didn't follow him, and he had gotten a lot of clothes, so what was wrong? Oh, his lack of presence.

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He hasn't been bothered by that in a long time, as he was used to his family seeing him so much. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I didn't think it was important. He would be able to steal and sneak about more without being noticed which honestly could be the difference between life and death sometimes. He would have an easier time getting food and supplies as well. Yes, once he knew the basics he would do very well for himself which was good because he was kind of scrawny. I'm going to go steal food now, you can go on home or you can come with. The neko looked about ready to start a fight but obviously changed its mind and walked off in a different direction.

He shook his head, holding the ball close. He followed Akashi, instantly seeing that other neko, who obviously didn't see him. He looked like he wanted to fight, but walked off instead. Would other nekos be like that towards him, even if he was doing nothing but walking by? They walked over to an area full of different shops and bustling people with nekos running about. Akashi pointed out different stores, telling Kuroko which store sold what and what stores to steal from. He pointed out which stores not to steal from because if caught, the punishment wouldn't be worth it.

Kuroko listened closely, remembering which store would be bad or good to steal from. Though hearing about the punishment of beating, his ears dropped. He still didn't like being beaten, and he still remembered it. But all humans weren't cruel, right? Tetsuya, whatever you see, do not interfere. You will be of no help. If he should be caught, as unlikely as that was, he would not risk the neko getting into trouble as well.

If he got caught then he deserved whatever he got. Akashi was his only source of survival at the moment, even if he was slowly learning how to survive by himself. But he would surely need more time to get used to this life. He neared the store and paused, his tail twitching as he scanned the inside. The store owner was behind the counter and he periodically looked around, probably wary from earlier when Akashi had stolen. Honestly, stealing a second time the same day wasn't very smart but Akashi needed the food.

It had been a while since he had visited them, they were probably hungry. So, with one last look around the store, memorizing where everyone was, Akashi darted and began grabbing whatever he could, trying to grab whatever looked like it had a lot inside. Crackers, chips, cans and whatnot. Whatever he could carry in his arms since he had foolishly forgotten a bag.

The store owner spotted him almost right away and Akashi just barely managed to avoid a kick in the side. The redhead smirked before he darted away outside, trying to mix with the crowd. Kuroko stayed back, making sure to watch Akashi from the safe distance of the alleyway.

He really hoped nothing bad happened to Akashi, as he knew that stealing was still dangerous. He would have jumped into action if Akashi had actually gotten kicked, but he remembered that Akashi said not to interfere, plus he didn't get hit. He was glad that Akashi escaped, and tried to mix with the crowd. Smart but also a bit hard. He hoped he didn't drop anything. The store owner was being particularly persistent, probably angry at being stolen of from the same neko twice in a row. Still, he needed to get the food safe and if this continued, he would eventually drop it.

So, Akashi did his best to mix in with the feet of all the people, tripping a few and occassionally getting kicked harshly by accident. The worst of it was when someone actually stepped on his tail and it was everything he could do to not yowl. Soon enough he managed to lose the shop owner though and he gingerly returned to where Kuroko was hiding.

He placed the food on the ground and looked at his tail which now had a dirty footprint on it. Screw the bruises he got from being kicked, his tail was filthy! Never watch where they're going. Kuroko soon couldn't see Akashi any more within the crowd. He only watched worriedly. He didn't think Akashi got caught, since the store owner had went back to his store. Though he still didn't see Akashi-. Nope, here he comes. Kuroko's ears perked, seeing him still carry the food and seem okay, for the most part.

He looked at the food, before at Akashi. What was wrong with it? They mark you as a neko and you should take pride in that. Akashi let go of his tail before picking up the food, hiding a wince as he moved a bruise he had gotten, and began to walk away, assuming Kuroko would follow him. He gave a bit of a dead panned look, seeing how Akashi was upset that his tail was dirty. He looked at his own tail, and saw that it was still in tatters. How could he take pride in something that barley had it's fur on it? From the corner of his eye he had seen the look Kuroko had given his tail and shook his head.

The little one would learn. His tail would grow out and he would become stronger but after that happens it would be up to him if he was going to take pride in being a neko or let the humans beat him. It had nothing to do with you or surviving so you can go home if you wish or come with me. Looking up as he heard Akashi speak, Kuroko tilted his head. He didn't even remember how to get home, so that was out of the question. Plus, he was curious. After all, I still haven't learned how to go home yet. I want your word. Kuroko blinked as he watched Akashi turn around.

Okay, I give my word. I will keep it secret. They walked to the slums of the city where most homeless nekos dwell, their big sad eyes staring at Akashi and the food he held but the redhead paid them no heed as he continued onward. Kuroko followed once again, noticing that Akashi probably memorized this whole city seeing how he knew good places to steal from and knew where to go.

Though once they got to the slums, he was shocked to see so many homeless and starved Nekos. And yet Akashi didn't help them. He could probably guess what it was but he wished for Kuroko to say it out loud. He continued following Akashi, but still looked at the homeless nekos. The neko immediately backed off. He gave the best apologetic look he could to the poor neko, before continuing on. They were very kind and never treated me as a pet. On the streets, wounded, and looking half starved?

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Honestly, having silly ideals of kind humans would only hinder him at this point. It didn't waver or anything with emotion. It was an empty statement. However, he could understand the feeling of losing a family which is why he expressed his regret for Kuroko at all. It will get you killed or worse. What could be worse then getting killed? He was surprised that he had actually asked this question out loud. Shaking his head, Kuroko added on. Akashi was going to answer Kuroko's question, the answer on the tip of his tongue but he held it.

He didn't think Kuroko was ready for the answer quite yet. Instead he continued walking without answering either of Kuroko's questions. He led the small neko to another building, once more taking a cursory look around to make sure they weren't watched, and he went over to a large box pressed against the wall.

He pushed the box to the side revealing a small hole through the cement, a hole only large enough for a neko to get into. Without an explanation, AKashi went through it, leaving it up to Kuroko to follow or not. Kuroko tilted his head, noticing that Akashi didn't answer any of his questions. He guessed they were close. Though once he saw Akashi look around again, before continuing to a few boxes, he knew he was right. Eyeing the boxes, he wasn't expecting a hole to be hidden behind them.

He stared at it, seeing Akashi go through first. Kuroko hesitated, before setting the clothes down, and crawled through. He soon turned back, bringing the clothes with him. Akashi waited for Kuroko to slip through before he went over and moved the box outside to cover the wall the best he could before turning to the room they were in where several tiny nekos were scattered about.

As soon as they spotted Akashi and the armful of food he held they all ran to him with wide excited eyes. Kuroko waited for Akashi, letting him go first. He stood up as soon as he could, setting down the clothes. Though he didn't expect to see a whole bunch of little nekos to be in this room. He stared at them a bit wide eyed, as they ran to Akashi, and we're soon eating the food.

They have other nekos who regularly take care of them I just come whenever I feel like it. Make sure they aren't dead or anything. The neko crouched and darted forward. Akashi allowed the neko to play with his tail, messing up the fur, only growling warningly when it tried to bite it.

Even so, I never thought that you would do something like this, to be honest. It was cute, and it even got him to smile slightly. These nekos were somewhat young, it's a shame they live homeless lives. Do not get the wrong ideas.

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The little neko yelped and looked at him fearfully while shaking its little head. Akashi sighed and patted its head reassuringly, letting the neko go back to playing with his tail. Kuroko just watched the little neko, not replying. Though he still smiled, even when it tore a bit of Akashi's fur.

This is Tetsuya Kuroko. It took the nekos a little while to see Kuroko, squeaking in surprise when they did, before the tentatively creeped toward the newcomer, curiosity in their eyes. His eyes widened a bit when the neko was suddenly in his arms. It seemed the neko was surprised as well. He looked at Akashi, before the nekos. He didn't like the attention, but he dealt with it.

Kuroko stayed still as the approached, and kept a good hold on the neko in his arms, making sure not to drop it. He licked its ears clean like a mother would to her baby, while eyeing the nekos who crowded around Kuroko, making sure they didn't get too rowdy like they were apt to do. Kuroko nodded, looking down at the little neko, as if trying to find out where he was hurt. Soon his legs got tired, and he slowly and carefully sat down, keeping the small neko in his lap and arms.

He didn't mind the other nekos that we becoming interested in him. Akashi paused, tilted his head, before beginning to rock the neko in his arms. Kuroko looked over at the little neko, surprised by the name it called Akashi. It was quite cute actually. Looking back at the neko in his arms, he gently and slowly combed his hair with his fingers, lightly petting his ears in case it hurt the other by mistake.

His ears pulled back when he heard Akashi speak of humans so lowly again. Not all of them were the same. You need to start acting like it soon. Akashi stood up and carried the little sleeping neko to the huge pile of clothes in the corner, carefully tucking him in before patting himself off.

His ears pulled back further, hearing Akashi call him a stray, and told him he should also ACT like one. He wasn't always a stray, so we're they supposed to act like this? Nodding, he slowly let the neko on his lap get off, before standing. His tail swayed a bit, as he crossed his arms. With a small look at all of them, Akashi turned to the hole, unblocked it and easily crawled out. He looked around to make sure nobody was around before beckoning to Kuroko for the ball of clothing so the other could crawl out without having to worry about it.

Kuroko let Akashi crawl through first, waving goodbyes to the little nekos. Then he gave him the little ball , so that he could crawl through. As soon as he stood up, he stretched, though stopped when it brought pain to his back. As soon as Kuroko was through, Akashi hid the hole carefully, his eyes scanning the area thoroughly. He saw Kuroko wince, probably in pain, and hummed thoughtfully.

He didn't have a lot, they were really hard to steal, but Kuroko was probably sore for doing so much while he was injured. Kuroko blink slightly at the offer, before shaking his head. They passed by the slums and market place before they finally arrived home. Akashi himself felt drained of energy and he had no idea how Kuroko felt. He placed the clothes into a comfortable pile beside his own. Kuroko was glad that Akashi didn't push him, and followed him quietly.

He tried ignoring the poor nekos in the slums, though it was hard. Once they got home, he sighed lightly, happy to be home.

See a Problem?

As I said you can stay here for as long as you need to. It isn't much but it's my home. It still had that damn footprint on his tail and now a missing patch of fur to boot. Kuroko usually would have denied his offer, but he was really tired. From his wounds to stealing and the walk to those small nekos, he was pretty tired. Nodding, he headed towards the blankets, instantly laying down carefully. He curled his tail around himself, snuggling his head into the blankets. He watched Akashi from where he laid. Seeing Kuroko lie down beside him, he checked over the neko carefully, making sure his bandages were still wrapped around his wounds tightly and nothing bled through.

He gently took Kuroko's tail inspecting it with narrowed eyes before nodding. He was a bit surprised when Akashi took hold of his tail, but didn't bother stopping him. He just hoped he wouldn't hurt him further. Kuroko watched him carefully, tilting his head slightly. I am guessing you have to steal them, and they aren't easy to get.

Let's make a deal. For the duration of your stay, you will help me steal since you have your lack of presence. In exchange, I help you heal by supplying medical supplies Which you can help me restock anyway. Kuroko tilted his head, weighing his options.

There really wasn't any reason to decline anymore, as he had no where else to go, and he needed to learn to live in the streets anyway. It's all just a whim to me. If he stroked his fur a certain way, it covered the bald spot, which satisfied him. Once his tail was completely groomed he licked his paws and began cleaning his ears.

Kuroko forced himself not to roll his eyes, before he laid his head on his paws. He wanted to do the same, to clean his paws and ears and such, but they were either almost furless, been treated, or bandaged. He sighed to himself, deciding to just watch Akashi. Akashi noticed the wistful look on Kuroko's face and he looked over the neko once more, on the feeble patches of fur he did have. Take care of it when it comes back. He looked down slightly, but nodded.

And my fur isn't special, so it isn't something beautiful. Your fur will be beautiful. Kuroko's ear twitched a bit, but he made no motion to move away from him. He just let out a little sigh, closing his eyes. And I will try to see the beautifulness of my fur once it grows back. Kuroko had lived with humans for his entire life from the sounds of it and so suddenly being cast onto the streets and forced to survive was going to be jarring for him.

Akashi had been in his position once so he could relate but he would see to it at least Kuroko would have help. Kuroko curled up into a ball, careful of his wounds, and provided warmth for himself. He also tried covering himself a bit with the clothes, but kept most of them on the ground as a bed. He purred lightly to himself in relaxation, as he soon fell asleep to Akashi's own purring.

Akashi finished grooming Kuroko, even when he saw the neko fall asleep. He then stretched and curled himself around Kuroko to make sure he didn't get cold. It wasn't as warm anymore and the last thing they needed was for Kuroko to catch a cold. He covered Kuroko with his tail the best he could, yawned widely, before he laid his head down and also fell asleep.

Kuroko tilted his head back, so it snuggled into Akashi a bit. He continued sleeping peacefully now that he was warmer. He didn't think he could thank Akashi enough, even though he didn't teach him everything yet, and is teaching him to steal and live on the streets. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

In the neko world, there are two kinds of nekos. Ones that are completely clueless, and those who have gone through enough to see the truth. Kuroko had thought that the humans were caring and loving creatures, but now he has to learn the truth the hard way. Story for AkaKuro week. Originally an rp done with Roselilia and me.